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  1. I will never fathom all the people around who keep asking why they didn't get an email and begging for Early Access. More than half of gamers online today have a youtube channel and/or a Twitch Channel and stream. You can't honestly expect them to give out EA to ANYONE with a stream or channel. That'd be pretty much the entire community. And coming on here and begging that you should get one because you 'really want to play' is like trying to tell everyone else here that you want to play MORE than the rest of us and deserve special treatment. That's rather insulting to say the least. And as I've said before, I have zero issues with them giving EA to streamers OTHER than things being spoiled like how to defeat Jason etc. before the game even launches. If they can give EA to them and still allow launch to be full of surprises and mysteries and everyone trying to figure stuff out, I'm all for it. Like Ben said, we want this game to succeed. All the 'backers' can moan as much as they want but the truth of the matter is, this game will live and die on the non-backers, and non-fans. They make up the BULK of the sales that will push this game forward or make it sink. Mainstream gamers who don't know anything about the game and never even heard of it are the people that need to be tapped to help ensure sales for this game remain high so the game doesn't fizzle out after a few months. You have to remember they are a business and this is a product. You can't let your personal bias cloud that and pretend that everything has to be about you the fans and only the fans. That's not how business works, and any company that ever tries to focus solely and only on the fans, fails hard. There has to be a medium between pleasing the fans and appeasing the mainstream. And that's what they're trying to do. So let's relax with the hate on this EA. We know when we're gonna play the game. Stop worrying about a few media guys playing it before you. Fact is, a lot of them already are. This is just the first time you're publicly hearing about it. So don't get your panties in an uproar about it.
  2. If they do do Early Access for backers or even just streamers, it'll almost guaranteed be PC only because that's the one they can flip on and off at will. After all the problems they had with consoles, I doubt they can open the game up early on ps4 especially. I sincerely HOPE I'm wrong and ps4 gets to play early for backers. But, I'm really not expecting it unfortunately :/
  3. I could completely avoid going on the internet from now until launch and that won't change the fact I would join a match and have people shouting on mics "OMG WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT! WE SAW IN THE STREAM NOT TO DO THAT!", "OK GUYS IF YOU WANNA KILL JASON YOU GOTTA DO X, X, AND X!" or people exploiting shit from the getgo in general. So now I have to avoid the internet for over a month (good luck with that) AND play with everyone muted and unable to communicate with anyone in game on launch day and STILL have to deal with people exploiting glitches or OP stuff and doing shit they shouldn't already know with me out of the loop and getting killed or unable to kill people BECAUSE I didn't keep up with the streams and know about these exploits/strategies already. Long story short, it's a lose/lose/lose situation no matter how you look at it.
  4. I fully agree and am happy they spent time on this, especially on the guys. I hate when I play a game and my guy has a flat bland square butt. If i'm gonna stare at this guys back for hours, at least give me something nice to stare at.
  5. Well the other issue is that how to defeat/kill jason will likely be figured out prior to launch if streamers get early access. That will piss a lot of people off that they didn't even get a CHANCE to get in and try to figure it out on their own before it's plastered everywhere online.
  6. I knew from the moment they announced the content creator thing it was about marketing and money. I get that and I don't blame them for it. At the end of the day, they're a business, and they need to do what's in the best interest of their business. On those grounds, I don't blame or fault them for it. But, as a fan and gamer, my gripe with this is in streamers getting to play early and thus when the game launches there won't be any sense of 'everyone on the same level' of learning everything and figuring everything out. It'll all have been spoiled in the streams prior to launch and on Day1 people will already be picking certain chars and doing certain strategies etc. they saw in the stream. That's what I am dissapointed about. I was looking forward to the launch day bliss of ignorance we'd all have and get to explore and figure everything out on our own and together. Going in blind won't be possible with the pre-release streamer thing. So that's my two cents on that. I don't blame them for marketing to get more money. God knows they need it. But, I can't say I'm not dissapointed that most stuff will be spoiled before we even get to play it ourselves.
