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  1. Friday the 13th as a series we all love wouldn't even exist without her. She was the original. Her reveal was groundbreaking at the time as well. Having the frail innocent mother character be the viscious killer in a horror film was mostly unheard of at the time. Jason is also extensively tied to his mother. She's referenced in multiple sequels, even in Freddy vs Jason has her appear(yes i know it's freddy) and bring him back from hell. She's not just a one off, forgotten memory. She's just as much a part of Friday the 13th as Jason is. That's why so many people want her in. The fact she WOULD completely change how the killer plays and thus add a fresh take to the game is also a huge appeal.
  2. When you do a long stretch reveal like this, you really do need to do something clever and interactive to get people into Nancy Drew mode and keep the community engaged and involved. Regardless of how clever the reveal MAY end up being, spending 3 months doing NOTHING but showing random dots gives virtually no way for anyone to actually Nancy Drew the solution so anyones guess is as good as the rest. It's just luck who ends up being right if anyone is. This doesn't engage the community into working together to figure out a puzzle and feel rewarded for figuring it out. It's literaly just people grasping at straws making wild guesses because the puzzle is WAY too vague. It could be a numerical date, it could be representing counselors and Jason with the killer being hidden amongst counselors, it could be about the blue color which could be Roy or Pamela, it could be a passcode for VC2.0 etc etc. It's just way too vague that it could literaly apply to dozens of COMPLETELY different things. It's like releasing a riddle that says "I am dark as night" and that's that. The answer could be among hundreds of answers. It's too vague. There's no substance to make you look back and say OH THE ANSWER WAS THERE ALL ALONG!! On top of that, once you finally reveal what it's about, you're almost guaranteed to get a "Really....THAT'S all that was about?" Reaction of people just not giving a shit. Unless the reveal is literaly game changing, jaw dropping stuff, it's just gonna end up with a lot of bitter people complaining about how half the theories were better than what the dots actually lead to. Teasing is fine but either reveal it already or if you want to draw it out, give the community something to actually work with. Do a viral puzzle with an obtainable solution at the end. Otherwise you're just taking the piss out of it and making people roll their eyes everytime you release a new dot and go "Hehehehe we're up to something! Teehee hee!"
  3. If there's a Halloween update it'll likely be Fox and possibly the Leaked Lingerie clothing since it was on the site update leak along with the Jarvis House. They likely held Fox back on purpose for that reason to have something to give on Halloween. Which is fine, I get it. No real issue with it. I just hope Adam gets a sexy attire for the Lingerie clothing pack and not more BS like the Swimsuit outfit. I'm pretty much expecting friggin boxer shorts and a wife beater at this point instead of shirtless and briefs/bikini briefs like near every edgy guy wore in the movies :/ Meanwhile of course Chad is gonna get some kind of silk thong or some nonsense.....-_-
  4. Ignoring the OP, the real salt is garbage Jason's who throw tantrums and bitch and whine over the mic if you juke them around a table or car or something. You're the last counselor alive and some asshat ran off and died with the keys and fuse who knows where, so you juke to survive and.......Jason whines endlessly about how "cheap" it is and how you should "Accept your death like a man instead of wasting everyones time playing ring around the rosie for 20 min". If they weren't a trash Jason who needed kills handed to them, I wouldn't be able to juke em around a table endlessly for 20 min. So the only one wasting everyones time is the trash Jason.
  5. Pushing works mostly if the other person is standing still. But if they run towards you they can cancel the push. It's SLIGHTLY (but not hugely) tricky because it's kinda like putting two magnets together. They keep wanting to push apart but you can indeed keep pushing them together through force. And thus someone wanting to block you in a bathroom etc can do so by force anytime you try to move them thus kinda defeating the purpose of pushing. I think it would have been a bit better to have an actual push animation and a stumble back for the pushed player. No matter what, it's all exploitable by trolls one way or another. Either they block you in bathrooms or push you into a stumble in front of Jason etc. Trolls gonna Troll unfortunately.
  6. @Gertz Can the "wet look" for Jason and Counselors be applied for when you swim in the water on non-rain maps? Most games allow that where your character gets wet when in water and dries off over a short time after leaving the water. It just drives my OCD crazy to know wet models exist but my counselor is still dry as a desert while swimming and coming out of the water >_>
  7. Love the Composure buff. My Adam now has a CHANCE to escape if he gets grabbed and that's all I ever wanted. Don't expect a guarantee everytime but a "chance" really makes all the difference.
