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  1. Because the devs want a universal launch for all platforms.
  2. Both games are asymmetrical multiplayer, but the similarities end there.
  3. I heard that podcast, too. The thought of the game not having enough of a fanbase to stay afloat during the first year honestly scares me. Whatever the devs need to do to to generate the hype to build a strong playerbase is fine with me.
  4. Lol, Wes is a walking HR violation.
  5. community

    Yeah, I exaggerate.
  6. community

    Yes, thank you. You must be one of the only rational persons on this forum. We're getting the game and that's what matters. What's another month compared to the 26 years we haven't had a decent F13 game for?
  7. Bye everyone! I'm not going to listen to all the crying about the release date for the next month. Actually, I take it back. I'm just going to lurk and bask in all the carnage. And the important thing to remember is that the game IS COMING. The devs haven't scammed us. We're getting the game; it ain't gonna kill anyone (except Chad) to wait a little longer.
  8. That doesn't mean that the devs are moneyhungry gremlins. Even with a raised price, the digital game doesn't go above $40. Take a look at Activision or EA, who release DLC with the price tag of a full game. Calling the devs greedy is an ignorant statement; just stemming from the lack of a release date yet. I will admit that I am getting pretty anxious too, but there's no need to blow a fuse, or start slandering. The game is coming, and it's not like anyone's life will be dramatically altered if it takes another week. It's just a matter of when Sony Europe finally decides to get back to them, so that they can have a universal launch.
  9. That's absolutely speculation on your part. The fact that they've closed down the Backerkit; and even secured singleplayer funding and plan to add it for free disproves your theory. They're not holding out on anything. They're just trying to be fair to all platforms in all countries for a universal launch. If it weren't for Sony Europe not responding to the devs, we'd probably have the game now.
  10. Fifty years into the future, there are so many sexy campers overpopulating the Earth; human acheivement and evolution is halted by superfluous technology, and nothing productive occurs. There are so many teenagers that even Jason cannot kill them all. Now he seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku--I mean Facebook. Jason has lost his machete, and now arms himself with heavy machine guns and other futuristic weapons, and rides a motorcycle. He travels the summer camps of the world, killing the counselors and searching for a time portal back to 1984, where he must return and kill the young Mark Zuckerberg before his rise to full power. "Fifty years have passed... but I do not age. Time has lost its effect on me. Yet the suffering continues. Stupid teenagers choke the past, present, and future. Hope is lost. Gotta get back. Back to the past. Slasher-Eye Jason."
  11. That's not true. I remember from nearly a year ago, long before Tommy was announced, the devs reported that they had Jason takedowns in their playtests. It's a feature that's been in the game since the start, they just won't tell us how to accomplish it.
  12. It wouldn't make sense for only Tommy to be able to kill Jason. The devs have been saying from the start, before they reached the Tommy Jarvis stretch goal, that Counselors would be able to kill Jason. Also, if this were the case, then I can see a Jason takedown never happening, since any Jason player with this knowledge would automatically target Tommy as soon as he spawned in.
  13. Yes, that's correct. I should have specified that in my comment. Jason cannot pick up an already-dead Counselor and throw their body through a window. It would create too many physics issues.
  14. The problem is that this is a game and you have to think of it from a game-making standpoint. Sometimes that means sacrificing realism in favor of gameplay balance. There are quite a few things from the movies that we'd like to see, but that just won't translate well into gameplay. A good example would be Jason throwing bodies through windows. He does it in the movies, but it can't be implemented into the game because it would create a huge problem for the game's physics system. The devs have to consider what would work and what won't, and what would be too difficult to do. In this case, they have to make sure that Jason has a fair chance at catching up with fast Counselors. If they restrict the Morph and Shift abilities, then they'd be giving the Counselors too much of an advantage; which will equal annoyance for the Jason players.