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  1. No, they won't. That was the point being made. Xbox missed a patch yes. But the next patch PC, PS4 and Xbox1 get will all be equal. Aka everything you should have gotten on xbox with the patch you missed will be included in the newer patch everyone will get. So while you had to wait longer and got skipped on a patch, you'll still be on the same identical playing field as PC and PS4 in terms of content/big fixes when we all get the next one, making the patch you missed irrelevant. Think of it like pc and ps4 got 5 candy bars with the last patch and xbox got none. New patch will give 20 candy bars to each system. That means ps4 and pc already have 5 candy bars and will get 20 more with the new patch while xbox has 0 candy bars but will get 25 with the new patch. So once the new patch launches, all 3 systems will have 25 candy bars. Does that simplify it enough?
  2. Leave and search on loop until you end up as host. Problem solved. The only thing you have to worry about then is Jason leaving the match. But you'll still get exp even if he does.
  3. My sole point was that you mentioned wanting to ban people on this forum then almost exclusively focused on them wanting Pamela with one tiny other mention at the end. Thus me calling into question the absurdity of wanting to ban people for wanting Pamela in.
  4. So you'd ban people for asking for Pamela? Aka the original killer in the series? Aka the killer Gun themselves mentioned AS a stretch goal for this very game on their kickstarter? And the logic that bringing back VA's would be necessary to include her so it's pointless is silly. They just went and made entirely new outfits and brought Kane Hodder back in to mocap new kills and made a new jason and a new map. It's not exactly like recording some new lines is difficult. The main issue is the entire gameplay would need to be altered to include Pamela as Gun themselves have mentioned before. This is completely understandable and thus we won't see Pamela anytime soon. But considering how often it's requested and that it WAS a stretch goal of theirs, I wouldn't be surprised if they do eventually include her in the far future at some point. Even still, getting pissy and wanting to ip ban over people wanting Pamela in is pretty ridiculous.
  5. If you bought ANY game in this day and age regardless of price tag and "expected" no paid dlc, you have no one to blame but yourself for your foolish naivity.
  6. @Gertz Can you guys add an option to Host a lobby in quick play? I only like to play quick play if me or a friend is host to avoid host leaving if they get killed. We only occassionaly use quick play if not enough people are on for private matches. But getting put into lobby after lobby of other peoples matches trying to hope 90 secs will pass without getting put in one can be frustrating and waste a lot of time. I know it's ironic to hear someone complaining about getting put into matches, but an option to host a lobby in quick play would be VERY helpful.
  7. Just wanted to show off my Adam CAW from WWE2k17. Hope you guys like it!
  8. Just got this trophy yesterday. I followed a list and essentially did every kill (even shit i know i did already), for a total of 59. My method was putting the list in word and highlighting anything i KNOW i did already in green. Kills i already had trophies for got highlighted in purple. Then i set about doing stuff on the list i hadn't done and highlighted those in red after each one was complete. This helped me know what i needed to focus on and not waste time redoing kills i had already done. Once i had everything highlighted and still no trophy, i started going through the greens and turning them to reds as i completed each one. Saved the purples for last since i had trophies to prove i did them so they really shouldn't need to be redone. I only had to do about a quarter of my greens. Didn't have to touch my purples. The final kill that got the trophy to pop was the jaw rip which i know i did before. But it popped regardless. The only kill i found that wasn't on any lists i saw was an environmental kill on the side of the cabin outside where Jason repeatedly slams your face into it sorta like the door smash (but your head he's slamming into the wall instead of door into your head). Every list i saw only accounted for head punch on wall, spine breaker on wall, head crush on wall and the head slam on desks etc. Didn't see anything about the head slam on the wall. Hopefully that helps someone.
