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  1. Dock away! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gay inside joke! ) @JPops Good for you! The name was offensive. Thank you.
  2. Ha ha ha ha. You think my name is sexual don't you. I could tell you the reason for my name (I've had it for over 25 years) but you've already judge me on a statement. So I'll just end with a "That's Nice." For anybody else that cares, if you google a "screwnut" under images you'll find this....
  3. His name may have been funny. But let's be honest, it was rude...maybe not to you, maybe not to the LGBTQ community here on the forum. But it was inappropriate. It would have left the door open for people to have other (even ruder/hateful (?)) forum names. I don't know why he/she was allowed to spend a month here with the name. I'm going to guess that upper management has fled the building and somebody just noticed now. With all that's going on with Gun Media and the Friday the 13th game...the last thing they need is more shit to fan the flames. I'm just as surprised as you guys are in that they didnt change his name or gave him a chance to change his name. Things are getting weird around here.
  4. Sorry. I forgot. Those who spend the most money on a product are a true fan and deserve to be treated like kings...well those of us who were smart enough to be in the right place at the right time, can go to hell.
  5. Really? Then maybe you can enlighten us "Xbox Users" on how simple it is to fix a memory leak problem. Considering for the past 2 weeks they have told us "it's coming soon".
  6. This isn't a competitive game. It's a sever one-sided survival game. People who backed this game knew that from the beginning. No, they will not end up adding a leader board. We're not dealing with a triple A company here. This is a true indie company. Right now their resources are spread so tight just fixing a memory leak and you expect them to add a leader board (which isn't even useful since it's not a competitive game. Seriously, your not going to see the Gran Prix Friday the 13th showdown between legendary gamers. This isn't Halo. Everybody keeps talking about this Jason being so powerful. Well I have him and people have managed to escape on me. (wait for the trolls to tell me how bad I am) Maybe when/if Gunmedia introduces Uber-Jason, they can use the same stat blocks for him. But I doubt that would make people happy. People will bitch and moan until they get it. Cause that's what happens unfortunately in this day and age.
  7. The fact that the patch hasn't been released for the Xbox yet has gotta mean that the programmers haven't even figured out how the hell to stop this memory problem.
  8. As an Xbox User, I voted Xbox issues. I want the damn game fixed for us before we even get to the other issues. It's no fun only playing one game in ever 5 matches.
  9. I don't even play the game anymore. It's not worth my valuable time and effort to put up with these glitches and crashes. I've gone from recommending the game at first to just telling people to avoid it until it's fixed. The Halo Masterchief collection for xbox has been dethroned and replaced with this game. The developers are right. I don't understand how the business works. I don't understand how designing a game works. I'm sure I could be a reasonable, patient man....but when the Steam Community and the Sony community all have working and running copies of the game and where still here 3 weeks later, left out in the cold like some unwanted animal that was a last minute mistake.....well I can't help but get angry. I want to thank you guys for teaching me a very valuable lession again in life. If it sounds too good be is.
  10. I picked up Dead by Daylight for my Xbox. I'm really enjoying it. It has some qualities that I wish Friday the 13th game came with. It's pretty good and highly recommend it until Gun Media fixes the xbox one problems.
  11. Excellent news indeed!!!
  12. It's brutal out there. Private matches seem to be the way to go and even then we only seem to finish a game 2 out of 10 times. But I know it's gotta be rough for you guys. Working with Sony and Microsoft can't be easy. Patches have to be approved, it's the long weekend in America.....all horrible. It's like Murphy's Law woke up today and decided to slap the crap out of your game today. But I have faith. From what I've played so far, I'm loving it. People are loving me being the DLC Jason. He's really really really bleeping cool and badass! The trailer you guys did for him doesn't do him justice. I'm in love! Thank you guys. I'm praying for ya!!!! Good luck!!
  13. I saw you sent me a friend request. The game being a bit buggy. First day jitters I guess. I'll try to get you in a game when I find a stable one! Hang in there dude!!!
  14. Congratulations