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  1. I'm setting up a private match leave you gamer tags I'll add u. Btw my gamer tag is the same as my profile name.
  2. Got it thanks! Guess i channeled my inner Tiffany lol.
  3. I'm on Xbox and I received my dlc code however where do I go to put it in my game??
  4. Its confirmed hair physics are coming in the patch they confirmed over discord ☺️☺️🙂
  5. I'm making an assumption since Wes confirmed on the Q&A there would be hair physics on the console version. Did you look at the patch notes yourself(No disrespect) Wes said they would post the patch notes soon. Besides maybe it's titled under something else.
  6. I also think a big chunk of it comes from the hair physics they are adding in.
  7. I emailed them about an hour back still have yet to receive a reply. This is slowly turning into No mans sky. I'm holding to what little fate I still have but there will be no excuse if by the end of the day not everyone is playing on all consoles with the dlc codes and etc sent.
  8. Im just confused. I never backed the game but I bought the clothing pack dlc through backerkit. I received a confirmation email at that time. I just thought I haven't received the code cause the game isn't available on Xbox yet. Should I contact Gun? Or is this to be expected till the game "launches" for Xbox?
  9. I've yet to receive my digital code for the dlc on Xbox. Is anyone else having this problem with consoles? Should we be receiving the codes when the game is made available to the public officially?
  10. We will be getting this patch as soon as the game launches on all platforms or whichever one comes first?
  11. Your most likely right maybe they won't launch the update till the game comes out everywhere
  12. Well I just listen to some of the Q&A from yesterday Wes "confirmed" dynamic hair for all three consoles. If it isn't true come 12:00am I hope he has good answer as to why despite his reassurance.
  13. I plan on doing the same maybe they are just using the controller and playing on pic with the physics option off if that is possible? Idk anymore
  14. Absolutely skip around till u see one of the females.