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  1. If you want Jason to do different kills on each player, just start a private match with your friends and set the rules.
  2. Has anyone noticed that If you have random selected for your spawn preference you have a better chance at being Jason then someone who has Jason selected? Past few nights our group seems to be running into that issue. We would do a private match but I’ve been hearing it really screws with the hosts connection. This true for anyone else?
  3. Happened to our group as well. On PC.
  4. There seems to be quite a delay for me when selecting counselors. Same with selecting clothing options. Was fine before the patch. I can’t seem to even change Mitches look.
  5. When I spawn in as a counselor I sometimes can only see my mini map. Only Jason grabbing me can snap me out of it. On PC.
  6. The escape routes look a bit more narrow than previous maps. Seems like you need to go over a bit longer stretch of bridge before making it out. Could lead to some real tension crossing that final stretch. Of course I’ve always found it difficult to morph with that kind of accuracy. Same with the boat from the location we see it at. Many more narrow paths to get to the exit unlike previous maps having a whole lake to maneuver in. I also wonder if weather will affect driving. I think it would be cool to have the drivers vision impaired a bit by the rain. Maybe have the roads become slick or something. Idk just a though.
  7. I cringed at that kill...oh man that’s brutal.
  8. I miss our group! Still playing usually evenings. I never see you guys on anymore 😞
  9. At first I hated it. I had my thick skin on and would still limp when I stepped in a trap. I complained, but the more I played the more I liked what they did. The traps finally pose a real threat. Makes things a bit more challenging I think.
  10. No it was just set up for night.
  11. Idk I think she should have a saggy grandma booty.
  12. Happened a few times on pc. Weapon locks up and all you can do is grab. I believe it happened to me when I was trying to break a window and maybe got hit or something. I could still use my abilities though. The screen showed press X I think on my controller over by where I was trying to break the window, but it wouldn’t let me break it. I think someone had to hit me to free me up.
  13. They did wipe that with this patch. Whatever thick skinned you have you limp after you step in a trap. It kinda seems to work when Jason slashes at you so may not be broken but working like it was intended to? Can’t really tell though.
  14. So far so good I think on pc. DLC suits and emotes work. Only thing I’m a little bummed about is the thick skin perk. Playing as Deborah I step in one trap and I’m limping.