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  1. This isn't the Jason player doing this. It happened in a match I was in as well, the Jason player grab killed me inside a cabin and halfway through the kill animation we were teleported to the 2 seater car outside, halfway across the map. This was the 3rd time this happened to the Jason player in that particular game and it was frustrating them to no end because they were being teleported away from other potential kills and objectives that were being worked on. This happening is of no fault to the Jason player, it is a bug that was happening during kill animations.
  2. As of 12 midnight, got blue screen error on PS4, restarted the game, now unable to connect to game getting the database error "check your internet connection" (which is fine) ... unable to log back into the game. Some of my friends are still on it. This is the same error I got on day 1 when the servers were overloaded.
  3. You still don't do quite well at reading though. As you ignored the top half of the post about it being CLEARLY stated what the Retro Jason skin was. There was nothing hidden about that.
  4. Apparently no one reads anything in this generation. It was CLEARLY said on twitter AND posted here that Retro Jason was a re-skin of Part 3. The self entitlement that exists here is absolutely ridiculous. We have the game, content is being added, issues are being worked on. Shut the fuck up with your baby bullshit whining. Everyone has so much to say from behind a keyboard and it's hilarious. Everyone wants to be a micro-manager and have an "opinion" but what exactly are you doing with your lives? This is the same crowd who rants on twitter about getting written up at McDonald's for fucking up someone's order for the 117th time, and yet you have the gall to complain about a video game and content you're getting for free. If you can't correctly make a cheeseburger and french fries, STFU about how to correctly make a video game.
  5. Had a group of counselors go to the exit area straight away in a match, went behind a fence and wound up on the out of bounds area in packanack by the bridge, the most southwest point on the map. They taunted the Jason player who obviously couldn't get to them at this area and one of them said "I just turned off the glitch so the other's can't get here." This is on PS4 btw
  6. I think you should start a countdown to console backers getting their codes after launch day buyers are already playing it.
  7. Deception has actually been the running trend lately. So I fully expect people who buy the game as of tomorrow to be able to access it before I do, which is yet another slap in the face. Oh, and I also fully expect to be banned at this point for having something negative to say, being as I had to agree to a fucking NOVEL of a terms and conditions to forums today which probably gives you the right to disable/ban me for having anything negative to say on the forums. Guess I should have been a streamer ... then I wouldn't have had to sign shit, right?
  8. I won't make a whole new thread for this because there might be one idk ... BUT on my backerkit it recently changed from NOT having anything new to having my PS4 game codes, as well as Savini Jason and Clothing Pack as "pending" so I am hoping this is a good sign for getting our console codes soon.
  9. So obviously with the news that shit has been spoiled, it just makes my dislike of playing with random people even moreso because they are only going to troll whatever they've seen on streams. With that said, I would like to play with a group from HERE where we can actually PLAY the game and enjoy it for what it is to us. So can either drop a gamertag or add me xXPuddleOfBluddX on PSN just add a message that you're from here if you add me. I'm basically just going to run private matches to avoid the bullshit people.
  10. And before ANYONE has anything to say about my rant ... go have a read of my posts. I have defended the game and the devs for a VERY long time in nearly every aspect. But I draw the line at being flat out lied to. It was ASKED of the devs during beta if we were able to kill Jason in the beta and they said yes. In fact I made a post about killing Jason at LAUNCH where I detailed what we'd already been trying and how the devs only gave us "knocking off Jason's mask is the FIRST step." ... So to find that what we were already doing in the beta is what worked, again is a slap in the face. We were lied to while they looked at us with a straight face and played us for assholes. Acting like we couldn't figure it out ... and then this ... this Bimbo Barbie does the same shit and the response from mods is that streamers were "thinking outside of the box" ... fuck that, they were copying what was done in the beta and acting like they thought it up themselves.
  11. The fact that it was disabled in the beta and NOT disabled for streamers/media is what rubs me the wrong way. I played the beta with a solid group and we did the exact same things and nothing at all happened. I know MANY others did as well. I WAS that cooperative Jason playing to try and figure it out and it didn't happen. The difference here is, had we, the backers with beta keys figured it out ... I wouldn't have ruined it for everyone else. No, I can't speak for other backers but I am fairly certain anyone with a vested interest in this game and a love of the franchise that I have wouldn't be an asshole to the other backers who for one reason or another could not play the beta. It's a courtesy that I think and at least hope F13 fans would have for one another. Because I know the thrill and excitement I felt in the beta trying to figure it out, and I would not take that from someone else by being a dick. To top it off, I signed onto the forums today and had to agree to this giant new T&C policy that reads like the kind of thing you'd sign to be an extra in a damn film or something and yet these POS troll streamers didn't have to sign a DAMN thing in regards to what they streamed and revealed. The message I got here: You didn't trust your own backers enough during the beta to enable the ability to kill Jason ... but you trusted like/share whores enough to enable it for them. Yes, I know the beta was 6 months ago, but it doesn't matter. If it had been figured out in the beta and even if someone leaked it from that, at least it would have been from this community and at least we would have had a fair chance. Now, we have NO chance ... and the worst part of it all is that it isn't even a fan, let alone a diehard fan who goes down in history as being the first to kill Jason ... it's some Dipshit Debbie who doesn't give one shit about the game and only how many views and likes she gets. Next month she'll be uploading her makeup haul or some ASMR videos. And THIS is the person who will go down as being the one to "figure out" how to kill Jason. Making us speculate for six months after we did the EXACT same things and making us all feel like we missed something only to allow Polly Pocket to claim fame for doing it is a HUGE slap in the face. If it happened after launch, on equal grounds ... then it is what it is. But for it to happen before we've even gotten out keys ...and knowing it was disabled for us in beta. Yeah that doesn't sit well. And as others have mentioned, it wouldn't even be that bad if not for all the hype that was given to this achievement. It was made to be something special ... and now it isn't. And we haven't even launched yet. I wonder how well the original Friday The 13th Movie would have faired if 2 days before the movie came out in theaters, every major newspaper ran front page headlines with a detailed piece on the fact that the killer was Mrs. Voorhees the cook, and she did it because the counselors were having sex instead of watching her son when he drowned. I'd wager that we'd not be here today and Jason Voorhees never would have happened because that movie would have TANKED. This is basically the same thing. Secret-hype-secret-hype-tease-hype-tease-tease-secret-secret-tease-hype-SPOILED.
  12. I'm actually happy to wait on seeing the other maps. Something to discover when the game comes out. Hell, half the fun of the beta was learning the map. There is nothing like those first few games where you have no idea what you're doing and legit FEEL like you're in a horror movie and screwed lol. I mean, even after you learn the map there's still that feel, but I have to say it is somewhat intensified when you legit don't know where you should be going. Even with having the map in beta, if cops were called, first game or so I didn't know exactly where to go for that. And unless you had a walkie, no sure way of knowing which car is being fixed etc. (Also why I am very pro-no map to start)
  13. I recently received the lastest KS update to my email which talked about shipping addresses and whatnot and when there will be the cutoff to doing so announced sometime in the future. My concern is, when I go to my backerkit ... it tells me "You have multiple surveys for this account" The first being my KS backing, and the second being my order of Savini skin and counselor clothing pack ... but it didn't go to my original account of the same email and information, so my worry is ... will both backerkit items be seen? They both are on there but even for ME to see them I have to switch back and forth so it is a concern that it's all not linked to one thing.
  14. Need to send our KS info in PMs like we did before the beta?