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  1. Jason X nose on a Part VI mask. Always looked wonky.
  2. The doc gets it.
  3. Nothing new. Pre-beta might have actually felt like the "official" forums,but those days are long gone. I'm over it. Hell,they told us we don't matter.
  4. Shankssssss! Yeah I miss everyone ;(
  5. Still can't see how this can be anything but Roy. Hope there isn't this much unnecessary speculation when they tease an apple or an ax cut in the mask...
  6. I agree with that logic. Now we need @GunMedia_Ben or someone with the power to do something,to agree with it. No one can say there isn't any proof. Setting up traps like that IS helping Jason if I'm running from Jason and end up in that trap.
  7. This guy is flaunting the fact that he team kills,but he isn't breaking any of Gun's TOS rules so nothing can and will be done about him. It's absolutely ridiculous but it's the game environment that Gun has created.
  8. This..... Is fucking hilarious to me now. The lengths trolls go to rob someone of their enjoyment....I can only laugh now. Bear trapping the inside of a cabin by the window. Bravo trolls. Bravo.
  9. Toxic players (team killing,loud mouths,etc),no ability to just "Play the killer" like in Dead By Daylight,the repetitive nature of playing councelor,the same 3 maps that already feel way too similar,the fact that so many glitches still exist (like Jason being able to walk over traps in combat stance),the horrible hit detection,barely any variation to the game modes or game customization options for a multiplayer game....
  10. She just gave him a nice readjustment If Part 3 ended with the hanging,I would be more inclined to side with that being his true "death." But after he pulls himself off that rope,his neck is still stocky and he's able to keep his head up so I still go with his true death was IV. And yes,I understand how silly this debate is because the only thing that can truly kill him and also bring him back is the box office take,BUT STILL
  11. This is the closest Friday film we have to look forward to for a long time. Thank you. Hope you generate some solid buzz.
  12. Great. This is EXACTLY what the game needs. (SARCASM SARCASM SARCASM SARCASM)