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  1. I always wanna play as Jason but 1 out of 20 matches is ridiculous
  2. how is that even possible? Looks like a hell of a hack job to me
  3. stop crying for gods sake! its a mechanic deal with it!
  4. its against terms of service to sell content , good way to get IP banned
  5. man some people need to get hobbies
  6. because they have a real passion for this project!!
  7. not legal to sell content
  8. Can not wait till this friday people!

  9. Hey guys just like it sounds, I found out I have like the weekend off and no better way to spend it then by playing f13 until my eyes bleed, But I really need some adult gammers to jam out with . Sorry teenagers and kids . I am going to be on steam mostly but as well ps4. Please feel free to leave a game tag for either so we can get a solid group together to really enjoy this masterpiece! headset with mics preferred
  10. I wonder if we will get swim suits or pajamas
  11. They have updated a lot of pictures on the steam web site page.
  12. what was the offense?
  13. sure why not, a cop would just be a counselor in a certain outfit and start with a gun or shotgun to make it easier on resources already in the game. cept the cop would have to start off with his radio obviously not working, and start in random location
  14. I think the buttons on keyboard were options 1 2 3 4
  15. I was in the discord group but the group vanished
  16. but if you did not stay till the end of the match yo did not get your accrued xp
  17. Go ahead and drink ... you'll be the first one dead ! that's like rule one man, never drink son... don't be that guy
  18. totally ! Fri 13 never got the game it deserved until now
  19. Hell to the no, no special powers from fog get real man sorry this is just unrealistic and silly sounds like something a teen would come up with
  20. For me , the score and music when Jason got closer sort of intensified the fear and fluttering heart rate for me
  21. NO they didn't they have a certain distance for sense to work but when Jason is in RAGE his sense skill covers nearly the whole map