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  1. Yep. I haven't read it but I'd like too. The gal who plays Vickie says Warrington was her Jason. That would surprise me because I always associated the gross black thumb with Steve Dash: This would mean he was actually behind the mask for at least some of the film but even the documentary seems to suggest it was primarily Steve Dash. People's memories get fuzzy too so who knows, though Jason does look a little more lanky in the brief time you see him in the clip and Dash appeared a little more stocky.
  2. Steve Dash is definitely Jason for the bulk of the film. I was surprised to hear in Crystal Lake Memories that Gillette was the Jason for a kill- at least that's what one of the actresses said. I can't remember which though and I'm unsure if he ever actually wore the sack over his head.
  3. I was too young to notice the marketing but I can definitely understand how it would be a letdown. And you're right, the people in "New York" literally ignore him and vice versa. If I just heard about the concept of Jason in New York- I would be expecting a bloodbath. The only reasonable person in all of New York is a friendly sewer worker.
  4. Hurry! Get those pink shirts and lame colour swaps! Who cares? Unless you're below Level 31 I see no point.
  5. I think the whole film is incredibly stupid but I was amazed by it as a kid. Julius standing up to Jason was my hero (until he died). It was fun- I think nostalgia glosses over the film's many flaws for me to an extent. Has some of my favourite kills though- guitar smash, the sauna rock, disco teleporting death, etc. Someone, I can't remember who, got me thinking about it as a monster movie instead of a pure slasher and I agree fully with that. Jason's a monster in the film. I love his ridiculous scream when he gets toxic waste thrown on him- gets me everytime.
  6. The end of 2 is up for debate so his appearance may just be what Ginny assume he looks like in her dream. That doesn't account for his growth spurt though. He's huge in Part 3. Part IV may have been one of the last I saw from the original 8. The first I remember watching is Part 8 but I definitely saw at least 2 and 5 before that.
  7. He's incredibly human in that film. The over-the-top kills really start with Part 3 because it was made to be in 3D.
  8. Yep, that would be an assumption on your part. And I'll happily agree to disagree.
  9. Your request is fair. It's not a finished product and I can't imagine they could deny they haven't held up their end up on the bargain. The most reasonable person I could suggest contacting would be @Randygbk but it likely all depends when you purchased it and who from.
  10. Don't ever remember saying anything like you mentioned in your last paragraph. That's a silly assumption. Lots of folks hate Roy, I'm not bothered by that. Lots of folks hate all of the different Jasons and I'm good with any (including Uber Jason) eventually being added to the game. Jason's abilities in the first films are not "supernatural", they're plot devices and poor writing evidenced in most slasher films. Hopping from one location to another in minutes, etc. The game had to do something to align with how a slasher plays out and morph and shift were the best options. And again- he really, really is on par with Jason. His kill count, his hopping from location to location, his strength to throw a grown man through a window or walk through a closed door with ease. Roy only shows weakness in the final moments of the film. Like I keep repeating, he is Jason up until he's not.
  11. Saw someone requested this, can't find the thread: Credit to the Reddit poster/YouTuber. They're pretty weak offerings in my books but you decide... Not even one Camp Crystal Lake counselor shirt.
  12. The size of the mo-cap actor doesn't make any difference. Those are just poorly proportioned character models, that's a design flaw and has nothing to do with Kane Hodder's size. Again, I say single player missions would be a waste for Roy. Who would want that anyway? Roy as a playable 'Jason' is the only option worth considering. Edit: Andy Serkis did the motion capture for Gollum and King Kong... it's the not the size of the actor that's captured. It's the performance.
  13. This is being discussed elsewhere on the forum also. That said, I hate the idea. Like I said in other threads, Roy needs to be a playable 'Jason' option. He killed 17 people in Part 5. 17! He's no slouch.
  14. Roy killed 17 people in Part 5. Roy is on par with Jason in every way in the film and deserves to be implemented as a playable 'Jason'. If he's DLC and you don't like him- don't buy him. I think a lot of folks would jump at the chance to use Roy in a match instead of Jason.
  15. Roy really needs to be in the game as a playable 'Jason'. He's awesome. I get you don't agree but Part 5 is his movie and he does a very adequate job replacing Jason and dispatching the cast. See above. Roy is Jason in Part 5. Single player missions would be a waste of a good killer.