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  1. Pretty much ties in with the new map leak so yea, that map plus 1984 would make part 4 jason the most common sense addition. And in reality it likely makes sense to make a modified part 3 jason, aka part 4, and the new map from part 4 that allows them to reuse the camp/woods assets still. That way they add in a new map and new jason without as much development time necessary and get it out which holds them off a bit longer to get something more unique like Jason X/Uber Jason and a "new" map like the grendel, the ship from part 8, pinehurst or manhattan going without rushing.
  2. It might have to do with here, reddit, twitter etc all reacting the same to even the suggestion of skimpy male clothing while they're all praising sexy female clothing "OMG! HOT TIFFANY!!! SO THICCCC!! <3 Lol nobody wants to see guys in speedos. Us straight guys have sexy female outfits. That's all that matters. We don't want to see sexy guy oufits since we're not into guys so you don't need em either. As long as we got catered to, that's all that matters. Deal with it." It can be rather annoying
  3. I'm extremely confident you know i was referring to reasonably attractive girls, not skeleton, old, or fat women in bikinis Unless you think every attractive girl with a great body is "gross" in a bikini, my point stands
  4. Easily being able to disable traps defeats the purpose of having them. And they were created BECAUSE counselors were getting car and phome going in under 3 min each match which is ridiculous. Multi trapped objectives force you to work together. That's part of the game.
  5. Speedos are only gross if you're offended by male sexuality. I doubt you'd say a girl in a bikini is gross. Happy to have the girls show off their bodies and assets. Just would like the guys afforded the same. You guys want to see Tiffany show off her breasts and booty. I want Adam to show off his booty and bulge. Different strokes for different folks.
  6. I would love it if Adam got a speedo. But unfortunately, they mentioned "Bikini's and Trunks" so I'm expecting oversized board shorts for the guys because most developers love showing the girls in skimpy clothing but don't afford the guys the same luxury :/
  7. All they would need to do is pickup fuse, keys and propeller or gas then go hide under a bed somewhere. Now it's impossible for anyone to escape. Even if they only got the fuse and keys, they're still making it impossible for half the lobby to escape.
  8. Surprised there isn't "Camp Crystal Lake" white tees tucked into blue short shorts outfits for everyone since that's the typical 80's camp counselor/camper outfit in every movie from then.
  9. @GunMedia_Ben Is the Counselor Clothing pack new or are you just advertising the free dlc we all got as the free pack for physical? If it's new clothing, will digital owners be able to get it?
  10. The entire point being made here is that EVERY and i mean EVERY game in existence has bugs and glitches that are unintended by the devs and get EXPLOITED by gamers. They become part of the meta. Some are game breaking. These usually get fixed. Others are unintended but become an accepted part of the game. Hell, combos in fighting games started out as an unintended glitch which then became the meta and further games were built with combos in mind. This is the reality of video games. Glitches that create completely unfair and unwinnable situations like out of bounds and roof glitching deserve to be banned. Exploits that DON'T create unwinnable situations DO NOT deserve bans. If Jason can bypass traps and block 90% of attacks and Counselors can bypass traps and not alert Jason, both are on EVEN grounds to increase odds in their favor. When BOTH sides can do this shit, it's not unfair. If you don't want people doing them, patch them out. Yes, it takes time to patch a game. But don't ban people for utilizing shit in their favor that DOESN'T break the game. Again, you can be biased as hell and keep claiming having an extra pocket knife by body blocking a trap is game breaking. But then SO is Jason blocking firecrackers, flares, traps etc. So how is it game breaking when BOTH sides can do this shit? NEITHER creates an unwinnable situation. If it's unintended. Remove it with a patch when you can. But cherry picking how to play and banning anyone for not playing how you like while you actively allow certain exploits but say no to others is a recipe for disaster. This game has SO much negative press already. Do you really want to create more? Ban clear cheaters who break the game and make it impossible to kill them. The rest is fair game until a patch removes the exploit. If you don't PERSONALLY like this or that in your game, create a private lobby or make it clear when you're hosting a public lobby you will kick anyone who does this or that. It's no diff than team killers. No one forces you to play with them. And you don't get to ban them just cause you don't like it. I don't team kill or use car blocking exploits etc. But i don't think anyone deserves to be BANNED over it either. I just don't play with people like that. It's that simple. Don't let your personal OPINION blind you into acting like it should be law of the land. You don't expel everyone who does anything wrong from school. You save expulsion for extreme cases. So don't throw down an overreacting ban hammer onto any tiny little thing you don't like. That's a recipe for disaster. Tl;dr - Let the devs decide what is and isn't allowed via patching out shit that's unintended. Save BANS only for EXTREME cases like out of bounds, roof glitching etc that create unwinnable situations.
