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  1. Oh I have no doubts the phone will get at least one more tweak post launch that we get to play with besides the fuse. 1. Moving the fuse to anywhere on the map, instead of the same set of cabins. Though some I've seen claim this is already going to be the case. Far as im aware, its going to be in the same general set of cabins as the phone and phone power. Correct me if im wrong. 2. Removing the infinite escape for the counselors, say a 2 minute window is allowed after they arrive and then they leave cuz...yeah Jason is out there 3. Making the two cop cars only hold 4 characters, so 4 cops would occupy the two front seats and the 4 passengers in back, but no driving required, just the cutscene 4. Tying the camp power into the power for the phone, making it possible that 4 steps are required to get the phone working, if Jason knocks out the camp power too They could also double the car supplies to 4 of each thing, that way they are a bit viable, less worry about trolls or people dying in the middle of the woods and the key is nowhere to be found. Or as someone mentioned a bit back. The counselors could use a skill check to hotwire the car, after the battery and gas are in it and this would leave them vulnerable since Jason can still grab you in the car. Bypassing the keys entirely, but they can still be used and don't require skill checks. It'll be interesting to see how the boat escape plays out. If your against Part 7 or 8 Jason. I feel like it will be avoided since he's a bit faster than the boat. But you would think if Jason caught up to the boat. He would in theory, instant kill everybody on the boat if he can stop it. That's feels like a fair trade off.
  2. I agree with what's been said so far. Pamela Strengths - Can Run - Stalk - Sabotage (Cancel Cops, Look like Counselors, Steal Gas/Batteries Inside Cars, etc) Weaknesses - Low HP - Slow Shift - No grip
  3. I think the tapes are pretty good. It was a smart idea to bring back one of the best directors of the series to work on it too. It might make people want Mrs. Voorhees more as a selectable character in game. We'll see where that goes. This will also give the game more replay value, in terms of collectables/potential achievements.
  4. Probably a teenage version of Jason, a mix of the original and Part 4 Jason, only younger with some hair.
  5. Tommy and Tina. I always wonder why they never brought Trish back. I can't even remember if they ever brought her back in the comics. She was Tommy's sister, wtf happened? Did she leave him to his problems and that's it? Nothing against the others though. I always wonder if Ted from Part 2 thought to himself...thank fuck I stayed at one of those all night bars the next day after Part 2 concluded. He's technically a survivor as well, and the rest of the counselors who basically survived by getting shit faced somewhere else. I wonder if Jason would've been able to finish them all that night, had they stayed? I doubt it. One of the more underrated aspects of Part 2 and Part 4 was the fact that Jason didn't wipe them out the same day we were introduced to them. We were at least allowed to get to know them for a day before they died the next night. One of the big problems with the reboot was the characters were woefully unlikeable, maybe by design but you want Jason to have some characters we empathize with a little.
  6. Plus the more I think about it. The more I forgot that quick match randomizes the Jason player, so even if pubstars/trolls tried to literally stack a team of 7 friends against Jason. It wouldn't work, due to the random selection. So then what? One of the 7 friends get Jason, disconnects and its game over. So I more think about it. There are obstacles in the way of such a way to play. And what random player would join a private match, unless they knew someone or were desperate?
  7. I do think they'll offer a teenage Jason to go along with the inevitable Part 4 Jason and possiblily Roy/Jason X as a DLC, so I do think there is a good chance we get another exclusive Jason offer.
  8. I do think the main sell and main focus of this mode should be literally being Jason in a F13th movie, so its before the final 20 minutes, unlike the multiplayer mode. The counselors are obvious, making doing small tasks on maps like making fires or cutting wood or yes having sex, etc. Whatever scenarios it may be and as Jason, you decide how to play. Perhaps when you get down to the final counselor, that counselor will become really strong, sort of like a final girl/guy and it will be much harder for Jason to take out that AI counselor. Which is actually, not a bad idea for multiplayer either down the line.
  9. I'm hyped. A bit annoyed about some things, but other than that. I'm really hyped. I just hope the servers are ready. They were destroyed in beta and were dreadful on day 1 of beta. Understandable, but dreadful. 45 minute wait times, connection issues, etc.
  10. Ask yourselves this question. Why would wes point out that certain Jason's are faster in water than the boat and have that as a strength? Should be hint enough. I don't think the 2 seater car was removed. I haven't heard anything about that. Perhaps it won't be on every map though. Maybe the two seater is switched out for the boat on Crystal Lake or Packanack. It would be interesting if private match could allow you to remove the cars and police escape and just have boat escapes. That would add an interesting, but limited twist on maps.
  11. Part 6 and Part 2 first and foremost. They both have a great variety of gameplay attached to them. Savin Jason next, then 9 and 8. I can't wait to see how they differentiate Part 4 from 3 when he arrives. Probably a bit faster im guessing and some other things, besides being a more visually appealing version of Part 3, with the long black nails and bloody hockey mask.
  12. I will say the 'discussion' in this thread has made it very apparent that Pamela probably wouldn't work as a killer in this game. Not unless the counselors were stripped of all offensive weaponry and were forced to hide or escape to win. Playing against 7 people using deception/trolling against a random pub, using character with a legit HP, which Pamela would have, would be literally no fun at all for that person and they would be better off just raging out immediately when they saw all 7 counselors camping somewhere, and just force them to keep game hopping until they find someone gullible enough or is a competent Jason and not Pamela. Point being, Pamela won't work in this game, unless the counselors are completely stripped of any offensive tactics and Pamela was the only one on offense. Unfortunately pubstars are a heavy majority in every gaming community, my only hope is the 'playing with friends' will be more of the good variety and less of the pubstar variety. I can see people going straight private match and avoiding quick match all together if the meta literally becomes Jason having to deal with a timer, the escapes and groups of pubstars looking to troll him and succeed or fail and lose. We'll have to hope the whole 'Jason being OP' is actually legit and in the hands of good players, no meta will work. Hell, we'll all be rejoicing over the days of the police escape if what is talked about in this thread becomes the meta. The only good that will come of it is match times quicker than 20 minutes.
  13. Problem is Roy never ran in his film either. He was very much like the undead Jasons. Maybe you could give him a fast fast walk, which Part 6 should have as well. Part 4 Jason ran though. Lets just say for finality sake. Lets say with a DLC or two, this was the final choosable villains Pamela, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Roy, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 and Savini. You're still talking about 4 running characters versus 7 that are undead/don't run. A bit more of an even ratio, but still sorta lopsided. I guess if they decided to add a teenage Jason, he could run. Which would make 5 who can run and 7 that can't. A bit more even. What if your playing against good Jasons and you die 5 minutes into every match, because all you wanna do is try to kill him? You just rage out, wait for Tommy or wait until the match is over, but I feel like your just assuming the devs are incompetent and won't see any developing gameplay, which is already contrary given the updates, the Jason players will all be terrible and this is going to be the meta of something we don't even know the details of yet. You were seeing counselors escape his grab. I'm fairly certain in beta, he couldn't be stopped by other counselors when grabbing others. Obviously that might've changed since beta.
  14. Pretty sure they said traps will be a one time use since they revealed the Jason traps. That won't work and I didn't see that at all. I saw more of counselors trolling other counselors by killing them. Plus all Jasons will be able to use long range weapons, even the ones that don't start with them. You seem to think all Jason players won't see what your talking about eventually? Unless the Jason player is dumb, the meta is going to constantly change and I guess your just assuming the devs will drop support for the game. Hell, they already added a repair feature for counselors to remove the traps because of the outcry in having to step in them to 'take one for the team' and we haven't even gotten a chance to play with that feature yet.