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  1. My name is Jason Voorhees he is a certified killer and and bonerfied psycho and you cant teach that and this right here is gun media and we are missing a release date and you cant teach that Buda boom most dishonest guys in the room how you doin Me and zo have one word to describe this game and im going to spell it out for you L A T E Laaaaaaateeeeeee
  2. When i tried to shareplay that a gun came through my TV and threatened me im hoping FF will keep me going till launch day im hoping not to have the time for persona 5
  3. Glorious No, I won't give in I wont give in 'till this game comes out And I will defend I will defend Glorious No, I won't give in I wont give in 'till this game comes out and I will defend I will defend illfonic No, I won't give in I wont give in Oh, so glorious Until the end Until the end of Early 2017 (The moment you read the earlier posts in the wrestlers voices this ladies and gents has made my damn night)
  4. OOO I GET A FANCY LIL POP UP WHEN SOMEONE REPLIES OOOOOO! Im a PS4 player just started Final Fantasy so i hope that will see me through until release date i also hope i get time to book it off work so i can sit and play F13 when its out maybe half a day on day one because Timezones not sure when the code will drop
  5. I let my friend borrow my box set he said he never liked them i told him he was wrong a herbert and should be hung in public
  6. Maybe there locking stuff down for a big announcement maybe i dunno im just speculating
  7. That or they want no more Early 2017 jokes or something I saw another Countdown thing oh i did chuckle
  8. You Stupid Idiots
  9. I Hate the anticipation of the news will the game drop soon or not daaamn killing us all here
  10. I Put Early 2017™ on the closed facebook group and people went nuts at me over it no one noticed the ™ i put so i applaud the Super Soon™
  11. Ok so if you watch Part 6 as they are walking into the cemetery where jason is buried but its at 1.55 in you will seen a green light not sure if it means anything i saw it and remembered this post I added it here #GreenLightConspiracy
  12. Hang him no shoot him no hang him then shoot him
  13. Ive been playing Dark Souls DLC