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  1. Did you have slo-mo engaged?
  2. I saw that. When you note in your OP that the other is locked up hence your making it, maybe you shouldn't be lumped with the blame. Unless somebody makes a thread about Rings.
  3. Who needs a neck when you have throwing knives?
  4. He'll show up after Space Terminator Jason.
  5. "2017" No standard beyond that. Why would Gun deal with that shit again, right?
  6. Might have to do with her 2/10 str. I'd assume swing speed might be under the str stat, lest it be worthless.
  7. How did this thread survive the reaping?
  8. Yeah, you'd have to do some heavy mental gymnastics to work that, I'd think. But if you can convince somebody Jason X takes place in 2003, you'll win the internet.
  9. I recall that Toys R Us ticket setup.
  10. If you play on Playstation, you can't preorder. If you are playing on X-Box or Steam, wait until they put it up for preorder there and buy it. Kickstarter/Backer are over with and no longer a place to buy from.
  11. "Wow, I sure made a killing on that deal" said a bad business man.. Then he realized he can't play Savini Jason and has only made 4-10 dollars profit. I'll be surprised if you can find it for less then $50.
  12. Reasonable so far. Pretty much people who can spread the word while working within your ethics. My comments were originally made with the miscommunication that the topic was fact. An issue with info being spread among so many mediums. I'm loving the fact that the intent is for us to be playing years down the line. I'm going to trust that you guys need the fly by nighters as much as you need us core guys. And since you guys are steering the car and I'm in the back, I'll trust that you get us to the right camp. As noted the mundanes will move onto the next shiny game. That's inevitable and why at the end of the day your stuck in no win, here. The core fans all plan to buy in and don't want everything spoiled while the sleepers need to have the fire lit under them. I'll take your word on it as that info is above my paygrade. Though to answer your question, whether it lasts a weekend or a decade, this is the definitive F13 game experience. Don't think otherwise. The difference between streamers and news outlets comes from the editing and whatever agreements you have in place. I have no issue with people playing the game before me, the problem I'm seeing is the game being ruined. If a critic told you "Jason kills thirteen kids then takes an axe to the face" It wouldn't matter if he gave the movie a gold star. He demystified it. I hope you guys are either able to make it so certain things cannot happen (Jason being killed is the most obvious) via code or have contracts written that those things cannot be shown, and if they happen during a live stream will be edited out or the stream taken down. People getting hyped over general gameplay is fine. Everybody knowing whodunit prior to the game dropping, less so. Good stuff. Its been an interesting last couple of years, eh? I think part of the issue you'll find here, and in threads like this one, is that lately information hasn't been effectively disseminated, and as fans of the series, and this game, we all have a personal stake in it. Maybe not as big as you guys pouring blood, but we're all on the same boat. Hopefully you don't take stuff too personally. Thanks for your commentary. It helped to quiet the doubt.
  13. You know what, I thought Metacritic had early access to the game and gave a score. I didn't realize this was us playing the role. I'm a derp.
  14. People following those guys should have already seen beta footage. It's still the chassis on what the finished product is going to be, no? I'm not pleased right now, but there are a few if's to if I'm going to be angry about it. If the game is coded like the beta where Jason can't be killed, I'm cool. If the game isn't demystified by the time it drops, I'm cool. If the game is given in a reasonably short window before launch, I'm cool. If we have clowns playing so far ahead of time that interest dies down again prior to launch, or I see a thumbnail "I killed Jason!!" derping on Youtube, I'm going to pretty much take this as akin to being spat upon by Gun. My feeling is Gun's best bet is to give out a version where Jason can't be killed about a week ahead of time to stoke interest. If Gun alienates it's core fans to cater to the masses, what is the point? Maybe they should ask Marvel how that's been working out for them.
