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  1. Thanks for the update. Melissa looks cool. Though i wish you guys would add dlc clothing for the new counselors. We're on the 4th new counselor now and none of them have ANY alternate outfits yet. Could just have a "NEW Counselors DLC Clothing Pack" for $5 that adds on swimsuits, halloween costumes and any future dlc clothing to the current and future new counselors. That way you have a source of income for the creation of those new counselor dlc clothing if that's the isssue. A one time $5 fee that gives you access to dlc clothing for the new counselors in any of the clothing packs you already bought. (So if you didn't buy any dlc clothing packs, the $5 spent here wouldn't give you access to anything until you did). I only suggest this solely because i'm assuming that's the issue. Funding retroactive dlc clothing would be too costly to do each time for free each time a new counselor was announced. So the $5 pack would help pay for those costs.
  2. You guys just can't stop yourselves can you?
  3. This is just becoming a flame war at this point and is going no where and only going to result in warnings, suspensions etc. So for EVERYONES sake, let's agree to disagree about everything, STOP quoting, replying and making comments about each other and move on. It's in everyones best interest.
  4. Oh you mean how while i'm arguing with Hu and not saying a word to you for quite a bit and you jump in to take shots about my circle jerk comment and how it's "disturbing" my mind keeps going there? That's "me" dragging "you" back into it right? Notice the only time i say shit lately is when you guys start making accusations about me or quote me? Ever consider if you guys moved on and left me out of the discussion, i wouldn't have anything to come back and defend? Hmmmmm......
  5. Hilarious. Especially considering the worst thing said to anyone in the original discussion was that they were being selfish and biased. Hell, even when Kodiak originally intervened there was a mutual agreement that no flaming was taking place. Then came the "Lol ignore ikari, he's a troll and a griefer for supporting the dance emotes" posts followed by more personal attacks since. At least when i call you guys hypocrites and such, i back it up with facts to prove it's an honest statement. Just because you dislike the negative connotation doesn't mean you aren't being hypocrites. I don't say shit JUST to say it. I can't call you a hypocrite or say you're circle jerking if you're not actually doing it. But again, keep telling yourself i'm the bad guy and unreasonable one. Don't look in the mirror and rethink your own posts. Hell, I even agreed to a fair compromise despite not thinking it was necessary. The worst thing i did was point out that the hypocrisy in needing it which is a true statement, but none the less i agreed to support it. But again, wasn't good enough. Had to be the way YOU guys wanted it or else. And me disagreeing apparently makes me a dance troll myself. And that's on top of constantly asking me to prove to you guys why it's a bad idea despite the fact the last 30 times i did, you ignored it. But hey, let's drag this topic another 30 pages of you copy pasta'ing your question until i repost my response just so it can be ignored and dismissed again. But when i laugh at you guys and point out your obnoxious argunent tactics in response to your personal attacks, apparently i'm the one "attacking" you. Like i said, you guys don't want to "discuss" anything. Dance emotes are an issue and need a stamina constraint. End of discussion. NOTHING i or anyone else says will mean anything to you. You'll ignore, dismiss and justify it all away because you're only interested in hearing other people agree with you. But hey, the guy who doesn't even dance troll yet doesn't feel dancing needs to be "fixed", who STILL agreed to an option to let you guys "Not" see dancing to make you happy despite thinking it was a stupid and pointless thing to add, yea he's the biased and stubborn one. Not you guys. The guy who tried to drop it half a dozen times but you guys keep quoting and posting arguments and circle jerking insults at me, he's the asshole here. Yup! Please, let's go another dozen pages with this ridiculous back and forth instead of just dropping it and moving the fuck on.
  6. A circle jerk In the metaphorical sense, is the term is used to refer to self-congratulatory behavior or discussion among a group of people Aka, your applause gif response to his reply is a perfect example of circle jerking each other everytime one of you posts a reply to me (But i'm sure you knew that already and just wanted to make a subtle gay insult because you thought that'd help ) But hey, do keep trying to demean me and make personal attacks. It definitely helps your argument!
