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  1. I remember someone mentioning this before. I think they got a reply that there would only be the one new design but I could be pulling that out my ass. I can't remember.
  2. Probably depends on the platform but I'm not sure. Friday releases for PS4 are uncommon so I could see a midnight release, outside of that though the store usually updates in the morning. I know nothing about XBox. I imagine Steam will be midnight. All guesses though.
  3. community

    After all the shit thrown the way of anyway even suggesting a delay- I think yes, bitch. Be heard. I know there's a lot of folks that want to sweep a broken promise under the rug because they finally got a release date but it is what is: a broken promise. (That United Airlines guy will be compensated, severly, for what happened.) Understand though that yea, I agree- let's move on but if someone in your life breaks a promise would you let it slide? Probably? What if they keep breaking promises? At some point you will let them know it's not acceptable. Anyway, my point- yes, bitch. Whine. Whatever. But make sure they remember they let you down. Then move on.
  4. I'm not a fan of EA myself, I've been fucked over a few times by them, but if you play Star Wars Battlefront you'll find the attention to detail is absolutely amazing. It's near perfect. Where the game sucked was the bullshit Season Pass that split the player base, no single player and so on. I would be fine with a bigger company having the license. Up until that last Batman Arkham game, they were all decent with lots of fan service and Rocksteady's pretty huge. The biggest issue with the bigger companies is DLC cash grabs. You have to wait for the bullshit "Game of the Year" or "Komplete Edition" to get any kind of deal and if it's multiplayer, by that time the majority of the player base has moved on.
  5. Thanks.
  6. What's PT?
  7. Why doesn't the clique just make one for their clique or why not just start a new one and leave the clique to their cliquey-ness? Regardless, it doesn't matter to me. I've only mentioned it as I only hear bad things about it. Hope you guys figure it out though- building a community takes all kinds of people.
  8. Any chance for any of this kind of stuff? All I really want is a solid Jason or hockey mask avatar.
  9. I haven't thought much about DLC other than what I'd like to see. Considering how things have gone, it's probably best we just pretend there won't be any and be happily surprised when/if there is. I'm not getting my hopes after all this 'Early 2017' bullshit. The only thing I like about it being small is it will be quick to download and install. I have no idea why it's so small though.
  10. I agree, I would like this but I'm out of likes.
  11. So, it appears folks can longer download the theme. The one thing I noticed is it cycles through some cool slow-moving shots of Part 3 Jason but if it sits long enough it goes gray. I'm not bothered by it, just thought it was weird because most dynamic themes loop. Regardless, it's what I wanted- it's atmospheric and doesn't have a big ugly logo taking up screen space.
  12. Yea, I'm on PS4. And I agree, I joined up because I wanted to be part of the conversation- lots of great ideas, interesting debates. Sometimes I think the majority of my arguments are with folks who are gamers first, Friday the 13th fans second or not at all. Out of all the places to discuss the game and franchise online, this place has the most who know their shit. I think I've ran out of likes every day for a few now- damn you, thatdudescott!
  13. Hey, I honestly thought I was probably one of the least liked around here. Seriously though, I appreciate that. I think my plan now is to stick around on the forum here and try to block out all of the noise from social media, Reddit, Steam, etc. It might surprise a few folks but once I can let go of all the release date bullshit I'd like to actually just talk about the game, rediscover my hype. Which platform are you on? I was really hoping for crossplay, at least across the consoles, but I think it's been axed.
  14. community

    They did. It's the customer's job to hold them accountable. Anyway, I'm not going do this back-and-forth game over something that's a fact.
  15. I don't think I'll do a countdown to release. I think the first page of the release date thread has a link to a digital clock countdown. I wouldn't mind getting out of the habit of checking all the game's platforms and maybe step away and come back to the game in a fresh state of mind. I'm more than a little tired of the peekaboo marketing and there's some faces on social media I could do without having to see for a while, or ever again. I have release date fatigue/no hype at the moment. Edit: That's kind karma. Thanks. I think I'm going to limit myself to this board from now on. I don't need to check anywhere else anymore.
  16. I think it's fair, it's still a delay so what do people expect? Rainbows and sunshine? That said, I don't agree with any of the fucked up stuff they get sent via social media.
  17. There's another thread with a video of it in this same section.
  18. Hey, I'll take it. This is like that Monopoly card that says there was a bank error in your favour.
  19. Something like that.
  20. community

    Deal with it. They broke another promise, they should be called on it. It's called accountability.
  21. It's been confirmed there will be no nudity. I would expect that will remain the same for single player.
  22. I agree with some of what you're saying but when you're a company- you're a team. You succeed as a team- you fail as a team. This is on them as team. Here's hoping whatever game they do next, whoever is waiting for it doesn't have to put up with all bullshit we have- hopefully the team will have learnt from this.
  23. Enough with the excuses, please... Just accept they didn't keep their promise and move on. The original poster has every right to say it was in poor taste to wait this long to announce a date. It was. It's April 21st. Edit: OP said poor taste, not underhanded.