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  1. Maybe she's born with it?
  2. Greetings!
  3. Looks-wise I'd have to go with Adam, but as far as gameplay goes, my heart belongs to Ms. Kim.
  4. I literally just told my boss that I was having a Friday the 13th marathon + release party at my place and asked if I could have the 25-27 off. And since my boss is awesome, she said yes.
  5. I love how these new changes sound. It'll be nice to have a little bit of breathing room early in the match, and it's definitely gonna be fun feeling damn near unstoppable as the match goes on. I'm getting chills, I can't wait.
  6. I've been watching Ohmwrecker and Bryce's videos pretty much non-stop since the beta. They're fantastic!
  7. According to this interview, at one point Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Killer Clowns from Outer Space were all thought about at one time. Personally, I hope in the far future they revisit the idea of a Nightmare on Elm Street game. I keep dying at the first jump at the high school.
  8. This is absolutely glorious. Laughed out loud at the ending.
  9. As much as I personally enjoy seeing a variety of counselors when I played, I feel that the ability to choose whoever one wants is for the best overall. There's also the extra clothing options in the future to help break up the visual monotony of having multiples of the same counselor.
  10. PC (Steam): Hal Bailman
  11. PC game, clothing pack, Savini Jason, and the virtual cabin. The beta really sold me.
  12. Alien Isolation is hands down my favorite horror game of all time. While I love horror video games in general, a lot of them feel more like something I tend to endure more than enjoy. AI is probably the most fun horror game I've ever played, largely in part to the solid gameplay mechanics and clever Alien artificial intelligence. Generally speaking since I've played it so many times, I'm pretty used to predicting the Alien's movements, but nothing's more frightening to me than crawling through the vents when it's near. (Or for that fact, when two of them are near, like in the DLC Survival maps.) Close your eyes for a second and suddenly TEETH! Scares the hell out of me every time.