  11. Two things: 1) If it's not intended. Patch it out. Don't ban people for using shit your game allows you to do that doesn't even create an unwinnable situation. 2) If you can't speak for the devs, why are you clarifying for them what is and isn't bannable? Also, keep in mind nothing in my post is meant antagonistically. I'm merely making a point.
  12. Some of this is silly. Body blocking is ok for the car to prevent Jason from grabbing a counselor but not for the phone to prevent a trap from getting you? That's like saying blocking a melee attack as Jason is ok but blocking a flare is griefing. Roof glitch is griefing and creates an unfair and unwinnable situation. Bypassing a trap to call cops is not griefing. It doesn't create an unwinnable situation anymore than someone using a pocket knife to disable the trap and repair phone would. Every game has exploits. Resident Evil 5 let you use the fact you could quick swap weapons with the dpad to aim with your handgun and quick swap to a rocket launcher and instant fire it without going into the very long first person scope animation. Every single player used that exploit even in the Team Death match Versus mode. It didn't break the game in any way shape or form since both teams could use it. Jason can Shift over traps and walk through them by Blocking. Counselors can body block a trap to bypass it. Both are on even grounds and neither being able to bypass a trap in either situation creates an unwinnable or even unfair situation by any stretch. Exploits that clearly create unfair and unwinnable situations are one thing. But banning people for body blocking a trap that in no way even affects the game any differently than using a pocket knife while saying it's ok to body block a car is just really illogical. If blocking a flare or trap as Jason or body blocking one as a counselor is not what you guys intended, patch it out. Don't ban people for utilizing stuff that you allowed and doesnt adversely affect the game. Or someone parking a car so Jason can't get to the phone while its repaired. Mind you i've yet to even see that one done, but how is that bannable? The amount of work needed to get the car going in the first place and get it to the phone house, all of which Jason has ample time to prevent. And then the end result is what? Cops get called. Ok? And? Does cops getting called in any other normal match create an unwinnable situation for Jason? So what's the issue here? You're ok with counselors body blocking Jason from pulling someone out of a car or using firecrackers to prevent him from doing it but take issue with people preventing him from getting to the phone box? Counselors already have to find a fuse, contend with multiple traps, not fail repair mini game and then sit on the phone uninterrupted for a set time to get cops called. At ANY point during all of that, all Jason needs to do is Morph there and press X on the Phone box to stop it. And yet you're banning people for trying to prevent Jason from being able to do that while totally ok with them doing it with the car? When you start BANNING people for playing in ways you cherry picked out, you create a terrible downward spiral where you're dictating how people are allowed to play and placing the blame on them instead of fixing the issues yourself. Again, roof glitchers, out of bounds glitchers etc are clearly griefing. Someone getting someone to stand next to a trap so they can repair a box to call cops is not griefing. And if you use that definition of griefing as your defense then near EVERYTHING on the game is griefing since 90% of the player base bitches and moans about EVERYTHING you do. By that logic you need to ban players for exploiting Thick Skin and Med perks and tight corners to run Jason in circles aroud the large dining table Cabin and jump through broken windows of a large cabinrepeatedly 10+ to avoid him and waste his time. Or ban players that use crouch and interact prompts to avoid slashes/grabs respectively. Or ban players that use Combat Stance to break down doors in half the time AND avoid stuns thus making the actual door break down prompt COMPLETELY useless. Or ban players that use combat stance block to avoid hits while STILL attacking players and walk through firecrackers, traps and flares. Point is, if you don't want people to do something, don't allow your game to allow them to do it. Patch it out. Don't ban people for utilizing shit the game allows them to that DOESN'T create an unwinnable/unfair situation. Bypassing traps to call cops changes nothing for Jason that the same situation with a pocket knife would have. Shifting or blocking flares, traps, firecrackers etc doesnt stop counselors from juking Jason and avoiding him. Don't cherry pick exploits and say it's ok to exploit this but not that. When you ban people for shit like that, you're being unfair to them. Every single game ever has exploitable mechanics that are part of every high level players advanced tech. When devs don't want that exploit used they PATCH IT OUT and the meta adapts. Unless someone is clearly cheating like roof/out of bounds, the exploits you mentioned are actually LESS problematic and "griefing" than team killing. And you allow team killing which is the DEFINITION of griefing.
