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  1. I'd like to see jack o lanterns. A mausoleum with floating heads. With digging mode to unearth the secrets of crystal lake. With books on the occult and the mysterious Reddog. I'D ALSO LIKE TO SEE A PODCAST ON HALLOWEEN and a single player story mode with rural areas and grocery stores. I'd also like Gun Media to cure world hunger, put a man on Mars, and to achieve world peace on this date.
  2. Probably because this video game has an IP that people have been insanely passionate about for over three decades. It would be the similar if this was the first authentic (I don't count NES F13 as authentic) Star Trek, Star Wars etc game released. People have high expectations and a long time vision of what they want from the game.
  3. Lazarus, closely followed by a Manhattan map.
  4. What a sad little bastard. Picking on kids. You can tell by the way he glides so effortlessly through the menus screens that too much of his life has been wasted trolling in mother's basement...rather than actually having/living a normal life. To take the time to produce the video as well. 😂 What a laughable muppet. Go and get laid you silly sack of shit cockwomble. 😂
  5. Yep, it's been discussed before and it's definitely the best way to get Pamela into the game without a complete gameplay overhaul. Not to mention it would sell like hotcakes as DLC. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* @wes With the inclusion of Purple Jason, I'd say the game is no longer routed to movie lore. So a character from a dream sequence with her head now back on her shoulders...is completely plausible and realistic.
  6. You tease! I thought they'd surprised us with daytime maps then! 😂
  7. Think this is the point where you: "Hi Harry, we were under a pressure and rushed out an 8-bit Jason with 8-bit music...would it be possible to listen to this NES theme and create something with real music, that will please 20% of the fanbase who like the purple Ninja Jason but also pacify 80% of the rest of the fanbase who can't stand the sight of the purple Ninja? We're gonna run it through Larry as well, so we don't get sued. Thanks Harry. We owe you one". 😂
  8. Fair point. I have, and still are continuing to moan about the Part VI mask and the build of 7-9 Jasons. I will always state my opinion if I feel it's valid. I like to think I express my views as diplomatically as possible even though I am quite a "say what you think 100mph Combine Harvester without brakes" kinda bloke. I don't like reading the some of the silly comments Gun/Illfonic get on social media. Some of it is soooo over the top. But then that is social media. That's all it is. Looking forward to the new DLC....will be buying it for sure.
  9. If Jessica Alba decided to show the the world her left breast tomorrow on Facebook...it would be met with with anger and deep rooted fury because they didn't get to see her right breast. I'm sorry for the analogy, but ...that, truly is social media down to a tee.
  10. No, not at all bud - definitely haven't messed up! Always great to see new people on the forums!
  11. That's social media buddy! A firefighter could save five children from a burning house and the responses would be "Why didn't he go back in there and make sure there wasn't a 6th to rescue?"...."Why's he posing for a local newspaper photo when he should be working saving other lives on his day off?" Social media is the bowels of the internet. The more you get used to it...the easier it is to decipher and accept - no matter how nuts and crazy it seems at times.
  12. Fairplay to them. I don't know too much about the complexities of "host migration" or "dedicated servers". I would be a fool to say I do so. I feel I do have some kind of understanding of it now after reading that though...appreciate it. Makes a lot more sense now. Great to see social media linking to the website hub as well.
  13. Not frowned upon at all bud. It's why I added laughter emoticons. Did make me chuckle...I've seen some hung from the rafters for less...you've obviously made a good impression. Genuinely... a warm welcome to the forums! Nothing wrong with being passionate about your view here.
  14. Take it you didn't get the memo about not double posting or bumping threads? 😂 😂 😂 😂
  15. Been saying it for months/years. A 62 year old Kane Hodder isn't as muscular or bulky as a 32 years old Kane Hodder. Kane's still a big guy but a physique changes in 30 years...and Parts 7-9 simply don't look as bulky as their 1988-1993 movie counterparts. As far as the Part 6 mask goes...I've said that until I'm blue in the face and can no longer muster the energy to point out the blinding obvious anymore.
  16. Never did I think we'd be talking about what kind of swimwear and daisy dukes 3D models should be wearing. It's all Wes seems to talk about on Twitter in relation to the game. Arses and designing character clothing. Even the game itself only rewards the player with nothing but new clothes/pallette swaps after level 31. Forget F-13 tropes....get to level 80 and unlock a new pink top for Tiffany... Wtf? It's Friday the 13th...not "Barbie: The Game".
  17. Obviously a fake but Gun should probably give he/she a job for that fantastic job!
  18. Agree. I really like the design of the new site and what they seem to be doing with it. I also hope that the site becomes the central hub of information for the game. Can't wait for the new map.
  19. Pretty crazy the genesis of all this, is some pretty poor capture of emotion on a computer generated model's face. 😂
  20. His clothing is uniquely identifiable to what he was wearing in Part VI and the character. The other counselors aren't unique to any movie, therefore don't need staple clothing. It's the same reason you can't customise Jason's clothing. It's all uniquely identifiable to the respective movie and that Jason.
  21. Agree. Purple Jason is an atmosphere killer. In both look and sound, it doesn't fit the game at all.
  22. It's an excellent point. Why would Roy react to Pamela's sweater? He wouldn't. Hope they rectify this. I think one of the male counselors should have to find a fat-suit, put it on...then press "X", "A" or press "E" key to start eating a chocolate bar as a game mechanic to momentarily stun Roy.
  23. I think Roy or the Lazarus/Manhattan map from the 8the movie. Or it could be the 8th Jason to be included in the game (Jason X?!). Although the choice of colour is telling. They did something similarly cryptic with a red tree amongst black trees? Did anyone get the meaning of that? May give us an added insight with this.
  24. Severe lack of content and the repetitive nature that brings to the game.