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  1. 7. I really enjoy the game and the people I play it with. But too many dropped games lowers the score by a big number. The last was when I set up the boat and let others escape because I was Vanessa, had 3 pocket knives and a long table to run around. Of course the game dropped before I could make Jason rue the day he tried to catch me.
  2. I was actually thinking Final Chapter Jason myself. Either way would work, though.
  3. From this thread. Ben notes...
  4. There are no rules against underage play. If you don't want to deal with kids you need to play/host in private lobbies and enforce the rules of your (or your group's) choosing.
  5. I should note at times a cabin more or less will appear. I'd need to pay attention to see if they are of the exact same layout or not. At any rate it surely isn't as random as I'd like. Phone locations ar generally in one of only a few places. Same with the vehicles. With that my gripe is spawning in the same area as the phone. It's often a death sentence if you don't have a Jason who will ditch you to deal with objectives. Also combat stance being an invincibility button. Let's not forget being dashboarded. Full on agreed. It often seems like the new guy to join the lobby is pushed to the front of the line. And I can say I got to be Jason multiple times prior to some people being it once. Once you're Jason you shouldn't be him again until everybody has a turn.
  6. Indeed. A buddy of mine asked me if I was sucking off the dev's. Sadly I timed out of two of those matches during the intro cinematic.
  7. Thick skin is a great perk to counteract wack-ass Jason's who only hack instead of grabbing. It's a lot more likely we'll run into Jason's like that then coordinated lobbies of counselors all using Thick Skinned. It's a needed perk. Maybe a fix could be the same counselor getting grabbed X times in Y amount of time can't be saved via a stun by a pal? Now we just need a way to deal with the overuse of the quick choke grab kill and combat stance being an invincibility button. As for my weekend, it's gone well. I have probably bumped up about 10 levels. I got picked as Jason something like 10-12 times. Getting dashboarded still happens, but It's gotten a bit better.
  8. It surely won't be dead on true to the books (which I have not read much into. I got maybe three deep in the Dark Tower stuff and a few comics.) but it will hopefully be good.
  9. You could wound them back and run off. As I'll say again to the next guy, be wary in quick matches. Eh. Depends. A slow counselor who doesn't have the right gear is most likely going to die while Vanessa trots off. Granted it sucks when other counselors are attacking for no reason. My best advice is not to trust people in quick matches. I'd honestly suggest cultivating a group of pals for both of you guys. Private matches are the best bet if you don't want some level or another of shenanigans.
  10. For all the "No friendly fire" crowds. What about the Vanessa who runs behind a Jenny or Deb and gets them killed by using them as a lure for Jason?
  11. Something marginally better than toxic waste surfing in the sewer.
  12. Jason only lost to plot tbh. If Ghostdad wasn't hanging out in the lake, Tina would have lost.
  13. Yeah, Crowley's strength feats are a step above. I'm with you in that it's going to take a magical baddie most of the time.
  14. Um, no. When Jason is stunned by something like fireworks, being hit with a wrench, the sweater; he can't be hit again until after the initial stun wears off. As a guy who has played daily since the game has been released I can count on my hands the amount of times he's lost his mask in play. It's an exception and not the rule.