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  1. You should probably stop bumping and double posting unless you want this thread locked too homie. As far as your suggestion, I don't like it. It's already easy enough to escape within the first 3 minutes if you find the parts for the car. Don't need to give people more opportunities, that makes Jason's job more difficult as now he has to defend an additional objective. A good group of Counselors can already make his life a nightmare.
  2. I was pretty sure there is a group bonus for if you escape in the car with multiple people, but there should be some extra incentive for the people who go out of their way to be the driver or repair the phone, as these are ways to be targeted by Jason if you undertake the task.
  3. I just find it funny how he hands out warnings for flaming and yet he does it himself.
  4. So when @GunMedia_Ben flames us who gives him a warning?
  5. My friend has a clip of Jason grabbing him through the window of the Boat House on Crystal Lake. The grab range needs to be fixed for sure.
  6. Welp Abduction was considered a bannable exploit by @Kodiak so now we are advocating the use of exploits as advanced tech in this thread.
  7. Glitching and hacking are one and the same to me. Hacking is worse because now you're taking your free time to go outside of the game to make things even worse for people through means of file manipulation. This game is very extreme with permabanning glitchers. I think they should be temporary bans instead, but I'm not the one who makes that call.
  8. Strawman argument. I never said that stuff and anyone who says that I agree should banned. I was giving an explanation how glitching is fun for some people and I tied it to their real life being sad. Anytime you need to annoy people online to get fun, you must not get much enjoyment from your actual life (not you specifically). Most of the people that do these things seem to be edgy people or kids that wanna get kicks from "collecting salt." People like to project their own sadness onto others so it makes sense for people to want to take out their frustrations on people in on online game, mostly cause there aren't many repercussions for it.
  9. If you have your fun ruined by teabagging, you shouldn't be playing any online game. Playing the game properly within the confines of the mechanics is no problem. If you can't understand the TOS on exploits then you are unable to be helped.
  10. As I said, take a note from the DbD devs. They have plenty to say in their weekly devstreams they hold every Thursday.
  11. Brawl was a dead game for other reasons besides the lack of Wavedashing. Melee is the perfect example of a game where glitches are the forefront of gameplay, but it is an accepted thing for the community of those players. We saw how the devs felt about it in Brawl, so it was removed. Again, you are making comparison to a fighting game, where glitches often make things more interesting, and Wavedashing itself, while it may be a glitch, the finger speed needed to do it constitutes its use. Your accepted glitches in this game don't take NEARLY as much mechanical skill to pull off, so please, stop liking these things to fighting games, this is NOT a fighting game whatsoever. Personally, I found Wavedashing to be in a bit of an odd area. It completely kills the game for what is normally supposed to be a fun game to play. You take a regular player and put them up with the wavedasher, you can't be surprised when the regular player completely loses interest in the game when he sees that these glitches are the forefront of gameplay. And besides, look at Smash 4. It has no Wavedashing and its tournament scene is quite healthy. Despite removing this "deep" mechanic, the game is still going strong. There are mechanics in place that are similar, but since it COMPLETELY broke what the devs had intended, it was removed in subsequent games. If GameCube games had online updating I'm sure it would have been killed pretty early. This game is not a fighting game, so for me, glitches completely ruin the immersion and feel of the game, and don't fit within the vision that the developers have, and therefore, I don't wish to partake in them. I look at things from a developmental PoV, not necessarily a high level one.
  12. And that doesn't mean it is right either. You don't need to express overconfidence for us to ascertain that you believe your way of thinking to be the correct way. The subtle quips you make like "toxic view of humanity" do that for me. I could care less your history on this stuff. I don't agree with the use of glitches in this game nor do I think the people who use them to be good players. My reasoning? Because it isn't fun for me when people do these things, as I've said before. You wanna talk about things that'll kill a game? This is one of them. Once glitches are the forefront of a game and standard play is no longer possible, I have no reason to play it anymore. I don't need to work and talk to people about video games for my career in order to validate what I believe. I've been a gamer since I was 3 and an online gamer since I was 10 and have made my way to the top end of plenty of games. I plan to be a a developer at some point, and if something goes outside he confines of what I deem to be acceptable, it'll be nicked asap.
  13. There are plenty of people that are bad at their jobs, so you can stop toting around that you are a "Video Game Consultant" as if you are the end all be all to things of this nature. You have yet to share your credentials so for all I know you're blowing smoke. Even then it doesn't make you correct. I've already explained my stance thoroughly to you. I'm not doing it again.
  14. You got it. And you should share how to use this so called dupe glitch or at least post it in bug reports to make it aware to the devs. Your view that your protecting the community is skewed, and judging by your advocation of glitches and exploits, makes it seem you want to keep this knowledge to yourself in order to utilize it.
  15. I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about your copy paste argument a few posts ago on what constitutes an advanced player. I disagree with your assertions.