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  1. That is some serious doosh baggery!
  2. "Halloween" could be executed in the same style of play. "My Bloody Valentine" mining town and mine would be awesome! .....kinda along the same type of game play. Freddy I think would be a lot more difficult due to the dream world and how Freddy morphs into things. Not saying it can't be done, but to do it justice it would need more than just a skinned over game. I think it would have to be its own animal.
  3. To counter your point of view.....I am a Kickstarter backer that backed at a level to obtain the Savini skin. I'm mad that this Jason does not have all the perks unlocked with unlimited use so that no one ever escapes me when I use it and only I determine how long you survive! Muhahahaha
  4. Pretty sure counselor Kenny is a member here. I can't remember his forum name, but he had mentioned it a good while ago. I'm just going off memory here. I'm still looking for the thread.
  5. How has this gone unnoticed? Hmmmmm....I have to go think about this.
  6. Welcome. Now that's dedication!
  7. I totally agree with this. Too often forums get taken over by the same few posters...which comes across as cliquey and unwelcoming. *I personally like unlocks....
  8. community

    Friday the 26th.....sweet mother of God.....that's Friday the 13th X 2!
  9. My strategy is to do the opposite of the following: As a counselor.....spawn in and die immediately. As Jason..............shift into as many things as possible until everyone escapes.
  10. Yep. Now everyone has the chance to be an Internet champion. Any strategy videos out yet on how to beat this new forum? Please share and like this post. I only need a couple hundred more likes to win! LMAO! The new format is cool. It will just take some time to get used to.
  11. Those old Lucas and Sierra adventure games were awesome! I actually found Indiana Jones on steam awhile back. I don't remember ever beating it on the Commodore 64, so I'm going to replay it on my modern day PC. It was extremely hard to find a walk through guide back then if one even existed for the game you were playing. It forced you to use your brain....and possibly cause the 1st rage quits! Good call on this topic. I got to make some time for Indy today!
  12. Kool Aid Man says, "Ohhhh yeahhh!"
  13. MY EYES!!!!
  14. Someone just get done watching "Point Break?" Lots of cryptic surfer talk, dude!