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  1. Boom. The last segment is the one that starts like the game. Jason busts in on this "midnight society."
  2. Well,if I ever hit the powerball,I'll buy the rights to the franchise and finally get my "Tales From Crystal Lake" movie,featuring 3-5 short films set in the Friday universe. One of em will start just like the game.
  3. Well,I'm in the mid settings to possible,maybe,high club.
  4. Ah,Shanker beat me to Inside. Great stuff,one of those ultra-violent foreign horror movies that popped up around the same time. (Frontiers,Martyrs). All of these. And when you are finished those - The Bird With The Crystal Plumage and Opera. Yep! Also - Cheerleader Camp,Return to Horror High,Sleepaway Camp trilogy,The Slumber Party Massacre Series. Also,the hysteria lives podcast is fantastic! Really great to see these two get noticed. I think Rob Zombie "borrowed" from 1 and 2 for his takes on Halloween. I'm going to just look up at my dvd shelves and throw some out there: Dark Night Of The Scarecrow,Dead & Buried,The Beyond,Demons,Maniac (original and remake),Basket Case,Brain Damage,Mosquito,Street Trash,Night Of The Demons
  5. The Invitation was a perfect slow burn thriller that Hitch would have been proud of,and the most recent movie I'd recommend. Obviously,you need to be in the right mood for this kind of flick,because you won't be getting buckets of gore flung at your face. StageFright (1987) is probably one of my favorite Italian horror slashers. The killer wears an over-sized owl mask (that definitely inspired hotline miami) and uses a chainsaw. You can watch it on youtube -
  6. I'm coppin' a feel before this Jason drives a machete into my heart,I know that much.
  7. I swear... Everyday something else to worry about pops up.
  8. Anddddd there goes the general "non diehard fan" gamers....
  9. I hope so. I want the reaction to be "whoa,we got a Savini Jason here" and not "WTF I WANTED SAVANII JAON NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!"
  10. I give Savini Jason about a week of exclusivity before Gun caves in to stop the general townspeople from grabbing their pitchforks.
  11. Devs mentioned on reddit they wouldn't be against cosmetic mods.
  12. Savini until I unlock VIII.
  13. Back in my day,we had to get our NES games from Toys R Us. You didn't just grab the game off the shelf either. No sir,you grabbed this little ticket thing and took it to the front of the store. After paying for it,you then took the ticket to this little room with a window and they gave you your game. Anyway,my parents paid over $50 for Friday The 13th on NES. I've been waiting for the idea of this game shortly after I first played the NES version. Over 28 years ago... But I could use a dryer. Also,my fridge started making this weird noise now,I'm sure it's going to break soon. I might settle for $3000.
  14. Touche. I still think his morph should be a strength,but I can't argue your logic.