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  1. I found 4 over the weekend (double xp)and it was just searching drawers . I was level 47 and started finding them at 54 through 63.
  2. I always stay in the same lobby until it closes and I have put over 30 hours into the game this weekend. So playing the same way before the update I was spawning as Jason a lot and now I’m not. Even last night I play 15 rounds and saw two people spawn as Jason 3 times each and I did not once and yes that was all the same lobby. We only had 6 players in the match including Jason. Thanks for pointing out that it’s random I never quite understood what that meant!
  3. Since the new update I have played a lot of matches. I have only been jason 4 times since the beginning of the double xp (Thursday) until today (Wednesday) jason is my spawn preference and usually I’m him every 4 or 5 matches. Is anyone else having this problem? I usually use savini Jason.
  4. They could patch him out of the game then send refunds to PlayStation people. After that they just patch him back in and resend codes to backers. Or they can leave it the way it is and give the backers something new like Pamela or kid jason.
  5. Any update on what you are doing about the savini leak? Are you going to patch him out of the game and reissue codes and refund the PlayStation people or are you going to release him to the public and make something new for backers?
  6. I still see lots on Xbox compared to when I first started playing. I think I played for 3 weeks without seeing another savini. Now every couple matches has one or two
  7. Has gun still not said anything about this topic? They were supposed to address it. Many people that backed this game essentially paid to have something exclusive and now they don't. I don't understand why gun doesn't just patch him out of the game and reissue new codes to everyone with refunds for those on Xbox. And yes it is that easy to patch him out and replace him with a new savini code. Or why don't they just release him and give the backers a new jason designed by Tom. I'm sure he has lots of ideas.
  8. Hello all I'm Ron and I love everything horror. Always looking to play on Xbox my gamer tag is acer1alkill3r kill3r
  9. Yes that would be great
  10. I would like to see jason be able to move tables,couches and chairs so people can just run around them. I would also like to see the clothes line kill for jason added as a environmental kill.
  11. I would like to see the virtual cabin added to the main screen so you can sit in your cabin and check out your unlocks and maybe videos of your best kills. I really enjoyed the cabin and being able to check out the different versions of jason