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  1. It wasn't directed to you. Just a general comment.
  2. It's nice to pretend they have a good reason behind all their decisions isn't it?
  3. Only a matter of time before they start deleting accounts that seem"inflammatory"
  4. @GunMedia_Ben @wes Just curious are you guys still going to continue to pretend like the problems on Xbox one aren't still persisting even though we we're promised a patch 2 weeks ago 🤔. Just wondering considering you haven't said a peep regarding it for a full 2 weeks. On that note is this going to be the same treatment we get regarding every patch/update ?
  5. Single player coming late 2017 confirmed.
  6. Yeah there are some kills missing. Like the eye ball pop just turned into the head squeeze and the heart rip is. Is the chest punch..Also wasn't there also supposed to be a documentary released with the game 🤔....interesting
  7. At this point I'm one crash away from having a nervous breakdown 🙃
  8. @Randygbk @GunMedia_Ben @wes Where is the patch? Why aren't we receiving any news? Will these crashes ever be fixed? Its not right how your avoiding the situation . People payed money to play the game not to sit at their dashboard.
  9. I was wondering the same thing too. I thought at first the voice actors might have been fired or had quit. But kenny's and Chad's voice actors do two characters each. The only male with one voice actor was Brandon. 🤔🤔
  10. I agree I feel every counselor is on the same tier it's just a matter of how you use them. It's annoying seeing people put them in tiers like one is better than the other.
  11. This is now a practical joke its almost a week and the Xbox one has still yet to receive news on this patch. It's truly disrespectful how cavalier they are acting about this. Its been over one MONTH and the game still isn't stable on Xbox one. We've been patient, we've been understanding but enough is enough. Microsoft can only be blamed so much Gun needs to take some accountability. If the devs read this isn't coming from a place of malice just frustration. This game is blast but it's hard to enjoy when I can barely stay in a match before I'm kicked back to my dashboard. I understand the fact they are small team but that excuse is wearing thin.
  12. Here's the link in case anyone was wondering
  13. I'd give u a like if I could lol. But I agree it really breaks the immersion and honestly feels half assed.
  14. Ik the struggle is real it's genuinely emotionally draining.