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  1. No Turtle and finalboy the clothes are completely new. I asked Wes on twitter a month or so back he said the clothing pack would contain entirely different outfits,
  2. It seems plausible. If so then we should expect an announcement this week.
  3. They did confirm that. So all we know is its not recolors. I hope the outfits are drastically different not just a "version" of the default outfits. I also hope there are recolors of the outfits we are getting. Would suck if there weren't.
  4. I'm wondering when they're going to reveal the pre order clothing. Since of the recent talk of pre orders. Honestly at this point I think it will be a surprise on launch which I'm not against.
  5. I am worried too; However I'm sure they're considering the counselors when balancing Jason.
  6. Yeah as of now it would be too expensive, but not impossible. Remember it was a stretch goal. Maybe once the game makes more money they'll add it later on.
  7. It is. Who knows maybe the game will come out this month. I assume they are just finalizing the formalities of cert but are done with actual "meat" of the work. It would only make sense since they're talking about a release date. They are probably now seeing when they want to start pre orders for xbox.
  8. We shall see I'm sure they will find a reason....
  9. Let's enjoy before jpops shuts it down lol.
  10. Virtue signal much?1:A countdown to may 1st would be accurate. They said themselves "early 2017 runs from January to April". If the game doesn't release this month(April) it will be technically delayed *gasp. 2:I doubt they'll be "excited" for a delay. But if anything they chose to put this on themselves. If they wait till the last minute to announce a delay like they have in the past any hate they get will be entirely on them.They CHOSE to insist the game is coming out "early 2017" I would've had more respect if they decided to say"hey we honestly don't know cert isn't going in our favor" but alas instead we have their main account saying to every question "stay tuned" "at a later date" "soon" or that stupid ";)" face. We have been waiting we have been staying tuned enough is enough. 3: I could care less about how they feel seeing the deadline pushed in their face. Its good if anything it will give them a reason to get their crap together. They have an obligation to make a date they went out of their way to promise us. I know I speak for EVERYONE when I say we've been patient and understanding for MONTHS. Enough is enough. We have been fair and understanding but now its becoming a joke. Their twitter(excluding Wes, he actually provides some info) has been useless instead of hearing news about the game or screenshots.We see the message "We will have the release date as soon as possible!"(No I'm actually serious its said at almost every comment lol) 4: I would rather them be honest about cert. Besides do they think were stupid its obvious they failed cert more than once. They have been in cert since January. I know for a fact the process isn't that long.
  11. Agreed at least at this point it would be accurate.
  12. Yes for a fact you can mix and match too your hearts desire. Lol
  13. I did notice Tiffany's lips as well. I think they are slightly larger anyway you can mix and match recolors.
  14. He's probably not going to answer but I feel like he's teasing a reveal. Maybe this Friday we will get substantial news.
  15. Customization looks good. Love ajs shirt ????????????. Can't wait to see the pre order exclusive clothes.