  8. Can you prove EVERY person banned was a repeat offender? That is the point. SOME may have been one time offenders who got reported.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. What about counselors 'wet' look? Jason gets wet but not counselors. And will it work in water too not just rain? Edit: Counselors are wet in rain but not on non rain maps when in water. Will that be fixed?
  10. @Gertz Dumb question but how do you toggle rain on or off in private matches? I don't see an option. You guys said it'd be random in public and a toggle in private.
  11. If this was a paid for Jason, there would be room to argue over having to grind to unlock him. But, a free Jason update being locked behind leveling is nothing to complain about. So many people complained about leveling past 31 being pointless, this gives reason to do so. Add in that majority of games work like this. Everytime I get a new patch on Final Fantasy XIV they release the level requirements to access that new content and what story quests you need to have beaten already and what level your gear needs to be. So I know I have to grind further if I'm not at the requirement already so that I'm ready and able to use the new content on patch day. This is nothing new. Hell, I wanted to play Adam on Day 1 of launch, but guess what? I had to grind to unlock him and play as AJ and Kenny prior until I unlocked Adam. It is what it is, i was was annoyed at the time, but I got over it and don't really mind it now as it wasn't even that bad. If you're having issues gaining EXP in public matches do to disconnects then do what everyone has been telling everyone since day 1 but so many of you just don't want to listen to, play private matches. When I started day 1 on launch I had my brother on my friends list as the SOLE person I knew who played the game. Now I have over 50+ people on my friends list who I play with all the time. That's because I added people from the forums, the communities, twitter etc. I made friends and joined lobbies of others etc. All it takes is the TINIEST bit of effort, seriously TINY, not even a lot. And then you can play privates and almost never have to touch Publics. I just don't comprehend why so many people are resistant to Privates and stubbornly keep playing Publics but then complain about how bad they are. Makes no sense.
  12. I guess metaphors go way beyond you. When someone compares themselves to having the courage of a lion, does that mean they're actually a lion? When you say you're sweating bullets, does that mean bullets are actually seeping out of your pores? That's the point of a metaphor is to take two things that have similiar qualities you're trying to convey and use them as a comparsion....... So if I point out the fact that doing a MINOR crime like Stealing a power drill from Home Depot should not equate to me going to jail for the rest of my life is comparable to some dumb kid on F13 glitching onto the roof shouldn't equate to a perma ban, they are comparable. Both parties in both situations knew they did wrong and deserved to be punished through jail/banning. But, both parties deserve a second chance to redeem themselves and learn from their mistakes. If they do the same shit again or worse, that's on them and they deserve whatever punishment they get. But, at least give them the chance.
  13. People need to calm their selves. If I steal from a store at 17 and get arrested, should I spend the rest of my life in jail for one mistake? Do I not deserve a chance to learn from my mistake and not repeat them? If i come out and steal again, back to jail i go. But if i come out and just work for an honest living, don't i deserve that chance? Stealing isn't a death penalty type of crime. I hated glitchers too but if the devs wanna give a one time get out of jail free card to and only to the roof glitchers, so be it. Those who learned from their mistake can play again and enjoy it. Those who haven't learned will be rebanned with no third chance. It REALLY isn't the end of the world. Hell a huge portion of the banned idiots who would continue to troll 1) Already made alt accounts to bypass the bans or 2) moved on and won't even know they're unbanned in the first place. So it's a pretty moot point to get up in arms about.
  14. I main Adam and play him 95% of the time since I unlocked him at launch. Currently since the latest patch I use Medic, Hypochondriac, and Grease Monkey. Grease Monkey is a must have, but ONLY if you are a frequent driver and good at driving. If you rarely drive or are terrible at driving, it's a wasted perk for you. In that case use Marathon or Reatful depending on what you have and at what stats.
  15. If I own a Restaurant Chain and announce on 10/22/17 we will be putting a super duper burger with secret sauce on the menu but then due to export bans in China, my China stores are unable to receive the shipment of secret sauce in time, do i cancel the event at every other store? If i plan this event 3 months in advance the next time and send my shipment to China 3 months in advance but export bans still hold it up in red tape and get it there late, do i cancel that event now too? Hell, look at live tv. East coast airs shit 3 hours ahead of west coast. They could easily sync shows to play at the same time globally, but that would cut into time slots that are more lucrative in non eastern markets. So West Coast forever gets stuck being 3 hours behind on all the big finales and spoilers. Yet somehow that BUSINESS carries on just fine. Your argument is extremely flawed and very biased. If the devs could get everything out at the exact same time they would. But they don't control the servers or cert. Blaming them for xbox lagging behind on updates is silly.