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  1. My logic is this - after all the secrecy they continue to keep going about how to defeat Jason, saying they'll never reveal it, for the outcome to actually turn out to be "Oh, you just hit him with a stick a bunch of times and he dies" seems remote. My educated guess is it'll relate to the chance to knock him down. If it's at all related to defeating/killing him then it'll be no more than a part, heavy emphasis.
  2. While I personally think it's pretty screwed up in the wider picture that censors will put harder, harsher limits on nudity than they will on violence, I know that's the way it is for now and so I understand the situation they're in. Even given that, though, if they creatively couldn't make it fit into the game itself then it's a moot point. What else do you do, just shove in some topless girls on the menu screens? Reward cards of Eric with nothing but a rose clenched between his teeth? And with the level of violence in this game, it really is pushing things here to the limit for that M rating, then trying to squeeze in something else that would piss off the censors is a bridge too far. Saying that, I am cool with the fanservice of things like Tiffany's Ass (tm) and, hey, Chad's Ass (tm) too. The films did cast for those attractive guys 'n' gals to get attacked by Jason after all, and if no-one's getting actually nekkid then at least they can reflect the sexplotation somewhat that way.
  3. Welcome to the forums! And best wishes with the medical path, too. Jason's got a great grasp of human anatomy but his bedside manner needs some work.
  4. Welcome to the forums! Some good films there, too. I'm a big Silent Hill fan and Jacob's Ladder was a big influence there. And I'm fond of several of the old Hammer flicks.
  5. I know I've suggested before that some kind of swimsuit pack for the counselors would be a fun thing to do, a little fanservice-y but also a neat way to have a nod to all those dips into the water those crazy teenagers took in the films.
  6. On the stream last night, Wes mentioned he's aiming to get some pictures of the Clothing Pack stuff to show this week. And I think they're variations on the standard outfits, don't expect things like giant foam cowboy hats or clown outfits or anything.
  7. All I know is it's certainly meant to be in the game. It was an early stretch goal, think they hit it even before the Slasher Backer started. They're still keeping a bunch of kills under their hats yet, so I'm assuming this is one of them.
  8. Wes mentioned in the stream last night that he's going to be posting up a thread showing the screens for all the Jasons sometime this week. Showing the strengths and weaknesses. So maybe he'll elaborate on it there. I personally highly doubt it'll be simply damage that "kills" Jason in a game.
  9. community

    I'm not sad about the release date in the slightest, not even a fraction. But I am sad for those where the delay is personally too big a sticking point for them to be happy with. I hope at least, by the time the game actually is out by May 26th, most will be enthused and eager to play. I know that won't be everyone, as you truly can't please all the people all the time, but as many as possible.
  10. Poor Ben, he mentioned the thing about the forum's skin colour right on the first post and people just didn't read it. I guess this means he's fired again
  11. Welcome to the forums! We have a release date now, so we'll be able to get your hands on the game soon
  12. Damn, dude, that's outstanding. Oh, and welcome to the forums!
  13. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy this place and the game, and don't destroy us all in your quest for demonic power
  14. This is a temporary default skin for the board. There's a proper one coming. Good chance it'll be along similar lines (and colours) as the old version..
  15. I think we all applaud his efforts. Especially how he worked hard on and augmented the male counselors as well. Butt Technician is an honourable craft.
  16. Thanks to REyeZbLoOD on Twitter, I've been able to see Jason 9's Strengths as well. +Shift +Stun Resistance +Water Speed I'll edit them onto my original post here as well.
  17. community

    I'm glad you didn't wait to change your pants.
  18. Straight from Ronnie on Twitter: Big Boss Hobbs‏ @Rontao13 36m36 minutes ago Replying to @Timotheus00T @Friday13thGame and It was mistakenly made available by Sony. It will be made available again before launch. Sorry. Those of you that grabbed it real quick, you got yourself a little unintended early bonus!
  19. It does seem like the flare to the face isn't the instant knock-over though, may well depend on Jason having taken a little abuse before. The firecracker stun we only saw on one video, and exactly as ShankerOne says, right after showing it they mentioned that they were gonna reduce the stun time shown there.
  20. Obviously, I'm goddamn thrilled to have a release date! Gives me time to clear up on a couple other games I'm played first, too. I really want a clear slate when I start playing this. Stuff noticed from the trailer! Jason 6's weaknesses - Defence, Can't Run, Morph Jason 8's weaknesses - Sense, Can't Run, Grip Strength Jason 9's strengths - Shift, Stun Resistance, Water Speed Jason 9's weaknesses - Can't Run, Less Hit Point (that's new), Morph In the clothing section, it's split into Tops, Bottoms and Shoes as earlier suggested. There are 6 items in each category with a half-block on the left, so at minimum (I emphasize that) it's 7 items per category. There's also a perk screen, with "RollPerk 500CP" at the top. Seems to be a system where you spend your game cash and get a random perk (don't know if that's for a single game or lasts longer) with a random positive and negative effect as well. In the video they got: Perk - Sneaky (move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots) Positive - Window and Hiding Spot Speed Increased 7% Negative - More Damage Taken 1% (pretty fortunate there)
  21. Checked the announce date video, shields and axes again for the obvious tasks (like barring a door or knocking Jason down and so on). Couldn't see if fixing a car part, making a call, fixing the radio or the fusebox had a different icon or anything. But just confirmation of this little change, anyway.
  22. In the previous videos, and during the Beta, doing things that gave you an experience reward appeared as a red bar on the left hand side with 'XP' written on it, alongside a brief description and the number gained. Noticing now, in the Savini Jason video, that the big 'XP' letters have gone, replaced by appropriate icons for the task. So, in the video, AJ manages to shoot Jason in the head with the flare gun. We see a Shield icon and Marked +5. I'd guess that using the flare to light up an area is classed as a defensive action, hence the shield. She also gets an Axe icon and Not The Face +50. So, the axe represents an offensive action, in this case hitting Jason right in the face. The flare gun now being an item that can fulfill both roles! It's a neat change for a little more visual variety than just 'XP' there, and I'd guess there could be a handful of others depending on the situation. Like maybe for repairing a fusebox or fixing a car part, for instance.
  23. There we go! /thread
  24. Welcome to the forums! "Y'all got anymore of them release dates?"