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  1. Title. What games do you own that make you RAGE when you play it but you can't stop because you're deep down still having fun or can't stop for other reasons? Mine are: - Depth - Grand Theft Auto V - Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade
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    F13th Memes

    Title says it all. Find some old ones, used ones, or fresh ones... or make some yourself like I did!
  3. Where is this referenced? I heard people saying it in the idea thread on how you would implement Pamela... But is this canonical?
  4. Weather is going to be a bit challenging to implement due to some issues with the Unreal Engine, though it is not off the table, and of course they are focused on the beta and launch and soon after that, singleplayer. But this thread is a sort of "wishlist" if you will. I want, as to make gameplay more random and unpredictable alongside the randomly generated cabins and items, to have weather give an effect to gameplay. How it affects characters in particular. I'll be going through the typical things people would like to see and marking down some changes to gameplay that could potentially happen to make things more interesting. Weather takes on three forms: - Light - Normal - Heavy Light weather will have almost no effect on gameplay other than looking pretty. Normal will have some effect on gameplay. Heavy will have tremendous effect on gameplay. Weather can also take on two "modes": - Stagnant - Versatile Stagnant is weather that remains largely the same throughout the whole match. Versatile is that the weather starts light but progressively gets worse as Jason kills each counselor. Now onto the types of weather that should be in the game, and their effects: Fog A must for any horror game, fog reduces visibility. Light fog is present only in a very thin haze on the lower parts of the ground. Obscures almost no view. Normal fog covers the distance and makes it harder to see. Figures would only appear as shadows until you get close enough. Heavy fog is dense and greatly reduces the distance of visibility. It's like a white veil over your eyes. Silent Hill levels of density. Your counselor is far more affected by fear once alone. Potential Effects: - Reduces distance of visibility - Makes light less noticeable unless shining directly at someone. Rain Another popular and grim weather pattern, rain makes escaping from Jason a bumpy ride. Light rain does nothing but look pretty. Normal rain can create mud puddles which can make very loud noises that Jason can pick up on. It does make running outside less noticeable, however. Mud puddles for normal rain only. Heavy rain can flood certain low areas of the map, making them non-accessible. It can obscure vision from a medium distance. Paths can be muddy, so traversing them makes you slightly slower in running speed. Going downhill is also more dangerous as there are mudslides that can cause you to slip down and hurt yourself. Some muddy areas are slippery and can cause you to fall more often. It is far harder to make noticeable noises outside. Takes more stamina to run up a muddy slope. Potential Effects: - Reduced visibility - Less noises for Jason to pick up on - Puddles that Jason CAN pick up on once stepped in. - Muddy paths reduce speed - Muddy slopes uphill can take more stamina - Muddy slopes downhill can cause slipping - Mud in general can cause slips Clear The default. Everything is default. Thunder/Lightning A classic. Thunder can make any situation seem tense. Can be accompanied by lightning, but only for visual effect. Light thunder is mere light rumbles in the distance. No effect. Normal thunder are flashes in the sky, a few distance, some sounding more threatening. Can provoke fear for every bolt that is loud and sudden. Heavy thunder is the storm without the rain. Consistent sounds of thunder, so loud thunder bolts are more common. Same rules apply. Potential Effects - Produces fear for loud sounding bolts - Flashes of lightning Storm Ho boy, you're screwed. Light storms has light thunder/lightning, rain, and wind. Getting lost in the woods is more fear provoking. Normal storm, for lack of a better term. All conditions apply for thunder/lightning and rain. Heavy storm. All conditions apply for heavy thunder/lightning and rain. Snowfall Who wants to see Camp Crystal Lake during the winter, say I.... Light snowfall. Looks pretty. Not always accompanied by light snow (see below after). Normal snowfall, accompanied by snow on the ground. Negates noticeable noises caused by normal snow. Heavy snowfall, accompanied by deep snow. Reduces noticeable noises caused by deep snow. Snow No snow except for whats on the ground. Light snow. Easily walked through. Makes noises slightly more noticeable. Normal snow. Wear your boots! Makes more noise and slows down walking/jogging speed. Deep snow. Brrrrr! Makes much more noise and greatly slows down walking/jogging speed, sprinting speed, and able to trip more easily once fear rises. Blizzard Added effect to the game; stay inside for a period of time to keep warm! Don't wanna get frostbite! Normal blizzard. Yes, we skipped light. No light version of this. Normal blizzard obscures vision from a long distance, but reduces noticeable noise. Must stay inside or you can suffer negative effects from frostbite (see below) Heavy blizzard. Obscures vision from a medium distance, reduces noticeable noises, but must keep inside to stay warm more often to avoid negative effects from frostbite. Frostbite: Happens when you stay out in the snow too long. Frostbite cripples your character's overall health and overall stamina, as well as overall speed. The longer you stay outside, the more affected your stats. This effect cannot be negated; it is permanent. I worked hard on this thread... took me like an hour to write and think over, so please show some love
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    What Music You Listening To Right Now?

