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  1. Glad that I finally know the release date but I feel the same as Nothingface. Another 4 and a half fucking weeks, that's just annoying. Early 2017 my ass.
  2. Those of us who played the beta probably played it quite a bit - I mean I think everyone had fun playing it Since then, we've had all sorts of new trailers and screenshots shown to us. What changes have you guys noticed since the beta? Here's the ones I've noticed. Sense has been changed so that Jason now sees people closer to him rather than everyone on the whole map (source: Thread on these forums) Melee weapon swing speed has been altered (source: Watch the Tom Savini Jason reveal, and watch the wind-up animation A.J. does before she gets grabbed. It's noticeably faster) The final counsellors have been revealed! Bugsy, Adam and Eric are now in the game (source: Thread on these forums and the F13 Game official Twitter) Counsellors can now run each-other over with cars (source: J6 demo video) Jason has throwing knives! (source: One of the more recent videos) Jason has traps! (source: Thread on these forums) Jason's rage ability has now been changed from being manually activated to being automatically activated during the match (source: Thread on these forums) Jason has a new ability - stalk! (source: Thread on these forums) Flare guns can now be used as weapons (source: Post-beta feedback video, and the Tom Savini Jason reveal video) Firecrackers can now stun Jason (source: Post-beta feedback video) The police phone box now requires a fuse (source: Thread on these forums) The pitchfork is now called the 'Devil's Pitchfork' and is now wielded by Tom Savini's Jason (source: Tom Savini's Jason reveal video) Counsellor stats and stamina have been adjust (source: Thread on these forums) XP icons have changed (source: Tom Savini's Jason reveal video) Each Jason gets their own unique music (source: Wes Keltner's Twitter) What else have you guys noticed? Provide some info and a source and I'll add it to the list
  3. To each their own I personally would prefer it if they never released it as DLC, and instead only gave out a few as giveaways. The fewer the better in my opinion, I'd like them to be rare at some point
  4. I'm gonna be going for Tom's Jason first, no doubt. The only Jasons I haven't played yet are part 6, 8, 9 and Tom Savini's and out of all of those, I've been looking forward to playing as Tom's Jason the most. He seems to be a walker rather than a runner, so I'm gonna guess that he'll play similarly to part 7 - my favourite one.
  5. I'll get my Voorhees family spell book, and summon demon dogs and use my trusty shovel to dig up powerful wea.... oh wait. My plan will be to stealth around as A.J. and Tiffany and repair whatever I find all the bits for first. Failing that, I was pretty good at hiding during the beta so if everyone else gets killed I'll just try my best to hide As Jason, simple. Kill a few of the smarter counsellors, stop them using the phone, then terrify the last few living ones with Tom Savini's Jason and stalk. I wanna be the guy who's standing in the forest with burning eyes, just watching you trying to weasel your way out of the map. Then, when you least expect it, BOOM you walk right into him inside a house.
  6. Wes claims that it's both a 'Devil's pitchfork' and a trident: https://twitter.com/weskeltner/status/855103536232894464
  7. Not sure if you guys saw this post on the F13 twitter, but each Jason gets their own unique music. The chase music we heard in the trailer should be unique to Tom Savini's Jason
  8. That's a gnarly ass weapon, definitely befitting of someone who's been to hell and back. I can't wait to see what special kills he's got with it besides the impale through the head one and the impale through the gut and lift one. What's everyone thinking in terms of strengths and weaknesses? I'm 99.9% sure I can confirm these two: +Shift -Can't run He must have +Shift, did you guys see how quickly he got to the cabin in Stillwater from the one in Evergreen? The only Jason I've seen move that fast was J7 when he got his late beta buffs. This Jason is going to be really difficult to outrun with a +Shift strength for sure. Going to be great for keeping people away from things Here's my personal predictions for his stats: +Shift +Grip strength (not 100% sure about this one, but he seemed to keep good hold of A.J. and she's got 7 composure) +Morph (maybe?) -Can't run -Water speed -Stun resistance
  9. Dude, I'm the same At the beginning of the game my plan is to kill the smart counselors first and stop them getting at the phone. After that, I plan on using Savini's Jason and watching counsellors from a distance so they can see burning eyes one second, then poof and gone the next. Then use stalk when there's like 2 counsellors left alive and terrify the shit out of them until near the game's end Savini's Jason is definitely the most terrifying in terms of appearance.
  10. Blimey, he's on par with Darrin Howard then! Except the only difference is Darrin Howard used his trusty shovel and demon dogs to win.
  11. Fair point, and no I probably won't feel any different But at least now I got a legit reason! Lol
  12. Wouldn't mind seeing Darrin Howard as a playable character. Also wouldn't mind a Voorhees family spell book or a good shovel to dig up some power weapons. Can't forget the flying heads and demon dogs as well.
  13. Oh shit yeah it is indeed 4/20 :v I'll be sparking up later today, probably even more so than I usually do
  14. It's weird, I woke up at 3am last night for no reason at all. I got up and got a quick drink, came back to bed and had a quick check of the F13 Facebook and there it was! Been waiting to see the rest of this Jason for quite a while. I can't wait to play as him! Really glad I managed to get one for XBL and Steam in time Looks really awesome with the glowing eyes and all the smoke and embers coming off him. Not to mention he wields a fucking trident. We can also see a couple of strengths and weaknesses in there. Here's one we can definitely can confirm: -Can't run But that shift speed and range into the cabin behind the player, I'm 99% sure he has +Shift. No Jasons I played in the beta except possibly 7 post buff were that fast with their shifting. He manages to get from 1 cabin all the way to another, through the door and behind the player. That's definitely not a normal shift
  15. I just want to post and not get told how to do it by some random guy who's never talked to me before. Ikarikh, you need to understand that your first post simply sounded douchey. If it's so public to discuss, then you're not going to complain about me discussing your netiquette, right? Treat others how you want to be treated. You don't want me to go off at you, then don't go off at me. Now can we please pipe down and get back to talking about the game? And holy shit that guy was right, they revealed the full Jason! And holy crap he looks amazing. Was wondering where the pitchfork went! Ended up becoming a gnarly ass trident lol.