  15. Ok, that's right. She knew. My guess is that with Jason being taken to the morgue, she didn't feel there was anymore danger. Either that or 80's parents just didn't give a shit. I think the kids who bused in were unaware and thus all dead fucks. I'm with you on growing up with the greats. I remember some obscure details and miss others. As far as Freddy post part 5, and JgtH, Agreed.
  16. It's pretty good stuff. At least thought provoking if not a bit unbalanced .I know how to play, but not the site mechanics. I also hate GMing. Though for a F13 oneshot, I'd likely get talked into it. I ran an apocalypse setting once. I had it set up for the heroes to meet up with expy's of Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, the Shape and Pinhead. (these were basically a clan of mutants with nods to the slasher baddies.. They didn't have nightmare magic or hellboxes.) I think the group broke up before they ran into those guys. I was a sad panda. I've had some fun with it. I had an archer who had a cat. Not a familiar, which is useful.. Just a cat for the story. Another archer survived a Cthulhu cult (and helped beat the big bad) not by killing everybody, but just by saving the virgin sacrifice and escaping. (the tentacles coming out of the water in the hole in the ground brought the whole temple down due to the botched sacrifice.. I also played a Viking (my first hero) who thought he was Thor and may well have been a reincarnation had we gotten to a high enough level before ending the campaign. The last character I'll note (because I could ride a wave of nostalgia all day) was my human gunslinger who hung out with a bunch of people with psionic and magic powers. Whenever people gave him grief he'd talk about how he had limits "Because I can't do X with fucking mind bullets!" He was still good at his job and that was being a fucking combat monster.
  17. No problem, bud. It's all about what appeals, I think. I personally don't like Munchkin or Magic. Both are just too meta for me. I like to bring a character to life, get into their headspace and timing and do big damn hero things. As far as gaming in public (or even private.) If the groups don't work, don't give up on the game (assuming you enjoy it. If the game sucks, run!) . Your style of play may not mesh. I've played in four groups in the last fifteen years and all had their good and their bad. One even came to fisticuffs. And tht wasn't even the worst group.
  18. Agreed. That's Army training there. Doubletime....go! Maybe Mrs. Jarvis was kidding? Also, based on the way everybody was acting, I don't think they were aware about the killings. (It's been awhile since I watched it last. Forgive me for any errors.) But assuming they were, Jason had gotten "killed" himself so the threat was past. Also Maybe Mrs. Jarvis wanted to be a snoop and go look at the area. We don't know enough about her to be sure.
  19. It's a small hobby. It's hard to find groups. I'm currently in between them myself. With that, Pathfinder Society is something you may want to look into. (Pathfinder is basically 3rd/3.5 edition D&D. The best in my opinion) Society play is organized public play. I'm considering getting into it myself, though I'd prefer home games. And there is a guy who made some modular f13 related stuff. Link provided. If you downloaded the D20 modern rules, and got familiar with them, you could run a F13 home game. With that the best and easiest way to learn the game is to play with other knowledgable players.
  20. No, no, I know what you were saying. Maybe my response was written to not seem like it. I was just noting that fandom bouncing these ideas is half the fun. And this edition drops JgtH (bad movie), and Jason X (good movie, bad F13 installment. Moreso when it's Jason's final fate) so everything is to my liking.
  21. I'd say fans will put it in the high 90's. The rest would likely be in the 80's. The biggest issue for these guys is getting bored. They may play for a weekend or a month and finally go "Well, that was fun. Moving on."
  22. They are wrong. It's a blast for longtime fans of the series. It's fun for anybody looking to play a horror game with other people. This is how adults play tag with a F13 theme.
  23. I've read it. You're correct on Jason being tied to the water. It would have made a good film. Nope. Bouncing off ideas of how to make the F13 films work despite their logic problems is half the fun. With a little bit of logic, I can ignore the idea of Jason meeting his end in space, and that is a win in my book, buddy.
  24. If for no other reason then this, I hope Gun mutes Jason. Sure, it can be worked around, but Gun can do it's part to lessen the damage.