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  1. Those backers weren't messing around
  2. Well the game was $10 less when I pre ordered it
  3. Welcone! I was also too young to understand the movies I still don't but the game is cool!
  4. You're not the only one. I just finished Dragon age inquisition, so gonna finish dragon age origins.
  5. She should have thighs that put chun li to shame
  6. School
  7. I wouldn't worry. I feel like it has something to with the shack since Pamela warns Jason that someone is inside it. So it's risky going in there for some reason
  8. community

    They delayed twice, it's understandable why some people are mad. I would be a little mad too but I'm easily impressed and the video was enough to get me excited and forget.
  9. Can you blame him?
  10. Welcome
  11. So is cross platform not confirmed then? That would be a shame
  12. In the Beta I just repaired the phone asap so I'll just do that again.
  13. Oh yea I was joking. I thought the triggered and hashtags gave it away