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  1. I believe not grab range but a slightly wider cone of effect would fix the issue people have with grab. Yes counselors being able to treat Jason like a pinata is an issue at times. the fix perhaps shorten the time it takes to go to block for Jason to allow a stop to this issue for those just fast enough to catch the timing of the hits. As it is now getting to go to block takes an exorbitant amount of time. These ever so slight fixes should help on the Jason side to make him not a threat more.
  2. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    With that sort of argument why not walk on water , its a game not real life...
  3. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    that is not how to disarm a trap that is called setting off a trap and taking damage , very differnt
  4. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    please do elaborate
  5. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Would be nice to be ble to disable a trap with a branch or 2x4
  6. you must have never used old school sheers. The old ones were made to come apart to allow sharpening and cleaning
  7. or Jason goes and kills the dancers
  8. No because some times you have to ditch into a building and avoid Jason some how we already have a time limit in the match lets leave it to that
  9. I have to totally disagree , what happens when your the guy trying to make his way all the way across the map ? and the cops leave before you can get there? no sir
  10. I was just thinking that the only fix needed would be to give Jason a slight increase in speed
  11. Emotes need to go

    As backer myself I will buy anything they put out for the game because I believe in the game but please let everyone have their own experiences.
  12. wondering if offline mode counts towards the trophy
  13. Level 150 reward

    your reward is playing the game. Why does everyone think they should be rewarded for topping out? thats end game, just go enjoy bots or something. you rushed through it congrats your like Richie Valens peeked way to fast and went boom. I could see perhaps further customization options at best
  14. I really hate that I am saying this but ... shaggy and scooby would be actually really cool to see
  15. on pc use arrow keys to put in debug code
  16. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    could be the persons video settings being lower and not post rendering and such
  17. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    Grendel was the spaceship
  18. anyone have idea when the new content goes live?
  19. because most people in the world wait for others to do all the work and then reap the rewards of other peoples work. Its society sadly
  20. I always wanna play as Jason but 1 out of 20 matches is ridiculous
  21. how is that even possible? Looks like a hell of a hack job to me
  22. stop crying for gods sake! its a mechanic deal with it!
  23. its against terms of service to sell content , good way to get IP banned