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  1. Agreed. The Forum Messiah should grace us and clarify if the differences in topic wording and thread locations constitutes in a merge or continuation!? Sorry Pops, sometimes we need a little baby sitting
  2. It's not the best out of the Titan series by far. It's my ageing CPU though that will cough a bit (You cant buy it anymore lol). Ultimately, the best person that knows their own PC... is the owner. Personal none professional opinion: Your Ram and operating system are looking good. Your Graphics card and CPU may struggle On Mid-High, Stats wise it should run on minimum fine. Stats are redundant though if your system is running conflicting or old drivers and every different combination of PC acts differently. Should also take these specs into account.
  3. JasonZilla has reached the power generator.
  4. Thanks for the info. I estimate a solid 54-70 fps on med-high for me on my mongrel system. I am putting faith in my SSD and RAM to help keep it smoothly on a Sync rate of 60, as my CPU is going to be doing overtime. Intel i7-4960X@3.60 32GB RAM TITAN BLACK 6GB SSD WIN 10 PRO 64bit She's old... but she will hold.
  5. I am on topic. A discussion on the HP system born from the reveal of the HP perks for Jason and how they could potentially affect game-play. That's why moderators moved this conversation to this thread.
  6. Of which i have already purchased everything... so they would have to create/reveal something else, make my purchase redundant or keep it as it is.
  7. They will put a cherry on your code and hand deliver it
  8. One thing is for sure, they are not going to rip you off lol For all i know the game could be set for a custom 11PM Release on platforms and the Emails sent out at 01:00AM. We just don't know, but if that is not the case or a problem arises whilst trying to send out the keys, there could be a small delay. It definitely does not leave much room for error. Hell when it comes to backer keys, they could just decide to give them out whenever (Tonight, Day before or on the day etc), as they are in charge and ultimately only have to fulfill providing us with the product on the date. I do know one thing, it is more complicated getting keys not sold through steam (Probably the same with other platforms), a lot of other indie devs have told me. Normally this takes a while and is normally arranged with Valve way ahead of release date, question is, is this the problem? If so and it was not agreed by steam, the team would have to get separate codes on release compensating Valve or coming to a personalized agreement. However from what i hear, "Steam have been cool" and the Virtual Cabin process was fine.
  9. They have added a Jason preference selection (So the rumors say). A lot of people will want to be Jason and have that selected. If the people in the room don't have it selected the person who joined likely will and will end up automatically being Jason. Also you can invite to a lobby... so friends Join... leave a space and a random person will be matched automatically or someone will click on the server and join. The person joining likely wouldn't even know he/she just joined a server with 7 people working together. With the "current" system, it is theoretically easy to do a organised 7 vs Random Pub Jason and the Jason not realizing until it's obvious in game-play.
  10. If you look to either sides of the forum you will see exit points, here, here and here. Welcome none stranger.
  11. Welcome DamnedEternal1
  12. Hi Mike
  13. Hey Dokken