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  1. Think these are really good. Voice acting is excellent and the writing by Tom McLoughlin is very good. Going to be interesting to find these on the map. The whole concept is a great idea by the developers. Very Friday the 14th.
  2. Never thought of it like that. It's a great way to explain Part 3's sudden change in appearance.
  3. Death Becomes Her? Haha. I've never thought of it like that. But it's actually an excellent, spot on analogy!
  4. I'm on PS4. Nothing wrong with having fun...like you quite rightly say, you'll get bored quickly of dying all the time. Trying to "exploit" an "exploit" that isn't an "exploit". It'll just be a nice XP boost - all online games have players like that in the first few weeks. There's always a "Sesame Street demographic" at launch. If you're ever on GTA on PS4, give me a shout...I'll look out for you and your buddies - no doubt you'll be the lobby trying to shoot my fighter-jet out of the air with shotguns.
  5. It's not an "exploit", it's just someone you quickly realise is shit at the game and is a nice opportunity to earn XP from. I wouldn't even view it as trolling, just someone who can't play the game. It's like playing GTA with a handgun and trying to take a tank down with it because you've realised the tank is destructible. I'd just laugh and end you.
  6. soooooooo...you died. Keep trapping, smacking, and stunning. Easy mission accomplished for Jason and some quickly earned XP.
  7. It's not going to be that easy. If it was that easy do you not think the beta players in December would've figured it out, (they battered and battered a willing Jason player who stood there for an entire game length using the some of the tactics you mentioned... and no dead Jason) - or the developers would've worked out that potential flaw during their 10,000th playtest. It's obviously not as easy as a round of Streetfighter!
  8. The devs have struggled to kill him on play-tests...they know the game like the back of their hands...and you think it's gonna be easy to kill him? Jason is deliberately over-powered so the chances are remote...and we already know he can't just be beaten down with a weapon as people have already all tried that in games during the beta with a willing victim Jason. There's obviously skill and luck and other elements involved. Chances are you won't end up pussy-assing it away from playing as Jason as you implied, as it obviously won't be that easy.
  9. There once was a Man named Howard, who spoke of magic weapons powered, he spoke of grave digging mode, received a ton of banter load, and that's when his forum life here expired. To be serious. I think the mods have said it will play like Hitman style...stalk and slash. I too, am hoping it's not too methodical and actually feels like you're playing out a scene from the films.
  10. Second one kinda looks like a really pissed off Kojak who's had a prank cigarette blow up in his face!
  12. RoboCop DLC is all that is needed! But this isn't any ordinary RoboCop....this is a RoboCop imbued with dark...ok I'll shut up.
  13. Not bothered about seeing Uber Jason...how is a one ton cyborg going to get knocked down with a baseball bat or felled by a Police pistol? I still think the devs should change the police gunfire sound to a shotgun rather than a handgun, as Jason 6-9 eat handgun bullets...but even a shotgun blast falling Uber would be out of the realms of reality.
  14. Yep, they'll be whole lobbies of people trying to work it out - with the Jason player happy to be the fodder.
  15. To be fair to him...I didn't see it. My mistake.