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  1. Ok I exaggerated a bit. He gets blown up at the start and we see him at the fight at the end. And a few glances in a mirror.
  2. I think part 9 should have a bit more meat on him. Really like the face they did and he was my least favorite out of the movies. (Saw him for what, 5 minutes?)
  3. I think my last thought on this for now is that maybe it's somehow connected with single player. Playing as Jason against a bunch of bots would just be a slaughterhouse. Gotta have it be somewhat of a challenge. Think that's all I got for now.
  4. This is true. We haven't seen any type of climbing animation.
  5. I thought about it a bit and realized that if there is only one counselor player left and they are upstairs in the barn or sitting in a boat with a chain and rock (pure speculation) I'm going to have to go after them no matter if it may mean my demise. If the clock runs out I lose. So in theory the scenario is there but maybe for any "final act" to take place Jasons mask has to be off and whatever this HP thing is has to be at zero. If it gets zeroed out during the match it's just a setup for the final possible act, if not the last counselor alive can't go that route and has to escape.
  6. Lol my name is Tony so it works 👍
  7. Hmmm wonder what happens if you shoot another counselor in the face?
  8. Ahhhhh really? Why did they tweak it? Maybe he was too dark for players to see? I like that though.
  9. Well at least she has access to a flight of stairs...
  10. Beta was super addictive. Haven't had that much fun playing a game in forever, even with the glitches. People were taking about a swimsuit package, I think that would work fine.
  11. 11. Head slammed with rock 12. Choke 13. Sleeping bag slam 14. Head slammed in door 15. Head crushed against wall 16. Ax in the crotch 17. Spear through the head 18. Ax throw to head 19. Ax uppercut 20. Cuts off arms and machete to the head
  12. I bet they have a new Jason in the works that will be available a bit after the launch. It would be interesting to see how people would react considering everyone was losing their minds on not being able to get the Savini skin that was available for over a year. I'm sure it would turn into another bitch fest. Damned if you do damned if you don't. You offer something and people hmm and haw over it, take it away after a period and they loose their shit.
  13. I completely agree. This has to probably be my #1 question and current obsession lol. Giving Jason an actual HP meter would take away so much of what Jason is. He's supposed to be an unstoppable (not completely though since there is a way apparently) killing machine. I loved in the beta how you just didn't mess with him. If you saw him you ran. It's Jason For gods sake! Sure you had traps and weapons which did help you out. It was satisfying to actually land a hit to stun him or get him with a knife or trap. But if you got away your main purpose was to get out alive. You're right that the combat was for the most part pretty useless in the beta, but I kinda liked that. Gave you a false sense of security. Final thought for now is that the HP meter is for something else other than the actual health of Jason. It just has to be.
  14. I just feel that if Jason gets a HP meter that is an actual countdown to his demise, it's going to take a lot of terror out of the game. People will just go on Jason hunts and there goes the survival aspect of the game. Hopefully we get answers soon.