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  1. Realistically something that I wouldn't see coming and that would be relatively quick. But if I wanted to die with a bang.. hmm. Maybe be thrown into the path of a fast moving car full of escaping counselors which would cause the car to crash resulting in the occupants dying? Lol I don't know.
  2. I actually had a guy rage quit because people kept picking the Jarvis house. Personally, it's my favorite map so too bad for him!
  3. My only real bitch about the rain is that I wish the thunder/lightening was louder. But yeah, the counselors do indeed glisten when wet.
  4. When I saw a television in one of the main houses, I was really hoping he'd be able to bash someones head through it. I think they'll add many more kills in the future though. One that I'd like is being able to break someones back over the banister in any of the two story houses and letting the body drop to the ground. But eh. Lol.
  5. You'd probably want to just send a bug report. Before this most recent patch I wasn't able to play at all because the performance was so bad. I can play pretty smoothly now, but I understand your pain </3
  6. Easily my favorite map, especially with rain. Also, it seems like it's darker than other maps too, but maybe that's just in my head.
  7. Very well done! I get the whole manipulative vibe you were going for as well. Personally, I'd really like a long haired blonde in the game, but I think they said long hair was very hard to do.
  8. I'm really happy if this is true. I'm a counselor main so I don't benefit from this at all, but I like that stalk is actually quite scary now. People should use stalk more often.
  9. They look fine but I really wish Vanessa's teeth weren't showing. They look a bit odd >.>
  10. Really excited to play her. I assume she'll have good strength and probably 7 or 8 repair. I wonder what her weakness will be though, hopefully not speed.
  11. I actually forgot about wheelchair guy being a stretch goal. I really, really, really do not want him tbh. Give me a mean girl, a rocker chick (AJ's emo IMO) a biker or even the ability to create a counselor.
  12. He sticks out a bit age wise compared to the other counselors, but that doesn't really bother me. I'll definitely give him a go when he's available and see how he plays.
  13. The new map looks huge! I'm nervous just to even imagine trekking through from one cabin to the other. I assume because the map looks bigger, the counselors will all start further apart from each other than in the other maps. Though then again the map might not be as big as I'm thinking, perhaps the size of Packaknack. Rain will be cool so long as they fix the current fps issues people are having. I can see lightening flashes already possibly causing people to lag lol
  14. I do hope we get the mean girl trope soon, but I don't expect for that to happen until next month sometime. I'm content with what we're getting right now though, so I'm not too upset about it.
  15. This all sounds really good to me! Though, I do wish they were able to program a good working Jason AI so that I could play as a counselor. I like sorta making up my own stories for each counselor when I'm playing online.