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  1. I probably should have included my question in the image lol. I think my question was pretty explicit- it was like "will the outfits include alternate tops like AJ in a jacket or something. will the options include alternate models/meshes" His response was a no to that. I don't think this means we won't get them at some point in the future- it just means they aren't a part of the clothing pack/won't exist in the initial release. If there were alternate models rn that were revealed, I'd be surprised- let's be honest, the Savini Jason is a bigger showpiece than the clothing pack and was always gonna build up more hype. If there were gonna be alternate models, I think we would've gotten a glimpse by now. I don't mind them being reskins- I'll take any customization ! But I wish the pack's description on backerkit might have been worded more explicitly. I still would have purchased it, but a lot of us misinterpreted it and were anticipating something different idk if the devs even bother checking this thread anymore but if they happen to, could one them please maybe hint whether or not us customization whores could expect different clothing models/rigs options unique to each counselor as a DLC or something? If it's impossible due to Unreal limitations or is too costly/timely to implement, that's cool too- I would just hate for the community to keep waiting/hoping for something that's just not gonna happen
  2. That could be true, I might have worded my question poorly! But I'm pretty sure we aren't getting new clothing models- not in this clothing pack, at least .. doesn't mean we can't get them eventually. Aw well :C
  3. finally got an answer. confirmed that there will be no alternate clothing models, just various reskins. hopefully, that's just for now . keep it in mind for dlc Gun, dumb people like me will pay for it
  4. All love and thanks to our booty king, lord, and savior, Wes Keltner . Equal representation has never been so sweet ..and neither has picking a counselor been so difficult LOL
  5. Do you think that's their way of hinting at it being more than 30 days or less than 30 days? I'd like to think that's their way of saying that, tentatively, it might be out in LESS than 30 days. Or they're hinting at it being delayed a bit into May. Hmm. Either way, we're closer than we've ever been! Hype!
  6. Ooh, in the screenshots, you can see that the shed next to the Higgins House appears to be open! Pretty sure it was boarded up in the beta. Looks like we might be getting access to the basement !
  7. Hey, I think you have on Steam already haha, but I'd love to join in as Jenny, unless Riskman ends up dropping Deb, in which case I'll take her. Mained those two during the beta. Ready to kick some butt . My steam is Simu (Turtle). I'm up when you EUers are up (thx work) so the timezone difference is actually kinda nice lol. Also, just curious- no Tiffany ? Edit: It was a different Mr. Trapper. What a small word.
  8. I really enjoyed the back-breaker (just wicked brutal), although it makes sense with the small counselors like Deb and Tiffany. It might look funny when Jason snaps Adam over his knee LOL. That spear to the head was also pretty terrifying. I like how the counselors look like they're fighting back with these newer animations. Some of the ones in the beta like the pickaxe to the base of the neck were cool, but they didn't really struggle. Now they're punching him and pushing him away. He just don't give a damn. Savage. Didn't really like the jaw-ripper. It was definitely brutal - I just can't fathom having Jason's nasty ass fingers (P6/7/8/9. Ew.) in my mouth
  9. Hey! I like his hair . His customization options look like they might be the coolest (mm tha supple leather tho), although Chad's school crest shirt might have me playing him. As a cosmetics whore, I'm obligated to play whoever I can pimp out the coolest. I know I already answered on this thread but I'VE CHANGED MY MIND DARN IT. I forgot how much I enjoyed being altruistic in DbD (pls show mercy,) so I think I might actually play Chad/Jenny/Adam since they seem to be the most support oriented. Adam seems like he might be pretty cool- intelligence to help the team escape and strength to help free your teammates. Tiffany and Vanessa just seem like selfish dead weight to me lol. They might be useful for gathering parts and acting as distractions, but I think once we've played the game long enough, Jasons won't take the bait and will just go for the smart/slow counselors first, then pick off the runners like Tiffany/Vanessa. I can imagine that, after we've all had the game for a while, it might turn into smart characters being guarded by support chars, with little to no runners. Or I'm nuts. Depends on if people want to play like a team. I find it extremely satisfying to escape as a group in random matches. I am gonna defy the stereotype and make Chad the most helpful dude out there
