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  1. Risinggrave

    Back in the saddle

    Good sensible post.
  2. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    Yeah. And that is even assuming that any possible game was desired to be anything like F13. I'd hope so because I like the way it's been done. DBD for example takes place in some demiplane, and I'm not a big fan of it. I really like how everything was done here.
  3. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    You know that has me wondering. How much of the game mechanics are Gun's IP? For example D&D has open content because I guess they can't copyright rules. I wonder how different an F13 game would after the lawsuit, assuming the license was taken up.
  4. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    Ok. So why make a thread with a title that isn't concise, meaning I had to enter the thread to know what was up. I had to waste my time reading it. That's obnoxious. Moreso when you know it's not gonna happen. No harm here. Would have been nice knowing it was a thread I could have skipped over before reading the OP. Even if the lawsuit wasn't in play Gun has said that they can't make a Jason worth a damn for single player. It's the internet. People are going to say less than nice things at times. If that bothers you, you'll need to spend your CP on an epic level Thick Skin perk..
  5. Risinggrave

    How the hell do I get into the car on ps4?

    Nope. Once the car has been successfully started, all doors are open.
  6. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    You actually answered your own question. It's gotten old with people coming in and la-de-daing about all these additions they would like. It's doubly obnoxious if you know they can't do anything and you still complain. I came into the thread hoping for some interesting conversation. I hoped for too much.
  7. Risinggrave

    So maybe just maybe...

    Well, if you read more than you spoke, you'd know the developers have noted nothing new is being added. What you have is what you get. Do you want to play as a counselor offline? Too bad. Do you want Skynet to send Jason X back from the future to spank you at your birthday party? That isn't happening either.
  8. Risinggrave

    We should be happy

    This gets my derp thread gold medal of the day. By all means, be happy if you'd like to. If others don't feel they got their money out of the game or feel cheated by any number of scandals, don't expect them to not be unhappy. Your post reminds me of that preschool child who is hopelessly unaware of the real world who pulls a "be happy, because." sort of Pollyanna line. The naivete' of your post is off the charts.
  9. Risinggrave

    My Retirement

    Likewise, Breaker. As I've had to say far too often this last week or so, I have you on the Box. This isn't goodbye. Our hangout might change, but we'll still shoot the shit. I'm relentless, but I don't ever see myself mastering Stalk like Breaker. Thanks for your faith in my skill, though. As far as everybody bouncing, it does suck indeed. We'll all have to find mediums to keep in touch.
  10. Risinggrave

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    Yeah, I like a good portion of the community a lot. (Even though I don't believe you and I ever spoke until now, you're on that list. Common sense goes a long way in my book.) I'm not sure if I'm more sad at the game getting shelved or the forum disintegrating.
  11. Risinggrave

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    You know, at this point I should just make it official. I don't know if a single damned person I'm tight with is still around. Heartbreaker, BoB, Alder, Alk, and a metric fuck ton either kicked rocks or were shown the door. At any rate, have a good one, @BrokenFattHardy, I'll see you on the Box.
  12. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    @Thatguyinktown Hm. I'm having some issues. I let Gold lapse and it's not letting me reup it for some reason. I'll tinker and see if I can unfuck things.
  13. Risinggrave

    Post Credits Scene.

    I'm hoping to be there this week.
  14. Risinggrave

    Post Credits Scene.

    @Alkavian I can dig it. I'll see you around on other avenues, man. If there has been one bright spot to everything, It's been a blast to meet and befriend so many top notch individuals.
  15. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I'm going to have to bow out again. Some personal engagements. Sorry.
  16. Most of it is just color swap. But Adam has a flag design on one of his jackets that is boss, and I want to say another counselor had something cool, though I'm drawing a blank. Maybe Adam was the exception. With that Vanessa's All American tracksuit was worth the price alone.
  17. There were no previews. Just a description. Backers had to take a risk they'd like them or not. Also some details are different beyond colors. For example, Adam has different designs on his jacket.
  18. Risinggrave

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    Is making or converting a dream sequence Jason fixing bugs or glitches? No? There you go.
  19. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I'm not going to be around tonight.
  20. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I'll admit I'm good, but I'm not the best. It might be irritating, but it shouldn't be embarrassing. We make great effort to not make a bad run shame the Jason out of the lobby. Also, as far as irritating, we all get irritated. The team as a whole is pretty canny, and we work well together. I know playing against you guys is like trying to iceskate uphill. I'm irritating as a counselor? Pot, don't call the kettle black. Miss Tiff running down the clock with her Riot Stick collection, medic perk and metric shit ton of health spray. If somebody has the reputation of most obnoxious counselor to play against, it sure as hell isn't me.
  21. Risinggrave

    The End

    BOB, It's been fun. Our time together has been memorable, and it always sucks when things come to an end or the status quo changes. Take care, buddy.
  22. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    Even him. He's a top tier but if he is taking on our A gamers, we'll do ok.
  23. Risinggrave

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I had nothing to do with you getting married, or you deciding you needed wine to put up with me. Embarrassed? Nobody will remember if you do badly. We're just in it for the fun. Wha? Pinehurst is pretty damn good for a Jason. Bigger maps mean more space between cabins, more places for items to be hidden and Pinehurst has three exits for the police to show at. You just need to not get duped out of your morph, and against a top tier group you need to expect to not clear. I never even noticed that it happened until you said something. Now I just laugh because I'm a dick. Guy probably did rig it, though. This group kicks everybody's ass when they are Jason. I mute myself. Nobody gets to know how loud I mash!
  24. If the idea the devs have is that the game should be dark then the game will be dark. I can work around it to my personal preference by raising gamma a bit. As it stands, nothing is broken, so there isn't a fix.