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  1. No, it is not a beta build. We have a patch submitted to Microsoft but testing on it was delayed with the holiday weekend (3-day weekend). We'll keep you updated, but that cert build that is posted is not the Beta, it's only a couple weeks behind the patch that was submitted. When MS is nearing completion of their QA process, we'll let everyone know it's coming in advance of it getting pushed live.
  2. We have the Achievement Designer tier achievements in the game for launch, and I am happy to report that we had fun working with the backers at that level to come up with some cool achievements that ended up getting some fun names as well. Go forth and unlock them all!
  3. We're sorry for the delay and any negative impact that this lack of communication may have had on anyone. We understand the frustration, appreciate the patience, and all the very understanding people we've been interacting with on this as we march towards bringing Jason back to the masses. The teams at Gun and Illfonic have been heads down working to finish this game as quickly as possible for over a year to be able to begin playing it soon with all of you. That said, this reward is due to begin shortly after launch. The group of 20 individuals will be our community/player-base liaisons in design meetings that we'll be discussing how to respond to feedback, exploits, balance issues, etc... The dev team will need you to be playing the game, listening to the players feedback as you slash and slay, and bringing their concerns to the meeting as representatives of the entire player community. The good news is you will be involved in the design process and get to go behind the scenes during one of the most fun periods of times on the project. We all hope the backers who got this reward take the responsibility and opportunity seriously, as we'd love to have you as part of the team while growing and evolving the game to be bigger and even better. Emails will be going out soon to go over everything. We are very excited, as there will be a lot to talk about over the course of the life of the game.
  4. Yeah, never you worry... I love to stream with everyone and even post-launch I'll continue streaming. I definitely want to mix it up and will do No Man Sky soon once I get the PS4 stream setup and working. Updating the El Gato now as we speak. If I can get it working I'll do a stream this weekend on the F13 account to make up for not being able to stream on Friday. Bonus Stream!!! I also kind of want to go back and do a bit more Sneak King on the 360. Splatterhouse 3 would be fun too.
  5. We're investigating Mac for the Cabin as well, but the way we plan to update the Cabin frequently on the Dev Diary aspects of it just doesn't jive with Console test cycles and releases. Xbox One and PS4 are still too locked down to allow us to do what we want to do with it. It's just one more aspect of our campaign to be as transparent with development as possible. Letting people experience the content as it's built, and view it up close in 3D, seemed like a really cool way to open the Kimono even more.
  6. Some solid suggestions there!
  7. Those that don't get the Cabin are all DOOMED! [to not have the access to all of the digital updates to content and wonder about what they are missing out on]
  8. Hi everyone!! I'm up still sending out each wave of 1000 surveys. I just sent out the 9th batch, so in about 3 hours, the rest should all be delivered. It's looking like it'll be about 6am EST before everyone receives them. Thank you all for your patience and Happy Holidays!
  9. Thanks everyone!!! We work even harder than usual in part because of all of you, the coolest "Bosses" in the world! The other part is because we are all about hard work to begin with. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Happy Holidays!!!
  10. Unfortunately we are dealing with a 3rd party and have to work on their schedule. They are backed up for the holidays but are trying to help us resolve any issues and get the surveys out as soon as possible. I have a phone call with BackerKit to go over remaining issues and will be pushing to have things wrap up before they go on Holiday break. They are already winding down for the holiday break (hence the delays), but we're very close to putting a bow on it all. I'm going through and putting some polish on things and getting new icons put up for all the selections to make it easier to parse. *Fingers-crossed* it can be wrapped up before Christmas Eve. If not, then when BackerKit returns before the New Year.
  11. All that said, we'll still be posting regular updates about what's going on internally, what the team is focusing on at the moment, and will stream special events like visits to illfonic/mocap recording sessions/etc... when we can.
  12. I had to stop in here when I saw the thread name and it's by Crazy Ralph. How could I not??? I love 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7! 8 would be amazing! 3 would be unlike any other Friday the 13th movie ever.
