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  1. Freddy will never be in the game. This is Friday the 13th not Jason and friends.
  2. Everyone knows it's all about Chad and his weird speedos LMAO
  3. Unfortunately, there is no tone on the internet haha Reading something one way or another happens all the time. All good.
  4. My very first comment was a direct and very sarcastic response to your need to call people bitches in the comment I replied to. Again, I don't play part 2 Jason and will never have 4-5 traps to spare on a phone box. But why are the people that do bitches? Because you say so? Which basically is the only reason I even replied to it. I don't care what way people play Jason or a counselor so long as it isn't cheating.
  5. Shit is right there in black and white. You don't like it when someone plays in a way that doesn't fit your own comfort zone. There is no straw man. Get a better argument ... better yet, try getting better at the game instead of complaining about how other people play. Protip: No one cares how great you think you are as Jason or a counselor. And coming here saying that using traps or playing a certain way is a "lack of skill" is nothing more than you trying to feed your own ego and ignore your own shortcomings. Nobody has to alter their play style to accommodate you or get your "approval."
  6. Pot, meet kettle. I'm not the one who needs people to alter their play style in order to successfully play. We get it, you need people to stand still for you. If they do ANYTHING that causes you to not win, they aren't "skilled" ... LOL You are just digging the hole deeper. Please just stop embarrassing yourself.
  7. I don't play Part 2 Jason. You'd gather that if you actually read before responding. And judging by your bitchfit over playstyle, I am quite sure you aren't that great of a Jason. I don't need Jason to play a certain way in order to survive. I'm sorry that I'm a better counselor than you are and how much that puts your panties in a bunch.
  8. LOL this guy. "The game gives you traps ... but don't use them or some guy named Brevator on the internet will question your 'skill'. Nope, just leave that phone box alone so the little whiny man can call the cops. You don't want Mister be-all-end-all self described bad-ass to think less of you." Man, you are seriously a funny guy. Funny funny guy. Guess you can't make it the 20 minutes in a match. Need that phone as a crutch. Side note: anyone on PS4 who plays with ole Brev here make sure to let him have it every time he's Jason and a match lasts longer than 5 minutes. According to him, he can wipe everyone in 5 minutes or less, every time. Make sure to call him on it when he doesn't.
  9. Congrats you're level 101. Want a cookie? I am maxed out as well. You complain about how many traps Jason uses. That's pathetic. If I'm up against Part 2 Jason and the phone box has 4 traps on it, I don't think to myself "Oh that Jason is a bitch for not allowing me a guaranteed fix of the phone box." Apparently you think that way, and regardless what you think your "abilities" as a counselor are, it still makes you a bitch to expect Jason to make things easy for you.
  10. Actually all of this describes a bitch counselor who expects Jason to play against his win condition so that you "feel better" The fact that counselors can tank 2-3 traps is exactly why Jason would "excessive" trap an objective. Q. Who the fuck complains about how many traps Jason uses? A. Bitches. Bitches who know they aren't very good at playing a counselor. Bitches who expect a clear phone box/car every game so they can escape without having to work at it.
  11. Counselor, page 2 of this thread confirms she is not a hero character. Also, Mitch is basically Chuck from part 3 so why not more part 3 counselors?
  12. Next counselor besides Fox will likely be Shelly who already showed interest on wanting to be in the game.
  13. I like the 2 seater and boat. I would like that option on all the maps because it seriously does make it VERY fun and more terrifying when the escape options are limited. I realize it may not have been intentional but hell, everyone I've played with where this has happened has enjoyed the thrill of it.
  14. When performing the "chop suey" kill with part 4 Jason, the counselor's body sometimes disappears when he kicks them down, so you are using the pig splitter on nothing for the finale of the kill. There is still an issue on all Jasons/kills where sometimes when you grab a counselor and initiate a kill animation, the sound of the entire kill plays out successfully but the animation does not. During this time Jason becomes stuck and does not actually kill the counselor and it is treated as a break free, leaving Jason stunned for several seconds
  15. Did you ever think that the reason you don't have 7 other people to play with is because you complain a lot? "He had a pocket knife and I didn't and it's not fair!" Isn't exactly something that is going to endear you to other players. This game is not meant to be easy as a counselor nor is it meant to be even steven for all counselors. That is why there are limited items to be found. It's like the movies and it's meant to be. Most people die in the movies. 1-2 counselors survive to the end because they found the tools to survive and used good decision making to make it through the ordeal. This is EXACTLY how the game is meant to be. Not all counselors are created equal nor should they be. Also, when you do play as a counselor, and I know this may come as a shock to you but ... you're going to die most of the time. It is not supposed to be easy to escape from JASON VOORHEES. If you want easy, play a different game that is designed to placate people who want to win all the time. This game is about strategy. If you're upset because other people found a pocket knife and you did not, that issue is yours and yours alone. The game does not have to be reworked to suit your play style. Hell one of the tips on loading is "Think outside the box, sometimes a direct approach isn't the best one." You're expecting a crutch because you play the game one solitary way, and it doesn't generally work out for you. And tbh 9/10 times trying to go at Jason isn't going to work. Protip: There are SEVERAL different ways to play and survive. This is based on the counselor you choose, making the correct decisions based on WHERE you spawn, and paying attention to what is going on during the game. Again, nothing about the system needs to be changed. As a counselor, survival needs to be EARNED through good decision making and some luck. When you DO survive, it's something to be proud of. Surviving every match because the system was reworked to make it easier and "equal" is bullshit. Either figure out a different strategy or don't play if you don't like the result you're getting sticking to what you're doing.