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  1. Not sure what to say here except wow... thats a kick in the nuts for PS F13 players. As for selling the skin, honestly, I dont even play the Jason that much... He's great for instant killing survivors but hes not very "Fun". Since I prefer enviro, I like 7 and 3 for the grip str. I dont know what they should do at this point but yea. Ouch.
  2. I dont know. I was dead and was afk until someone told me to spectate them. Lol. All I know is. Kenny is a turret and this is a battle car now.
  3. Pictures: Gotta have Kenny with a machete on the car to do this. If you can't see, im sorry but let me explain. Basically, this car is on a hill between a rock and a tree. Kenny is on the roof of the car. Also not sure why its showing my desktop somewhat from a screen shot considering im full screen.
  4. 24, almost 25 on PC. Like one more game and ill be 25.
  5. Aww.
  6. Do two of the same perks stack?
  7. PC Master Race.
  8. The spawn preference doesn't seem to be working. Ive set it and people who set it up for Couneslors play jason instead.
  9. Ive been playing this game nonstop for 28 hours and counting... right now the only bug im encountering that is actually beginning to irritate me is the CP and level showing zero until like 3 seconds before the match starts. I cant change my damn part 7 to part 8. Cant roll new perks @_@
  10. holy shit you are 25?! I just reached 20 and I got 26 hours. xD
  11. Im playing just fine o.o
  12. PC. Maybe 30 seconds to find a match?
  13. Not going to happen. Yes its cheesy that people do that, but its needed. Your idea about environmental kills would only work if there was a way to get them there. As it is, its a pain to actually find an enviro kill sometimes.