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  1. I picked her because she actually crouches all the time. Made sense.
  2. Out of likes but I agree. What good is DLC if it's just thrown on top of a broken game? I've more or less jumped ship to Dead by Daylight. Agreed- even when it somewhat works it's basically back to Drawer Opening Simulator 2K17. The smaller maps were refreshing but they came with more gamebreaking bugs. Are there still invisible counselors? How does shit get passed their in-house testing and certification? I've been rocking Claudette as well. On top of that too, there's still issues that were present in the beta. That's crazy to me.
  3. You're right, it's better than launch day. As I mentioned, I couldn't get into a game on launch day- verify internet connectivity error for two days. That's not saying much. My questions are fair.
  4. I'm having a decent day- thanks for asking. The game is broken. Feel free to name another game on console with as many issues that have persisted this long after launch.
  5. Battlefront II, Red Dead 2 and Injustice 2 whenever it has an "ultimate edition" on sale.
  6. @Gertz @wes @Randygbk @GunMedia_Ben Any chance that there will be a stable, working version of this game by year's end? I've stopped playing altogether but I've been holding out hope one of your patches would improve things but the common theme seems to be taking one step forward and two steps back. Could you let me know in plain language whether or not it's worth it to expect to play a stable working version? Is this as good as it gets? Four months is the entire life-cycle for some indie games and we keep being told that it's only been four months and it will get better. Will it? Can you guarantee it? Yay DLC but what about the game's broken state? I have to admit I regret backing this game. I wish I'd waited and others had too, and you guys really had to work for it instead of being gifted the license of a favourite franchise. There's parts of this game that are great and I wish I could enjoy but from Day 1 (where I wasn't able to get into a match for over 48 hours) to now- it's basically been overwhelming frustration. We've been giving a lot of empty promises- any chance you can make one that you intend to keep?
  7. Most perks currently provide limited upside. The system isn't broken but the reward of an epic perk isn't anything particularly great- a slight boost at best.
  8. She's basically in the game to sell digital bikinis, far as I can tell.
  9. He's missing a speedo. That's the only real complaint I've seen around here. I never use him, haven't found him any more useful than other counselors. There's better options.
  10. Because bikinis and speedos take priority these days. That's my guess.
  11. Join us, or don't. You may be safer voicing your opinions elsewhere.
  12. Also, unrelated but apparently Paul Phoenix is going to make his own horror game.
  13. I've seen quite a few rage-quits after I tunnel someone who's been a douche.
  14. Tunnel vision is funnel vision. Sometimes I liked to just focus on one person, especially if they were being a jerk, etc.
  15. Bots would be nice, it would at least allow for the game/round to fully complete. Edit: Or impliment a rage-quitter bonus like Dead by Daylight.