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  1. In a broken world, for a bunch of broken humans! Lighten up, Frances! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that LOVES this game and has been having a blast playing it... but, hey, if it's not perfect enough for you, there are plenty of doors and windows to exit through.
  2. Hey Ben, you may not have seen, but there's some weird stuff going on with the like system. Details in this thread - And, through that discussion, it seems different users are seeing different things, so, I'm pretty sure it's a mistake of some kind. I was hoping you or Courier (not sure if that's his territory) may get a chance to look into it and, hopefully, get it fixed. No need for others to talk rudely, nor assume that this was an intentional change though. Seems obvious that something weird is going on with it!
  3. I know, I know... we do need a ginger. I just love Megan. Sometimes I think she is the only reason I can enjoy Part VI.
  4. Now, everyone else imagine that this is what you wake up to, every damned day, and every fiber of your existence counts on your work possibly being noticed, so that you can afford to do more work, or, at least, get some positive energy back towards you to help boost you to keep up the struggle (that you have to endlessly go through to provide your work to the greater world)... Then you have a glimpse of what it is to be an independent artist, struggling to get your work out there!! Hug an artist today (and maybe purchase some of their work, give them some love, and/or pass it along, at least)! (sorry if this was a bit far off topic, Barbara Ann... your post reminded me of these things...)
  5. I have nothing to offer, at the moment, other than gushing over the terrific job you have done!! Excellent sketches and designs! And you are spot on about the pastel palette choice! Great call! In my dreams, we'd have a mean girl, much like you have designed... and then, maybe, a sassy blonde somewhat modeled after Megan from Part VI!! (I am greedy!! Especially for blondes... uhh, that sounds wrong, which is alright, lol)
  6. I suspect this is accidental! Very interesting. And thanks for sharing that, Tattooey! So, I'm not going to dive into the conspiracy theories about the forum police trying to control us. That's currently Crazy Ralph territory (I don't mean the forums user)! Hopefully someone can fix that up, or start looking more into it, when the work-week kicks in. Also, somebody liked your post. That somebody was me.
  7. I don't think it woud be bad to reward xp to Jason for suicides though - even if it were a reduced reward. I totally get acidental deaths caused by oneself, but intentional suicides in this game, just to prevent Jason from getting the kill/reward is lame (I mean, I've seen friends do it to friends, just a silly neener neener thing, but, even if funny, it's still "lame"), and it wouldn't really harm the game if it reward Jason (le's face it, it's Jason that drove the counselor to do it!). Not a bad idea. I absolutely would not remove a player's ability to suicide though, as acidental death through windows, or whatever else, is an important threat to survival. They could have an xp penalty for the counselor, and that'd make sense (intentional death or not), but I don't think it would be an effective measure to stop trolls from doing it. It's something worth considering, in my opinion. Not a major deal at all, but something that could be worth tweaking.
  8. Haha! Not a dick move at all! Mama Voorhees would be proud!!
  9. Who else first thought there was someone with the username "somebody"? Somebody really likes me...
  10. I fucking love the new map and new Jason so much! It is the most atmospheric map yet. I enjoy the difficult terrain and longer distances between the cabins and the various areas. It feels very true to the locale and provides really intense play. And Jason IV's kills may each be my new favorites! Plus his abilities seem to be a pretty cool balance of frightening power. We've been playing against high quality Jasons, using (in-game only) communication between each other, and have managed to get repairs done and get escapes, while Jasons have also had success - as it all should be! Not everything is for everyone, but the Jarvis House Map is definitely great for me, and many people I have been playing with in quick play! Also, for the record, the game is playing great on the pc. It does suck that the PS4 players are having issues. Let's face it - this shit happens and, even when expected and planned for, can still go south. Just like all our fancy technology and cell phones... they don't always work as great as we'd like them to.
  11. I agree! That would be super cool. I'd love to see behind the scenes content, and interviews, like that. DVD extras ftw!!
  12. I've been wondering if there was any change, because I've never regularly played a counselor with a high composure. Then, when the update came out, I've been playing nothing but Mitch and can't believe how quickly he can break out of grasps! So, I was unsure if there was any change or not - been hearing people say there is a change, but... not sure there has been!
  13. I don't mind the voice at all. From what I recall, his voice is somewhat similar to Chuck's. I don't think it sounds too young. It isn't as funny of a voice as I thought we might get, and/or the voice doesn't have as much character to it as I may have opted for, but I don't think it is bad. And as much as I may add my own Chong voice, while playing him, I don't think they should have gone that direction, at all (for a few reasons). They could have gone a little more spaced-out though, perhaps.
  14. Hey Aron! Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! Don't worry, that Jason Voorhees thing is just an urban lege-Ngghhhuuuhhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhrrrrggghhhhh... It's been awesome watching Gun media and Ilfonic come together to make this game, and now watching things grow and develop post such a big launch... I'm really happy to see continued signs of things growing and improving. A lot of the more negative people around here honestly seem to have, mostly, good intentions and want to see positive results. I've also noticed a good portion of them are real softies, who perk right up when team members communicate more openly with them. So, your involvement should be a great addition! Oh, one other thing... YOU'RE DOOMED!! This place has a death curse!!
  15. I love this map as well! Even though I am not sure I have done so well with either counselor or Jason on it thus far (played about 8 matches, I think). Those rock ridges are really messing me up, lol. Either as a counselor, I'd be jogging to get somewhere, meet the rock ridges, turn, then find I turned myself around, lol. And, then, with Jason, I'd sense through the ridges, Shift towards the counselors I can see, without realizing that huge rock ridges were between us, lol. Hopefully, I will get better at all of that. Regardless, I enjoyed myself on that map SO MUCH. Oh, also ran (swam?) into a problem when Morphing towards the road exit on the West side... I ended up in the water, far below the road bridge, and unable to stop the escapee! A little frustrating, but I had to just laugh it off. Not sure if that's just going to take some better play on my part, or if there is a potential morph spot problem there. That and getting in and out of the water, through those rock valleys, seemed to be tricky. Of course, the rain, the darkness, and the overall excitement/pressure combined to make everything feel more difficult than it may have been (just the way I'd hope for this game!!). Seriously LOVE this map... the houses' details are fantastic. Tommy's room is perfect - even down to the blinds and curtains drawn closed on the window facing the party house!!