  7. Have you even bothered reading any of their twitter posts? They've actually apologized more than once
  8. community

    Vilify - to speak ill of; defame; slander. I'm pretty sure that bitching at them and making sure they remember they let you down would constitute speaking ill of them. Have you seen half the posts out there bitching at them? "Speaking ill of" is putting it nicely. And encouraging people to bitch and whine and ensure that they are aware that they let you down is in the realm of witch hunting. There's a reason Reddit has a rule that when you post screenshots of convs, you cross out the name of the people you're complaining about to prevent 'witch hunts'. Witch Hunt - the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (as political opponents) with unpopular views Encouraging people to go after them and bitch them out for delaying the game, unless you're new to the internet, you know exactly what that entails when you tell people to do that. People don't go and say "You really let me down :/" and call it a day........ If you want to call them 'extreme' examples, that's because the internet doesn't do things nicely, they do things in the extreme (ie: death threats over a delay) etc. I'm merely clarifying why I used the terms I did, I'm not looking for a back and forth argument either, I just don't like leaving it at someone assuming I did something without understanding why. Also, be clear that my post wasn't intended to be a personal attack on you. If you disagree with my wording and examples, that's fine. I used them for the reasons stated because in this day and age, encouraging people to bitch someone else out is basically asking them to burn them at the stake whether intentional or not. Regardless, I just disagreed with your assertion that we should go after them and make sure to finger point and scold them like children over it, to say nothing of how the internet would go about doing that in the first place. But, either which way,extemes aside, I just know when I fuck up and I KNOW I fucked up and I already feel terrible and depressed as it is, the last thing I need is someone coming up and rubbing it in my face and making me feel ten times worse about it. Not every situation NEEDS someone to do that, especially if it's clear the fuck up wasn't intentional or malicious.
  9. Yeah giving out keys on the day of release is just ASKING for trouble. It's gonna cause SO many problems. I REALLY hope they reconsider.
  10. That's why Hookers have Pimps.......(because they're stupid :P)
  11. community

    Your point is valid but your context is not. If someone fucks up, yes they deserve to be held accountable for their actions. I 100% support this. HOWEVER, there is an exception to EVERY rule and there are various situations where someone fucks up but you can see their intent, understand it wasn't intentional or malicious in nature and empathize with their sincerity and just let it slide. Did Gun handle the release the best they could? Not even remotely. They made plenty of mistakes regarding how it was handled. But that's life. If I was making a game and targeted June 2018 as my release and then a year later things hadn't gone exactly as I thought they would and now i had to push it back to Sept 2018,, then Sept comes and I'm still having issues and gotta push it back to Oct 2018. Do you think I would enjoy pushing my game back twice? Do you think I was sitting there lying the whole time? Or did shit beyond my control happen and I personally misjudged the process and fucked up and thus delays happened. Despite me trying my hardest and being human and making mistakes, do I deserve to be burned alive for making a mistake? That's the difference. If this was a company that clearly did not give a shit about its customers and was doing what they felt like doing to milk more money out of the customers and was flat out lying and bullshitting about everything, they'd deserve to be shitted all over for their nonsense. But, Wes and his team are the exact opposite of that. So it's MORE than obvious that people are dissapointed and upset about the release. They already know that. It's crystal clear. So why do we need to sit and chastize them over it and treat them like little kids that need to be punished? Empathy is a much more powerful tool than Vilifying.
  12. Hookers need to be stealthy to avoid getting arrested, duh.
  13. I'm fairly confident twitch and youtube streams will be overloaded with this game on release and that will be heavy marketing for it to get other people to buy it. So I'm pretty damn optimistic about the game selling well. My only concern is what was already mentioned about them giving out email codes ON the 26th. This is gonna cause a LOT of problems because anyone who didn't pre-order can simply buy the game when it drops and hop on and play while someone who pre-ordered has to sit and wait for an email (and let's face it, there ARE going to be people who don't get their email for over an hour or a day etc.) and those people are gonna be furious that some joe smoe who knew nothing of the game prior is on there playing while they who backed the game since day 1 is stuck refreshing their remail over and over waiting to see their code so they can play; People are gonna be apeshit furious if that happens.
  14. Well here's my connundrum with that. If game goes live midnight on May 26th and game codes don't go out until then, you run into the unfortunate situation where someone who didn't back or pre-order can purchase, buy and play the game directly at midnight while a backer/pre-orderer is still potentially waiting on an email to be able to play. Getting them a day or two early and being able to pre-load the game like most games you can pre-order would be a lot more beneficial I would think. Also on a seperate note, we now have gameplay of Eric and Buggzy but still nothing of Adam other than him getting killed. I am disspointed :/
  15. Dissapointed, but at least we have a set date finally. And it's 2 days before my birthday so that's something to look forward to. And at least I can request those days off from work for that week now. So again, dissapointed but at least the anxiety of not knowing is finally over. We can kinda just relax and prepare ourselves and not need to check social media daily on edge over whether we get a release or not.