  13. Body blocking traps or stepping over the driver seat trap by angling your X prompt to open the door are examples of normal exploits in a game. EVERY game has them and they're not game breaking. Roof glitching is game breaking because it creates an impossible to lose scenario and is easy as hell to do. Exploiting the angle of a interaction prompt and the fact it activates an animation that disregards the trap isn't anything special. Resident Evil for example has allowed you invincible frames whenever you use a ladder, open a door etc too. People exploit the hell out of that as well. Even on Versus mode on Resident Evil 5, you could exploit the quick swap weapon mechanic to instantly fire a rocket launcher without needing to go into the long aiming animation of it with its first person scope. This simply became the meta of Versus to quickfire your rockets. And it wasn't game breaking because it only gave you one kill. And last place got double points for kills, so it was super easy to make a comeback that dying to a quick shot rocket didn't matter. The same thing happened with interactive items. People exploited ammo drops to pick them up right as a rocket flew at them to get the invincible frames and avoid the rocket. This simply became the meta of Versus. There is not a game in existsnce that doesn't have exploitable mechanics. I don't think people need to jump to call for nerfs and fixes on every tiny thing in the game because it'll be impossible to get rid of every possible exploit in a game. Fixing one could easily cause another. Learn the meta and adapt. Focus your nerfs on actual game breaking shit like roof glitching or out of bounds glitchers etc. Like they did. Because i promise you even if they nerf this and that, the meta will find something else to exploit. You simply cannot get rid of every exploit. And exploits can actually help the game by providing counters to shit that is otherwise hard to counter. Like body blocking traps is a counter to trap stacking that so many people whine about. Which is the silliest part. They whine Jason can exploit traps to triple stack then but don't realize they can exploit hit detection to body block a trap from triggering on them and bypass the trap altogether. If both sides can exploit something in their favor, it's not unfair or unbalanced.
  14. The only thing that's broken and unfair in this game is Jason's grab range. Grabbing and pulling someone from 20 feet away is BS. In a lot of cases it's lag, but even as the host it happens and it's silly. Outside of that though, as a high level player, there is nothing that is impossible for me to counter or deal with as a Counselor or Jason. The main problem stems from most people having a very narrow focus and thus only seeing "One" way to do something and being upset if that way is taken away from them. It's why they bitch and whine about needing nerfs rather than simply do the logical thing and do something different. In OP's case (I'm not saying you were bitching and whining OP. You only asked a question. It's cool. Just using it as an example). Instead of focusing on not being able to break the fuse box, I would have gone into the house and killed the person on the phone. I ALWAYS break down the doors to the phone house when i first morph there to trap it in case i need to get the person on the phone. That or if worst case scenario, just hack and slash the body blocker on the fuse and kill person on phone after cops are called. That's 2 down. You can still get the rest before cops get there and can nab stragglers at exit when cops arrive. I've had the 4 seater, 2 seater and cops all repaired on me at the same time before which is a nightmare to deal with. I still killed 8/8 and no one survived. If people focused less on being upset that the objective or mechanic they want is fucked, and more and simply adapting and doing something else instead when it gets fucked, they'd become better players and see that there is very little that is actually "unfair" on the game.