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  1. Awesome! So basically, Jason just needs to be wary of counselors wearing sweaters and he needs to pop Tommy ASAP, or at least trap the cabin his radio is in. Sounds like it will be hard to kill him in a public match.
  2. If it's only Tommy who can do it, then I'm actually really glad. He should indeed be the only one to do it, it's an iconic moment and he's an iconic character to do it with. The win conditions are going to be pretty hard I think for normal people to pull off.
  3. Seems to be unable to tell that his mother has also turned black when Vanessa is wearing the sweater.
  4. To be honest it seems difficult to defeat him even knowing the conditions. You gotta get in the shack unnoticed (which isn't really that easy, as Jason's mother tells him when someone goes in there), you gotta get his mask off before using the sweater, and you gotta get the perfect timing with the right combination of players. If I see someone wearing the sweater, I'm just gonna throwing knife them to death, or ambush them when they're alone and take it out of play. Aint no way nobody's using that thing on me unless it's by surprise.
  5. There's a ton of people who are pissed off that the streamers got early access AND figured out how to defeat Jason. You're not the only one amigo I'm still really excited to play the game but don't get me wrong, these streamers getting to do all of that before us has ground my gears.
  6. None of the female characters are physically strong though so they have difficulty getting his mask off. Win condition: Mask off, wear sweater, stun with sweater, drop him to his knees, counselor finishes him off with a weapon (looks like the machete might be the only thing that'll work). Doesn't necessarily have to be in the shack I don't think. I think it's the male counselor's job to get his mask off, and the female counselors job to deliver the stun. Even then, it's not permanently killing him. Thankfully for us, Jason can't ever die This win condition is going to be difficult to pull off in a full game I'm sure. I'm gonna always put 1 trap at the shack entrance and I always listen carefully, so as soon as I hear the trap snap I'm gonna be right back at the shack killing whoever went near it. That's if they even make it there in the first place before I find them.
  7. I knew I was right. Girls wear the sweater, then someone hits him whilst he's stunned to bring him down on one knee. Then a second player with a weapon (might have to be a machete) presses E and that's it, not sure if it has to be Tommy or not. I hope so, because otherwise this is too easy of a win condition. Wear sweater, hit him, press E and game over.
  8. Unfortunately it's true. Friggin' streamers get first chance to figure out how to defeat Jason. What about the rest of us who wanted a crack at being the first people to do it? We've been robbed of that opportunity now. Great.
  9. Ah yes but it's EST time the game is coming out. 12:00AM EST, Twitter confirmed.
  10. Ooh, 4AM GMT time then. That's not bad at all, I think I'll go to bed and wake up at about 4:20, have a blunt, play a few hours then go to sleep and get up a bit later and carry on Now we just need confirmation on when we get the keys.
  11. Here's something new I've learned from watching streams; part 8 Jason and the Savini Jason are crazy. Saw a game of CharminExSoft playing part 8 and he was relentless. Saw the game where Ben joins as the Savini Jason and he breaks down barricaded doors in 3 hits. For early game pre-rage, that stat is brilliant. He's very strong early on. @Ban_All_Music which stream is Ben currently in? Is it the one posted above or is he jumping around lobbies?
  12. Watching now, he looks amazing in-game. His intro sequence as well... wow.
  13. Which stream you watching? I've been dying to watch the Savini Jason.
  14. I'm wondering if pinching his mask will actually have a function. I knew that Pamela's sweater would be usable as I went through the beta game files, but we still don't really know the conditions required to activate it. If it's like the beta then nobody currently knows, however if things have changed for full release it may be part of the conditions needed to defeat him and may be usable by default. I can't imagine that Pamela's sweater would work on anyone but a female character, that's how it was when Ginny used it and Jason can tell whether his mum turned into a man or not.