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  1. Yeah I was talking about the ambient, suspense music that plays in-game. At the moment we only have that one piece that slowly builds up (that many thought meant Jason was around at release). The airy synth sound was used in all of the original four films) and Part 7 I believe. The piano piece in Parts 1 and 3. Would fit the in-game suspense music perfectly.
  2. It was bloody obvious what you meant! I agree, props to them for extending it to compensate. I really enjoyed the weekend. Had a lot of fun with the game. Repeatedly telling myself..."Just one more game...then I'll call it a night..." had me up at stupid 'o' clock in the morning over this weekend. Bird I'm seeing was not impressed.
  3. Most of the bikers I've met all had an avid interest in the mechanics of their bike. They treat their bikes like it's their baby. It's more than likely Fox would know a thing or two about repair. She needs to be at least on a par with Mitch who realistically would be too stoned to perform a repair.
  4. I think she should have a good repair skill as well seeing as she's a biker.
  5. This happened to me last night. There were two guys barricaded in a cabin and as I was smashing the windows my ability to use the weapon locked up, like yourself I could only grab. After about two minutes of spamming the grab button out of frustration - the two inside must've realised I had glitched out as they undid the barricade and calmly walked out. By pure coincidence I accidentally hit the combat mode button and I was then able to swing my axe again...in and out of combat mode. Needless to say both of the counselors ate the axe If it happens again to yourself or anyone else - try toggling combat mode on and off...at least until they fix it.
  6. Luckily I haven't run into this kind of crap that frequently, but what really gets me is the complete lack of consideration for other players when people behave like this. It's soooo f**king ignorant. I'm glad they get what's coming to them.
  7. I have a hunch it will be a Part 6 map. I'm hoping the last map on the "roadmap" is a Lazarus/Manhattan map. As this would likely take the most work, that's why I'm guessing it would be the last one. I really hope a Lazarus/Manhattan map is implemented. Would make a nice change to all the camp maps - could see it being incredibly popular.
  8. I'm British, I have sarcasm running through my veins - it's in my DNA!
  9. "Forum friends" generally build an understanding and knowing of each other (through walls of onscreen text) if they share opinions, agree on things, have a similar outlook, have banter, shared interest, same sense of humour etc etc. Just as they would in the "real world". I don't think people purposefully "like" a friend's post just because they "know" them, they would often agree and share the same opinion anyway (hence the likes) - and the notion of upping "like counts" between grown adults is minimal to non-existent I'd say. This isn't elementary/primary school. I've never "liked" for the sake of liking, and I've certainly never had the desire to gain likes or look "popular" (if that's what you would call it) on a message forum. I'm a grown man. I left school many years ago.
  10. Back in the very early days of the project they put a vote to fans on which Jasons should be in the game. Parts 6, 8 and 9 (if memory serves me correctly) won the vote. Part 5 was a voting option. So it's very possible he could be in the game. I'm willing to bet my house and life savings that if Retro Jason had been on the list, he would've come last.
  11. It seems they might already have something similar. If you listen to 1.16 at the end of the game's official announcement trailer there is a similar sounding piece Harry has clearly re-produced. It's too modern sounding to be from his archive, and I don't recall hearing it in the game.
  12. If that's the case it's totally pointless... as friends can still see it's their friend post of which they are going to "like". You'd have to make forum names anonymous as well.
  13. People fixing it up... A group of teens breaking into it for a party etc etc. A winter setting has long been coveted by Friday fans.
  14. Different musical variations for the title screen, when the match begins and ends. The suspense music in game could also be mixed up a little. Would just keeps things a little fresher with a little more variation. There are so many Manfredini motifs that haven't been used - that could be. That airy synth sound he used in the early films, that piano riff from the early films etc. "The airy synth sound" starts at 0.12 seconds and the piano motif at 0.22 in this piece: Would fit the game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well. For me they are synonymous with the early films. Classic Friday stuff from Manfredini.
  15. haha Out of interest? How does it play in first person? Often wondered.