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  1. I'm surprised this happens in the lobby. I thought most of this happened between private messages during the game.
  2. Craven did say that a homeless man that lived outside his bedroom window as a child was his inspiration for Freddy. The dream attacks where from news paper articles about several students dying due to severe night terrors back in the early 80s. Halloween franchise success is what inspired the realitively new film group NEW LINE CINEMA the courage to go ahead and take a risk. New Line Cinema to this day is called "The House that Freddy built".
  3. I'm talking about future patches that will be required when future dlc comes out. The Xbox system is always the last to have these things up to date due (in my opinion) to them not having the skilled labour to meet the high quality control of Microsoft.
  4. This map means nothing to us XBOX Gamers as we can be anywhere from a week to a few months behind on patches and upgrades! WOOT!
  5. If it wasn't for John Carpenter and his Halloween movie, their would be no Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street. Respect your elders. Halloween all the way.
  6. They use those "boring kills" because there quicker then the the exclusives most of the jasons have. Well at least that's what I think. But yeah. It's sad. :/
  7. Played the demo on Xbox live. Didn't really do anything for me. Saw it's $39.99 CAN. to buy and that sealed it's fate. I might have been excited for it about 10 years ago but I'm so over generic shooter games. But I hope it does do well for them and I wish them nothing but the best!
  8. They might have done this to avoid paying for the rights to have him in the movie. With two gloves, he's tech not the real "freddy"? I hope that's the reason! ha ha.
  9. I got one. I don't remember what day it was. It was in an open match. I'll post a pic later. Never saw another one after that.
  10. Dock away! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gay inside joke! ) @JPops Good for you! The name was offensive. Thank you.
  11. Ha ha ha ha. You think my name is sexual don't you. I could tell you the reason for my name (I've had it for over 25 years) but you've already judge me on a statement. So I'll just end with a "That's Nice." For anybody else that cares, if you google a "screwnut" under images you'll find this....
  12. His name may have been funny. But let's be honest, it was rude...maybe not to you, maybe not to the LGBTQ community here on the forum. But it was inappropriate. It would have left the door open for people to have other (even ruder/hateful (?)) forum names. I don't know why he/she was allowed to spend a month here with the name. I'm going to guess that upper management has fled the building and somebody just noticed now. With all that's going on with Gun Media and the Friday the 13th game...the last thing they need is more shit to fan the flames. I'm just as surprised as you guys are in that they didnt change his name or gave him a chance to change his name. Things are getting weird around here.
  13. Sorry. I forgot. Those who spend the most money on a product are a true fan and deserve to be treated like kings...well those of us who were smart enough to be in the right place at the right time, can go to hell.
  14. Really? Then maybe you can enlighten us "Xbox Users" on how simple it is to fix a memory leak problem. Considering for the past 2 weeks they have told us "it's coming soon".