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  1. Slave of Social Networks.
  2. Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
  3. "The Attic"
  4. The implementation of the ARXAN could be also to protect the upcoming "SINGLE player side" of the game but...
  5. Done, but it's QUOTED anyways. About that REDDIT, there is not direct link to download any games just NFO's, a list of cracked/uncracked games and lot of memes ofc.
  6. With his crack you can play the game online but only with other players who have the same cracked version of the game, in other words playing between pirates. But here there was something else that could mess with profile legit users or something like that.
  7. lol, you think someone like him will get tracked so easy? Also their forum is on a offshore host.
  8. Just for you to have an idea about this guy: SOURCE: ARXAN is something similar to DENUVO (DENUVO is getting cracked more and more fast and now there are more scene cracking groups that joined to the party), maybe because this, is why the Devs., choose to waste money on ARXAN and not DENUVO, there is one group that crack specifically ARXAN games (like GTA V) cracked by "RELOADED" group a long time ago.
  9. Under Attack
  10. Man Vs Nature
  11. Can't Win Against The Reaper
  12. No, because they didn't put even a basic feature like that (even the most unknown games have it), so you end playing on servers damn far away from your region with 200ms +/-. I suggest them do it (it's a must): But they don't add that, be cause then, we (SA players) will see they lied about putting South American servers.
  13. They will not reply (or just reply what they want and not what you asking for), they already "have the money", now GL if you play with high PING.