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  1. it was just twitter i notice this on. all other sites like here and facebook I havent seen people disappearing.
  2. you nailed it with the rocky impression, remember the fight at the end i feel like this is reason for the fight/debate about whats going on.
  3. it had died down because they blocked anyone who said i told you so or didnt agree with the delay. i watched people disappear like flys and their comments
  4. yeah right f13 game kills are nothing like real life. if a 7' 250lb man hit a girl with and axe or a machete it would be very gory. they wouldnt keep walking or it would chop limbs clean off. bones would be hanging out. guts dont stay in the belly if your gut is sliced open.
  5. if streamers and everyone whos brown nosing gets early access. I feel they need to continue to stand by their word and everyone and i mean everyone gets to start from zero on day 1. i still think its bs not giving the backers early access without them this wouldve never happen. karma goes a full circle, treating fans that funded this game like this might come back to haunt them on future projects. Im not talking just about early release to streamers, but also the delays, and all the content that has been cut even after promising certain stuff.
  6. I agree mortal kombat makes f13 game look like disney kids cartoon when it comes to gore and blood
  7. so why not release to all who pre-ordered? Im heated because i get the feeling like we got their money so f-them. I know its harsh but im having hard time seeing why if you paid for the game and its ready to be released why cant you give it to them. I agree i want the game to last and become a full game one day. im as die hard jason fan as anyone could be. if it was freddy or mikey i wouldnt be so up set. the only reason i can see sending to high end streamers is to get them to only tell the positives about the game and not a truthful review like not enough maps not enough things to interact with and stuff like that.
  8. Then that is just saying its not about the fans it about the dollar. what about all the sharing we done to make this game as big as it is now. so we should be punished for that.
  9. That is another reason a no name/small/new or whatever you want to call it company shouldnt build their first game with a icon and risk never getting another slasher icon or even a part 2 to this game released. at least big AAA keep severs up for years. If they want to make it fair the only way is dont release it early to anyone and or release it early to all the pre-order guys and girls.
  10. Are they closing all the threads that people are talking about how they figured they would delay the game 2nd time? the first one in about is closed but i remember their being a 2nd one. Ive went to a local video game sale and heard alot of people talking about their not going to buy the game right away or at all because of how small it is and the lack of support the game will have after the release. They also said with the multi delays and promises it wouldnt be delayed worries them. This worries me because if they wouldve just been truthful and stuck to their word it wouldnt have hurt the game this bad. I had to agree with them as it is sketchy on what kinda dlc if any will be provided after the release. They told us yes on map packs months ago, but now their posting well see everywhere.
  11. I agree, they said when the game is released that everyone will start at zero. but well see if its just another lie. this company isnt thinking about the people that already paid. its the greed kicking in looking to get an extra dollar on opening day. It is %100 unfair to release the game early to just a group of people! The whole delay is they were worried if they released in the us before europe they might lose a few sales due to possible banned. now we get this bs of early release to people whos noses are the brownest. If we get anymore replies from wes, ben, or gun its just going to be more beating around the bush answers. just like they kicked everyone out of the chat except the streamers
  12. so their letting streamers and other bs free advertising an early release, but delayed the game for everyone else. talk about fair, the word of mouth is the strongest advertisement. make a good game and it will grow make a bad one and it will fail no matter how much advertisement.
  13. jason x was massive mistake, just like all other horror films that went to space
  14. way i see it is now we know to grab the salt not to believe in what they say. They BS the first release last min delay, 2nd last min delay, and i wouldn't hold my breath on single player being out before sept. I have zero faith in them adding any map packs or any big dlc. that went from yes we will ad map packs to well see. their been alot of other huge cuts that make f13 what it is. just a couple no nude"not a big deal but still f13" jason is stuck with the weapon he enters the game with. for the first 12 months jason was suppose to be able to pick up different weapon threw out the game then one day nope stuck. that is a huge thing that makes jason is using different weapons. Im just the type of person if im lied to once it is all down hill from their with trusting that person. the fact they act like a 2nd delay is no big deal kinda bugs me. I think where they went wrong was not hiring someone that had experience in the gaming world that could mange the whole team. also hiring an experienced team to build the game wouldve helped. I could understand with summer camp, but this is friday the 13th not some bs copy cat game. If the game makes it huge its because of the fans, If they fail it will be all their fault for not being 100% true to the series and making it 100% complete
  15. All we can do is hope that they dont bull shit us on dlc like maps and other stuff. I did see people asking about it and they said yes their will be more maps. but in the last month they just post well see. also if theirs ever a part 2/ complete f13 game made. I hope they sell out to a big company that know what their doing and can build a complete game not just a 3 map 3gb demo. I wont never believe another word they say it will have to be show me and ill believe.