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  1. I heard somewhere if he has room to fall down, he'll fall down. If it's in a tighter space, he'll do that head-to-the-side thing. Idk if it's that simple but I wouldn't be surprised
  2. I'd say it's exploitative, but in the same way blocking traps/firecrackers is, or skipping recovery animations. If Jason is blocking and sees those things coming, why wouldn't he do it? For immersion? If two counselors are together, and with the general attitude of most gamers, do you really expect them not to do the objective in the safest way? Tbh I rarely see counselors coordinated enough to bother w/ this. If devs don't want people doing this, they need to patch it, cuz it's not as blatantly malacious as the packanack roof or out of the map exploits were. I think the traps are kind of obnoxious the way they're currently implemented. Tbh I'd feel less cheated if they were totally invisible. The way they're used now is just kind of lame and predictable- objectives only, maaaaybe a window of you have the traps to spare as p2. Might as well make the disarm an official check on the objective menu. At least if you couldnt see them they might come as a surprise sometimes. If they ever want the pocket knife disarm to be worth it, the disarm should he silent, too. :/
  3. absolute trash aj, green peace aj, pretty in pink aj I still don't have her white shirt unlocked. SOON
  4. I enjoy Vanessa a looooot more than I thought I would. I refused to play her during the beta cuz I'm a hipster POS and there were too many but if my counselor isn't on random, I'm probably playing her. She's super flexible- you can be the part runner, the distraction, the demasker, the sweater girl, the support, or even the repairer. TBH repair is overrated- anyone with 2 or more repair can usually install something in <20 seconds if they're familiar with the minigame. If Composure and Stealth were as important as they seemed, I might play characters like AJ more often, but the whole Sense system is really shallow and if Jason keeps morphing from objective to objective and spamming Sense, he's gonna find you whether you're AJ or not :/. If people in public matches were a little bit less afraid of Jason and were a little more combat competent, we'd be seeing a lot more Chads/Vanessas.
  5. It's at the fence around the barn, but that's the only place. Noticed that all the counselors had their own death sounds in this video.. and the trailers. I wonder what happened :0
  6. But Kenny's legs 8)
  7. I'm not sure if these have been posTed yet but and I can't post a screenshot but I'm gonna go ahead and quote directly from a reddit post from some people who were in that match: "I was in the game with my friend Dilly Dingus (and Insane Cyndaquil, who also got banned from this shitshow) so I guess I can elaborate on some stuff. So we're in a party and we get placed in this match with this squeaker and two women. The squeaker befriends the two women and one of the women mentions that she is the community manager of Turtle Rock Studios (whooptie doo). Dilly chats with them and then the little kid says Dilly sounds like a girl. Dilly is amused by this and says the kid sounds like he's 5. Apparently the boy took offense to this, because he sounded distraught when he told us that he was 14 and only had a high voice. We all in our party laughed about this because there was no way that was true. We poked fun abit and the women come to the kid's aid, and then the game starts. The kid is Jason, so of course I fucking call it that the two fem-knights are gonna help Jason in killing us (a bannable offense). All the while they are doing this, Dilly is making fun of the women (because who the fuck wouldn't, if they're helping out Jason because some guys made fun of their squeaker friend). I remember Dilly saying "How much dick did you have to suck to become community manager of a tiny studio that makes shitty games?". The game progressed and I met up with both of the women, along with all my other friends, including Dilly. One of the women were trying to teamkill me (and failing), so I fucking beat their ass and teamkill them in return. I victoriously taunted them and then continued on with the game. Jason ends up killing all of us except 1 of my friends, who manages to kill the other woman who was trying to teamkill him and hold out for 10 minutes before dying from Squeaker Vorhees. All the while he's doing this, Dilly is having a heated argument with these women, and the two parties are hurling insults at eachother. Dilly must have said something because one of the women practically SCREAMED on their microphone about us being faggots and "why do you people exist". Honestly, that was really fucking funny and I couldn't believe this woman was getting so saddened from this shit. And then, the 30-year-old community manager of Turtle Rock Studios says to Dilly that she knows one of the game devs and she could get Dilly banned. We brushed this off because we didn't know that favoritism could get someone banned. And that brings us to this mess. Personally, I don't think Dilly should have got banned. I think the women who HELPING JASON should have gotten banned, because you know, that's a bannable offense too. Also, bleak favoritism from the devs." And "Sweet Chicken Salmonella here, also one of the members of that shitshow of the match (and the Jarvis that juked toddler voiced jason for 10 mins) can confirm everything Gruvee, Cyndiquil, and Dilly said to be true. Can not confirm what the other party said in spectator chat as I was the last to be killed, but I can confirm that they were in fact teaming, and they did in fact start it. Had I known that the teamers where also using homophobic hate speech, as an openly gay man, I'd probably be more vocal about this entire incident than I already am. If you want to keep Dilly banned, that's all fine and dandy, but show some consistency and ban the others too, considering they broke two of those rules you created the day afterbanning him and Cyndiquil." Not definitive at all and almost cetainly biased- still, another perspective.
  8. Here's a video incase others haven't heard- just listen to that glorious Lachappa "HELP" GIVE IT TO US DEVS
  9. In the virtual cabin, all 3 of these characters had unique voices- I was especially excited to hear Lachappa's voice crack :). However, ingame, all of these characters are using Kenny's voice. I know that Kenny and Adam share a voice actor, but.. they're the exact same lines. Chad is the only male with a unique voice. Am I the only one who noticed this? Is there nothing to notice?? Am I crazy?! Or is it just something that's yet to be put in?
  10. I hop around the Discord, Reddit, and Forums on rotation- I try and spread information from each source to the other so that everyone is equally informed (thanks gyazo). It's so odd how much conflicting information gets put out there by the development team :/. I really do think if they sat everyone down and got everyone on the same level before sending them out to post on Reddit and Facebook that they'd see a lot less bashing.
  11. u guys get way too salty lmao this is a friggen friday the 13th video game chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  12. People are gonna shit on the game- people shit on all games. People who post on forums tend to be people w/ issues. I'm not a game developer but LOL if you can't handle criticism from players on forums idk man maybe u shouldn't be making games. Can you imagine the amount of shit Bethesda and them get when their games are fucked up? That's a lot of pissed people. I understand this is a small studio but if you announce a patch and don't meet the date, you're gonna get shit. If you don't give a date for the patch, you're gonna get shit. They're gonna get shit no matter what they do. That's just how it be :/. They'd get a whole lot less of it, though, if they didn't announce dates that were inaccurate. The forums wouldn't explode if they had said "patch coming sometime this week, expect clothes and a new Jason recolor :)." If that was ALL they had said, we wouldn't have had to deal with the whole 'omg new kill' fiasco. It would suck that we wouldn't have had a concrete date, but it would've been a whole lot easier for them to deal with. The new kill thing is just them dropping the ball tbh
  13. The clothes are cool. The reskin isn't exactly my style but w/e if people are down I'm down. I think what most people are upset by is that there have been so many miscommunications from Gun- early 2017, patch dates, the new skin will include a new kill.. etc. If the patch isn't stable and there's a chance it could be delayed.. why announce a date for it??? How do the main guys at Gun even find false information to post? They're producers and shit- you think they'd be the ones who would know what the next patch would include. If they DON'T... maybe they should have someone else posting on social media for them :/
  14. Now I'm being told through discord it was all a big miscommunication and that there won't be a new kill. >_> kind of a big thing to fudge lol