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  1. I'd love to se him in the game, somewhere/somehow, but not as a player-controlled character. I always felt like it was a shame the movie series killed him off so soon. Not that I'd want him to be a bigger part of anything... but I missed his tiny moments of doom-crowing.
  2. Thank you. I was going to say something similar, but you have said it extremely well. It is the truth. There will always be extreme grief-ers and jerks, but the more they take away the easy, low-hanging jerk fruit, the fewer jerks there will be that are up for the extra work necessary for their kicks. The only thing I d worry about is body-blocking. That does seem like an easy thing to abuse. (and yes, I hate the fact that these should even be concerns of ours and the developers'!!)
  3. It's always such a weird thing to craft something you love, release it to the public, and see how they bend, twist, destroy it, hehehe... I mean, the things people do with what you create can run both ends of the spectrum, from amazing to terrible. So, it goes both ways. It just always saddens me how public gaming gets so abused and how so many fantastic, realistic, player-choice/freedom ideas and game mechanics just struggle to work, due to jerks. Then again, that speaks directly to society as well... ahhh, people... ANYWAY... good job, Gun Media. It sucks that decisions like this need to be made, but I think this handles it rather well. With just a tiny bit of playing, I've met various groups of people who have invited me into private games, so all is not lost. Plus, while I like the freedom of team killing (and that the possibility existed), it really only serves its genre purpose via accidents, and not intentional killings. So, its place in this game was remote. I wouldn't really miss it, myself. However, I am glad it is remaining in private matches.
  4. maps

    Haha, to be fair, I think we only disagreed once or twice, and it was probably, mostly, the same topic. It was just our introduction to each other. Still, I guess what I am saying is that we are in disagreement about whether us agreeing is normal or not!! So, there... happy now??
  5. maps

    I think it's cool. I've been expecting some different game types to come, down the road. And I think that's a good thing. Anyone comparing this to "New Maps" and criticizing them for doing this before releasing new maps is pretty much missing the reality of reality. Oh, yeah, let me whip up completely new maps, because that's quick and easy to do, especially compared to releasing a smaller, game variant, which could also be enjoyable. One does NOT come ENTIRELY at the cost of the other. I'm sure actual new maps will come, and there will likely be some new art assets too - depending on what they choose to do next. The artists working on that stuff would not necessarily have much, if anything, to do with this release. PLUS, this is just something THEY wanted to make. You know... people who make things, make the things they want. It's cool. Especially when you're the ones making them. Try and enjoy your side of it - especially without assuming you know better than them, while you sit on your ass and complain, lol.
  6. While I am not a fan of DBD, I'm not trying to bash it or anything. It is what it is. It actually seems to be fun, for what it is. However, what it is not is some sort of attention-to-detail horror simulator. The whole hanging on the rack thing and the generators is just a forced mechanic that doesn't exactly jive with what most popular horror icons are about. That being said, it fits, within the shallow limits of what that game is - just a bit of mindless, horror hunting video gaming fun, with whatever character they toss in there for no real reason. And that is fine. Not my cup of tea, but it's fine. It's similar, to me, as if Doom, or any FPS, multi-player PvP game would just have any and every movie, action, horror, sci-fi icons. It's not really about in-universe immersion. Just an instanced what if, perhaps. Not sure any of my opinions on it are of interest to anyone else, but, hey, lol... there it is.
  7. Part IV is my number one hope for future content (ideally, for me, the next bit of content). I do understand why, at that time, more people didn't vote for Part IV in the poll, but I wish they had. While it's not my favorite movie of the series, it is a standout classic in popularity, and holds a significant place in my childhood, actually, hehe (went with my older brother and friends, bought a ticket to some Disney movie, and snuck in to see The Final Chapter instead!). I'd like to see him with the machete too... but I'll be happy with whatever weapon, I'm sure.
  8. To be fair, H2O didn't make an instruction video on how to use glitches (which some may have made it sound like with their posts here). He released a few videos where he and his friends discovered some glitches that he thought were particularly funny (he wasn't glitching to cheat other players... they were all just having some laughs at the absurdity of it, as a break from playing the normal game). I think it is obvious from his entire history that he has a mindset about playing games, in that he finds it hilarious to discover crazy, glitchy things that can be done (intentionally and accidentally - or through experimentation and a combination of both) in video games. He was also playing with a large group of friends. Almost the entire list of players were friends... however, when I watched his roof-glitching video, I was pretty turned off, as it did rob a random Jason from a proper match. That player wasn't in on the joke of it, and I don't think that's cool. Of course, this video was also done and released well before the decision to ban such acts. On banning, I also believe it requires a player within that match to submit an actual complaint - because the offender(s) were ruining the enjoyment of that player (and, potentially, other players). It's not a lynch mob against anyone and everyone that ever does something that results in a glitch. It's a system to report, analyze, and punish players that damage the enjoyment of others through abusing glitches. For the record, I've never once used a glitch, and I am against using them. However, I respect that, sometimes, funny is funny, and messing around with friends and everyone having laughs is an okay thing. So long as it is not at the expense of someone that does not find it funny or enjoyable.
