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  1. Oooh goodie The new fuse to the phone box is niiiice. Means we dont have to immediatly run to the phone box as Jason. I need to find the new stamina thing.
  2. countdown

    I ended up playing alot in private lobbies with people.
  3. countdown

    COME TO STEAM! D: Lol... but yea. I was fantastic. I was maining number 7. I love the machete and undead look.
  4. countdown

    Memes never die. I already have my catchphrase when I have rage and I go thru doors with people on the other side. "SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME."
  5. countdown

    Probably not... but darn. I was hoping you were PC. Godzilla is love. Godzilla is life.
  6. countdown

    As did I. I put about 70 hours into it during the beta. 14 hours a day.
  7. countdown

    Want my steam account? I am PC
  8. countdown

    You and I shall be enemies. You should be ready for The Shrekoning.
  9. Wait... theres a map? Whats going on?! This wasn't in the beta! I need an adult! D: So much information im not aware of @_@
  10. I didn't really see composure doing much other than revealing yourself. Unless you got some super high composure but that was rare to get as a Vanessa cause by the time you see Jason, you are GONE. LOL
  11. Outside defintely. Trying to get someone inside is obnoxious with the couchs and stuff to run around.
  12. HA! Didn't think of that one. xD I made some funny ones using the kills. Like the backbreaker one? I said... "It's ok! I am a Chiropractor" -Backbreak- "Oh... that's using a simulator"