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  1. How has this gone unnoticed? Hmmmmm....I have to go think about this.
  2. Welcome. Now that's dedication!
  3. I totally agree with this. Too often forums get taken over by the same few posters...which comes across as cliquey and unwelcoming. *I personally like unlocks....
  4. community

    Friday the 26th.....sweet mother of God.....that's Friday the 13th X 2!
  5. My strategy is to do the opposite of the following: As a counselor.....spawn in and die immediately. As Jason..............shift into as many things as possible until everyone escapes.
  6. Yep. Now everyone has the chance to be an Internet champion. Any strategy videos out yet on how to beat this new forum? Please share and like this post. I only need a couple hundred more likes to win! LMAO! The new format is cool. It will just take some time to get used to.
  7. Those old Lucas and Sierra adventure games were awesome! I actually found Indiana Jones on steam awhile back. I don't remember ever beating it on the Commodore 64, so I'm going to replay it on my modern day PC. It was extremely hard to find a walk through guide back then if one even existed for the game you were playing. It forced you to use your brain....and possibly cause the 1st rage quits! Good call on this topic. I got to make some time for Indy today!
  8. Kool Aid Man says, "Ohhhh yeahhh!"
  9. MY EYES!!!!
  10. Someone just get done watching "Point Break?" Lots of cryptic surfer talk, dude!
  11. Damn! I hope I don't get a "renob" from it! Lmao
  12. He could trim Randy's beard with it! Seriously tho, if all goes well there's lots of room for additional features.
  13. Is there a tag number?
  14. I thought a bushwacker was one of those crazy dudes from back when the wwe was still the wwf! A weed wacker and weed eater are used interchangeably around these parts. The brush cutting blade attachment works great on small sapplings and jagger bushes(thorn bushes, briars, stickers) and gets tangled up on weeds. I have the blade for a homelite weed wacker...mine is in the shape of a triangle not the circular saw blade like in the movie tho. In real life, probably hurt like hell, but not kill you unless used excessively against neck/head.
  15. Maybe they'll hide the release date in the cabin? Seems odd that they'd update the virtual cabin right before the launch window ends.... Fingers crossed.
  16. You serious? That would be great!
  17. Every time the bell rings a counselor gets their wings! -"It's a Wonderful Life"
  18. Wes, did say let's see how things play out and they can change it...but in reality if you see a bear trap you are going to disarm it with something other than your leg...but in a horror movie you're not going to do logical things.
  19. That's the 1st thing that Jpopped into your head? Lol....Me too!
  20. Does the 2016 date make any difference?
  21. Ooh yeah! I wish I was. Not nearly as good as the 80's tho. The hulkster, Jake the Snake, Andre, Rowdy Roddy Piper, JYD, could name them all. Everyone was awesome!
  22. I'm sure if you succeed in killing Jason they'll have a special way to reward you... They gave badges out for the order of deaths by Jason in the cabin.
  23. Honestly I stayed to the end every match and it can get pretty boring watching one player crouching around all over the same area. Especially when you have 4 Vanessas left! Hopefully some of the tweeks will make the after death gameplay more interesting to watch. I can see why people left the beta games tho.
  24. Interesting... Can you confirm this? Maybe the decimal was in the wrong place and it was .8gb?