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  1. On the topic of the phone being too easy, I was actually surprised that the cops always show up. I thought some counselors should automatically be assumed to be playing a prank (Eric) while others characters (like the final girl) would actually be able to get the cops to come to the scene.
  2. Good point. From what I've seen the game is moderately to severly discounted depending on country. To curb refunds, sending out the keys/codes/tokens would be a good move.
  3. I'm only commenting on what I've read, I haven't been in it myself. I'm trying to limit myself to this board with varying degrees of success depending on the day. JasonTakesOmegle talked about it a bit in another thread, he's a mod there I think. As for Twitter, again I have no idea. Maybe Jason can clarify. My Orwell conspiracies haven't quite extended to Gun Media.
  4. This is true. I'm thinking he meant Twitter but I'm unsure. I'm still seeing bad things about the ban-happy Discord so maybe there? I don't know, but that Discord is fan run anyway.
  5. I debated buying extras, wish I had now. $60 is ridiculous. That'd be $54 profit.
  6. countdown

    This makes me happy.
  7. I like the idea, maybe we'll see something of the sort in the single player missions.
  8. countdown

    26 days to go... The last time I used "official" and "countdown" in the same sentence the sarcasm wasn't evident enough- things were said, butts were hurt and the countdown got shutdown. I'm the *unauthorized* and *unofficial* countdown mascot.
  9. I missed that- that would be really disappointing.
  10. My thoughts on Roy: Part V (Roy) Weapon: Machete or Clever + Weapon Strength + Sense + Stalk - Can't Run - Grip Strength - Less Hit Points
  11. I think there's a lot of folks who agree with you and are calling them out on it. Social media was a shitstorm. It had died down though and I don't think any form of apology is forthcoming.
  12. You're so sweet- thank you.
  13. Yea- I saw the game is about $12 US in Russia.