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  1. The only AJ I ever knew stood for Alexandra Jayne.
  2. I think if they end up making Gloria, she'll more than likely have a lot more strength compared to the other girls in the game.
  3. This is happening to me on PC. I'm getting points, but they aren't raising the progress bar at all.
  4. Awesome news! Can't wait to see how the clothing and the NES Jason looks in game.
  5. I haven't seen as many people playing Buggsy as I have people playing AJ tbh. I'm not bothered though either way.
  6. Ah that is something that would probably happen to me lol
  7. I just want more clothes and counselors! I'm open to whatever they give us though. I would expect to pay if they did release new counselors though which I'd be fine with. Maps are always a welcome addition as well. We'll just have to see what happens or is announced in the next couple of months. They still have a lot of bugs to iron out first probably.
  8. They could always have a female biker of some sort. I'd assume she'd have more strength than the other females in the game. I'd be all for it.
  9. This actually really helped out. I didn't know each weapon actually dealt different types of damage. Stun ftw tbh
  10. I like any idea involving more customization. I'd really like to at least choose different hairstyles for the counselors.
  11. I wonder how much xp killing Jason gives you?
  12. I wish there were an option to opt out of playing as Jason all together. Sometimes I'm just NOT in the mood to hunt people down. And when I do, I just hack them to death usually. I'm the worst kind of person, I know.
  13. That really sucks big time and does ruin a game. But then again how exactly could they fix this? I mean what could they do? O:
  14. Mortal Kombat Armageddon atm on PS2. I'm thinking of buying a 360 again just to get it on that though.