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  1. Instead of it just showing XP in red and that's it how about adding something like this 1500/2000 that way we know how much more we need
  2. This game is still Glitchy as all hell like we're still in the Beta
  3. What rarity type are the perks
  4. The game installed so if anybody wants to play send me a message on Xbox my GT is GrandMasterLynx
  5. I will be playing very soon
  6. Doesn't matter I posted it at 3:24 so yes not it's even closer to 4 hours
  7. countdown

    I wonder how many more hours Xbox players gotta wait
  8. It's 3:30 now so yes almost 4 hours
  9. Almost 4 hours past launch
  10. Don't even have one can't play on Xbox yet
  11. Everybody should get a Steam key
  12. The game isn't even on the store at all that's why I would love to get a code for Steam so I can play while I wait for them to fix this issue
  13. Yup can't even play on Xbox I would love to get a code for Steam so I can play while I wait but we know that won't happen but if I was a big YouTube it would
  14. Yup if your not big you can fuck off not cool at all
  15. Thanks for the update I sent you a PM