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  1. His clothing is uniquely identifiable to what he was wearing in Part VI and the character. The other counselors aren't unique to any movie, therefore don't need staple clothing. It's the same reason you can't customise Jason's clothing. It's all uniquely identifiable to the respective movie and that Jason.
  2. Agree. Purple Jason is an atmosphere killer. In both look and sound, it doesn't fit the game at all.
  3. It's an excellent point. Why would Roy react to Pamela's sweater? He wouldn't. Hope they rectify this. I think one of the male counselors should have to find a fat-suit, put it on...then press "X", "A" or press "E" key to start eating a chocolate bar as a game mechanic to momentarily stun Roy.
  4. I think Roy or the Lazarus/Manhattan map from the 8the movie. Or it could be the 8th Jason to be included in the game (Jason X?!). Although the choice of colour is telling. They did something similarly cryptic with a red tree amongst black trees? Did anyone get the meaning of that? May give us an added insight with this.
  5. Severe lack of content and the repetitive nature that brings to the game.
  6. I think Halloween 1, 2 and 7 are easily the better made films. But Donald Pleasence's screen presence makes 4, 5, and 6 instantly watchable though.
  7. maps

    That's a fair, valid point and I will hold my hands up and say that did slip my mind entirely. In all honesty, there has been so little to no hype or information about the single player component since it was announced, that it's kinda been on the backburner in my mind as far as the game goes.
  8. Agree that added heroes would make the game more fun. I really think that maps that aren't based in the woods is the surefire way to stop things getting stale. Lazarus, Manhattan, Pinehurst, Crystal Lake town, Part IV hospital, Lakeview High etc. There's times when I can forget which map I'm even on until I bring up the map and see the related buildings. It all feels too similar.
  9. maps

    Yeah I thought maps were already being worked on. This game was in certification since early 2017 and minimal bug fixes evidently seemed to be done between the beta and release. What have Illfonic been doing?? I figured they would've had a new map up their sleeves for not long after release. Cutting out a portion of the maps and adding some blood to the Jason skins is hardly a several month slog. Wouldn't made perfect sense as three maps for a multiplayer game gets repetitive quickly.
  10. Part IV Jason. Not interested in space Jason's.
  11. maps

    Agree. The larger the map, the better. I felt they nailed the large jurisdiction of "being in the woods" very well. This just seems like a watered down, "lite" version. Certainly not for fans of the series, who like an immersive experience. Could it split up the player base I wonder?
  12. emotes

    They've basically inferred before that they can't be assed to post it here as they know someone else will see it on social media and repost it here. 😂
  13. maps

    "Arcade/Quick Play Mode" Nothing to get excited about.
  14. Loooove Guns N Roses...but you can't beat the Paul McCartney version. 😂