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  1. Issue is likely a combo of influx of players for double xp weekend AND everyone spending the 13,000 cp to roll perks which saves to the server every single time. So let's say 40k players all saving their profile to the server every few seconds = Servers melting again. Not gonna lie though, as much as I defend them, this one should have been anticipated after everything else. I'm not a programmer. And if I can observe that forcing a save after every perk and then doing a double xp weekend and free CP is gonna bring in a LOT of players who are gonna spend cp all at once and thus the server is gonna have a shit ton of players constantly saving to the server every few seconds, i believe they should have been able to anticipate that as well. If the issue is something else entirely, so be it. But this is the most likely cause. Especially since it didnt start causing a problem until later afternoon when a lot more people would start getting home from school/work/etc.
  2. I still remember playing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and this 7 year old on the opposing team kept screaming at us "STOP SHOOTING ME!!!!!!" And getting so butthurt that he was getting killed repeatedly. Like we were supposed to just stand there and let him kill us instead. It's hilarious when people throw tantrums and act like you're a huge asshole over the simple fact they lost in a game to you.
  3. That was never my issue. I would have happily paid $9 to help back the game and get 3 new skins per counselor if that's what they said it was. I'm a customization whore and want this game to succeed. So I have no problem with that. My issue is with them saying it was "new outfits" for each counselor while making it seem like it it was the only way to get new clothes. They then waited until AFTER the sale for them ended to tell us "Everyone" will get free recolors they can unlock. Then gave conflicting replies on social media about whether the DLC was recolors or actual new clothing. Then waited until 2 weeks before launch to actually show us what we bought and it was just 3 new colors. Everyone else got about 7-10 colors free per char, for $9 more we got 3 more. Considering Savini was $6 and was a whole new model, new kills, new music, new special effects etc and the clothing was $3 more for simple recolors done in photo shop in a day, and then to top it all off they said they had considered new outfits but that the char tropes limited what they could do because apparently a track suit is the only way to identify Vanessa as the athletic girl. All of that in total is what pissed me off because it was very shady. Had they just said they wanted $9 to help back the game and in return they'd give us exclusive colors for our chars I wouldn't have minded. They're being honest and I have no problem supporting it and getting more customization options. Like I said, i like Adam's red colors. I just think how they handled it was very shady and suspect and mislead a lot of people about what they were buying. And then gave something way better for a cheaper price while giving illogical excuses for giving recolors for more money. It came across like they knew people were gonna be pissed but they tried to play it off like it was no big deal with no regrets. I don't think they intentionally mislead anyone to screw people over. But i feel thet had grander plans at the start and then realized they couldn't actually do them and then tried to wiggle around their commitment and see if they could get around it with something else and act like it waa the plan all along to avoid a problem. Like they backed themselves into a corner and tried to find a way out. But i don't think that's totally honest and fair and that's what bugged me. So yea, it's 100% how they handled the dlc that i'm unhappy with, not the dlc itself.
  4. I think I made my personal feelings on this clothing pack MORE than known in the original thread and my feelings on it have not changed at all. The only thing I will say is that I do enjoy Adam's Red Jacket mixed with the Red Acid Jeans and red sneakers. It's a cool look. Doesn't change my feelings on how they went about the clothing pack though.
  5. Lol k. Let me put you in charge of handling an entire call center for thousands of people by yourself and see how well you do getting everything done for everyone promptly. Size of the team is a huge factor genious. Saying "GET IT DONE NOW!" Is about as useful as demanding they give you a million dollars. They're working to fix shit. Whether they're held to blame or not is irrelevant on that front. Just because you want it NOW doesn't mean they suddenly gain magic powers to snap their fingers and get it done any faster. You saying they're to blame and someone else defending them that they're not, neither stance changes how fast fixes happen. Being both arrogant and ignorant isn't helping anything at all.
  6. No map stands give a free map to everyone. I've directed multiple people to it after getting mine and each was able to take one.
  7. You're welcome. Usually you can find a map pretty easily in drawers but if you don't, you can always just go to a map stand. Once you know the general layout of each map it's easy to find them to get one and then be able to see where objectives and other players are etc.
  8. Can you link to the tweet? I can't find it. Edit: Nevermind, I found it. Randy tweeted it. I didn't have him followed, only the official page and Wes. Not sure why they didn't mention it on the official page but either way.
  9. Use map stands to get a free one on each level. I used to use the map perk til I learned about map stands and took the time to find them all. Now i never waste a slot on the map perk. Higgins Haven - Go behind the barn and make a left on the path. Packanack - Go to the main lodge by the campfire, make a right. Crystal Lake - Right across the path in front of the Boat House Garage
  10. Prefer Adam speedo dlc outfit to show off that booty even more.
  11. Lol didn't notice it no, but I can see it. Adam's way better though
  12. The swagger strut is what inspired me to make the thread lol. Adam definitely has sway in a very good way.
  13. Well glitch animations and lag are a given but some still suffer from that "Ok counselor, be a good pet and stay in the position i set you up in on all fours so i can kill you" syndrome kinda stuff.
  14. They really did do a great job with the butts. Adam, Tiffany, AJ, and Vanessa especially have the greatest butts in the game. And (most) of Jason's animations are pretty badass. Some are a bit clunky though and a few are just o.0 but overall, they're good. The best part of trying to take images of Adam's butt for this topic though is when you realize Adam has nothing connecting his jacket to his torso/pants and you can freely see inside his model lol. I posted multiple images to show it's not just one of the typical camera glitches that lets you see inside a model that happens in any game, this is from multiple different angles which shows Adam has nothing actually connecting his jacket to his model from the inside lol.
  15. Thought we could use a much more light hearted thread as opposed to all of the nerfs/buffs/glitches/cheaters/delays etc. type topics everywhere. So I decided to revive the old Adam Butt topic, now with much better pictures! Like Wes, I'm a Butt Connoisseur and appreciate the booty. (If you take this topic too seriously and don't see the light hearted, fun, humor in it, please just click back on your browser) So without further adieu, I give you Adam's Butt Strut! And some nice angles of his Butt for good measure: Enjoy!