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  1. Well here's my connundrum with that. If game goes live midnight on May 26th and game codes don't go out until then, you run into the unfortunate situation where someone who didn't back or pre-order can purchase, buy and play the game directly at midnight while a backer/pre-orderer is still potentially waiting on an email to be able to play. Getting them a day or two early and being able to pre-load the game like most games you can pre-order would be a lot more beneficial I would think. Also on a seperate note, we now have gameplay of Eric and Buggzy but still nothing of Adam other than him getting killed. I am disspointed :/
  2. Dissapointed, but at least we have a set date finally. And it's 2 days before my birthday so that's something to look forward to. And at least I can request those days off from work for that week now. So again, dissapointed but at least the anxiety of not knowing is finally over. We can kinda just relax and prepare ourselves and not need to check social media daily on edge over whether we get a release or not.
  3. It's on the US store, dunno about other territories if you're outside the US. And it's under Games/Add-Ons/Themes.
  4. Didn't even know this topic existed else I wouldn't have made the other one. *shrugs*
  5. A Friday The 13th The Game dashboard theme is up on the US PSN STORE.
  6. So pretty much every forum I've been on has had one of these but I didn't see one here. So figured I'd start one. Feel free to put a face to your name and share pics of yourself here to get to know each other better. I'll get the ball rolling, more on my InstaGram if interested:
  7. I appreciate a snarky reply as much as anyone, but this is probably the one topic not to do that in
  8. No delay is unlikely unless you live in Germany or whatnot. Wes said if they fail in other territories they'll still launch in NA/UK and work on getting the rest afterwards. And Germany is all they're waiting on, so NA/UK seems good to go.
  9. Yeah i remembered that as well which is why I asked to confirm.
  10. Well then they passed cert in NA territories. Can they release in NA then if need be and wait on Europe until they get the Ok from AU/GRM? I mean can they release in NA only to meet the deadline.
  11. As stated in the original post, they plan to fix the theme/skin/colors, this is just the default template that comes with the new upgrade they gave. They still need to make a new skin (which takes time, and with everything else going on it's probably not a priority) since the old one wasn't compatible. This skin isn't permanent so don't stress the color scheme and such. It's only temporary.
  12. Never much cared for the Stoner types, but I lead a Straight Edge lifestyle so that's pretty self explanitory as to why. Either way, not trying to be a party pooper on the topic. Carry on!
  13. It's funny because I know I read it on here, Reddit or Twitter. Wes directly replied and said they had nerfed Shift Grabs (it's still possible but much harder to do so it can't be spammed easily like before). But I was just looking around on here and reddit and couldn't find it, must've been Twitter else I missed it.
  14. Wes already confirmed that they nerfed Shift Grabbing a bit since the beta.
  15. A Signature/Banner thread already exists, I posted a few the other day in it. But now that Signatures are disabled :/
  16. Gun Media, the release of your game is on everyones mind. But do you know what else is on everyones mind? Papa Shango's Curse! And soon Gun Media, soon through the power of Voodoo, trough the power of Papa Shango, Papa Shango's Curse shall be upon you! You have failed to appease Papa Shango by allowing him to Sacrifice Counselors by playing this game. Papa Shango is from the Darkside. And that Darkside is VERY EVIL!!! That Darkside, hehehehe, there are sacrifices that need to be made. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Come Tuesday, if the sacrifices are not supplied to Papa Shango, Papa Shango will take you down, down into the bowels of Hell! You are nothing but my zombie! I control you! Through the power of Voodoo! HAHAHAHAHA! THROUGH THE POWER OF PAPA SHANGO!! I WILL GET MY SACRIFICES FROM YOU!!! GRRRRRRRR!!! You cannot bring Papa Shango down! You can feel the terror of me and the power of Voodoo! HAHAHA! There is nothing nice about Papa Shango. Everything in my world, is Evil! Everything in my world, is bad. And Come Tuesday, you shall know true darkness through the power of Voodoo, through the power.......of PAPA SHANGO! YOU WILL PROVIDE MY SACRIFICES.....ONE WAY.....OR ANOTHER! MWAHAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!
  17. You can just click on Online Users at the top to see a list of everyone and what topic/forum they're currently viewing.
  18. Made an Adam Fanart for my profile wall header and then 2 seconds later they shut the forums down and upgraded them and now the art I made doesn't work for the header. Oh the luck, haha.

  19. So one huge issue to note is profile pics/avatars are now absolute horrendous quality when you upload a new one. Reuploaded my pic to mine thinking with the forum upgrade it'd be BETTER than the crappy quality of the old one but it was actually WORSE now and looks all pixellated as anything regardless of what resolution I use. Also personally hate the new cover pictures as no matter what size or resolution you use, you can only see the top portion of the picture. :/
  20. To anyone worrying, the leaderboards actually existed prior, it was just at the very bottom of the board and not super noticeable. But it always existed to see who had the most posts, who the top posters of the day are, etc.
  21. Got bored so decided to make some fanart of my fav counselor. Nothing special and the pic didn't come out the way I had hoped but either which way, figured I'd show it off for the sake of it. Feel free to post your own if make some.
  22. If that wasn't enough, I assumed my chunky drag queen cheer pushed it over the top. But *shrugs*
  23. It's up and running and has been for quite some time. Unfortunately I don't have the hardware required to run it else I'd be on it. Plus the owners of the server are extremely petty and demand you play every match with their rules in mind (aka you can NEVER not help another player for any reason or else you get banned just as an example) and they're very cliquey so if one of them plays with you and doesn't like you for ANY given reason, (maybe they wanted that herb but you took it) they report you for 'harassment' and you get banned even though you didn't do anything wrong. But anyway, Outbreak (especially File 2) was my favorite Online game of all time. I had thousands of hours poured on that. It had a similiar concept to F13 in the terms of working with multiple other players soley to survive. And Flashback had Axeman hunting you down throughout the level and End of the Road had Mr. X stalking you so they were very F13'ish there too. It was just a shit ton of fun. I absolutely loved when trolls tried to ruin matches, because I'm a super team player and very friendly. But when people are assholes, I LOVE being an even bigger asshole back. So out trolling the trolls was always my favorite part. Damn, I miss that game :/ Kevin was a sexy beast.
  24. I'm referring to the hive mindset of sheep players who don't actually bother to learn things or experiment on their own but simply follow the leader. Someone finds out Vanessa can juke Jason easier than the others? Now everyone is playing Vanessa and not touching the other counselors. And those same people will actively insult other players for not following the meta or being a 'n00b' and not knowing the meta. That's why I put "meta" in quotes because it's not the actual game meta but the stupid mindset of ignorant players who think it is and follow it blindly. It's like on Final Fantasy XIV as one example where a static group will do a world first clear of a new Raid with a certain party makeup and strategy and then you'll see Party Finders up REQUIRING that group makeup and strategy right after and they will kick you and insult you if you try to go with any other job. Nevermind that the people making that party have no clue what they're actually doing or WHY that party makeup was successful and not even NECESSARY, but because it was done, now it's Law and everyone hops on the train to follow suit. And that becomes the "Meta". When launch comes out, you'll see someone post a video doing something with a counselor or a specific Jason and then you'll see the great majority of players playing that counselor and Jason and trying to mimic the same thing in every single match after rather than spend the time to learn what OTHER characters can do to see if there's a BETTER strategy. Something is found and people hop on the train because they think it'll improve their chances of winning and that's all they care about. It's really dumb.