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  1. Hacking

    There's a player on pan hack-cheat -win he is hacking games just letting you know
  2. Hacking

    no the doors were locked
  3. Hacking

    No one recorded it No ps4
  4. Hacking

  5. Barricading, not cool anymore?

    I barricade hide and run depending on the situation
  6. Ideas For Gun Media's Next Project

    I will have to agree with you on that but it should still be made but not in this style
  7. Accusations of Cheating

    Well if your hiding you are surviving and you aren't killing anyone
  8. Accusations of Cheating

    What if you aren't Jason What if you aren't jason
  9. Accusations of Cheating

    So what if your play style is hiding is that cheating too
  10. Is it me....

    I don't see it
  11. It's a new game by an indie developer it's going to have issues at first and 40 dollars isn't bad
  12. It's fun for the whole family
  13. guys please grow balls

    Every time I play people work together in their private chatrs so I hide or try to escape
  14. I hate when people bitch about how you try to survive like don't worry about what I'm doing and do whgat you do
  15. I dfont think so I tried to get in the car and they ran me over it's every one for themselves unless it's your buddy
  16. I only got one so far
  17. Glitch

    So I'm playing as a counselor and I'm trying to run from Jason I get stuck in thhe closet I mean right in between the cloiset like I'm in it but I'm not in it and Jason who ever was playing as him was trying to kill me but couldn't and I s durvived because of the glitch
  18. From PC to PS4 versions

    Hopoefully it gets fixed soon sometimes I'm waiting forever or I get kicked
  19. Won't Do It!!!

    I remember gasme genie good times
  20. Won't Do It!!!

    I'm working on doing the same but players betray all the time it's hard to do
  21. It's just single player mode you v counselors
  22. After the game question

    On ps4 it says you've been kicked
  23. It was great fun. It was the best so far
  24. F13 the series

    Not part of the movie franchise but still a great show and John d lemay who was in jgth was in it what do you think?