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  1. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    I dig your take on it. Makes sense. I can't turn my brain off, sadly. I don't know how many old films I can't watch anymore because of logic damning them for me. Luckily the F13 series isn't one I have had ruined except for JgtH and FvJ. I can't watch either of those pieces of smacked ass. If Manhattan had ended decisively, I'd probably not include Jason X in my "official" head canon either. As it is, I really like 6 to end it as it sends Jason back to the lake, and it didn't take a conjured ghost dad to do it.
  2. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Eh, Bad sports should be punished. Simple as that. I'm unsure on how this is an issue at certain points. After you're dead you can't screw the game up by leaving. I'd rather not get lumped in with trolls because I'd rather not spectate for 17 minutes in a dead lobby where nobody is talking. Does leaving after death count against you? I'm with the others who would like to know.
  3. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    My biggest complaint was Rennie's backstory with Jason and the ending. It wasn't until much later that I realized kid Jason was us seeing Jason through her eyes. It's pretty obvious she is a psychic, though an empath in this case. It's the only logical reason why Jason would be afraid of the toxic waste/water at the end, and the only way she could have seen Jason in the lake as a kid. He was a grown man by that point in time. Movies shouldn't make you do backflips to understand just what is going on. @bewareofbears Anything you want to say about Manhattan?
  4. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    I dunno that we have any down here anymore. It's a shame, really. The drive-in is how I saw most of the classics growing up. Robocop, Terminator 2, Creepshow 2, Friday 8, Batman 89', etc. To ease your pain, of the three Jason movies I've seen in theaters (Manhattan, JgtH, FvJ) two of the three sucked. I don't look back the kindest on Manhattan but at least it was cool to kid me. It is one of the best kills in the game. However after all the shit Chris did to Jason before taking him down, a quick fakeout and one shot to the head made Final Chapter's Jason feel a bit like a glass cannon. It also retread quite a bit on how he went down in part 3. The suspense is usually meh, so yeah, I assumed we all watched for the kills. Color me surprised at any rate. This is indeed the best looking dead Jason, with part 9 being my runner up. I'm also partial to part 3-4's look. I do have a soft spot for this one regardless of it's softer tone. I'm a sucker for superheroes and this is pretty much a comic book movie. Math? Get off my lawn, NERD!
  5. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    The director had directed a hardcore porn film prior to this. I'd also argue the final sequence beating out part 3. I agree with you on the whodunnit. Part 1 and 5 were both shoddily done in that aspect. We're on the same page. I really like the older films better, but part 6 just has so much going for it. I'm thinking once you review New Blood without the nostalgia glasses that Lives will still be number 1. New Blood got gutted so badly by the censors that it's only merit is the final telekinetic chase sequence. Well, that and Kane Hodder lacing up the boots. In my opinion, it's all downhill from here, until the reboot.
  6. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    I need to find out if she knows what a drive in is! Maybe before she puts a riot stick in my neck. FvJ. Ugh. That along with JgtH are the ones best left forgotten. I know it's not a popular opinion, but aside from the novelty of Freddy and Jason meeting up, it's a shit film. You know, if "New Beginning" wasn't about the "impostor" Jason, I bet most fans would rank it a lot higher. It's actually a reasonably solid entry into the franchise in my humble opinion. I'd even argue with you that it's better than part 1.
  7. Not a fan. Jason doesn't need nerfs or more button mashing.
  8. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    You make me feel old, Guy. I saw Jason takes Manhattan at the drive in, and JGTH at the theater.
  9. tea baging

    Not really. but if you're teabagging, maybe he's tunneling? You'd have it coming. Either way, enjoy the dead lobby.
  10. And this is why I hope Gun makes it so only two counselors can escape via police, while the others have to use vehicles. If you were in danger of being fucked out of a spot, you'd leave and not act like a clown*. (* And to get in front of the trollers who would screw others out of a police slot. Of course Gun would be smart to utilize a feature that gives escape precedence to people who are not loitering. Maybe X meters from the exit is an "area" that raises a metric. People loitering wouldn't be able to escape "as fast" based on time spent in that area and wouldn't be able to screw people legitimately trying to escape.)
  11. tea baging

