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  1. As ever, please check https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame in case there are any other updates to the current connection situation. Posting this in case it informs people that haven't seen the messages there. Here's the recently posted information:
  2. Hmm. Any PS4 players here that can answer or test out this question?
  3. Sure they'd not the only ones having days like that, but I'd hope anyone sleep deprived gets to take care of themselves as soon as possible, regardless of job or expectations. If that's too bleeding heart, I'll own that. It was always gonna be even busier post-launch but this whole situation has just exploded. I've also been hit by the dreaded Database Login Failure issue and have only had two-and-a-half games since launch. I know some have had it even worse, like Bears and Crackers here that unfortunately couldn't even get one, which really sucks. It's frustrating for sure, like having your nose pressed up against the window and people are having a party on the other side But a solution that sticks will be better than one that just falls over again so I appreciate it takes time. Hope today goes well with issues across the board and you guys can start returning to some kind of normal routine. Cheers, Ben.
  4. I only got a couple games in, but I was invited (as a UKer) to a group of Americans playing a Private Match. So, yeah, believe it should be possible. This was on Xbox One, btw.
  5. Whereas I just freely gave you a like.
  6. On the other hand, great Chad roleplay by that guy.
  7. I'll probably just do what I do with Overwatch, and use the normal Xbone reporting process. And block them if they're being supreme jerkasses, like the racist McCree player I had about two weeks ago.
  8. Welcome to the forums! If you're interested, check the General Discussion forum as there's a pinned thread there where people have been putting their Gamertags up.
  9. Putting the melodrama aside for one moment, I'd put good money on the day-of-release audience being what caused the problem. Kickstarter & Slasher Backer numbers were known. Beta player numbers were known. Pre-orders were known. Streamer numbers, even, were known. Process of elimination here, seems that the walk-up audience was vastly bigger than predicted.
  10. Welcome to the forums! There's a pinned thread on the General Discussion forum if you'd like to see some Steam IDs and Gamertags for other people, if you're interested. In the meantime, the connection situation should improve through the day, just that some player still can't connect at the moment.
  11. Welcome to the forums! The server situation should improve throughout the day, though at the moment some players still can't get on yet. Hope you do manage to get on today!
  12. Welcome to the forums! Hope you get some games in today. The server situation is improving through the day, but there are some areas that still can't connect at the moment.
  13. Welcome to the forums! Servers and databases got whacked hard by such demand, the situation is improving but some areas are still out at the moment. I feel you, I haven't been able to play since yesterday. Hope you do get some games in today!
  14. Welcome to the forums! Microsoft had some problems with the Marketplace yesterday, it could be related to that. You could try asking @Friday13thGame on Twitter about it.
  15. Much like killing those gang bangers in Jason Takes Manhattan, sometimes ol' Jason can be a bit of an anti-hero Those two players were good sports about the whole thing, credit there.
  16. Mine too. I did manage to get in a second game yesterday before this Database Login Failure which has kept me off since. And half of a game after that! Second game was a group including IHeart BreakerI. I'm using a temporary headset at the moment and it stopped working right, so first few minutes I couldn't talk or hear anyone as I ran around as Kenny. Eventually got it working. Had a good few minutes running around with Kenny 2 and Hawaiian Kenny, as we managed to find some car keys and I had a flare gun, jogging and sneaking about to a few cabins. Props to player called stonehartmdw, he was very friendly and helpful. Then bumped into a Jenny that had Savini Jason in hot pursuit. All five of us and him ended up in a cabin but I couldn't make the damn flare gun work for the life of me (LT aim, RT shoot, got it now). Spent the next 2-3 minutes being chased across the map by that Jason as he slowly wore me down and my stamina zero'd out, just couldn't do anything in the end and got my head pulled off, though at least I was able to delay him and drag him away for a while. I know at least two of the others were able to sprint to get rescued by the cops in the end, though sadly stonehart got Jason'd. Then my half-a-game, which I honestly can't remember much about except that I was trying to get the radio working to call Tommy, Jason arrived and scared us away and then I very slowly sneaked back to try to get it working. Sneaking all by myself back there was very tense and scary. But, got disconnected and that was it for my day. Kept checking in 'til midnight with no joy then hit the sack, still down at the moment as well. Hope to improve on my 2-and-a-half games today!
  17. The Unreal engine just really didn't want to play ball with that feature. Not to say there's no chance in the future, just there was definitely no chance by release date.
  18. It'll definitely get better. It's just hasn't been able to cope with all demand at the moment. Not that some areas haven't been alright. I've seen people playing for many hours. Just some still can't.
  19. Yeah, I've had the exact same error for the past 12 hours. Though I did sleep during that! It's no ban, it's the server and database getting slammed by so many players. And keep an eye on the Twitter account for updates. @Friday13thGame and do @weskeltner as well, they've been tweeting about it constantly.
  20. Welcome to the forums! Hope your connection situation is better, or improves. Servers and database have taken a pummeling today.
  21. Welcome to the forums! Hope you're getting some games in.
  22. Welcome to the forums! There's a pinned thread in the General Discussion forum where other players have posted their Steam IDs and Gamertags, if you're interested
  23. Welcome to the forums! There's a pinned thread in the General Discussion forum where other players have posted their Steam IDs and Gamertags, if you're interested
  24. Welcome to the forums! Hope the streaming is going well.