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  1. He could run at the same speed as a counselor like Kenny, faster than some like Lachappa but slower than Vanessa, but it could also be that instead of a stamina bar it's an ability on cooldown like shift. Sprint could also reduce his stun resistance by 100%.
  2. It would be nice if Jason had to work for his grabs, being able to instantly kill a counselor by just grabbing and performing an easy/fast execution just feels cheap.
  3. That's well and good for console players, but I own the PC version. So if I want to play the game later in its life I'll be forced to buy the game again and pay for Playstation's online service in order to play the game. I'll also have to start from scratch and won't be able to use my Tom Savini Jason. I feel really good that I got completely screwed over in the end.
  4. Game's dying on PC. If this next content patch doesn't bring people back the game will likely die.
  5. So the steam stats for F13 are pretty low, and seem to be on a continuous decline. No idea if the upcoming content patch is going to change anything but it's incredibly discerning, I feel like I backed the wrong pony when it comes to systems. I'd play on PS4 but I don't want to pay for PS+ to play one game. What even is the state of the console playerbase anyhow? There's no metric for it.
  6. The thing about 1st person is it would require a change in animations and how the game works. The counselor animations would require a complete overhaul to make them work in 1st person. For an example, look at the difference between the character animations in GTAV between third person and first person. While 1st person would be much more immersive, it would take away a lot of the key mechanics of the game like gauging your fear and health. Personally, I think just zooming in and having a Resident Evil 4 style control system where you can't rotate the camera in-front of your character to see behind them would be better. So you have to turn to see in-front of you. Something like that would make the game much more suspenseful since you can't simply just rotate the camera freely to see where Jason is or press R to look behind you, but also make it easier for Jason players to understand whether or not they are spotted or detected in any way. I can never tell if a counselor sees me or not and if stalk is actually working. One of the reasons I wish the counselor yell when they see Jason would come back.
  7. But doors do not and can be combat stanced. Why? The time it takes to break down a door with combat stance makes using the prompt nonviable and using it is just wasting time. I don't understand, why even have a prompt?
  8. Hopefully a hotfix is out soon.
  9. The counselors had scream reactions when they saw Jason, but for some reason were removed from the game. One thing I would change though is instead of counselors going "Holy shit is that a dead body!?" Is replace it with their reaction when Jason kills the power and they go "Ah! oh my god.." Because that's a much more appropriate response to a dead body, especially if it's someone they would recognize. I don't understand the point of "is that a dead body?" It's incredibly stupid.
  10. I'm impressed that it's managed to hang onto over 1k players. Once the issues are fixed and there's more content the numbers should start going up, or even once it's on sale. The player numbers might not be impressive, but then you look at Lawbreaker's numbers and realize that 1-2k players isn't bad at all.
  11. Is this intentional? I understand that at launch it made stealth impossible because counselors would scream when Jason was simply in the vicinity, but it it was still a neat mechanic. Is there no way for counselors to scream when they see Jason without breaking any kind of stealth they're trying to do? Like don't have it happen when they're crouching or hiding?
  12. Stalk should be one of the first abilities you get early on rather than the last. Much like the movies themselves, stealth is more important at the beginning rather than the climax. Stalk is pretty much useless at endgame, whereas shift would be much more useful and a better late game ability than Stalk.
  13. I seriously don't understand why his shift is so slow. Like fine it takes awhile to regen but what is the rationality behind it being so slow. It's as slow as Part 2's but Part 2 can run and has fast morph regen.
  14. Is there really any viability to hiding in Friday the 13th? It seems like there's so many ways for Jason to find you, especially with the sense ability. With no real way to determine whether or not Jason can see you with sense I have to wonder what the point of stealth is. I've had moments where my character wasn't behaving like their fear was high and Jason almost always spots me. There's no real way to manage fear or stealth without completely knowing how it works in-game. I've been playing since launch but I still don't understand how it works. The stealth stat seems to play a big part in it, but what about composure? What prevents your character from lighting up or the Cabin you're hiding in? What makes this hide and seek when Jason can find you no matter what and has numerous tools at his disposal to keep up with you and chase you.
  15. Why not both with one being a skin?