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  1. Today is Friday, I think some like me try to think positively and believe that today they are going to tell what happens (a release date, a delay, a news about how certification goes - something) ... but it probably will not happen and it is very disappointing. I'm all day watching Twitter, Reddit, the forum waiting for someone to say something. There are nine days left for the apocalypse (because it really is what is going to happen if there is a delay or something like that). We'll see what happens.
  2. As a counselor, I think the ideal is for me to try to hide, especially to go unnoticed while Jason is killing others, and try whenever possible that he does not see or persecute me. AJ is going to be my favorite, along with Adam probably. If I can fix a few things would be perfect, but normally my strategy will be to hide, to be sneaky and to see how things happen, I do not have a plan on how to escape, the escape way gives me the same thing. I will probably die many times if I ever just stay alive and alone because that will make me very tense lol As Jason, I'm going to kill one by one, if I run into two, I'll just beat everyone up instead of grabbing one of them to make a more spectacular death. Whenever possible I will kill that way (I'm want to try death in the fireplace) but if it is not possible to do it, my main goal is to kill everyone, and also be a "troll", I want to kill, but I also want to scare .
  3. It seems they are losing control while we lose our nerves and think what might be happening right now.
  4. We are still without news. I have seen how some people have gone from saying "Quiet, they are being honest" to saying "They are not being honest and are not giving any information," so I think I may think some of us are too nervous. There are only 11 days left for the end of the window, so I hope that if we are going to see a delay, they be honest and saying that soon as possible. Right now the only information we all want is "Hey, we have a release date" or "Hey, we have to delay the launch for these reasons." Everything else they can give us right now will not comfort us.
  5. I think we should trust the devs. Even though "early 2017" was only a window, we must also understand that some people see the end of that window and feel despair. Everyone here is a fan of Friday the 13th, so we really are impatient to play. I know the devs are looking forward to launch this game, but you also have to consider that they have something that we do not currently have: the possibility to test the game, know what works and what does not. We at the moment and until the launch, we only have small pieces to calm the nerves. And I really understand this point, I understand that this should be so. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, yes, the devs have been honest or at least as honest as possible, but I think they understand what it's like to have a demanding and impatient audience, so really - if there are no personal attacks - I think they understand our current frustration. I have also said on other occasions that we need something clearer than "Early 2017", I do not speak of an exact date because that is impossible (we depend on cert), but at least know a little more, speak more openly about certification, and how is everything at this moment. (Although I do not know if they can really talk about these things or not, I'm just saying that's what I feel they could give us at this point). Something like: "We failed, we are correcting something and we are close" or "Today we may have news - about whether we have a green light or we have failed." Something like that. I think most people do not know how certification works - or at least, I do not know much about it - so being more open about it works for us to learn and also to be informed. In conclusion, we are still in April. Yes, the end is getting closer, but we are still here, anything can happen.
  6. Every time I read the forum, twitter or reddit to see if there is news, I get depressed more and more ... I love the work they are doing, I love Friday the 13th and in general I think I am very patient, but wait without knowing nothing, day after day, is making me sad. They have been honest from the beginning, they must be honest in this subject and say something.
  7. Oh. I am sorry. I did not think about that possibility. I wrote this when the beta came out. He is a Spanish youtuber, but you can see the green light at 3:53 and 4:44
  8. Yes, that is the green light! In my opinion, I do not think it's a mistake ... I mean, that light is seen in a specific place by what it seems. If you see the green light at other sites you might think it's a type of bug/glitch, but that's not the case. And, frankly, I prefer think that it's something we need to find out. The title speaks of a green light, it is not misleading at all. A user has put an image of that light, it is real. From there, we are thinking what can be.
  9. Thank you so much for listening to the fans. Love you all.
  10. Very nice.
  11. Maybe it's absurd, but since I've seen the green light, I've always been intrigued to see that the image of the top of the forum is the altar of Jason's mother's head, and next to the "Friday the 13th the game", there you can see a green stain... It's probably absurd, I know. Returning to the subject, I still think that light will be a warning of something, and since we know that Jason can die, I see it as a sign.
  12. Any new ideas?
  13. I think at this moment the fans need something more concrete than "early 2017" or "you will have news soon". I understand that they can not give a release date without having the certificate of MS and Sony, but why not tell us when they will talk to them or something similar? I think that would reassure us all.
  14. The idea of Jason's mother's sweater is something I've always had in mind, I even think I suggested it in some post in this forum. My idea: one of the counselors should wear the sweater (a girl, obviously), lure Jason, cheat him and kill him, or just cheat him and distract him and another person will kill him. I think he can be killed with his own machete, or drowned (I see more likely the first option). It could also be trying to hang him in the barn, but I think it unlikely that we have the option of using a rope.
  15. To kill Jason we must organize ourselves. First, know what has been tried already and has not worked, and then have new ideas to do. We could write our ideas here, as a list, and then simply edit and cross out what did not work.