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  1. Found this on discord. Perfect meme 👌
  2. My guess is the emote and clothing pack along with rain will be in the next patch on the 28th
  3. Seems safe to assume that since we've been getting patches that day. Although I think the next clothing pack will release the first week of October. Mostly because the physical copy includes it and that will release on the 13th.
  4. Really I actually think the clothing pack seems cool. I'm definitely interested to see the next couple packs. Dead by daylights trash I cannot fathom how people enjoy that game. I bought because of the hype.....biggest regret ever.
  5. The paradox of the situation makes it funnier.
  6. Honestly I wouldn't mind if single player is delayed I just hate the fact they're waiting on the last possible second to tell us.To me it's really disingenuous.
  7. Calling someone a bad parent because they let their child play a GAME. Granted it is rated M but to reiterate what was already said ESRB rating is more of a formality. It's just a suggestion at the end of the day. Besides you don't know the parent or child in question to come to conclusion they aren't fit to play, or the parent is incompetent when it comes to parenting their child.
  8. Not really lol.I have such OCD for tiny details. To me the voices all being different is as important as the game being able to work.
  9. Apparently it's going to take some time since the hotfix is a priority at the moment. Although it's nice to see it's being worked on an official statement on the forums should have been made, since not everyone has discord.
  10. Someone from illfonic.
  11. lol that's the main reason I want single player 😂😂😂😂
  12. Apparently it's being fixed at least that's what I heard in discord. Trust me it's super frustrating it makes all the male characters lose their individuality.
  13. I hope so I'm sure there will be options added in the future.