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  1. Love doesn't fix video games. Just saying...
  2. All the new folks are calling me a "fanboy". I love it.
  3. I have no life. This is apparent. Feel free to read some of those posts and I think you'd find we agree more than you'd think.
  4. Thanks. I'm on PS4. I actually haven't got into a single game yet. I'm going to nap soon and hopefully be able to play this afternoon/evening when I get up. I'm on a four day weekend starting today so here's hoping.
  5. Because you're now arguing about cars.
  6. Reading through everything (forums, social media, etc) made me stop and say "Wow." This is currently a colossal clusterfuck. I know other games have experienced this but I'm starting to wonder where this will rank on the list of worst Day 1 launches. Lots of folks are playing though so it's not a complete failure. Still, there's been very little improvment in the last 24 hours on all of the major issues. Something's got to give. @Kobrakai02 It's a stupid argument and doesn't become valid because you think it is. Like I said, I got your point. It's still a stupid and lazy argument. Interpret emojis however you like. Have another.
  7. What is this shit about endangering their lives or health? Some of you guys need to dial it back a touch. It's stressful, it sucks but they're not the only people to have a few extremely shitty days at work. This is their job, it's what they do. Do you think they would want to be anywhere else? Let's not get too dramatic.
  8. @GunMedia_Ben Thanks- keep us updated if you can. Haven't made it into a single match yet because of the player database error.
  9. I guess I probably expected to have played at least a round by now. Unfortunately I've been locked out with the player database error since I first started trying to play yesterday. I'm not upset or bothered, maybe slightly annoyed and a touch amused but as Blood said- what did we expect? I definitely understand why others are upset. I'm not going to preach patience though- telling someone to be patient (who has little or no patience) is futile. I'm still hopeful this will be resolved soon and myself (and others) can get into the game. Everyone will calm the fuck down once they get to play. I get your point but it's an apples and oranges argument. Cars and video games have very different issues.
  10. We don't need a new thread everytime you want to start a new game. Use this thread or use the GamerTag thread. Direct people to this thread. The gamertag thread can be found here: You can also find players to game with by: Searching for clubs on X Box Searching for Communities on Playstation 4 Please and thanks.
  11. Obsessive, please use the following thread for matchmaking:
  12. Hi seth, please use the following thread for matchmaking:
  13. They said single player will be patched in this summer.
  14. Hi Lucky, please use the following thread for matchmaking:
  15. It's 5:30am where the developers are. Maybe they're sleeping. I'm sure they'll back at all of this in a couple hours.
  16. You're going to have folks who don't enjoy your work. It's a reality. It's not the greatest day to start a war of words. Emotions are already high so maybe take it to private messages or make a point or argument without name-calling.
  17. Lots of XBox people here:
  18. Hi guys, please use the following thread for matchmaking:
  19. The credits show six songs (I think) in the game. You can hear the songs by turning on radios in cabins.
  20. Hi Salt, please use the following thread for matchmaking:
  21. Please use the following thread for matchmaking: