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  1. I am hoping for this, 1 blue dot (Pamela) and 7 black dots (the 7 counselors from part1).
  2. Yes, she was the original Friday the 13th killer. Playing as her would've a unique challenge and experience that Jason doesn't offer/have.
  3. We need Pamela after all this.
  4. So you admit to liking cheats? If you see something that is not supposed to happen in game, you submit a bug or exploit report on it to jason kills bugs, not willingly participate in it to gain advantage in a game. The length of mental gymnastics people go to here to justify cheating astounds me.
  5. Stop justifying cheating that breaks the rules. If you do something not intended by the devs, it's cheating, plain and simple.
  6. I want Roy added because he can be a prototype for how Pamela and her mechanics to be added into the game.
  8. Agreed, it needs to be first to build tension in the game.
  9. This! This music is what the game needs! The current music sounds too digital and sterile and does not have the warm analog sound that builds suspenseful mood and tension in the way the original soundtrack does.
  10. I found it on the bookshelf upstairs in the party house last night.
  11. Internet is back up, I'll be on tonight.
  12. Yes!!!!!! I will try to kick in if I can when that happens!
  13. I am happy to have been a backer! I was not expecting that surprise ending! I hope we get a prequel showing Pamela's rampage and a sequel.