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  1. You need to find an item in drawers called the fuse. It will be in the same campsite as the phone
  2. If you are misunderstanding, they want you to look into the email you sent them on BACKERKIT, and show them. (You only showed the kickstarter messages)
  3. My PSN is thetrickyshow
  4. If Jason couldn't shift into plain sight of counselors, how would the walking jasons catch up to them?
  5. Is there a video of the counselors wearing the sweaters?
  6. Im just guessing here: Maybe Pamelas sweater is for female counselors, while Jasons mask is for the male counselors(?)
  7. The new DLC's map is the games first fully indoor map, so that might be fun.
  8. The only problem I have with the leveling system is that the EXP gained in the beta was doubled or something like that. I just hope the game doesn't become a grind or something like that haha.
  9. Strength is related to stunning him, and luck is related to how many hits you get until the weapon breaks. (I think.)
  10. For the first one, I think the devs said it will be in the same campsite as the phone, not the same cabin (I might be remembering wrong.)
  11. The monster from It Follows.
  12. What I mean is like if you fix up the four seater car and nobodies around, you'll just escape in it by yourself, or you will lead Jason to someone. Why i'm askig is cause I watched a youtube video and a guy in the comments keeps ranting about how the devs "intended this to be a team game".
  13. Does anyone have a picture of the Savini Jason? I didnt get to see it.
  14. Dead By Daylight got a new character today. Heres a hint: PILLS HERE! Spoiler Alert, its Bill from left 4 dead! They also gave the characters a bunch of skins of charactersfrlm L4D, and it was all for free. Not saying the game is perfect right now, but playing with Bills perks in Kill Your Friends has been really fun.
  15. You hold down a button when you want to talk.