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  1. Indeed. It was quite enjoyable, except for the two drops I experienced in the game where everybody killed the level 1 guy. At any rate, I look forward to playing with you clowns more often in the future.
  2. Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. As far as being wary about dupe threads, they get locked so you waste your time anyhow. Sure you save thirty seconds when you don't bother to research, but you ultimately waste your time because your thread will get locked and fall into the ether where it will never be seen or replied to. However as this conversation you started isn't about the topic, and you're just pissing on Player's thread, maybe you should start a thread about this. Just make sure it hasn't been done before, first.
  3. You have time to talk nonsense, you have time to take 30 seconds to look for a thread. Also you may want to check out your caps lock. It seems to be as broken as your comment.
  4. Awesome stuff, bro! Robocop was the best! It's still a great film to this day, being better than it's shit sequels and better than the reboot by a long shot. I'd probably put it on any top 10 favorite film list I made. I saw both Robocop and Jason takes Manhattan at the drive in. Bad parenting decisions at their best! JgtH was the first I saw in a theater with friends. (Fuck you New Line!) And a lot of our experiences are similar. I recall going to rent films and being freaked out by some cover art and checking Fangoria's at the magazine rack as well. NoES got us the worse. When we were kids, there was an ad on HBO for part 2. Freddy jumped through a sliding door and vanished. We thought he turned real and came into the real world. He was hiding in the room and was gonna kill us. Ah, childhood. As far as turning out ok, I seriously wonder on that. We kids of the 80's saw some heinous shit, but it wasn't daily on the news that we were killing animals, other kids or being outright nutjobs. I have to admit I'm baffled at what changed. I do think it comes down to that while our parents may have been oblivious, they were not absent as far as our care. Nowadays many parents are too caught up in their own stuff to raise their kids. With that, sounds like you're doing alright, so good stuff to you and the wife. Speaking on your kids and wife. I'd say, compromise. Work them up to the really good stuff. Start em' on the Universal monsters and the original Halloween. and NotLD Once they can handle the subject matter, that is when you ease in with the gore.
  5. Woot! I had to do this as well. I'm probably an Adam as far as who I'm rooting for, but I play Chad and Vanessa for the most part when our group isn't doing random counselors.
  6. I'm seeing it as more "I only get two sauces? Can I have more?"
  7. You ever run into a thread and know that weighing in on it will see you banned? Yeah, I just did that.
  8. When you buy a game you don't get to dictate every detail. As far as your example, if the ketchup isn't part of the meal and you expect it free, yes, you are begging. The example is close to that of extra sauce for chicken nuggets. Many places make you pay for the extra. So if Akira wanted to dictate a character, they should have gotten onboard the Kickstarter at that tier. It worked for Kenny, Buggzy, LaChoppa and Adam. I'm a screw off sort of guy when it comes to utter nonsense. No worries. We're all jerks on the internet. It's expected.
  9. One of the definitions for begging is "ask for something, typically food or money, as a charity or a gift." While not food or money, he is asking the dev's to overhaul the game. As far as Tiff, she is fine. She is fast and she is quiet. While you don't use her to fix stuff*, she is in the same boat as Vanessa and Chad. Good at running parts around the map or screwing with Jason. *Though I did once fix the phone fuse perfectly and in total silence, and was able to call the police. Go me.
  10. That's their problem. Asking the dev's to radically change stuff is begging. He wants a charity. There isn't a "problem" to begin with. If you don't like the way a character plays, play another.
  11. I'm in the middle myself. I'm probably going to let my kid(s) watch shit they shouldn't, but I'll temper that. Robocop at 7? No. Maybe 14. F13 at 8? Probably not. Also a lot of it would depend on the kid. If I think they can handle mature themes, they can try stuff out.
  12. Quit begging. Be happy with what you have instead of being bitter over what you don't. Use somebody other than Tiff if you don't care for her. Problems solved.
  13. maps

    I can dig it. I agree actually. Public matches are not the place for those shenanigans. My private matches are unaffected and I'm cool with it. The two-ish people we had pulling shit, we banned. So everything is kosher here. I'll give it a go before I damn it, but I'll be honest, I'm not excited. What I want to hear is that glitches are being fixed (particularly the fuse glitching out of the game) and that Savini is being reigned in.
  14. maps

    Wait, what? Are you serious? Cooldowns not being faster is about the only thing I can think of to even the playing field short of removing powers entirely. Probably should remove traps too.
  15. maps

    My initial gut take is that this is gonna be bad. Smaller maps like Packanack are easy mode for Jason. Crystal Lake with it's size is what makes it hard on Jason. More ground to cover lets counselors get away with more. Unless there are less or no objectives or something else to mitigate the power disparity, Jason's gonna clean house without effort.