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  1. emotes

    so we are doing emotes when the counselors cant even move their mouths during a police call?
  2. maps

    jesus christ, i rushed over here after i seen this shit on facebook of all the things you could work on.... they CHOSE to make smaller maps i REALLY REALLY want to know what was going through their minds to make sense of this
  3. meh, i already deleted the game nice to know there is content coming , maybe ill check it out when they release it.... who ever know when that will be
  4. yeah, whats funny is that even i was telling other people to be patient for the updates when the game got released a couple months back
  5. ok, they pushed back the date for kickstarter once or twice i believe, released a game that still feels like an early access game, as of this moment we are now reaching the 3rd month, yet glitches and exploits remain. we arent even going to be able to touch balancing without those things being fixed moving on, alot of people threw money at kickstarter before the game even came out, and got even MORE after its release despite how broken the game was so with that being said....were the people not patient enough?
  6. i was wondering the same thing, things have been rather quiet and peaceful with out him glad hes gone
  7. i like how players give crap to big companies when they take some time to patch things up. now that we know this.... is being a small indie company an excuse? HALO MCC took about a month to get right and still received so much criticism, we are at 2-3 months following the release of f13 the game and we still waiting for answers
  8. i saw announcements for this game a LONG time ago i didnt know it was ILLFONIC i really want to say something, but i feel like i want to know the full situation behind this could this be the reason why the current game feels like a damn beta?
  9. i mean in the end youre just unlucky. thats just it
  10. i cant believe they removed that i thought they were trying to be as close to the movies as possible
  11. i did create a suggestion very similar to that not too long ago i HATE the sense with a passion due to the fact that its a brainless mechanic that makes finding counselors way too easy.... but the consequences of removing it early would mean that jason would have a harder time finding players early into game so my suggestions were to buff his hearing "sense" but in the end, you can't just tweak one thing, you need to tweak everything
  12. true in the end though, the game does need some rebalancing for BOTH jason and counselors, as both sides do employ some very cheesy tactics that is rather annoying
  13. yeah, agreed however when someone comes to the forums and asks about stuff, they get bombarded with git gud scrub and then we wonder why the damn player base is disappearing
  14. agreed as well....i wouldnt exactly call that grabbing across furniture as a "exploit" per say, so TBF its not just black and white when it comes to these things btw, i accidentally double posted earlier.... how do i delete?
  15. yeah.... such a cheesy tactic, if only jason didnt take 5 minutes to get out of that damn animation