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  1. I could see... 1. All the music being removed for some hardcore gamemode The problem? 2. Nobody would play it, because it would be perceived to be a huge buff towards Jason, since the counselors would no longer have the Jason radar anymore due to his music. They could remove Jason's sense and force him rely on sound blips only, but even then, I think the playerbase would avoid the mode and it would collect dust on the shelf.
  2. I hope Fox is an alternate random hero character to Tommy. I get that she didn't survive Part 3, but my logic is Tommy is directly ripped from the film and so is Fox. Being directly ripped from the film should mean they get to be a hero character. Same idea if Shelly were added due to Larry Zerner. He should also be an alternate 3rd hero character. She should be a random alternate to Tommy with max stats. Yes, she is a thug, but thugs like to have a good time too! The hero characters can be actual ripped characters from the films. Larry Zerner could provide his own voice, thought it would be funny as fuck if they made him sound more heroic than Thom as Tommy. Fox would need a new voice actress, they could probably use the voice they use for Vanessa, with a slightly different pitch.
  3. I've noticed a lot of disparity in play basically. As Jason post recent update, its been a lot more fun to play as any Jason (for me), including Part 7. I've played a lot more games where cop rushing has been the go to method of escape, regardless of map, but especially on the Jarvis map.
  4. This video is a good example of NES Jason breakdown in the NES game. When you face him for the final time. He moves VERY FAST inside and outside cabins, which might as well be another running Jason in this game. Only the fastest here with + morph and +shift to go along with running, but the weakest up close.
  5. Average Jason could be Roy. NES Jason should be the fastest, but weakest toe to toe. + Can Run + Shift + Morph - Destruction - Traps - Weapon Strength
  6. I haven't played Savini in so long and I don't think I've seen one case in any lobby where the lobby got anal about a Savini in lobby. I've must've just been extremely lucky to this point to not see that happen. Ideally J4, even though I think he's balanced enough +Can Run +Destruction +Weapon Strength - Less Hit Points - Traps - Morph Leave his shift as neutral to match his film counterpart, even though the minus shift I haven't had issue with yet. Even though its been trick or treat with J4. I've wiped many lobbies with him and I've seen others do very little with him. Sometimes, it can be luck of the draw in terms of player skill, items, etc. I love how much the Jarvis map is like wide open, without cabins every inch of the map. Makes venturing outside a lot more risky, which is also the reason I prefer the bigger maps. But that's just me. The small maps I still feel are pro counselor. I'd probably be more ok with them if they removed the cop escape, left the two cars and/or forced the remaining counselors to survive the time limit or add a permanent boat escape to the small maps while removing the cop escape, so you would have the two cars, the boat and the timer. I'm happy the devs had the balls to put a permanent boat escape on one of the maps though. It seemed silly to hype an alternate escape method, only to have it happen on a percentage chance on literally EVERY map.
  7. I roll random Counselor/Jason almost every match. I was obviously maining Mitch/Part 4 when the new content arrived, but I've switched back to random all around. I feel bad for Eric. With Mitch and AJ, he's basically become the least played counselor of the entire set. How that changes I dunno. I think the repair stat could be broken down into more categories, which would help benefit him and help differentiate Adam even further in the repair department. He's a grease monkey, with likely an 80s muscle car. He should be the best guy at repairing/starting the car in the game. All the more reason why looking back, removing the special abilities was probably not a good idea as they could've made each counselor even more distinct. Instead go with a lazy perk system where only half of them work and the other half get spammed.
  8. My thoughts. 1. Great idea 2. But if its something they use to get us to go all in for a sequel...I say...fuck them and fuck that idea..anything remotely resembling a sequel between now and 2019 would automatically be considered abandonment and a cash grab to me. Work on this game, continue to work on this game. Launching a sequel with Jason X and a few shiny things and a new perk system wouldn't help their reputation in any way shape or form. 3. The unpopular opinion. Remove the perk system, though it would counter the idea of playing for incentive, which sucks. Unless you want to start taking the chance of allowing Jason ways to use the system himself for each individual Jason, which is NOT something I've seen the community in favor of. That or add another strength/weakness to each Jason. I've always found the system silly. Allowing counselors maps to start if they choose. Allowing up to 6 med sprays a pop, combined with perks that effectively allow counselors to jump out of multiple story buildings in a loopathon is just...too Call of Duty for me. That said, I realize its more realistic to just redo the system than remove it. So I don't mind the idea done that way if it happened.
  9. I can't see how many Jasons would trade off Morph for anything on match start, including shift. Especially on the small maps. Though allowing Jason to choose how his order loadout is gained would be a neat idea and customizing it to each Jason.
  10. I only use the stock kills that come with each Jason, along with the longer two handed choke kill for Jason among the other longer ones. For many reasons. 1. I don't take playing Jason very seriously 2. I like to see other kills for once 3. Its actually more insult to injury to use those longer kills AND still wipe counselors out...makes counselors even more salty since they expect choke/punch I do think the most sensible idea if you really wanted to make Jason change things up is just prevent him from using the same kill 4 times in a row and in the same order. Kinda simple Example - 1st kill is the short shoke = second kill can't be short choke - 2nd kill is the decap = third kill can't be the decap - 3rd is the bodyslam = 4th kill can't be body slam -4th kill is the back breaker = 5th kill can't be the back breaker What it ends up being is the Jason can't use the same combination of kills multiple times in a row. That might be too complicated to code though. Adding in longer times to the animations might be simplest. Decap - Show what he did in Part 8...grabs the neck or shirt, winds up and punches One handed choke - Change it to a two handed choke, but not as long as the standard two handed choke where Jason stomps on the face. Just make it like the Part 8 kill where he kills whats her face in the disco room. He puts both hands around the person's neck, chokes and chokes and then tosses their body away like trash like he did in that film.
  11. I think it might just be Jason's have gotten used to them and know counselors love to spam them or try to double stun Jason, which definitely doesn't work anymore if not timed right. When I hear Jason go into shift and I have firecrackers, I will stop dead in my tracks and throw them at my feet and it still works for me because most Jasons don't really go for fakeouts with shift grab, though more should because it works well.
  12. I've seen this proposed as well as removing water speed and replacing that with less HP and just leaving water speed neutral since he killed in the water in that film. The negative shift hasn't bothered me much as Part 4. He's such a bulldozer, that with proper stalk/morph/shift, you can clean house quick. If he had normal shift, he might be a tad OP. But even with the trap weakness I feel it hasn't hurt him when I play him. I can why they gave him the negative shift, even though it doesn't really match the film. Because he can literally be all over the counselors constantly at any point in the game. Its a tough call.
  13. Except the playerbase seems pretty divided on the maps, depending on which side they like to play more as. All this does is divide the playerbase even further. Ive seen groans when people pick the regular maps and when people pick the smaller maps. Random ensures the chance of anything.