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  1. I had some but to me they were not ad fun as consoles
  2. I will keep you posted
  3. Not part of the movie franchise but still a great show and John d lemay who was in jgth was in it what do you think?
  4. I have not seen it but I will take a look
  5. I have season 1 on DVD. John d least said at chiller con that he wanted to try something else and as far as Freddy nightmares I don't know if we will ever get that just have to deal with the bootlegs
  6. We the people are the marketing plan .We Will get the word out
  7. I would like to see a reboot that would be nice
  8. Great shows as well I think they gave it the name so people would watch I don't know but It could be
  9. Question for you who is vanessa
  10. I think they explained that on kickstarter
  11. I will be using my games vanguard for playing this game as I will probably not be home what ki d of scrree8 will you be playing on
  12. Shouldn't be a problem
  13. Nice guys
  14. Yes great show indeed
  15. How maps can you carry
  16. I am pretty sure its sean s cunningham
  17. I like 4 5 and h20 but the 1 and second were great too
  18. I've seen those amusing to say the least
  19. Ink

    Some people have ratios of different things I am into horror and I hasve a Freddy glove slashing through my shoulder what do you have
  20. I ordered one I am hoping it get it autographed and in case it
  21. Possible but probably not
  22. Maybe