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  1. Why are people commenting on this old thread that is very dumb idea
  2. My graphics card is bit old compared to all these I was able to run beta though. I do have PS4 to play if my laptop is too laggy though
  3. Yeah i guess so
  4. welcome even though ive seen u here for a while
  5. welcome to the forums
  6. Ty and yep it was reason why release date took so long to be announced. Good thing is now we know and we are getting closer to play as each day passes
  7. "i dont know what we're yelling about"
  8. Im hoping they are sent quickly if do send all launch day i dont want to miss out on game time when others who didnt back through kickstarter or backerkit already have the game
  9. Welcome to the forums
  10. Hey hey hey dont blame us aussies. No but in seriousness yes it was my country and germany that took their time giving ratings and now i believe germany is going through it again.
  11. Welcome to the forums
  12. Welcome to the forums
  13. Looking forward to it
  14. Welcome to the forums