    ‚ÄčJpops move to Off Topic I made a woopsie. Post the music you're listening to or last listened to that's fresh on your mind. I've been in a Muse craze.
  6. So let's talk about faces. In particular, Jason's face. Jason has an amazing face.... in terms of detail and model. One thing that bothered me though, is that it is absolutely still. That's fine if you're going for, maybe, Part 9 Jason where the face is nothing more than a skull, but but for 2 and 3 it looks odd. I know Lip Sync is on the to do list, but before proceeding with that, I'd recommend a route to take before going through with that. Make Jason seem more alive.... or if not alive, more animated, especially in the facial region. Here I'll compile a short list of things that are small yet big steps to making him seem more animated and less still. These should especially be true for Human Jason. - Blinking and jaw moments, especially while idle. Seeing his face move in general would give anyone the willies. - Show pain. When stunned, have him close his eyes and grimace. Hell when he's shot in the head, have his eyes roll inward until he gets up. - Facial animations for actions and kills. When he's chasing someone, have him looks angry, excited, or egar. While he is killing, give him individual facial animations. Tightening teeth and face while he's gorging someone's eyes out. Gaping his mouth in anger or glee while he smashes their face into a wall. - Grunting. Less animated and more sound related though. This should be especially true for Human Jason. This was a short list but this is something I would love to see. What about you guys?
  7. Ben said they are working hard to balance fear so I may as well put my two cents in even though this has probably already been considered. I think there should be "composure" mini-games when you're hiding from Jason, just so Jason doesn't sit in the same room he knows you're hiding in until you start showing signs of fear. Similar to Dead By Daylight's "skill check" system. It's a quick little ten second mini-game that pops up every few moments that Jason is near, and depending on your survivor's composure skill depends on the frequency of these mini-games, the length of them, the end result of finishing successfully, the effect of failing, and so on. What I had in mind was that there is a circle that appears on screen and a smaller dot. You have to maintain this dot inside the circle for several moments by moving your mouse while the circle goes across the screen getting smaller and smaller (if you've played Jun-on The Grudge you know what I'm playing at). Each movement of the mouse is hyper sensitive and slides across the screen forcing you to keep calm and maintain it slowly. If the dot is outside of the circle for more than three seconds, you fail and your fear spikes. If you succeed, your fear dips down to very low and calm levels (depending on your composure skill of course; the lower the skill the less it effects you when winning and the more when losing, which is balanced by the amount of times the mini-game appears). Thoughts? Different mini-game ideas?
  8. We have some hopes for how counselors will spawn in... some ones talked about were: - having beers around a campfire - just spawning out alone - getting dressed after sex. Not much more has been said. Let's think up some here... + Getting dressed after a shower + Smoking a cigarette leaning against a tree + Reading a book (Bookish Girl) + Taking a jog (Athletic girl/jock or both) Guys think of some?
  9. I believe one or the Devs hinted on Twitter about both Jason X and Uber Jason.
  10. ResolutionBlaze

