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  1. Looking forward to "soon." It seems like glitching is getting out of hand.
  2. No real strategy besides private matches.
  3. Considering that patches and small content updates were such an issue,I'm worried that the single player update will break the game completely
  4. I'm pretty much where you are. It's so frustrating because there is so much potential here. We had a pretty solid group of regulars playing last night so it was fun again and made me remember why I love the game,even with the connection issues that are starting to get more frequent on PC. It says a lot about the game when someone randomly joins and gets excited because we are "actually communicating."
  5. It's the only way I can enjoy playing. And even with a solid group,I find myself getting bored more easily.
  6. I'm guessing you aren't playing on Xbox One,ya know,the most broken version of the game. Same. Once.
  7. Public matches = Hell People either have mics and act like total jerkoffs,or they don't have mics. Either way it's hell.
  8. 1. Logged in. 2. Rolled perks. 3. Had a few matches. 4. Started crashing constantly. 5. Switched to Forza Horizon 3.
  9. was being sarcastic. Believe me,I have all the sympathy for the Xbox One players who got screwed over. I hyped this game up to a lot of friends who probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise,and I feel horrible that they had to get it on Xbox One. I think it's completely naive and amateurish to have a double xp weekend while the game is still broken. I know they are a small team,but it's crazy how no one spoke up about how stupid a double xp weekend would be. I'm shocked that a video game website hasn't put out an article about the current state of this game. This was RUSHED to try and take some of the attention away from the Dead By Daylight console release,I don't care what anyone says.
  10. Who cares if the servers are STILL busted. Double xp!
  11. I can't wait to see how Xbox One is going to handle this single player update