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  1. @Alkavian I'm just going to toss out a "good job" here. Nice work, man.
  2. Counselors Height?

    It might be harsh, but I'm tired of a small minority shrieking and fucking up various fandoms. I could point out a number of cases, but I'll keep it to F13. As it is, I don't care if somebody is fat or not. I've dated curvy women, hell I married one, and don't have an issue with it. I was making jokes about her size vs the size of her demographic (which is honestly pretty small, I'd wager.) Humor often doesn't translate and I'll chalk it up to that. The problem is that Gun is making a love letter to 80's horror (specifically F13) and the tropes therein. Outside of Banana girl I'd be hard pressed to find any fat chick who had more then a background scene in the films. Even Banana girl had only a few moments, and didn't speak. As far as curvy, at what point does it go from Tiff to La Choppa? Does it matter? At any rate your pal didn't buy into the game per your anecdote and I'm doubtful there being a fat girl to pick would change that. There are a number of actual legit tropes still not in play such as the bitch/mean girl. Why should Gun put things in that don't fill the role? Also your pal making claims of the Dev's is bullshit. That sounds much like SJW's tagging the opposition with a label and making them out to be a bad guy because they don't agree. "They didn't put in a blind character or Mark and his wheelchair so they must hate the handicapped." That is quite a leap in logic, no? As it is, after Gun buckled to the casuals and neutered Jason into being a punching bag for bully counselors, I'm a bit short with foolish ideas. The ironic comment was people dead set on playing fat/big counselors being such a small demographic. As far as the rest of it, yup.
  3. I've seen Jason at rage at something like five minutes in. Seems an overzealous Buggzy beat him half to death before Jason got his mitts on him. I really think Rage needs to be better. Pocket knives only work about half the time. Hits from anything less than a shotgun being laughed off...
  4. Counselors Height?

    It's gonna be bigger than Pacific Rim. And on a less pleasant note. You should tell your big boned friend that most people don't want to play fat characters and that it won't help the game to make money to cater to such a "small" demographic (oh the irony..) If she wants to do so, she can make a game herself.
  5. Let's talk about horror remakes

    Poor Barb. As far as capturing the mythos, It's been the most accurate to my knowledge. Of course I say this as a guy who prefers Howard to Lovecraft and who still wants to crack open Cthulhu in Pathfinder with a bastard sword (or a +5 warhammer of shocking burst and other stuff..) Good stuff. I may have to give From Beyond a look one of these days. I also need to find "In the Mouth of Madness" which fell under my radar as a youth.
  6. Let's talk about horror remakes

    Did you watch the Spanish made film, Dagon, Hanson? It's sorta an Innsmouth story. It's decent and there is a very brief sequence worth the price of admission itself. If you like Lovecraft stuff, it might be something you'd enjoy. Same with you @Rexfellis
  7. Yeah because we all want to play a game structured so we can't win. That shoe is currently on the other foot with Jason, we don't need gameplay mechanics being tossed out of balance one way or the other. Jason needs to be weighed so that he is roughly equal to the other team. Not to where he can't kill them as they dance like fools or to where they can't win even with teamwork and smart tactics.
  8. When a player calls you trash