  7. Lol. Thanks for proving my point yet again. See ya.
  8. And you did again, exactly what was stated and completely ignored what I said, completely missed the point (I DON'T think Chad in a speedo is an issue. Other people do. It was an EXAMPLE to point out your hypocrisy). And then after completely ignoring my point, dodging it as always, you go back to asking me your question again that i already answered multiple times a dozen pages ago, and claim i'm dodging you XD It's hilarious to watch you argue. You and your cronies think you're making a fool of me with your circle jerk attacking me but I'm just sitting here laughing everytime you guys post. Because you don't want to hear anything other than your own opinion. As proven above. Anything i say you'll immediately write off or ignore followed by regurgitating the same line over and over. That's why this entire discussion is a sham and completely pointless. You're only interested in getting your way or the highway and anyone who disagrees is apparently a troll. And yet you seem flabbergasted as to why i stopped taking the topic seriously.
  9. Oh I see, so our guideline on what is stupid and ruins immersion is UP TO YOU. So when MULTIPLE people in this topic told you they had no issue with dancing, and you said it is an issue, that was cool and expected to be treated as fact. Everyone elses opinions be damned. But when Chad in a speedo as an issue is brought up, you can flat out say "That's not an issue" and have the topic closed on the subject based solely on your personal opinion. So you call the shots on what is and isn't an issue and whether you agree or disagree on anything. You're the authority on everything. It's almost like I called this shit pages ago with you guys ignoring everyone else while demanding YOU be heard. Hmmm. Is this another one you're going to try to justify your hypocrisy on?
  10. Plenty of people think Chad in a speedo looks stupid and ruins their immersion. Should we do something about that too? If our guideline for things that NEED to be fixed is "My friends and I think it looks stupid"..... Do I get to hijack a thread and have a multi-page argument demanding changes to things I think look stupid too if I get some of my friends to back me up and circlejerk our posts together too?
  11. Plenty of people think Chad in a speedo looks stupid and ruins their immersion. Should we do something about that too? If our guideline for things that NEED to be fixed is "My friends and I think it looks stupid"..... Do I get to hijack a thread and have a multi-page argument demanding changes to things I think look stupid too if I get some of my friends to back me up and circlejerk our posts together too?
  12. @jameson87 @HuDawg @Hell Toupee
  13. Lol, you say if you don't want to argue, stop feeding into it. Then you proceed to start the entire argument all over again yourself when I say I'm done XD @Hell Toupee You guys confuse having an opinion with being infallable. If your opinion is that kicking dogs is cool, i guess no one can tell you otherwise, because then you might feel attacked :/ Your strategy for winning an argument is: "Here's my opinion" *Ignore anything said by anyone who disagrees with me* "See, no valid argument!" *Continue to ignore follow ups* "Everyone agrees our opinion is right!" *Ignore Compromises because you want your way and nothing less. YOUR way is the "compromise"* *Start Personal attacks and imply disagreers are trolls, continues to ignore counters* "They still haven't been able to counter!" *Continues to ignore counters* "Oh look he stopped arguing because he knows he can't counter us! Hah!" So yea, woo, guess you won. Congrats on your hollow victory.
  14. Thanks for proving my point. "You're the problem because i'm right and you're wrong! End of story! You can't argue against my opinion, my opinion is FACT!"
  15. Yea so this argument is just never going to end. And I grow weary of it. It's just an endless rebuttle of "NO, emotes HAVE to be given consequences. Me not seeing emotes isn't good enough, Emoters must be punished!" Basically, it's your way or the highway. Good Luck with that. I'm out.