  10. I see what he means. I think all the counselors use the same 'ARGHGHGH FIERCE' facial animation, so on some of them they look a little funny. Eric looks like bigfoot to me here LOL, but once Jason kicks him away, he looks totes normal to me. I really enjoyed the look we got at the alternative patterns- I noticed that they changed the texture on some of the clothes, too. Deb's green shoes looked suede and one pair of Jenny's looked leather. I was just expecting reskins so I'm pretty jolly about the new textures. Almost make them look like entirely different clothes . Still hoping for actual alternative outfits, though- like, different meshes. I asked them on Twitter a while back whether the DLC was only reskins, different meshes, or a mix of both. I got a 'stay tuned,' so I'm gonna go ahead and assume we're getting reskins , which is too bad. I want preppy shorts damn it. Side note- did Tiffany get anything new other than the orange shoes? Maybe I'm totally nuts but her clothes looked the same to me ¯\_('-')_/¯
  11. I like to think the devs will make it take longer for counselors to struggle out of Jason's grasp while also making the grab-kills become available to him more slowly. If they do that, Jason should have more time to find an environmental kill while also allowing fellow counselors more time to save their friend. It'd also lead to less dead-as-soon-as-he-grabs-you moments and more diversity in the deaths . I don't think it'd be too frustrating for Jason because if there are no other counselors around, he'd still be able to secure the kill like he normally would. If there are other counselors around to save their friend, well.. I think it'd encourage Jasons to isolate their victims and, failing that, whack at them, which would make the combat system more relevant, too. I think I entered combat mode in the beta like, twice. Maybe. I just want to see more environmentals, honestly. The devs put so much work into them .
  12. I think we'll be getting some news soonish, atleast. Rumor has it that Bikestman accidentally streamed the game while he was playing with w/ some of the devs and other streamers like Laphin and Charmin. The stream only lasted around 12 minutes before he realized what was up. He deleted the footage. Apparently a few counselors whose models we've yet to see were in play. The boat, too, and one of the maps. Jason VIII was also in there too, I think. Not sure. I heard that some of the counselor clothing alternates were seen as well. Something something Vanessa's tracksuit was different? I'm pretty confident that its true. They must have been testing it. A bit before the first beta keys were handed out, I remember someone on Twitter talking about how they were able to play the game already and the devs being all 'shhh, das private yo,' so I'm assuming they're doing the same thing here; just testing w/ some people they trust. The streamers were probably under an NDA. I could be totally off, but, as a gossip queen, I am obligated to divulge . Maaaaybe someone screen-capped the footage? The hunt is on, girls.
  13. My favorite environmentals are probably the back-stomp, the marshmellow tong (jeez), and the one where he slams your head into the side of the sink. That one in particular was pretty awesome despite its simplicity. I also enjoy the window-throw when there's glass and you're on a second floor. Classic. My favorite grab-kills are probably the machete-gutter, axe decapitation, or pick-axe can opener. Excited to see the Part 6/8 weapon kills 8). My least favorites are probably the head-punch and the choke. They were both cool the first few times, but those two seemed to be everyone's go-to. I've had my fill .
  14. ay bitches we got polka dots also EDGY GUY REVEAL11!!!11!1!
  15. Nah, there was some gameplay footage too, right here. You can see the back and some of the interior ! Also, finally watched the Q&A. I didn't bother watching it the first time since I knew it would just trigger me. Some of the questions people asked just made me want to strANGLE THEM. "Will there be a story mode?" ho check the FAQ, don't waste this precious time. Too bad Charmin's question wasn't answered- I was actually curious about the new ability . Since the symbol's a counselor getting stabbed in the back, I think it'll be a way for Jason to turn off the music alert for a bit so he can do some sneak attacks. Anyone got any theories?