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  1. As it stands, there are not enough win conditions for the counselors to start removing them from the game. This isn't fixing anything broken and will only lead to problems.
  2. I'll probably have my 1,000 matches as Jason before I find a second Pamela tape at this point. You guys are complaining about dupes, but I've only ever seen one. I also had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to find it. I had a serial killer chasing me too.
  3. A Jason so scared of us forum guys that he cut his losses and ran away from camp.
  4. In the many months that this site has been active, it's been brought up and it's been shot down. It's not happening.
  5. Why do I get the feeling topics are gonna start getting derailed hard when we all need to note we liked a post.
  6. My advice is close and lock the cabin doors. That'll help Jason shifting inside. It's a moot point once doors are broken, but I've killed more than a few chuckleheads who left doors open for me by shifting in, grabbing them and tossing them into a fireplace.
  7. Having the same issue. It's fucking annoying.
  8. We need to boot that sumbitch, @GhostWolfViking out. He choked me!
  9. Starting with firecrackers is a go to perk for me, just in case Jason decides to jump in on me first thing. Every little bit helps.
  10. It might be a few months of wait. However I don't see quickplay giving out the ability of choosing Jason, nor do I see the time being spent to make a queue for those who want to play Jason. Even if that was something, by the time it was implemented, bots would be out. I don't know where you play, but here is my advice. If you're on X-box use the looking for group feature. It's been a godsend for this game, and odd's are you will meet good groups of people. If that isn't an option, friend those who you enjoyed quickplay with. Once you have a dozen or so pals, organize a lobby. If those don't work, my only advice is to be patient.
  11. In my experience, I'd argue that. A Jason who loses counselors most often loses them to either luck (items being quickly/easily found early) or allowing himself to begin sliding down the slope. Jason starts off holding all the advantages. He continues to gain advantages by killing off counselors. However once things swing in the other direction, it gets harder for him to win. (Try dealing with two cars and a police roadblock.) Good Jason's ensure that things never get too out of hand. Most good Jason's I play with get a majority of kills. Many sweep 8/8. The two seat vehicle might get away, but most often that is it. Add to that that now a 2 seat car and the boat is a thing. It makes things a bit easier on Jason if he lucks into that situation. Drawbacks don't matter much when you're so far above the rest. Also a number of those example perks are wastes of time. Time that could be spent fine tuning counselor perks, or doing other things that benefit the game more then boosting the most powerful guy in the game.
  12. If you play in a private lobby, you can pick the Jason, and once single player comes out, you'll get to be Jason to your hearts content.
  13. Jason doesn't need buffs. The one way I'd agree with this would be if Jason was nerfed and had to rely on perks just as counselors do to win. Jason's biggest weaknesses are that he can't be everywhere at once, and that he is on a timer. Outside of those, he holds all the aces. He doesn't need boosts.
  14. In Soviet Crystal Lake, Jason jukes you!
  15. Just out of a great run with @AldermachXI, @TheHansonGoons and some others. @DamonD7 helped make my life easier by shotgunning a fellow counselor when I was Jason.
  16. My take on the situation. Perks are limited to three. They need to be something that is worth not having other perks for. To take it a step further, some perks always provide a benefit (say, starting with firecrackers or map or having thick skin) Others are very situational (My dad's a cop, or grease monkey.) When situational perks are meh, they simply are not worth having. I lucked out and had an "epic" grease monkey perk of 48%. On the occasions that the car got put together and I had keys, or Jason disabled the car and I was able to get in the drivers seat, I had a reasonable chance of saving lives. Now with it bumped down to 14%, that extra second shaved off from when I'm not using the perk, isn't worth it. I'm better off getting an extra use of health spray or some such that can be used every game.
  17. I do think an ingame report function would be great, however I'll work with what we do have. Had you taken video clips of this, You'd have been able to send them to Gun and gotten some people banned. Barring that, if you're on Xbox, you can report them there and block them to boot. It's not perfect, but right now it's what is available.
  18. Don't use the sweater on him when he is stunned. Remove his mask. Later, lead with the sweater. Club him and let Tommy do his thing.
  19. Maybe when Jason is surrounded his screen can go black and the words, "you're dead. Game over." can appear. Otherwise, maybe your team and yourself just need better coordination. To my knowledge once Jason is stunned by the sweater, it takes a fuckup by the counselors to not kill Jason.
  20. I was hoping she could have an intro where she is stealing the gas and batteries along with Ali and Loco. Or maybe have the latter two be dead bodies hidden on the map (sorta like Jeff/Rob in the bathtub) to signify that is why we're fixing the cars. As far as the level progression, I'm a-ok with that.
  21. Jason not hearing a successful police call on Jarvis map. Goes to Hell music blaring loud (Crystal Lake was map it happened to us on) Some lockout issues when trying to gas up car or insert phone fuse. More of an issue when Jason has used/tripped traps littering the area.
  22. Yeah, I think a limited resource like perks (and epic perks at that) should be moderately useful. It's better to just hop out of a car and run if Jason shows up.
  23. I'm sure I should make fun of your admission, but rather I'm gonna note Indy Jones had the right observation. It's not the years, it's the mileage.
  24. I'm technically a leg too. It's all good. I notice it wasn't an insult to say you're carrying a purse. Probably wore the fanny pack too, didn't you? You should.
  25. You call that a ruck, leg? I call that a purse!