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  1. New to the forum

    Welcome to the forums
  2. New to forum

    Not much of an intro but welcome to the forums anyway
  3. Bring on monday and bots come at me woooooooooo
  4. Think thats the box set i have had to buy part 9 and x separately even thought they aint that good i like to have the whole collection
  5. Which Horror Would team up

    Leprechaun and wishmaster?
  6. Howdy!

    Welcome to the forums
  7. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Been waiting years for that game to come out
  8. Hi

    Welcome to the forums
  9. I believe season 3 not out till october 2018 so better be before then lol
  10. Yo Wassup

    welcome to the forums
  11. Yes I have and don’t know how that kind of porn could be a turn on
  12. Who jerks off looking at animated characters weirdo
  13. Finally reached 500 posts.

    500 posts is quite the achievement well done. i mean u could spam to get the posts but that will just get u banned before u even reach 500
  14. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    They were my only pc games before I got into steam and started collecting games there. So many hours spent on wow and Diablo series
  15. hey hey

    Welcome to the forums
  16. Hostel 2 quite disturbing when the chick has a bath in blood of another woman she kills hanging above her.
  17. Mrdaggert

    Welcome to the forums
  18. Hi, I’m ShiftySamurai.

    Welcome to the forums ive seen u around here before didnt realise u havent made an intro post though
  19. Ello everyone

    Welcome to the forums
  20. Hello

    Welcome to the forums
  21. Whats up slashers

    Welcome to the forums