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  1. PsnID: ikarikh Add me guys and let's play
  2. Oh get over it. This happens to pretty much EVERY multiplayer game on launch day including triple A titles. If you go into a launch weekend of a title and DON'T expect crashes and connection issues, you're incredibly ignorant and naive.
  3. The only failure here is this topic.
  4. Ps4

    Got my dlc codes just now but both are saying invalid. Chalking it up to them not being "officially" ready just yet so not gonna fuss just yet. As long as they work in a few hours i'll be happy. But if they don't i hope Gun can get me new ones soon :/
  5. Ps4

    I've got 5 min left on install. Can't wait!
  6. Hair physics were added after cert copy went to press. So it's definitely not in the base game but in the day 1 patch which may not be up on consoles just yet. Be patient.
  7. I can wait on the dlc til later today so long as I can play the game. Just got my code too. Downloading as we speak. Hopefully since we can download and install we don't need to wait until 11am EST to actually play.
  8. Ps4

    Just got my code. So happy.
  9. You can't play yet but the game is purchasable on Australian PSN. Just a heads up to the Aussies here. You'll need to search it though, it's not under the new games tab or anything.
  10. Yea that's the main issue. EA streamers are fine to MOST of us. It's just that they didn't set NDA's for them about this that pissed a lot of people off. Taking away ANY chance of us getting to even ATTEMPT to try and be part of discovering it is really disheartening.
  11. Uhm....how? They had a technical problem. Who cares? Not like it doesn't happen elsewhere outside of Gun
  12. It took the streamers about 8 hours or so before they figured it out. Getting to try shit out for 8 hours on launch before someone posts it online would have been fine because at least everyone would have had a few hours to try it themselves. A lot of people spent MONTHS speculating and theorizing on how to do it and were eager to get in and try their ideas. Not even being able to play ONE single match and try ANYTHING before it was leaked kinda just kills any motivation for it and kills a lot of hype people had for it. Having it spoiled before anyone can even step foot in the game and try it themselves is pretty shitty. And adding further salt to the wound is that the people who figured it out were not fans of the game or backers and didn't even care about the game, they just wanted to "world first" it to increase views to their subs.
  13. Uh no one expected to be world first. They just wanted the opportunity to try and figure it out on their own since that's EXACTLY what the devs said they wanted us to do and why they refused to tell us how to do it. So saying "Not gonna tell you how. We want you all to have fun discovering it on your own" and then having streamers leak it before we can even play the game is silly.
  14. Hopefully it fixes a lot of the bugs so people can stop hating on the game over them.
  15. If there's a legit answer and i am misinformed i'll happily retract my question. But if it's true it does kinda seem a bit off to say you had limited keys but now have some random streamer giving them away for free to his friends who ask if they can play. If there were extra keys, raffling them off to backers might have gone a long way to calming the herds. As a console peasant again, this doesn't affect me as i couldn't play EA even if i had a key. So i'm not being salty over EA. Just playing Devil's Advocate because you guys said as your legit explanation which i stand behind, that you had limited keys. So why is a streamer giving them to his friends?
  16. I preface this by saying i DON'T care that streamers got EA. Unlike a lot of other people, i'm not pissed about it. But the part of me that always seeks out truth and fairness has to ask this..... @Wes You said you only had limited keys to give out and that was a big part of your original posts explanation. So.....why is Bikeman on twitch "Giving out keys to people and streamers i know"....? At first i assumed he had pre-ordered a bunch of copies to give away in contests like many streamers had done. But it seems like he's giving out EA keys according to viewers of his stream...? So i have to ask how that is possible?
  17. No one would really be that upset if how to kill jason was discovered the first day of release because at least people would have had the chance to try to figure it out together themselves. Being told by Gun they won't tell us how because they want us to figure it out ourselves but then never give us that opportunity because some EA streamers who didn't even care about the game plastered the internet with it before launch is kinda shitty and makes a lot of people lose the hype they had to try and figure it out. Not sure why a lot of people are baffled that people are upset over that. The length of time it takes to figure it out was irrelevant. It's the simple fact we were never even give the CHANCE to try before it was all over the net.
