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  1. I agree. Once one of Jason's traps has been set off by a branch or weapon it can be reset- just like real traps.
  2. killer/survivor modes

    Sounds like Dead by Daylight is the game for you.
  3. I'd say broken when it's coupled with the other issues facing combat but we don't need to argue semantics. It's an issue and will hopefully be addressed.
  4. Explains a lot. Combat is incredibly awkward in this game and this basically confirms it's broken.
  5. @Tommy86 That's fucked up. Is it the same for counselors? Thanks for posting this. I thought some of the stuff I encountered was random or I was doing something wrong. I wonder if this issue is known?
  6. Last Non-Horror Movie You Watched?

    The 6th Day... great idea, poor execution. Entertaining but mindless.
  7. Jarvis map with Final Chapter music.

    @Official_Adam_W I was under the impression there was some sort of rights issue that prevented them from using the film scores. I have no idea where I think I read or saw that though.
  8. Pinehurst Small

    I get you're doing the devil's advocate thing but having a phone in a barn as opposed to a house or cabin is pretty dumb. I'm sure there were some phones in barns but I can actually guarantee you that phones in cabins or houses was far more common than in barns. Exceedingly more common.
  9. @Risinggrave I know you left, I was only referring to you being there for the cops being called. That's why I shared the rest of match. I still disagree. If counselors have scared Jason off- why aren't they completing other objectives or escaping if other objectives have been completed? I think it's far from impossible to kill Jason currently. I think the onus is on the counselors to come up with a better strategy than running around in a pack. I don't think the game should be altered because that one strategy is obvious and easily countered.
  10. Pinehurst Small

    I agree with everything up to the game design comment. Good game design includes logical choices for objective spawns.
  11. Pinehurst Small

    As beautiful as an orange grove is, it's dead space. There's little point in ever visiting the barn or Ethel's. Better objective placement would definitely help both maps feel less dull. There's odd objective placements throughout the game- there's a phone that spawns in Higgins barn but not the house. Makes no sense.
  12. Pinehurst Small

    Both maps have a large amount of dead space and awkward layouts. Objectives are often clustered and sometimes you end up with only a two-seater and boat.
  13. @Risinggrave I don't have any issue with Jasons retreating to the lake. The last game we were in together is a good example. As you remember, you guys were able to call the cops. The remainder of the match had a group of four (Tommy, sweater girl, two others) moving in a pack. A 5th player was in a car sitting at an exit. I picked off the player in the car and went back to the lake. The group of four split into groups of two. I engaged one of the two groups but Tommy and sweater girl returned so I went back to the lake. By this time, the cops had arrived and been there for a few minutes and there was a repaired four-seater car sitting at one of the exits. The counselor players were bent on a Jason kill. That's their choice but it's the Jason player's choice not to give it to them either. I don't think a Jason player should be forced by an auto-morph into a scenario where they could be killed. I think it would be gamebreaking to an extent. Fixing any current bugs or glitches that impact Jason kills is the only adjustment I'd like to see personally.
  14. Pinehurst Small

    I think smaller versions would improve Jarvis and Pinehurst. The large versions are poorly designed and I wouldn't mind seeing them make the most of the Jarvis and Pinehurst assets.
  15. Pinehurst Small

    I'm definitely for smaller variants of Pinehurst and Jarvis.
  16. @Risinggrave I still disagree. It's a ridiculous process for an uncoordinated group to get everything in place to kill Jason but once you know the steps it's fairly easy. We've all heard of or seen the Jason killing groups that have gone 5-10 kills in a row. I also just don't want to spend that much time hanging out in the lake. I've seen maybe 3 successful kills myself and many failures. I'm surprised you've seen so few- really surprised. Your groups are pretty vicious.
  17. Chain-stunning doesn't need to be removed entirely but it definitely needs to be limited. As it is, it borders on being an exploit as opposed to honest gameplay.
  18. The glitch needs to be fixed but the sweater being able to be used multiple times is something I'm against. Why would Jason fall for the same trick twice in a span of 10-20 minutes? Jason deaths are intended to be rare. I don't feel they're rare enough.
  19. 7 is enough. Everything else is a bonus. Like @AldermachXI said, the variance is minor. It's basically just asthetics.
  20. Create a Counselor

    That's not how rewards work. By the way, you've had your Christmas presents long enough- you need to share them with everyone from now on.
  21. Unmasked tactics

    I disgaree. If you've chased Jason away, why aren't you completing another objective to escape? The counselors are holding the game hostage at that point because they're bent on one win condition. It would be like saying Jason's ruining the game because he won't let you call the cops.
  22. I don't understand Jason x hate

    Jason X isn't a good movie but it's fine for a laugh. It's oddly colorful- cartoony at times. The acting isn't quite as good as some are making it out to be. It feels like an episode of a Power Rangers show mixed with a SyFy movie. It's not a unique or original concept. I can say the pacing is good though and some of the deaths are interesting. The general design of Jason and Uber Jason were disappointing at the time. The pre-Uber Jason look has grown on me but Uber Jason is still a walking joke. The fake muscles and awful red contacts mixed with the rubber "metal"- like I said, Power Rangers.
  23. The -Shift weakness

    I agree. For Jasons to have true strengths they also need true weaknesses. I will say Part 7 is unbalanced though. Some slight buff would likely go a long way.