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  1. Keep the discussion civil.
  2. @I Hate Spectate you know the rules well enough by now to know that behavior like that will not be tolerated. Ever. It is quite frankly disgusting to see.
  3. 7theye, calm down and don't post stuff that is so antagonizing. Show a bit of patience and understanding, it will benefit in the long run.
  4. Gonna lock this thread as quite frankly it'll just start a flame war.
  5. Locking this thread as there are many, many discussions about how strong Jason is or isn't.
  6. First off, welcome to the forums. I strongly suggest you read the forum rules as you are required to post an introduction post as your first post. Secondly, I'm moving this to the 'feedback' section of the forum
  7. The rules on banning are clear. I'm not speaking for the devs on what can and can't get you banned, I'm simply putting two and two together. The developers said that using exploits can get you banned, and exploits are bugs that people are taking advantage of for their own benefit. The ones I previously listed are clearly not intended to be part of the game, and consequently if you willingly exploit these bugs for your own benefit then you are exploiting. It doesn't matter if it lets you get into situations where you can't be killed or not, you are still gaining an advantage that you are not meant to have. It is unfair, regardless of how people justify it with 'counterplays'. By their own rules, this should get users banned. That's what I'm saying. I'm going to lock this topic as it's encouraging users to take advantage of questionable behaviour in public games. We don't want people to play the game it was not intended to be played.
  8. This is a bit of a pointless thread, there's never going to be a monthly fee to play.
  9. @Peter1970 I have merged several multi-posts of yours. I suggest you read the forum rules as double/multi posting is not allowed.
  10. Afraid we don't know anything right now gents. I haven't heard anything.
  11. Pappus, I'm not going to continue this back and forth discussion. If you cannot see that what you are doing is exploiting then it's a waste of time to even reply here. You can't convince those who have already convinced themselves of a false truth.
  12. @ikarikh I have merged your posts, please don't double post. Saying 'if it's not intended, patch it out' isn't just a snap of the finger job. Things take time to patch and implement, so it's not like it can be resolved in 2 minutes. People who use exploits during the time they take to get patched are the issue here. I'm clarifying what is and is not an exploit. It really isn't difficult to identify what's meant to be game mechanics and what's not.
  13. @Pothocket don't antagonize other forum members. You can post without taunting or insulting people.
  14. Don't insult other members @Dr. Lecter
  15. Everyone knows what I was saying, 'use exploits' with similar phrasing is very simple to understand. Bug, exploit, yes they are the same thing and like I said, everybody knows exactly what it is I'm saying. I don't see something as being an exploit until you actually start exploiting it, otherwise it's just a bug that exists. I see bugs as just being there but when purposely used, they become exploits. It makes complete sense, otherwise the term 'exploit' wouldn't be used. It really isn't complex so there's not really any need to pointlessly derail the topic @Pikalicious. @ikarikh saying the devs 'allowed' exploitation of the game's mechanics to occur makes no logical sense; it is not allowed and wasn't programmed to behave in certain ways that people are utilising to gain an advantage. Yes, using another counselor to install an objective without setting off Jason's traps is exploiting. You are not meant to do it as it means you can basically nullify one of Jason's primary offenses by cheating your way around it. Whether it creates an unwinnable situation or not doesn't matter; it is still being used in a way to obtain an unfair advantage. I can't speak for the developers, but what I've seen I most definitely consider cheating. To think that using questionable methods to obtain a result by bypassing or breaking a game mechanic is not an exploit makes no logical sense at all.