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  1. I'd buy a map pack,if they were solid maps with new assets. This game desperately needs more than just the Jarvis house.
  2. Like Jason,it seems like this game will at least rise from its grave every Friday The 13th.
  3. Yeah I don't understand the logic either. Someone behind the scenes must really believe in it though since they keep pushing it out there. Sure people are talking about it,but not in the "oh wow I'm looking forward to where this goes" way.... It's more like "Oh god,not this shit again."
  4. Was there even a payoff for the last one? LOL at the reaction on Twitter...
  5. Agree with this 100%.
  6. WELCOME BACK @Brigadius
  7. Jason emotes. The head tilt,the mask lift,the "Kane Hodder deep angry breathing"
  8. Oh man don't even get me started on the Nostalgia Critic...Ugh. Didn't know that about Bootsy,and it's a shame because he definitely was entertaining.
  9. - The map is awesome - I haven't even gotten to use Part IV Jason yet so I can't comment - Well,you got me there.
  10. Don't be overly negative,guys. That could earn you a suspension from the forums. Hopefully Sony works out the issues on their end......
  11. Yeah,I've always enjoyed "The Nerd" but it feels like he's tired of being that character/making those videos. Its rough when you get famous for something you wished would branch off into something else. He's the AVGN,and I wish he would embrace it fully. Mike,is insufferable though.
  12. This game needs a lot more environmental kills.
  13. This isn't meant to be a deliberate knock against the developers,but what did everyone expect? It's double xp,it's Friday The 13th....Of course this was going to happen. If you took off work today,that's just insane given the server track record.