  9. I know their intent and I have zero issue with them trying to give each char personality with their attires. I just was hoping they'd be interchangeable. So you could mix and match, remove shirt or have it on, remove pants and have them in speedo or put them in pants/shorts, have the speedo but with a t-shirt etc. I wouldn't mind Adam being more conservative in his "official" outfit that's "his" if they still allowed us to customize them our own way. It just really sucks to see all the girls get revealing swimsuits including AJ (who would be more conservative like Adam) while Adam gets a tshirt and denim shorts
  10. Personally, I think Chad is absolutely a butterface. Not even counting Chadface, just his general look is so meh. Absolutely zero sex appeal. Unlike most people, a hot body is useless to me if they have a butterface. So Chad in a speedo is meh outside of the lol/troll factor, which is the reason he got one anyway.
  11. The Edgy guy is almost always the hot guy. And on top of that, look at the rest of the male counselors, Adam is by far the most attractive amongst them in terms of mainstream appeal. (Subjective appeal is entirely different, much like plenty think Deb is way hotter than Tiff, but Tiff still holds the mainstream appeal for hot girl) But in mainstream culture, a long haired pretty boy guy with a leather jacket will pretty much always be seen as "Hot" and hold a lot of sex appeal.
  12. @Gertz Kinda off-topic, but with the new wind and the wet look added to the counselors etc, any chance chars like Adam can get their hair fixed to move with the wind and when running like the girls already do? And possibly and update to the texture of the hair itself? It looks like a ps2 hair texture currently (Sorry i don't mean to offend. Just being honest.). And it being static and unmoving despite being long, just makes it worse. Regardless, thanks for this. My OCD has been begging for a wet look to clothing anytime i swim in the water and come out dry as a desert.
  13. Yea it'd be like if they put Tiffany in a sweater and droopy sweat pants and put Deborah in a string bikini and thong. People would lose their shit if the hot girl wasn't showing skin in a sexy costume and instead they put it on the goofy girl, so why the double standard with the hot guy :/
  14. Can we at least get shirtless Adam
  15. I dress like Adam, have the long hair, like punk music and enjoy trying to help others and stand up to injustice. And I'm a jack of all trades, master of none like him as well. Not much of a car afficianado though lol
  16. You literaly quoted the guy who posted a direct screenshot of a dev saying combat stancing doors was not a glitch. The guy above him only a few min prior quoted you and posted a seperate screenshot proving you wrong, and the guy you quoted posted right below him a few min later with a seperate and even more concrete screen proving you wrong. Your sole reply to either of them was an insult. No "Alright i stand corrected", just quoting someone who proved you wrong and insulting them. That's as childish as they come.
  17. So you went on and on about it being a glitch and asked for proof it wasn't, then when you're given proof that you were wrong you insult him? Child much?
  18. Their problems are 100% with the way the game was created in the first place. They used an "affordable" developer that was inexperienced for the scope and size of the game and took a shit ton of shortcuts to get it to market. Not an insult to Illfonic, just the sad reality of the situation. They've done a great job for what it's worth. They took on a lot more than they could chew and definitely did do a lot with it and really tried hard. And there is a level of commendation appropriate for what they did achieve that many smaller dev teams never could have. But at this point it's like building your house out of twigs and then going back and trying to rebuild the foundation with actual wood and brick without knocking the entire house down in the process, aka near impossible. Because everytime you remove a twig to replace it with a wooden beam, half your damn wall falls apart and your house just keeps breaking further and further the more you try to "fix" it. Because the reality is that the only way to truly fix the foundation is to rebuild it from scratch properly. That's where the game is at.
  19. I was referring to server meltdown issues, not the patch bug issues in general. Server meltdowns shouldn't be an issue at this point because they have the data to plan for the influx of users. So if oversaturation of users is still causing server issues, that's 100% on them and there's no excuse. Server issues due to buggy matchmaking from bugs in a new patch is another story.
  20. And here I thought we were all just creepy
  21. It's nonsense. AJ's the female edgy girl aka Rocker Chick. She's still in a sexualized bathing suit. Yea i'm salty, but i'll get over it. Regardless, not interested in the clothing pack anymore. Expected short shorts for Adam which isn't what i preferred but it was fine. But a dumb oversized tee and shorts while all the girls are showing off everything? Meh.
  22. So Adam gets an oversized shirt and long board shorts.........wonderful. Couldn't even make him shirtless bare minimum. Meh. Lost all interest in buying the pack.