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  1. If they nerf him at all he wouldn't be UBER JASON
  2. Since you can't preorder on PS4 it shows you that they suck
  3. I loved playing Part 2
  4. I would love to have a special edition like come with a Statue or a map
  5. I'm looking at PewDiePie
  6. Yup I hate digital if the game sucks I can't sell it but with a physical copy I can it's great that they gave us a digital code tonsay sorry for the physical copy delay
  7. I don't believe this was asked but I know that if your in a group you still can play as Jason is that still a thing or has that been changed?
  8. I'm sorry but for $10 that's not much profit
  9. Why would they not already look it up if they're not a fan of Friday the 13th the backers should be the ones to play this early not high follow count my Dad hasn't heard of this or played it so can he get early access that would be cool but we all know the people who already streamed this and put videos up on YouTube will still get early access I mean come on it's meant for people who never heard played seen this game 🤔 like ya if that's the case why would they even bother playing this 🤔 The people who get early accessshould be the backers let us show off the game while we stream it
  10. Now if somebody from Gun would reply to this thread that would be great
  11. I'm sorry but I had a ton of fun talking as Jason I loved talking as Jason while people screamed at me lol begging for me not to kill them they showed me where their team mates were so it doesn't ruin the immersion for everybody
  12. Yea let's give like PewDiePie early access he says the game sucks ass he will never player it after he played the Counselor & Jason the game is a piece of shit it's gay and whatever else so if he does this and other high streamers say this as well what do you think will happen to all the sales? nobody will be buying this game so why not let the people who backed this game stream it instead or just let us play it early and not let the big streamers get it early
  13. That's a shame well at least it won't be much of a wait when the game is released
  14. Plus at times Movie based games suck also this game is just like Evolve already
  15. I got a PS4 but only get the Exclusives for it since you could preorder it already for PS4 shouldn't you be able to play right away when May 26 comes around? If so I don't see a problem letting everybody who backed this game to play a day early