  18. This is honestly a non-issue. Trying to get people thinking and speculating is done all the time in every media outlet. They never once said you could or couldn't kill him definitively in beta to my knowledge. So egging people on to explore and discover if they could or not isn't really an issue. I think it's silly to call them liars over something like that. And this is coming from the guy still salty about the misleading clothing dlc stuff. Criticism is fine but some of the complaints are getting really silly and grasping at straws to moan about.
  19. Your counter to me stating avoiding spoilers is pretty hard unless you literaly avoid the internet in total until launch which many will find unreasonable, is to tell me i should try harder to avoid spoilers and no one is to blame but me? That even if i had avoided the internet in total until launch and joined my very first match at zero hour trying to figure it out myself only to have someone on mic shout it at me, that's my fault for not trying to avoid it harder? People make a legit criticism that gun hyped up the big secret to killing jason and told us to figure it out ourselves then robbed us of that opportunity and you sit here blaming us for being upset at that? That's rather astounding. And for the record, i'm not yelling at you or being nasty or trying to make a heated argument. I'm making a legit counter statement because i highly disagree with your stance that EA Streamers spoiling it prior to release is no big deal and we only have ourselves to blame. I don't care that they had an EA for streamers. But I do care that they allowed them to plaster the internet with how to kill jason before anyone could even touch the game. To not be able to empathize with that and write it off as "that's your problem" is rather insensitive. I'm not looking for a fight. And i plan to bow out of this conv if it goes any further sideways. But a little empathy would be nice.
  20. Thanks man, I appreciate it. And yeah, he's sexy as ****. I'd like your post but it says I'm out of likes for the day :/
  21. Got bored so decided to make some fanart of my fav counselor. Nothing special and the pic didn't come out the way I had hoped but either which way, figured I'd show it off for the sake of it. Feel free to post your own if make some.
  22. Uhm maybe because people actually wanted to TRY and figure it out themselves on release? Especially after the devs made a huge deal about keeping it secret and told us they wanted us to figure it out ourselves through community discovery. Then didn't even give us the opportunity to do so because it was plastered all over the net before the game even launched and any of us could even TRY. Defending something you support is one thing. Defending it BLINDLY and dismissing ANY criticism is just dumb and makes your credibility on your defenses for more legit claims become moot. Pick your battles. Also your post about "If you couldn't stay off a stream for a day, your fault" is absolutely ridiculous. People who didn't even WATCH the streams are seeing this because it's EVERYWHERE right now. People are trolling the steam forums with it, youtube has it popping up in the damn titles of videos in your feed, Facebook posts are shouting it from the top of their lungs. Essentially you cannot go online today at all anywhere if you don't want to find out how to kill Jason. If you are gonna somehow tell everyone here that it's 'their fault for going online the day before release' you're absolutely ridiculous. Your blind defense of everything here is so over the top it's astonishing. I'm not even claiming Gun is that bad and this is an entirely fictional and extreme example i'm going to use that doesn't even reflect my own opinion, but it's at the point where they could sit and tell all backers "WE GOT YOUR MONEY! HAHAHA GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!" and somehow you'd come in here and find a way to defend that and tell everyone here that they're the problem.
  23. Now i'm just waiting for some assholes to "stage" a match where they pretend like it's legit but are all in on it and get Jason killed so they can claim "World First" on killing him "legit" and get views. Promise it's gonna happen.
  24. No spoilers, only discussing the difficulty of doing it. Doing it in an actual match will be really difficult from the looks of it. But anyone who wants to trophy/achievement can easily get friends together and do it in a private match easily without any effort as long as the jason player cooperates. So i wouldn't worry about it in normal matches but anyone can do it ridiculously easily if they want to for the achievement if everyone cooperates. Could logon day 1 and get it your very first match if you and your friends really wanted to.