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  1. I'd be totally for cosmetic mods. More outfits and hair if someone is able to pull that off.
  2. I'm excited to finally see what it is we bought. Hopefully they show some photos within the next couple of days so that I can stop speculating!
  3. Come on Sony, get it together >.<
  4. We'll just have to wait until they officially announce something to see if the clothing is more than just recolors I guess.
  5. I can't believe only 10 days are left in this month. Maybe we'll get a release date this Friday and then maybe a release on this coming Tuesday? Yes? No? </3
  6. Pretty disappointing actually. Though it was only a 9 dollar purchase so I didn't expect too much I suppose. I do hope that in the future they actually create completely new outfits, not just color variations of the ones they already have. Either way I'm still excited to play
  7. I screwed up by not purchasing this >.< I do think a pitchfork would make sense for this Jason though.
  8. Someone did make a good point when they said we only paid 9 dollars for this so maybe we should all lower our expectations? I'm still hoping for a lot of neat pieces though, themed or not.
  9. I'm looking forward to both of them. Maybe Packanack a bit more! I got really burned out on Higgins, but I'm still interested to see if they've made any changes to that map.
  10. I was actually surprised we didn't get anything on Tuesday. If they do still intend to make the early 2017 window, they'll be saying something soon. Hopefully today lol
  11. Personally I don't mind it. I think it is quite fun having to work to unlock things tbh.
  12. I assume each outfit will probably fit the characters archetype, which is fine but I'd like to mix it up a bit more than that personally. I agree with you on the recolors, in fact it'd just be odd if they didn't have recolored versions.
  13. I wouldn't mind if it were indeed a surprise, but I'm really curious as to what they'll be. I'm sure they'll be more than simple recolors considering that seems to be in the game already.
  14. I'm glad they added this. I did notice a lot of players would use the fence to their advantage a lot, not that I can blame them I guess.
  15. I hope they end up being able to make a Jason AI for single-player for when the servers do die. I may be in the minority, but I enjoy playing as a counselor more than playing as Jason.