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    My Retirement from This Game

    I don't get why people feel the need to broadcast to everyone , what they are going to do . Just go do it, no need to write a post about doing it. If its attention you want ok sure what ever. But for gods sake just do what ever , no one really cares why your bad attitude and out look have moved you to what ever action.
  2. handzen

    We're Still Here

    IP of mine for horror genre . at first I put a drawing up of how this guys kills time but... it was borderline nudity so changed it to this
  3. handzen

    We're Still Here

    still here! * edited cause I did not wish to push the rating line with inappropriate art
  4. handzen


    STFU with your refunding a$$ crap . Dear lord people ! If people in war gave up so easy things would be way worse this day. You jump ship belly ups make me sick, really?
  5. handzen

    Double XP

    I wish f13 crew would make these announcemnts on this site as well for those of use on it every day
  6. actually the powers go with Jason not the weapon
  7. All these cry babies make me sick man, dear gawd did mommy and daddy not pamper you enough as a child? the world owes you nothing!!
  8. handzen

    What race are you?

    I am of the Human race my ethnicity is Caucasian
  9. no , tunneling is a millinials way of labeling a slasher coming for them as a target rather then some one else. Just like how others liked to complain about Jason being a " shasher" get the hell over it , its called horror survival
  10. I played this weekend and got 1 tape all weekend. Mind you that's about 3 hours a night play. Only thing I got was a ton of empty drawers. I did manage to go up two levels
  11. The only thing I can see is you have to find a metal chain and an anchor or something and drop it over his neck for a long daze at best
  12. handzen

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    oh we're playing that game ok I'll play. When is the next update?
  13. handzen

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    My only question is when will this be implemented?
  14. handzen

    tea baging

    he is supposed to be
  15. handzen

    tea baging

    I actually love this idea! just like in the movies " yeah I think he's dead!" bam
  16. I think it would be very useful to have individual volume slidders for other players in the game so that what I the player would be able to tune up or down certain players volumes . So many times I deal with players whos mic volumes are just way to low , or totally way to loud. Thoughts?
  17. I believe not grab range but a slightly wider cone of effect would fix the issue people have with grab. Yes counselors being able to treat Jason like a pinata is an issue at times. the fix perhaps shorten the time it takes to go to block for Jason to allow a stop to this issue for those just fast enough to catch the timing of the hits. As it is now getting to go to block takes an exorbitant amount of time. These ever so slight fixes should help on the Jason side to make him not a threat more.
  18. handzen

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    With that sort of argument why not walk on water , its a game not real life...
  19. handzen

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    that is not how to disarm a trap that is called setting off a trap and taking damage , very differnt
  20. handzen

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    please do elaborate
  21. handzen

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Would be nice to be ble to disable a trap with a branch or 2x4
  22. you must have never used old school sheers. The old ones were made to come apart to allow sharpening and cleaning
  23. or Jason goes and kills the dancers
  24. No because some times you have to ditch into a building and avoid Jason some how we already have a time limit in the match lets leave it to that
  25. I have to totally disagree , what happens when your the guy trying to make his way all the way across the map ? and the cops leave before you can get there? no sir