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  1. Not intentional but I noticed it too as I was writing it.
  2. I agree. One game mode, three maps, 1000 drawers.
  3. The forum needs to be reopened. It's pure bullshit it's closed.
  4. I haven't found a way to see how many are playing on consoles. According to Steam Charts, right now there are about 2,500 people playing Friday the 13th. In comparison, there's a bit of over 9,000 people playing Dead by Daylight right now. To me, that's crazy. We're talking about Friday the 13th and it's being beat by an older game with generic killers and survivors (minus L4D Bill and the Halloween DLC). I'm not ready to see this game die. If it dies faster than the amount of time I spent waiting for it I'll be a sad panda.
  5. As of late, the best: Fritt vilt 1 & 2 (Cold Prey 1 & 2) The worst: Alien: Covenant Thanks to @Ban_All_Music for the Fritt vilt suggestion.
  6. Unfortunately, your concerns may be read here but likely will not be addressed here. At this time, any community interaction has been minimal as they had a bit of banning controversy about two weeks ago. I dislike saying this but you are more likely to get a response of some sort if you take your issues to a YouTuber or Playstation does actively investigate your claims. About slurs and abuse, I encourage you to use the mute option if you continue to play the game.
  7. Don't get me wrong- they owe any XBox player that has stuck around something. It's unacceptable what you guys have as a version of the game. I think Microsoft is holding up the patch but I don't view that as Microsoft being malicious- they're probably getting sent broken patches by the developers and are sending them back saying no, fix this shit. I think there's even someone from Microsoft helping them now.
  8. Part 7 needs a buff, other than that I have no issues with any of them. Retro Jason should have his own stats, similar to the original game.
  9. That's crazy. I imagine we'll hear something a few days after when they get back. July is limping to it's finish and the XBox patch was has been coming soon for some time. I wish we were talking about new content and not fixing what's broken. XBox still being in the state it's in is pretty unacceptable.
  10. You're not getting the backer DLC.
  11. I was going to post Marilyn Manson's "Dogma" but YouTube threw me this:
  12. Lynx, you're not a victim. You've purposely created arguments, posted flame-bait and rubbed some folks the wrong way. The interactions you recieve are on you as much as the people that take jabs at you. The forum is not toxic because you've been a jerk and don't like being called out on it.
  13. @Vaderspupil If you do watch the movies, I suggest Parts 1 through 3. The game's maps are based on those films and that alone would make them interesting to watch because you've already been to those places in a way.