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  1. If I enter a lobby and everyone is screaming or acting like total idiots I just leave. I've also been noticing that the "adults" act more like fools then the kids.
  2. It almost always starts out that way in the beginning of the game. People come at you with bats and have their knives and laugh at how terrible a Jason you are...eventually their knives and sprays run out and you can pick them off one by one lol. I've said it before but there is something so satisfying about grabbing an obnoxious counselor and with a snap or slice, have them go silent.
  3. I completely agree. My heart pounds more playing as Jason. If you have a good group you're up against it makes things so much harder.
  4. I was having trouble with the perks psychic and preparedness(map one?). Someone mentioned that if you removed all your perks, save it with none and then go back and re equip it may work. I have to try it.
  5. Same thing happened to a friend playing as Jason. He glitched and couldn't swing or use abilities, he could only grab. He just told us to call the cops to end the match fast.
  6. from what I've experienced, AJ is pretty damn good at avoiding Jason's sense. I had sense activated and was chasing a highlighted counselor when I saw AJ a few feet away not lit up at all running with a battery. Happened a few more times only with AJ. Maybe they had some really good perks equipped? Normally if I'm around as Jason everyone will light up, I was just surprised she didn't. I know she's high stealth, but could she of had a crazy composure perk as well?
  7. And the backlash from these people is insane or they will just rage quit so you don't even get the kill. I've chased people around for forever just to have them suddenly collapse. I just pretend that they had a heart attack lol.
  8. I've noticed that if a counselor stops running from me, they probably have a knife. So I'll hack them down and 9 times out of 10 a knife or two will fall out of them. The best part is that the person says, "Oh we have a swinger everyone." as all their knives drop to the floor. 🙄
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Why did I think they acquired the rights. My bad.
  10. I do think the music has a nice 8 bit feel to it. I could hear it just fine on pc. I was a bit surprised on the music they chose though for Jason. When I played the old NES I remember when Jason was around the music kinda sounded like the Jaws theme. I can see how that music could get annoying though. Just surprised they didn't throw it in a little bit with the score.
  11. That one and the map perk isn't working either for me on pc.
  12. Same thing just happened to me as well.
  13. I had that happen but I think the host had a huge lag spike. I just figured it was my computer, but after running all these tests and checks and everything coming back fine, I just have to assume it's the game.
  14. Yes. I've mentioned it but I'm not getting any response. Happens as a counselor with me. I just get stuck, game freezes, I can still hear music but screen is locked. Have to restart my comp and even then it doesn't always work. The game won't launch after a crash. All my other games are fine.
  15. He can kick them around. Would take a lot of time though lol. Oh, the other night we started kicking a players head that Jason punched off down the street like a soccer ball.