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  1. Falls apart when you're getting gangbanged and they block your attacks.
  2. I can say, even though the game is still in a questionable state, I greatly appreciate the higher amount of communication you have been showing to us. That has really been my biggest issue of all, is the community outreach. This shows me you guys still care and have set, hopefully, reasonable goals for yourselves and are committed to making this game what it should be, even if things are delayed. Take the time on the big stuff that matters, but still make small adjustments when needed. I have hope you guys will pull through.
  3. I'm being a little facitious when I bring uo MMS. They're studio waa flooded and they were set back to square one and had to restart, but with less time thanks to contract. We'll never truly know how the original was. I was under the impression it was because the game released and the game initial shown were completely different. I could be wrong.
  4. Counselors can do the same. They can retaliate and hit Jason back after a blocked attack.
  5. So Leatherface was just added to DbD and he is pretty awesome. He can down multiple people in a single swing with his chainsaw, and can swing like a maniac multiple times. It prevent people from swarm saving those on the hook, as well as keeping people from annoying you in groups. I know people have suggested before Jason should get some kind of boost if he is surrounded, going as far as saying he could even have the Triple Decapitate from Part 6. I think we should talk about this once more, do you guys believe he should have a mechanic similar to Leatherface?
  6. Already covered the fact they had a huge lawsuit with CM. Not saying Gun should be sued, but this is a trend that has been set in the industry. Look at No Man's Sky.
  7. All you did was get mad that I said I think "inside sources" are hilarious. You asked for evidence and I gave it, regardless if someone else did too. This is a public forum, everything is all of our business. I made a quip about inside sources and you proceed to call me a child and question my skill the the game. Chill out homie lmao it ain't that cereal
  8. I'm pretty excited for this because Part 4 is my 2nd favorite right behind Part 6. Plus we needed another running Jason. Them long black nails... I do have two legitimate concerns though. 1. Is it paid for free? 2. I really hope they get the bugs worked out, cause that's still what's mostly keeping me from playing a lot of the time. And I hope they don't introduce many more with this. Also yay weather! I hope lightning causes a spike of fear maybe it can mask the proximity music for a moment?
  9. You had to actually sign on during the Apology Event as I like to call it. If you didnt then you missed out.
  10. You have no idea if I'm good at the game or not. You asked for proof and we gave it. It took a 3 word Google search. Don't.
  11. Composure only affects your fear, higher fear means Jason can sense you from farther away. The only way to avoid Sense without a perk is to hide in a hiding spot, and that only works preRage mode.
  12. Doesn't the ToS state you cant be under 13 and play this game?
  13. I always prefer to play public matches. I don't want to play against the same players over and over in private matches unless it's a fighting game. I like to see how people play and if anyone can challenge me.