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  1. The reason Kane screamed "fuck" during the sleeping bag kill was because he tore the muscles in his bicep. If you check his Twitter feed, you might find a picture of it.
  2. The update doesn't affect the Double XP weekend anyway. According to the devs, they just have to flip a switch on their end, and then the bonus is in play.
  3. I reiterate: trial and error is the perfect way to learn. I'm sure they realized pretty quickly, if not immediately, the purpose of the battery, gas, and keys. I'm sure it wouldn't take more than a few failed attempts at swinging a bat at Jason and nothing happening before the player realizes "okay, so maybe I can't hit him after he's been stunned" Also, if they don't know Jason can't be stun-locked, they could just as easily Google the problem, just like anything else.
  4. I maintain that players should work these mechanics out on their own; they can be so quick to ask for training wheels rather than actually bothering to learn on their own. In almost every single game where there's a learning curve, people will say "devs, tell us how to do this!" and "make this easier!" Not directing this at you, OP, but I honestly wouldn't even want to play with people who are too lazy to take the time to get better at the game and who automatically make demands for simplified mechanics. Though I wouldn't be opposed to the devs implementing a more accurate tutorial explaining how Jason can't be stun-locked.
  5. They can learn from their own failure.
  6. Go to the Customize screen, find Part 3 Jason, and hit the right thumbstick; there's Retro Jason. The DLC clothing can be found on any Counselor's clothing swap panel; it's at the very end of each row. You'll get the 13,000 CP on the 23rd, when the double XP weekend starts.
  7. Maybe the 8bit music is only what the Counselors hear when being chased?
  8. It's possible that whoever is in charge of the support Twitter isn't Ben. If I'm not mistaken, the support has posted incorrect information before. If this is correct, however, it's possible that something with the license has changed, because it doesn't make sense for them to have included Jason X and Uber Jason on the voting poll a year ago if they didn't have the license. They stated from the beginning that certain Jasons wouldn't be included with the license, there's no reason to lie about two.
  9. I've heard nothing, though I wouldn't be surprised if they had something planned. Not expecting anything big just 2.5 weeks after launch, though.
  10. They said they're planning for lots of "freebies," some DLC will cost money, but maps will always be free.
  11. This topic has been brought up countless times. It's not gonna happen because no one's going to have sex when they know a masked killer is slaughtering everyone. It's beyond stupid. Also not gonna happen because the ratings board would immediately bump the game into AO. As for the 'film accuracy' argument, name a moment in the films when two characters who were aware of Jason's presence, decided to get naked and hop into bed. Doesn't exist, because no one's that stupid.
  12. If Jason grabs you, you deserve to die. If you find yourself dying constantly, then it's on you; you need to find out what you're doing wrong and get better. If you don't like being grabbed, then learn how to whiff punish. Bait Jason into grabbing, and turn around when you're about to run into him. He misses a grab/strike, and you turn around and hit him. Otherwise, just learn how to stay away from him. Also, interrupting Jason's kills would just be obnoxious. As I said above, if you get caught, you deserve to die. On a technical note, though, I don't think it would work for most kills. For example if you hit Savini Jason just as he sticks the pitchfork through AJ's brain, how exactly would you be saving her? She's not walking away from that.
  13. No, the main issue is that Michael and Freddy have no place in a Friday the 13th game. Same goes for any character from another franchise.