    Seperate Repair and Intelligence

    Dis. Dis. DISadvantaged. The Counselors are DISadvantaged.
  11. You realize you'd have to drop the weapon anyway to even do 90% of the actions involved with those parts, right?
  12. I'm not gonna go through pages of your toxic posts just because you're too lazy to explain context. Either deal with it and take a minute to type something up or this conversation is over.
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    Seperate Repair and Intelligence

    You should reread my post.
  14. Then what is your problem.
  15. ResolutionBlaze

    Seperate Repair and Intelligence

    Who said he needed a buff?
  16. What do you mean? Of course they do. All the time actually. When things are unnecessarily hard or difficult it becomes frustrating. And that's a legitimate problem that should be addressed. Slowing attacks does nothing to harm Jason significantly. So I don't see what your problem is.
  17. ResolutionBlaze

    Seperate Repair and Intelligence

    Eh... That would make the Counselors more disadvantaged than they already are. Right now Jason needs a look.
  18. ... Have you not been paying any attention?
  19. So it's not an improvement.... why? You refuse to give reasons on why changing or altering Jason would devastate the game. DbD is crap BECAUSE the balance is broken and they don't bother fixing anything.
  20. ResolutionBlaze

    A slight change to traps

    Ive sguested this many times on the forum; weapons should disable traps, and they should be easily disabled with little sacrifice. Weapons are abundent, semi-useful. They serve the role perfectly. If Jason puts a trap in an obvious location, and a counselor finds it, who is at fault? Jason. Because he didn't hide it well. Okay, so who pays for the fault? The Counselor apparently, for the cost of a pocket knife (rare and valuable) or health and alerting Jason, and this is especially true if they are spammed in front of an objective. That being your means of escape, that leaves Counselors at an unfair advantage more so than they already are. That's not fun. This trap idea was proposed a while ago and got much bad reception from the forum. These issues were predicted before the game even launched.
  21. Lotta people didn't like it because it made Jason seem a bit too supernatural across the board. I wouldn't mind if both were in it helps make it feel more natural.
  22. ResolutionBlaze

    Not so hot reviews

    Yeah, anyone who says this game isn't fun or is bad is simply a Debbie Downer. There are a few ways to address or at least explain what they are saying though; - the goal seems to be to escape. That's obvious. The problem is that goal is very difficult to achieve. The goal is binary; you either escape or you don't. That can be frustrsting. Instead the goal should be to get as close to escaping as possible, not just escape in general. I'm not sure how you can get someone to see that but it just makes sense to change the additude toward escaping from a binary win/lose to a "how close can I get to escaping"? This is somewhat reflected in XP but it's not the additude toward the game. - From what I have seen, dying early is a big problem, because spawns are predictable. This game shouldn't have people dying early, because that's not fun for anyone, nor is it fun to sit and watch a match play out just so you can get XP. All in all, the game has major flaws. No doubt, I didn't expect a perfect game at launch by any means at all. Nor do I think anyone should have such an expectation. At the same time, the core is very solid. It just needs a lotta love.
  23. I'd like it as a trait or perk, that's about it. But even then everyone would just equip that perk and they'd be rewarded for essentially nothing. That inflates the value of EXP and turn the game into a grind fest rather than into the goal of escape. Helping friends becomes compelled rather than a choice. Otherwise I don't think we should regard this as a team game. It's not, necessarily. I'd like a counselor to have as much of a chance to escape alone than in a group but that won't happen, because Jason's sense is so damn strong. I would weaken the sensitivity of sense. Force Jason to rely more on sound rather than fear. Because currently fear is absurdly powerful, because it detects exact locations and you are tired out giving no chance for escape or at least any good moments. As soon as Jason has you and chases you, he has you, especially with the dame "Shift + Grab" combo.
  24. I'm not sure why people who don't want to play as Jason are being selected to play as Jason. That makes zero sense to me. If they select a counselor preference then why not remove their ability to be Jason, and just give that % chance to those who have no preference or Jason preference? That's what I thought they were gonna go for. That would make sense.
  25. Yes, how dare people suggest changes that may improve the game.