    Coming from a guy who cries in all the threads that Jason is too OP, I find this amusing.
  12. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Good stuff, man I remember seeing the ticket slip for that Rambo game back in the day at Toy's R Us. You remember when you had to take the slip up front to the enclosure where they kept all the games? As a reversal of that, my mom would play stuff back in the Nintendo/Sega era. She was both better at and more into gaming than I was. I was more interested in action figures and playing pretend/larping as a child. With that, I'd probably say my fondest gaming was back in the N64 era. Shadows of the Empire, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, etc.
  13. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    I think I feel a lot of how you do, @Veevleigh The original has a special place for originating the series, but it's not a great film (cheap whodunit) and it is boring a lot of the time. Part 2 really moves. It doesn't get boring to me, though Jason is such a klutz that the third act comes off as a comedy. I never realized how cool the shack was as a kid and I'm sad that we didn't get more of it in later installments. Part 3 is a meh movie, but it has the best final act in the series. I recall peeking out from behind the recliner as a kid watching Jason menace Chris. It's probably the most memorable of the series for me, and who doesn't love those godless bikers. 4 is probably the scariest Jason, but the the film is a stutter step behind 2. I thought the final chase was good, but the actual way Jason went down was meh. All in all I'm looking forward to how you find part 6 and the reboot to be.
  14. As I said before, you're going to have people gaming the system and using party chat anyhow. Another reason to not do it is because Gun spent a lot of time and resources into providing proximity chat. They specifically wanted people to not always have communication and to be concerned over that. Fear of the unknown and that shtick . Gun can't disable party chat as the system takes priority to their game, but I wonder if they could set it up where party chat disables XP and CP gain. That might be incentive to keep people honest. I agree that learning the game is trial and error and hard on a new guy. While I could say that people can research, they probably shouldn't have to. A better "How to play" would work wonders and they wouldn't have to fuck up gameplay itself.
  15. While I bet many don't love it, it does make things more tense. A counselor with a pocket knife and first aid is in a lot less danger than one without those things. Some games you'll find stuff, others you won't. The system works as intended. I think the fuse and keys not being drawer items is an interesting concept. As noted, not everybody likes looting, so this would make it optional. However counselors shouldn't start with a map and walkie. Particularly before the item decals on the maps, not having a walkie could mean the difference between knowing where a part was or not. That knowledge could make or break your game. Drama comes from the unknown. Starting with maps and walkies sucks the drama out of the experience. What next, begin with the icons for parts appearing on the map? If people want to cheat the system and play in party chat, they are going to make an excuse to do that anyway. Also look at it via private matches vs QP. In private you're not going to have some people in party and others in game chat. It's less an immersion factor in QP where many don't talk anyhow, but it would greatly alter games where the counselors do communicate.
  16. I'm waiting for Wes to show up at my place, and sit on the couch with a shotgun in his lap, just waiting for me to leave a game. You hear that, world!? The Developers are coming to your house and if you drop a game, your walls are getting a new paintjob!
  17. If you're getting bored looking for health spray, don't look for it. Problem solved. It'll also make the game more tense because you can't afford to get slashed or run your ass over every broken window you come across. Now you're even less bored.
  18. 17 shots later, this Irish guy is ready to go start his St Patrick's day drinking.
  19. Minus the one sleeve and the rope noose, I think it looks really cool.
  20. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    Fuck yeah! Although if you sell for more than 7.95, I'm just gonna wait for Gun to accidentally release them for free.
  21. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    I was thinking the mask would be made of ivory just to show Jason doesn't give a fuck.
  22. Jason Selection Update

    Does replenishment happen on a ticket by ticket basis, or do they all replenish at once? I'm assuming it's the former, otherwise every 2nd-3rd game would have everybody boosted back to full. Just looking for clarification.
  23. Either way, something to look forward to.
  24. Wow, @Alkavian, this thread has gone under my radar for too long. Lots, and lots of ideas and from what I skimmed (I'll try to remember to read more in depth, later), a lot of them are actually good ideas.