  13. I just hope James and his team do indeed move past the things and just focus on their game. Yeah, it was a bump in the road, but it's all part of a journey. I think both games can co-exist and I'm sure they'll turn out differently on their own. Also, from time to time there are games that are similar in concept that come out at the same time, most recently it was Prototype and Infamous for instance. Then, there was a point while working at Insomniac Games, where Sunset Overdrive was in production and Epic announced Fortnite. That was crazy, but you just stay the course and make what you believe is the best game you can make, and things work out. The games started looking like they'd be the same in gameplay and art style, but now Fortnite has been delayed and become something else entirely, while Sunset Overdrive is out and done. There are so many small decisions made every day that change the game, and bigger decisions every week and month that the team must live with. Every team is different, and with every decision made you end up veering to different places pretty naturally. I'm definitely not worried about it, and I'm sure I'll play Last Year too.
  14. Yeah, I feel bad for James in general, but he is naive to the think that he had a unique idea. Here is the real skinny... And all of us at Gun wish James and his team the best. http://www.thejimquisition.com/2015/10/friday-the-13th-the-game-interview-jason-lives-again/ This question may be a little difficult to answer, but it’s been brought up to me enough times that I feel a definitive answer might be beneficial. As I’m sure you’re aware, another game with a similar concept has been crowdfunded – a game called Last Year. This game allegedly got into some legal hot water with Crystal Lake Entertainment over similarities between it and the movie franchise. Some people have been rather suspicious of this game now cropping up after Last Year‘s difficulties. Is there any chance of a resolution with the Last Year team, and how exactly do you feel about some of the badwill garnered following the dispute? Randy: So, this one oddly enough isn’t that difficult to answer, just long. We honestly wish the Last Year team the best, but unfortunately we’ve seen some mud-slinging going on recently from James Wearing that just seems pretty unprofessional. Instead of taking the time to investigate things, or reach out to us to talk, he has taken to Twitter and other forums to issue veiled attacks. Negativity and toxicity like that just isn’t good in a creative industry, everyone needs to encourage each other. For James to lash out on the internet at us, it only serves to shows he has some growing to do and lacks understanding of how game development (and the creative process in general) works. Let’s be clear, this is by no means a new idea. I’ve discussed Slasher games with friends outside of work as early as the late 90’s, and the rest of Gun has been wanting to do a game like this for years as well. Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s the timely and quality execution of them that truly matters. It also takes a team to get behind an idea to start building it, and the world has to be ready to receive it. There honestly was no way to make a game like this back in ‘98, or even up through the aughts. No publisher would seriously touch anything like this, it was too controversial, too risky. You couldn’t even find independent investors that would put money into it, the time just wasn’t right. Look back to EA acquiring Westwood Studios & Westwood Pacific from Virgin Interactive for instance, and you’ll see that the game Thrill Kill was pushing boundaries and ready to release. What happened to it? EA bought out Virgin Games and then shelved the game for all eternity. It only lives on because of the PS1 pirating scene and (likely purposefully) leaked builds. In the 2000s Rockstar put out Manhunt, but the pushback against those games was astronomical, a small company could not have weathered that storm. Only now is the game able to be built by a small team and the general public ready to let it come out without extreme opposition. There are some people that see Friday the 13th vs. this little guy with a big idea. A few people rally behind him and come at us too, but it’s misguided. The issue wasn’t a small copyright faux pas either, it was downright egregious. Last Year not only had a very similar killer that wore a jumpsuit, wielded a machete, stalked Lakeside Campgrounds, and sported a hockey mask; but James also used a Friday the 13th Movie Poster in his original Kickstarter video (a fact he often omits). At the time that Sean Cunningham and Crystal Lake Entertainment had contacted James about the copyright violation, we had no clue that we’d end up being the official Friday the 13th game. The project had been gestating for years and was in motion long before we announced Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp at Halloween last year. We even announced Summer Camp ahead of the Last Year Kickstarter going live. No one on the team even saw their Kickstarter until it was well over a week in on it. The whole thing is unfortunate really. I hope they can move on from the hurt they’re holding on to, build a fun game, succeed and do it again.