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  1. I seen it for like $400+
  2. You can’t split people up let’s say 2 out of 8 doesn’t want people who TK and the 6 doesn’t care so does that mean the 6 who don’t give a shit about it get screwed since they can’t join the 2 people? They did have a option to turn off friendly fire in Private matches but they took that away so if they put that back there will be no need for a system that won’t work at all just have the option in Private Matches to have friendly fire on/off but if you go to a public match than I’m sorry but they won’t have a option for that so you will get TK if somebody feels like it I been TK just last match I had 2 people teamed up on me to kill me for my Gas for the Boat I told them they will be kicked and they were like we didn’t do anything you can to me as Tommy and killed us they go on to say that they won’t be kicked and I told my friend who’s the host what happened in party chat and they got kicked lol do I want to have friendly fire off hell no but a option to have it on/off in a private match yes the reason why we should be able to TK lets say I’m in your game and you go into a bathroom I’m standing at the door the only exit and your stuck so Jason comes along and kills us both now you could have killed me to get out of the bathroom but you want them to take away TK and the other one would be in a cabin with the window blocked and the door is the only exit so I can wait for Jason to show up and snitch on you that your hiding under the bed or in the closet and Jason will kill you as well so now do you see why you need TK sure you can play with people who don’t TK but they still can trap you in a room so how will you fight against that since they don’t team kill they just trap you in a room so please tell me how turning TK off would fix anything?
  3. The reason why people glitch is just how much people rage they be like GO KILL YOURSELF BUCK YOU GO TO HELL and so many other things to me it’s more sad that people feel the need to have this much rage for when people glitch I for one rather have glitchers than people who rage at them for doing it
  4. I just started doing the voices yesterday plus the people I played against were yelling racial slurs at me calling me the N word I had the Savini Jason and they kicked me after the match was over since I guess I pay to win lol Rage it seems that you love posting on anything I like talking about please stop taking Jabs at me the Mods have asked you to stop so please stop posting on stuff that I post about
  5. You should be able to do what you want with the code it’s yours to do what you want with it there’s a work around with the selling part they never said you can do a trade like trade something for equal value
  6. If you play on Xbox I say that we should play a match together so I can put my money where my mouth is also I have videos of my matches if you wanna check them out send me a PM if you would like me to send you a link
  7. Jason wouldn't do that at all but maybe he would use the toilet in the shack
  8. I never stated that at all you read way to much into the things I post that’s on you Everytime I don’t do voices and I own everybody the host kicks me so voices or not I get kicked out of the match a lot
  9. Well if you Slash/grab at him he’s got enough time to quit
  10. I been kick right after a match as Jason I killed everybody in about 5 mins and the whole lobby didn’t like it so they voted to kick me out I like to do voices like Mickey Mouse,Towelie,Herbert the Pervert and people kick me before the match even starts it’s really sad
  11. Even if you kill the host last he can still quit before you get your points
  12. Gotta have video proof of this
  13. It does it’s called LFG
  14. I love how much people rage when I kill them as Jason
  15. I let my friends escape if I feel like it there’s no rules saying you gotta kill everybody nobody helps me on locations I just let them live and kill everybody else So if that’s against the rules tell me what rule it’s breaking