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  1. Vanessa's actually someone that I escape/survive with the most, which I didn't expect. She's a real beacon for Jason to track, but being smart with her stamina and using her to find and drop things off makes her very valuable. That low repair stat does mean I have to be in with a good team, though. I guess you could say that for a lot of players, but without a good fixer or two, it's much tougher. And needless to say, give the quieter members of your team a wide berth rather than clatter around with them.
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums! Good to hear you're having fun and still playing. What format are you playing on? If you're looking for new players here, you could check out the general thread for Steam IDs and Gamertags. Hopefully you'll find it handy.
  3. No specific experience, but just wanted to give thanks to Mr Hellfire, Dragonflyrayne and Chichy Gamer for the groups and games. Very easy bunch to get along with, good atmosphere, good games and good jokes. No idea of they're on here or not but wanted to give them a shout-out anyway in case anyone else encounters them. And apologies to Heartbreaker for not being available for his games, and Alkavian for us only getting one game then I didn't see him return after disconnecting.
  4. I never believed the Friday only thing, but glad to get some confirmation that it wasn't only Quick/Public matches that had them. Since I almost always play Private Matches. Level 29, haven't seen one yet. I've probably been in games where they've appeared, but those are the ones where I've been too busy running for my life to check drawers! If I do/when I do find one, I'll probably snapshot a quick video clip for posterity.
  5. I used to love all of Julian Gollop's games on my Spectrum. These days, he's probably best known as the developer of the original X-COM series. He was the king of turn based tactical shooters and magical duels back then. Chaos, Lords of Chaos, Laser Squad and Rebelstar Raiders I & II ate up many many hours and days of my gaming life. It's been nice to see the success of the X-COM reboots, and that they still credit him.
  6. See, this is why it'd be great to be able to drop into another person's game and go wander around. Maybe a future Fallout might offer such a thing. Even 'just' having a second person would be great. Don't think I have any glamour shots of my own Fallout 4 world, but if I can think of anything cool maybe I'll get snaps.
  7. I had people at every settlement, I remember that, even if just two or three. So 30 sounds right, for the mainland at least. Did you get all the DLC for other settlements and settlement items as well?
  8. Less than 2 minutes. Spawned in as Eric by a cabin north of Higgins Haven, went in and found both a battery and the keys in a drawer. Also a walkie talkie. Spoke to a person via the walkie that was by the four-door car far to the south. Started jogging in that direction, only to en route see the two-door car alongside HIggins Haven with an A.J. already filling it up with gas. I gave them the keys, put in the battery and we drove away. Clock said 18-something minutes when we escaped. I apologised a lot to the person by the four-door, but they were very understanding!
  9. Have you actually just been playing around with all the settlement stuff rather than doing the questline? Or taking a break from it to do all that? Impressive willpower if the former!
  10. Because he has the dreamiest eyes.
  11. Man, I hope they have Godzilla and Kong smash up an ancient Japanese castle in their haste to attack each other, again. That was always a pretty awesome deal.
  12. After a mere 7 years, getting round to giving Dead Rising 2 a go with my fiance. We're double Chucking it! Still doing at least a game of Overwatch each day (gotta got those Arcade win lootboxes, man) and Doomfist it out on the 27th so will increase my time then. Aiming for a big bunch of play on F13th Friday evening and then over the weekend. Want to get round to Assassin's Creed Syndicate before the winter. RE7 may have to wait longer (whole weird situation with the DLC there, too).
  13. Need to get round to seeing Skull Island on Bluray. There are a few films this year already I just haven't had time to yet...I think Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has been about the only one so far.
  14. I am very sorry to hear that. If you can, please take some time soon to think about good memories of him and anything he did that make you happy in whatever way. Those are the thoughts to carry with you and help you through this. Sincere best wishes.
  15. I saw an excellent hide from a counselor in a game on Saturday. He and another guy were chased into a nearby small cabin, and one guy put up a tremendous fight (as Adam) while the other person simply chickened out and hid in a closet. After Adam finally got killed off, after about a full minute of hitting Jason with firecrackers, pocket knife to the head and baseball bat swings and stuns before he finally got grabbed and died, the Jason player assumed the other player had already run far away during all that and stomped off. The player in the closet then proceeded to hide out in there for 8 minutes without moving for the time-out win. Helped by the Jason player having problems or not quite knowing how to use his Sense properly. Dull to watch, but pulled it off like a champ.
  16. Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a good time here and with the game as well. I've got a couple links that might be helpful, if you're interested in looking for new players from here. There's the general Steam ID and Gamertag forum, and the Xbox One specific thread for private matches in the Player-Run Challenges Forum. Hope they're useful
  17. I'm still not sure about Chibnall (Broadchurch has been a big success, but his previous Who & Torchwood stuff left me cold), but best wishes to Whittaker. Damon's current re-watching state of play - The Mind of Evil parts 1-3 tonight!
  18. A huge influence on the horror genre, and modern zombie pop-culture in particular. RIP Mr Romero.
  19. I'm biased since I'm playing on Xbox One, but number one with an absolute bullet ahead of everything else is fixing the memory leak issues and getting the stability up to as near 100% as possible. So, Xbox Issues. Relating to that and across all platforms, host migration would be a really good deal for the occasions when it's the Jason player that loses connection. And bug and glitch fixes, naturally So those are the three I voted for, the ones I feel are the most urgent and needed. After that one, when the core is rock solid, then the rest I'd like to see. And pretty much everything too, although the one I'm least bothered about would be the physical copies. I want mine of course, but lower priority than the rest.
  20. Yes? That's news to me, but welcome if so. And maybe an easier way if Sweater Girl is unsure about the best timing to try a hit.
  21. I like IV better than H20 (in fact IV is probably my second favourite of the whole series). So personally, while I've ended up seeing them all over the years, I reckon I-II-IV would be a decent way to experience the original Michael Myers run.
  22. Yeah, I've noticed since becoming a mod that my daily posting has gone down a lot. More time is spent reading up other people's posts. I'm still checking in every day. I didn't have a chance to play the game all week until Friday, and even then only got in about a dozen games Fri-Sun. Just one of those weeks! Those three days are usually the best chance for anyone to catch me. Especially when the Xbox patch turns up and improves stability, I really want to catch up on a lot of games. We'll see about getting some more games in together!
  23. Like, do you mean not at launch or never ever? Wes spoke about the complexities here several months ago and it made it sound like something a long, long way down the road even at best, so I wasn't exactly on tenterhooks about this one. That and the funds were a long, long way off the Pamela stretch goal, too, even after Backerkit. Pamela's really not the kind of thing they can do all of sudden, some kind of swap-out for Jason. I went and found a link to Wes's Pamela post, actually, in case it helps: Randy's brother came to visit so he's spending time with him. That's what he said on Twitter.
  24. I don't see the issue; if there's anywhere on the forums to put up a glitch video, it's right here in the Bug Reporting forum. It's the whole point of this section. Here and, if you use Twitter, @F13GameSupport are the best choices.