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  1. I like how this thread found it's feet again. I think the betting system is a a great idea. Yes some will scam it together and place bets on a pre-determined outcome but groups of people who know one another can already predetermine how a game turns out.
  2. Sure I read or heard it at one or the PAX conventions...something along the lines of "Challenge missions that will remind you of scenes from the films". Obviously not featuring those movie characters themselves or exact scenes being lifted though. Something which sounds more reminiscent of Hitman gameplay "kill the counselors without being detected" etc etc Rather than the base game. @GunMedia_Ben?
  3. Are you sure? I'm sure I've heard that both are confirmed.
  4. The "Jarvis House" has been used in many, many movies and TV shows over the years. I'm sure @wes could probably get a hold of the plans of the building and surrounding area quite easily just like a prospective filmmaker who was considering it for a filming shoot could? Have no idea about the neighbouring party house though. I watched Part 2 last night, and I've got to say...playing the Packanack map has given me a new understanding, awareness and realisation of the filming locations themselves as I watch the film. It's all dead on. Digging out Part 3 to give a watch later tonight and that will also be a fun experience after playing through the Higgin's Map. Attention to detail is second to none. Long may it continue.
  5. Don't forget strange beings, hidden cabins, bloodied weapons and a wealth of Jack 'o' Lanterns dotted around the map.
  6. There's both... offline vs AI bots, and single player challenge missions based on scenes from the films.
  7. British summertime doesn't end until September 22nd. Not sure how that is for the rest of the world.
  8. I think maps of a different nature to the camp setting will strengthen their hand in rebuffing competition from the likes of Dead By Daylight and Last Year - all of which feature different map setting types. The claustrophobia of maps like the Lazarus boat and Manhattan alleyways would also be extremely atmospheric.
  9. Agree he should be the next Jason off the production line. I wouldn't want to see something like Power Ranger Jason from Jason X at the expense of an iconic Jason like Final Chapter Jason.
  10. I saw some kids hitting the crouch button continously up against a Higgins Haven outhouse yesterday. Wondered what he was doing. Sounds like he was trying to glitch.
  11. Yep it happened to me a couple of times today funnily enough!
  12. Early 90's Sting always Haha
  13. Hahaha. I was always more of a WCW guy, but I still wouldnt wanna see a "Sting" Jason. 😂
  14. No thanks. Purple Jason has opened up the floodgates to all kinds of wacky Jason suggestions 😂
  15. Any map based on "canon" should have a river that links an open lake to the Atlantic Ocean. It's a glaring contradiction that the map features Part VIII kills but are rendered impossible due to it being a closed lake.
  16. I don't understand why the "players met" function doesn't work on PS4? Surely this would've been one of the criteria the game must've met for the PS4 certification that dragged on? It's annoying that this basic feature isn't functionable.
  17. Would like to see a throat cut...was one of his classic mo's!
  18. I don't see why there can't be an option? Would be interesting to check out. Even if gameplay is smoother in 3rd person, it would be nice to experience both.
  19. I didn't roll anything epic but managed to upgrade some of my existing perks.
  20. Gun said last night on their social media page that they were aware of problems on PS4 servers and were working to alievate them. They're not making it up for fun.
  21. More people are playing this game than uploading it to YouTube. I use YouTube for music. Have zero interest in uploading or watching people play games.
  22. Definitely needs his own model. I agree with the above stat suggestions. This Jason would come out of no where for his kills in the film...stalk is a must.
  23. Pretty harsh way to treat someone whose first post it was(!) Wasn't like he is a seasoned forum veteran who was disregarding the search facility! Welcome to the forums AngelMan15! Haven't played yet today, but many on PS4 have been experiencing server problems since Friday (me included).
  24. BREAKING: Gun Media security guard assures PS4 users who have gathered outside the company's headquarters that there isn't a problem in the PS4 server block of the building.