  16. Yea but i already agreed a compromise of a toggle of not being able to see the emotes is a fair compromise and makes both sides happy. Dancers can dance unfeathered, anti-dancers don't need to see it and ruin their immersion. But instead, the other side INSISTED that "they" were right and animation locks or stamina losses were needed instead to punish emoters. Yet when i argue why that's a bad idea and very selfish mentality, i'm the biased one They go on about how they're the "majority", despite all "facts" proving otherwise, yet again "i'm" the biased one. I'm the stubborn one apparently. I fully agree on an actual 100% compromise on the toggle yet that's not good enough and they need "their" way instead. Yet again, i'm the one being stubborn and refusing to relent. /eyeroll
  17. @jameson87 You aren't comprehending hypocrisy. You're trying to justify your reasoning but EVEN if it was justified, it's still hypocrisy..... Nevermind that you guys are the ones who think dancing is "broken" and needs fixing. It's not a universally agreed upon "mistake" like the rubber band glitch So your justification isn't even sound. But again, EVEN if it was, it's still hypocritical by definition... @Hell Toupee Oh the irony in your post. Pot Kettle much? @HuDawg Actually if you read my post and the multiple times i suggested it prior.....you'd see it does indeed solve it because the entire point of hosting your own private match is to filter out the undesirable people you hate. They can't dance spam if you only invite your friends who hate dancing. And you have the power to boot them if they do dance. Therefore you control your own lobby and can make it a dance free zone....... Far better solution than telling everyone in public they need to have their emotes nerfed to appease "your" enjoyment. But hey what do i know, apparently I'M the super biased guy. You know, the guy who plays private matches to avoid the trolls, rarely uses his emotes unless waiting on cops, and likes to focus on teamwork, friendly play, focusing on objectives etc. Yet somehow can still argue in favor of people who want to dance on Jason like idiots solely because it doesn't actually effect the game in any way and i'm objective enough to see that and not biasedly feel other players should be punished, policed, or limited solely because "I" don't like to dance 24/7. But yea, i'm the biased one The guy who doesn't even care about dancing and is only playing Devil's Advocate to the guys with a stick up their butt over Dancing is the "biased" one Also, the guy who said this argument was stupid and tried to drop it and even defended the other side when it was suggested flaming was going on but people still continued to post and continue it AND continue to quote me, he's the one who keeps continuing the argument right? If you want to drop it, then agree to disagree and drop it. Don't take stabs at the other person THEN ask to drop it in the same post followed by continuing the argument and continue quoting that person
  18. @jameson87 ......If you guys bitch that they spent time on Emotes that should have been spent elsewhere, and feel the Emotes were a useless addition and a waste of time..... And THEN you complain that you want them to put MORE development time into those same Emotes instead of putting that time elsewhere, all so the Emotes can be altered to adhere to how you want the Emotes to be.... That's HYPOCRISY. You're taking a moral highground to accost them for wasting development time on Emotes that don't benefit you, but happy to demand they waste dev time on the Emotes as long as it DOES benefit you. Textbook definition of Hypocrisy.... As stated, let them add a toggle so you guys don't see the dancing. Best solution overall. I'm more than ok with that. But it doesn't change the fact you guys are hypocrites.
  19. I have a better solution that has worked for me flawlessly since the dances launched. 1) I play in private and control who stays in my lobby. 2) In public, i simply ignore the assholes as someone dancing doesn't affect me in the slightest. Crazy huh? @jistsomeguy WHERE did you get that logic leap from? Wow.... @jameson87 Do you understand what hypocrisy means? You can't say "Because someone else started it and i complained about them doing it, me doing it back doesn't make it hypocritical". That's the definition of hypicritical. @RustInPeace Aa noted, my reply quoted you but was an in general reply to numerous posts about this. So it wasn't all directed at you. The only point i was making to you was that you stated you should never be safe. I agree with the sentiment but pointed out that by the very nature of including the dance emotes, especially as PAID dlc, if you put limits on them that result in you getting killed for using them, it effectively makes them too risky to use at all. Thus you end up with people rioting far worse than this topic over not being able to use something they paid for. Is that really in the games best interest? That's the only part i directed at you. No ill will or negativity was intended at you. I just offered a different perspective to your point. I apologize if you took my whole post as directed solely at you and felt like i was attacking you. Not my intent.