    I had this happen in a random lobby. I had Jason on me from the start and it took seven or so minutes to finally drop me. What do I find? Of the five counselors in play, the four Debra's are all bunnies and dancing together in a cabin. Fox has gotten a car around and after some issues manages an escape. I come back as Tommy. I make sure I'm close to the Deb's as they all die one by one and when the two minute timer has gone off and a Deb is limping toward me begging for help? I use my healthspray on myself to remove the slight damage I had to take going through a broken window. Then I run off as Jason kills that clown. Not today, Jason, not today.
  9. Well not after multiple people in our games got rubberbanded back to him and death. I don't start the car without some precautions unless Jason is being played by a novice. Right now if Jason stops a car I'm driving, I get out and look to hit him in the face. After that I hightail it out. While most Jason's don't slash prior to a grab attempt, those that do often find themselves laid out before I'm dead. Then I spray myself off and book it.
  10. Hey, I was a grunt! I killed when I shot. We also had one that we learned in basic that said we were ready to deploy, engage, and destroy. As far as the game, communication is the big one. We sometimes set Jason up. And that ties into a general idea of getting into your foes headspace for both sides. Anticipating what Jason or a counselor will do and deterring that is very useful. One other thing is I try to know egress routes from cabins before Jason has broken in. Nothing puts a damper on living so much as finding that cabin you are in has a shuttered back window and you were planning to use it to escape.
  11. Pam isn't in my ear the whole time and I find her really obnoxious. My take is this is unneeded, doesn't fix any problem or add much as a feature and would ensure teens don't get help from Tommy from me. I'm sure more than a few others might feel the same.
  12. You and Infamous both. At any rate, yeah I chase the slow and infirm first. You know Jason can't afford them long distance bills.
  13. I can't tell if you are matching the sarcasm of my first line, or sincere about the second. At any rate, I was serious with the latter. I don't just grab people. I fuck em up a bit first. If you can stun Jason you can get out. So do cover your bases.
  14. An alternative is not to crash. With that, pocketknives don't work if Jason slashes you. As Jason I slash people until limping. You should cover your bases and have fireworks and a weapon.
  15. As if Pamela in my ear wasn't bad enough. I think if this happened I'd offer myself up to Jason, fuck the counselors.
  16. Also good chance they'll find the fuse next door and come back to fix the phone as soon as you leave. I generally don't chase after my morph cools down, but if people are by the phone, I come back asap to deal with the shenanigans.
  17. Agreed. Jason just doesn't have the resources to take on a group of seven who know to shoot, move and communicate. I'm thinking reusable traps could go a long way as GWV notes below. My contribution will be that I think Jason shouldn't be affected by pocket knives after rage. Or... Maybe pocket knives shouldn't be a free escape to begin with. Maybe they make it easier to kick out of Jason's grip. That way high strength/composure and the perks to help you kick out are more viable. A follow up to 3-5. 3. Throwing knives are limited in amount and easily miss. They should do more damage. Jason should not have to toss a shit ton into somebody to gimp them. 4. Brilliant idea. It would make pocket knives multifaceted. As it is now, everybody tanks for the most part, using medic to screw over Jason's limited traps. 5. Preach. Onto the anecdotal stuff. When we played the other night, I believe the best a Jason did was 6/8, save for Heartbreakers single sweep. A few of these Jason players are 10/10 best of the best, top tier Jason players. You shouldn't invite Randy to play with us. He'd have to reevaluate his life after playing a few games in a row as Jason.
  18. Suicide to escape Jason

    Well neg XP could be a deterrent one of two ways. 1. When trying to level, it's a pain to get 0 XP. 2. If things got locked back up with level. Lets say level 31 Biff keep killing himself and his level 31 self loves, LOVES playing goes to Hell. When his XP dipped, if that skin locked back up... I remember being annoyed when glitches were locking counselors and Jason's up. Jason didn't "get the kill" in the sense he didn't mangle the guy. He got the kill in the sense he made the weak willed counselor run over broken glass or dive out a window and they died from the chase. Tomato, tomahto. The trolls kill themselves to deny the superior person the XP. It's a meta thing. Knowing that they lose in that regard may deter the behavior. If not, Jason shouldn't be spanked for it.
  19. Suicide to escape Jason

    I think people should get the -1000 XP for suicides. Barring that, giving Jason credit for the kill and XP would work.
  20. Good luck killing everybody. Maps are too big for this sort of nonsense. That doesn't even take into account the evasion game.
  21. Riot. We actually call pocketknives Riotsticks now because she always seems to find two at any given point. She'll seek them out after others escape to replenish her stock. She runs Medic so she has two uses of knives and spray. But slashing her down might dampen her parade. Agreed. I had a new blood just pop in on me midswing and it was startling. Thanks much. Wilco.