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  1. It's a discussion about dots so- meh.
  2. I'd happily accept a "Mediocre Player of the Week".
  3. You may be right- it could be just general beach-wear for some.
  4. June and July = JJ and the following month (August) is the 8th month J.J. from Part 8 confirmed?
  5. That's embarrassing... Don't worry too much about Twitter, etc. Anyone with a half-a-brain gets what you're saying.
  6. Definitely could be, I wonder if we'll ever know. It's interesting they stated there will be "new" music.
  7. Definitely possible. I took a lot of flak for that thread. The "Retro Jason"/Counselor Clothing Pack was a rush job. It was pretty apparent at the time so I am happy they're going to tidy up that Jason, maybe they'll give him that "exclusive kill" that ended up not happening because someone "mispoke". The chiptune currently is a nice homage (with a lifted melody) but it doesn't really cause any dread. It's way too relaxed and messes with the overall feel of a match. I'm wondering if they'll give him any visual updates and/or maybe we'll get new videos for the start and end of matches. Maybe they'll make him his own Jason instead of a skin. I agree, not really sure why it couldn't just be patched at a later date.
  8. I get accused of being negative a lot around here but honestly, what was going well? Just wanted to say that all of this is a step in the right direction. I like the new site, the roadmap of things to come, the upcoming patch notes, new bug reporting site. The whole thing feels more professional and polished in general. I said in another thread I guessed they're planning a sort of "re-launch" and it looks like they are- it's a smart move and I hope the game and community benefit from it.
  9. Something something, more robust servers...
  10. So, this is what happens when a hipster markets Friday the 13th...
  11. Wondering if "Retro" Jason gets an intro, also wondering if they fixed the volume of his music...
  12. We don't need any of these. Some folks have mentioned them before but I'd rather have none of them and instead get some of the final gals into the game.
  13. True but by that logic there could also be a clown costume so I can really only respond to what I've seen. I'm actually a little grossed out so many people want digital skin but to each their own. It kind of feels like twitchbait though. Also wondering why everyone would strip into swimsuits after the opening cinematic.