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  1. Unique screams for each counselor during kill animations would be cool. It was like that in the trailers so idk why they wouldn't include it in the end. Right now I don't really get a "im about to get my balls chopped off by a lake monster" vibe from any of the counselors. They just kind of go "guh" or "oof" w/ AJ or Chad's sounds for girls/guys respectively.
  2. I really think a more thorough tutorial would be helpful. A lot of new players don't know things like luck affecting car start time or that stealth only affects the sound blips and not your chance of being sensed. The current tutorial is kind of lacking, and the weapon durability chart isn't accurate, so we have a lot of counselors playing off of inaccurate info.
  3. Medic, grease monkey, some kind of stamina perk Aka all my counselors :*( I an unoriginal
  4. wat Why give out an alternative bloody jason skin and not an alternative clothing pack? If one exclusive thing is getting an alternative, I don't really understand why there isn't for the other. I figured either we'd get no bloody jason and no clothes (actually exclusive to physical) or bloody jason AND clothes (sate the PC audience). Idk how to rationalize providing an alternative for one and not the other :S PC players don't even have the option to shell out an extra 40 bucks if they want the clothes (if u would've ur nuts)- there's just straight up no way to get them
  5. yeah we have lachappa over here w/ his crippled gorilla arms and buddha belly but all the girls are hot. EQUAL REP, GUN GIVE US BANANA GIRL THE COMMUNITY DEMANDS IT. Call her The Hitchhiker or smthn
  6. Yeah, some of the knife/screwdriver kills look like environmentals since he picks them up, but idk if P4 would be able to carry a kitchen knife since it has such short range. Or maybe that'd be what makes him unique idk. Houses look dope af tho, the set pieces are always the most fun.
  7. They look awesome! So glad to finally have a basement
  8. I heard somewhere if he has room to fall down, he'll fall down. If it's in a tighter space, he'll do that head-to-the-side thing. Idk if it's that simple but I wouldn't be surprised
  9. I'd say it's exploitative, but in the same way blocking traps/firecrackers is, or skipping recovery animations. If Jason is blocking and sees those things coming, why wouldn't he do it? For immersion? If two counselors are together, and with the general attitude of most gamers, do you really expect them not to do the objective in the safest way? Tbh I rarely see counselors coordinated enough to bother w/ this. If devs don't want people doing this, they need to patch it, cuz it's not as blatantly malacious as the packanack roof or out of the map exploits were. I think the traps are kind of obnoxious the way they're currently implemented. Tbh I'd feel less cheated if they were totally invisible. The way they're used now is just kind of lame and predictable- objectives only, maaaaybe a window of you have the traps to spare as p2. Might as well make the disarm an official check on the objective menu. At least if you couldnt see them they might come as a surprise sometimes. If they ever want the pocket knife disarm to be worth it, the disarm should he silent, too. :/
  10. absolute trash aj, green peace aj, pretty in pink aj I still don't have her white shirt unlocked. SOON
  11. I enjoy Vanessa a looooot more than I thought I would. I refused to play her during the beta cuz I'm a hipster POS and there were too many but if my counselor isn't on random, I'm probably playing her. She's super flexible- you can be the part runner, the distraction, the demasker, the sweater girl, the support, or even the repairer. TBH repair is overrated- anyone with 2 or more repair can usually install something in <20 seconds if they're familiar with the minigame. If Composure and Stealth were as important as they seemed, I might play characters like AJ more often, but the whole Sense system is really shallow and if Jason keeps morphing from objective to objective and spamming Sense, he's gonna find you whether you're AJ or not :/. If people in public matches were a little bit less afraid of Jason and were a little more combat competent, we'd be seeing a lot more Chads/Vanessas.
  12. It's at the fence around the barn, but that's the only place. Noticed that all the counselors had their own death sounds in this video.. and the trailers. I wonder what happened :0
  13. But Kenny's legs 8)