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  1. I really need to build some walls around that toilet...
  2. No firsthand experience but I've only seen and heard good things. I bought my masks from 'Crystal Lake Industries' and they're great so I recommend them also. Searchable on Facebook.
  3. It works really well in Dead by Daylight. I was leary at first but I like it. It also has the added benefit of the killer not being able to be in the same party (unless it's a private match) and that would eliminate people helping Jason.
  4. I enjoyed the free weekend so I bought it. I really like the length of matches and the leveling system. The perks feel useful also. Performing kills would be fun but it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Some of the kills in Friday the 13th are tied down by long animations and it became people spamming the choke and head-punch. I know I'll get tired of generators at some point but not having to open any fucking drawers has been pretty nice.
  5. I think I was holding out hope for single player (vs. bots). The game has been more frustrating than fun and I just wanted to play. To be gifted with yet another delay, for the one thing I was really interested in, was a monumental letdown. And it's quite the delay and always has the potential of being delayed again. I appreciate your hoping things improve on my end with this game. Right now, I think I'm just going to dive into Dead by Daylight or whatever games I've been neglecting and come back to Friday the 13th whenever something new releases.
  6. I honestly wish I'd just stumbled onto this game sometime after release. Watching Gun in progress has been nothing but a negative so far. True. Also, please pee in cups from now on- we'll be rich!
  7. No idea. The clothing pack is crap anyway. They all look like clones no matter what- changing hairstyles, faces, etc would be something to get excited about but that's not happening. Enjoy a speedo for Chad though... I've been playing Dead by Daylight and the leveling system, perks and customization are pretty cool. I was impressed by it aft 3 mand a half months of this game.
  8. I agree fully- I've had to listen to this stuff a bunch and it's pathetic and annoying.
  9. The hook is pretty stupid, it seems really out of place but outside of that I don't have any complaints yet. I enjoy the mechanics of the hook, just not the visual representation.
  10. Ineptitude and over-promising caused the delay. I appreciate your point of view but I'm not going to look at this through rose-tinted glasses with you. They just layed out a map- prepare to see them stumble and miss even their vague ideas on that map. It's beyond me why they even have a community manager. Usually you don't get a community manager to divide the community or grow it's toxicity. He almost single-handedly killed the game with how he handled the Turtle Rock/Dingus drama. Gertz has been great, he's honest and it's appreciated. I'd love to hear what he really thinks about all of this stuff. I also hate calendars now... all they do is spam the date. What's the point of that? How is it even relevant?
  11. I've played Dead by Daylight the last two nights thanks to the free weekend on PS4. It's a fun game- not sure what all the negativity about it is from. Also, no game-breaking glitches, bugs or toxic assholes on mics. Kind of a breath of fresh air. Leatherface will be released within about a month if I remember right? Either way, it's coming soon for PS4 and I don't mean that in the Gun Media version of soon.
  12. There's some shady stuff going down on the forum lately...
  13. Yea- seems reasonable to me to that single player won't be fully released until Spring 2018. Super reasonable.
  14. That is completely and utterly fucking stupid. Just a heads up- fall ends December 21st. Edit: And March 20th, 2018 is the end of Winter...
  15. There are children with lemonade stands who conduct themselves in a more professional manner than Gun Media. We're talking about a company who announced a delay right before they were due to release, like they did last time and the time before. I think Illphonic is trying to support to the game. I think Gun is planning their next autograph signing or pat-themselves-on-the-back Pax panel. I don't think anyone should leave the forum just because they've seen a company brutalize a franchise they're a fan of. People should hold Gun accountable for the multitude of lies and broken promises.
  16. I'm honestly amazed some of the folks at Gun, particularly the community manager, still have a job. To Gun: you suck at keeping promises- completely, utterly suck. It's one delay after a failure after a delay- rinse, repeat. You delayed for single player and now you're saying you have to delay single player? When do you actually deliver on anything ever? Gun Media is a shady group of wannabe video game publishers incapable of producing anything but lies and empty promises. I feel sorry for Illphonic having to work with such an unprofessional group of people.
  17. This game falsely advertising? Nah...
  18. I've recently discovered I hate clocks- they just spam the time. What's the point of that? It adds nothing.
  19. I read about it as Summer Camp and kept an eye on it until it became Friday the 13th.
  20. I couldn't remember so here's a video: The top is from the backer Clothing Pack DLC so you need that to have it as an option.
  21. They said I was spamming the board to inflate my post count... Single player will likely draw some people in but I can't imagine it will bring everyone back. Gun has been really inconsistent in general. They release trailers for things without dates- who does that? Anyway, I think single player is delayed. If it isn't I'll admit to being wrong but I'd bet on it.
  22. They've said similar before. I don't doubt that's what was said to to you at all.
  23. Exactly. The idea is to give the illusion of being able to provide a suggestion.