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  1. If you don't want to play oh well plenty of people still do
  2. I was on with no problem
  3. Click on the Mic icon it should work
  4. Netsfan718
  5. I drowned too but I only got to play 2 games because nobody was on
  6. No but its hard to get a game when nobody is playing
  7. I had problems with that too
  8. What are you playing on
  9. Maybe they need to turn the Mic on
  10. Ps4

    Dammit I died
  11. Your code doesn't work?
  12. I am downloading as we speak
  13. Ps4

    For my code
  14. Netsfan718
  15. I'm not mad at them I am mad at Sony
  16. Ps4

    8 am
  17. Are you sure ?
  18. Netsfan718
  19. Are you guys eglus h majors what's up with all the essays
  20. Oh joy