  20. So.....the emotes you paid real money for should never be used then because it's "dumb" to use them at any given time with Jason around? (IE: Even when you think he's elsewhere and you're safe. And he stalk morphs to you and busts in via Rage. So basically at any given time in a match, it's NEVER safe to dance.) It's already a given that the match starts with the counselors aware Jason is after them. So including the dance emotes is tongue in cheek with the fact they're there just for fun because of stuff like crispin glover and violet's dances from the films, not because anyone would actually start dancing in a cabin if they knew Jason was after them. So your scenario of "it's dumb to dance" is irrelevant. And if someone was dancing in the films prior to knowing of Jason and Jason busted through the front door, they wouldn't stare at him and continue to dance going "Oh shit, this beat of the song is still going! I can't stop dancing yet! Fuck!". They'd immediately stop and flee @HuDawg There's a huge difference between the time gap of flex muscles and a dance emote. Putting no animation cancel on Dance Emotes would do one of two things: 1) Create a long locked in animation you can't cancel which leaves you ridiculously overtly vulnerable unlike any other emote. 2) Makes dancing pointless since the animation has no loop and needs to keep being toggled. Yet the animation for the entire dance even without a loop is still longer than any other emote so still puts you in point 1) as well as point 2). Toggle so you can't see dancing is fine. If they added it, i wouldn't care. I'd laugh about it, but wouldn't be bothered. But again goes back to the hypocrisy of you guys bitching about time and resources being spent on emotes when so many more important things need attention, yet now you want more time and resources spent on those emotes yourself just so you don't have to see them. The biased hypocrisy is over the top there. And while there are those of you who think the dancing looks stupid, you're not the majority and don't speak for everyone. We get it, you think it looks stupid. I think Shelly and Mitch look stupid and hate seeing and hearing them. I hate LaChappa's Swimsuit outfit. I hate Roy's stupid Garden Sheers. Etc. Etc. Yet, somehow you don't see me on here bitching and moaning that they need to be removed or altered to appease me because I personally think they look stupid. I can accept that OTHER people enjoy the above things I dislike and am content to simply NOT use those things myself and let others enjoy them. It really is that simple. My friend uses LaChappa's swimsuit all the time. I hate that outfit and think it's horrid. Yet her using it in my matches DOESN'T affect me in the slightest and I don't think twice about it. You guys LET the dancing bother you and indeed create a mountain out of a mole hill like Vader stated. If you just let it go and accepted not every aspect of the game has to cater to YOU and YOUR views specifically, you'd enjoy the game a lot more ans be far less stressed when you see a dancer
  21. (NOTE: I quoted one person but this reply is towards all the people who recently replied arguing still about emotes being dumb and needing a fix) So, you're waiting in a cabin for cops to arrive and decide to dance rather than stare at your character in a closet, or make noise by running around. Meanwhile, Jason's in Stalk and busts in via Rage. But you're stuck in an uncancellable emote animation and get killed. Congrats, you just effectively killed any chance of anyone using Emotes again for fear of getting killed by being locked into the animation. So now your "compromise" of simply trying to deter trolling basically made emotes pointless to use. So now the dances people paid real world money for can't be used. Do you realize how much of a shitstorm that will cause? The whole debate about how "stupid" dancing is, is pointless because the game isn't designed to cater to ONE type of fan only. It's made for old, new, serious, campy, horror and silly fans alike. Which means you need to accept the serious tone and the campy nonsense all the same. That means as a "serious" fan who wants the focus on horror, you have to accept the campy light hearted shit like Chadface, dancing, swimsuits etc as well. It can't be all about you and only you. As stated, if you hate dancing and it bothers you THAT much, go host private matches that ban them. Eliminating dancing will do NOTHING for anyone BUT you guys who simply hate dancing. You are the ONLY ones who will benefit from it because you are the ONLY ones who take issue with it. Thus, policing the use of emotes for all users to satisfy your own personal dislike of them is just selfish and pointless. Either play Private and ban emotes or get over your issue with emotes and play quick play. Don't make your issue into everyone elses.
  22. At worst, it's a Passive Agressive War, not a Flame War....
  23. Where? If you call any of this "flaming". Anyway.