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  1. The quality of the photo is spot on for the 1980's!
  2. The background of the dots kinda looks like snow or a krumpled up twister mat.
  3. I'm a kickstarter backer and have not had time to play yet! Soon.... fall of 2017.... stay tuned!
  4. I live in the moment.
  5. Ohhhh boy!!! NES Jason! Nice touch. I'm a kickstarter backer and haven't had time to play the game yet! My son is crushing people tho and it looks fun as hell! Sadly we will miss the double xp weekend, but hope everyone has a great time! I got to get on this soon. Beta was a blast and it looks sooo much better now!
  6. I haven't had time to play it on PS4, but I sucked during the beta! My teenaged son kills everyone as Jason. Got everyone including Tommy Jarvis his first try! Damn kids!
  7. Elmer Fudd, "Somebody sway fake twitties? Huhuhuhuhu"
  8. Added my pics. Pre NES. There wasn't much out there that was available to the average kid. We had an Atari 2600 and a Commodore 64. These handhelds were great tho for a portable game.
  9. Does anyone else remember any good handhelds from the 70s or 80s? I just cleaned up my old TOMYTRONIC handheld TRON game and it reminded me of some other game I used to play. I still have a functioning head to head football game too. We used to trade them back and forth. My buddies had Hockey("the one with the puck" lol), and a really cool PAC MAN! We had others between all my friends, but those are the ones that I remember the most. I was going to post a pic from my iPhone, but it says the image is too big... if I can figure it out, I'll attach a couple pics!
  10. Both great movies!
  11. Yeah...would be cool if you could do the sleeves and the main body separately in any color. Maybe down the road.
  12. So..... How about that Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson letterman jacket? It looks pretty sweet and you can change the colors to match your own school. Hopefully they'll add some more mascots down the road and maybe sports patches...
  13. Obviously, you have no idea what it means.... Yeah, it's been used in fashion quite a bit which has become accepted for the most part. I don't believe it was meant to be disrespectful, but if I noticed I'm sure others will too. Hey guys, I'm just pointing it out, not looking to be attacked because I happen to know how to properly display my country's flag.
  14. No, it's not. Should be flipped the other way stars are always to the left. Look it up.
  15. I remember you. Welcome to the forum, noob! lol
  16. Me. November 23rd 2015! Also was on kickstarter before the forums as JimmyB.
  17. Anyone else notice the American flag on Adam's jacket isn't right? Unless this was intentional, the union(stars) should be on the left when the flag is hung in the manner shown.
  18. Boom Box/Ghetto Blaster and some cardboard and Lachappa will be breaking some bones!
  19. I was going to throw in $40,000 and have myself in the game 4 times....but sadly they were all gone! Lol...1vs3+4of me
  20. That is some serious doosh baggery!
  21. "Halloween" could be executed in the same style of play. "My Bloody Valentine" mining town and mine would be awesome! .....kinda along the same type of game play. Freddy I think would be a lot more difficult due to the dream world and how Freddy morphs into things. Not saying it can't be done, but to do it justice it would need more than just a skinned over game. I think it would have to be its own animal.
  22. To counter your point of view.....I am a Kickstarter backer that backed at a level to obtain the Savini skin. I'm mad that this Jason does not have all the perks unlocked with unlimited use so that no one ever escapes me when I use it and only I determine how long you survive! Muhahahaha
  23. Pretty sure counselor Kenny is a member here. I can't remember his forum name, but he had mentioned it a good while ago. I'm just going off memory here. I'm still looking for the thread.
  24. How has this gone unnoticed? Hmmmmm....I have to go think about this.
  25. Welcome. Now that's dedication!