  9. Ah, yes, the classic Ninja Hippie role so present in the films... As a long-haired, rock musician that loves classic rock, I'd take issue with your idea if I wasn't so peaceful, maaaan. I'm not sure what role the classic burnout/stoner/hippie trope should play in this game, but I do think it should be added eventually. Maybe something like this, but I don't know... not sure what role this would provide. I like the idea of them having nearly average stats across, with some slightly higher, and some slightly lower stats. Not sure what it translates into though. For positives, stealth seems right. Composure could go either way, but I like the idea of them being chill. Luck seems right for being a positive, but where does that leave the rest of them? 7/10 Stealth 3/10 Strength 7/10 Composure 4/10 Repair 7/10 Luck 2/10 Stamina 5/10 Speed Oh, and I do like some of the ideas for his lines, lol, especially for what he says to Jason and when he puts a part into the car.
  10. Thanks man. It was silly of me to include that, and maybe I should edit it out, but, yeah, just apparently felt like offering my personal perspective, hehe. I'm just fortunate, really. Others go through much worse than I. Anyway, maybe I'll make a post about that elsewhere - just wanted to say thanks. Sorry that mix-up happened, Ben! Also, I understand not wanting to call more attention to this than necessary, but I completely missed your post on Friday, addressing this issue, hehe. Not that it really mattered that much to me (what you said is, roughly, what I figured and expected, as I'm sure you guys would want the free skins removed from the accounts if/when possible). More so, I think some of the others who were upset about the issue may have missed your post. I don't know why people jump to negative assumptions, but they do... ANYWAY... all the best to you and the team!
  11. Actually, I completely missed this post!! Well, there we have it. Much as I figured and, while I again feel badly that this happened to the team at Gun Media, it's not that big of a deal and will hopefully be resolved by the fire skins being removed from their accounts (no mad conspiracy of them intentionally going against their word to win back xbox users, lol). I didn't even realize this statement was made (I've been a bit out of the loop). Shit happens!! I wish people wouldn't get so hyper-critical about it. I sometimes feel like anyone doing anything in public has a million cynical eyes studying them through microscopes for any sign of imperfection, which they will then roast them for. I know that some of the mistakes made need no microscope to see, and things need to be improved... but, c'mon. It's a fun and innovative project and, if the smearing doesn't end their run, its only going to get better. - Just my thoughts
  12. Their silence on this particular matter is a shame. However, I highly doubt that they would intentionally go against what they stated, very clearly, without having an announcement/explanation planned. It just doesn't match their personalities and M.O. at all. It being a botched job does, but their silence about it is odd and disappointing. One guess I have is that they are flat out sick of apologizing and explaining what happened to make things wrong. That or some sort of issue with talking badly about their partner in this, Microsoft, who I imagine is at fault. Just guess work here though, and all around... that's all we've got at this point. Is there any truth and any confirmation about people having this free Savini Skin removed from their accounts? (I imagine not, or there'd be more reports of it, and more people coming here to post about it) That would say enough, in and of itself, if it were true and it was being removed. It's possible that Gun media is greatly unhappy with what options, if any, that they do have - given some possible issue with their deal with Microsoft and/or who decides what the policy is in this instance. Anyway... shit happens. I just fought off cancer... this ain't much to worry about.
  13. Well, don't hold too strongly to my wording, as I'm only speaking in general terms (and may have specific language wrong) here and can only speak from a distant secondhand experience to this sort of stuff... It's probably more likely a YES or NO for activating the Savini Skin. So, it could just be a case of changing the YES to a NO. I'm fairly certain that these types of account transactions are well documented and contain all the information they'd need. Who these decisions fall to, however, I'm honestly not sure (Microsoft or Gun Media).
  14. I could be wrong, but I think it's actually a pretty simple tick within the account data. "If account received the DLC on X date - revoke", Or something along those lines. All of that information is likely there. I am sure they could have done this with the PS4, but felt that the moral/business dilemma was not worth it. Plus, Playstation may have their own rules about it - not sure who'd have the final say on such a matter. Without having money trading hands, there's likely no reasonable requirement to stick to this bugged transaction. Sure, some will likely complain that they got their free skin taken away (that they had top go to a specific link to acquire - is that right?), but I don't think the negative backlash would be that large.
  15. Since there is no payment required, I am pretty sure they'll have no problem removing those free Savini Skins from the accounts that grabbed it. It's unfortunate, to be sure, but I wouldn't get too excited about it (on either side of the issue).