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  1. I decided to make a thread addressing dying early. This has been addressed in a separate thread but I figured we could compile it here and brainstorm since launch is happening. This is all second hand from streams and videos and just personal thoughts. I haven't played the game yet, due to me being too busy. The game is difficult, which I don't mind, but if you're bad or just plain unlucky, you'll end up dying early and frequently sitting in sessions for 16, 17, sometimes even 18 or 19 minutes per match. That can be frustrating and make dying not fun, and soil the experience. But there is a way to deter dying early, or at least making it seem more fair. A few suggestions I will post here: - Better spawns. 9/10 you'll spawn at or near key locations. Jason has to do very little hunting to find you seconds after the match begins. This can be deterred by spawning players further away from key locations rather than on key points and objectives. Thus Jason has to do a bit more hunting to find you and people may live longer. - Give grab kills an extra step. No problem with insta kills. But often times when Jason finds you right away he'll grab you and choke you out and that'll be the end of that. To make this less of an issue, have grab attempts fail if the counselor is more than 50% health. This forces Jason's to injure counselors before they can go for insta kills. This will also have a positive externality; it'd be smarter for counselors to avoid broken glass windows because that gives Jason a better chance to insta kill. Thus counselors live longer but it doesn't directly debuff Jason. I think, given these two steps, it will help games last longer and be more fun even when you die. Thus you won't be sitting there as long waiting for everyone else to escape.
  2. I think the issue with grabbing is that it's almost entirely circumstancial. It's difficult to make inferences about how the feature is balanced because sometimes the Jason won't find the kill he wants, sometimes he'll use the choke kill and leave it at that. Sometimes the Jason will be right next to an environmental kill.
  3. I don't need to play the game to make suggestions. That'd generally be a good idea but I've seen enough footage to make these conclusions. And there are people in agreement with me who have bought the game. Thus I don't see how experience is relevant. Secondly, that isn't true, because Jason unlocks abilities by instilling fear. If three counselors spawn at Packanack, and Jason morphs there, then Jason is actually unlocking his abilities faster. It has nothing except a positive benefit for him. Thirdly, "get gud" or "get perks" as a response to any proposition is the kind of thinking we should avoid; it kills innovative thinking. Not everyone is gonna have those perks and those perks aren't always gonna do any good when Jason grabs you.
  4. (Rules may change depending on conditions of the game at beta launch) Lotta old people who plan on playing this game... Have experience with the franchise, eh? Let's see that experience put to good use. Two teams. Young Blood and Old Dogs. Young Bloods include anyone 29 and younger Old Dogs include anyone 30 and older There will be seven on each team. We can schedule a day in which everyone can get together. How this will work: - Every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, there will be a competition in the form of a match. - Every week (if possible) we alternate between the two teams: Young Bloods and Old Dogs. - One team will play as Counselors and one as Jason every week, alternating between each other. - The whole team will play as Counselors whereas one representative from the other team will play as Jason. Once the game is over, the person who played Jason will pick the next one on their team who will be Jason next. When that team gets their turn as Jason, the person the last Jason picked will play next. - Jason kills are the only points that count. The more players the Jason player kills, the more points for his team he wins. - Scores will be kept here. - Reward is bragging rights or whatever the team puts forth. = For any week where a team member can't show up, you have the option to pick someone else not part of the team (so long as they are not on the enemy team) to join temporarily, be it a random, a person from the forum, or even a dev. Age is irrelevant. The whole team must consent though. Any clarification needed or any confusion found, message me and we can try to sort it out here in this thread or in messenger. THE SCORE Young Bloods: 0 Old Dogs: 0
  5. heh! NOBODY takes this forum seriously anymore. It's turned worse than a steam forum and whenever someone says their whining is unjustified we are met with "just criticism m8" or sarcastic jabs or more whining. As though anger and criticism are somehow the same. The forum turned into nothing but bitterness. Any discussion is immediately discarded and any serious questioning of someone's criticisms is met with "You're just suckling Gun's dick" essentially. As soon as someone tells you to calm down you justify your unprecedented and over emotional responsors and threads as though you're heroes of the game for creating melodrama and deserve to be treated like kings for throwing a few bucks Gun's way. As though I haven't done the same. It's gotten so fucking petty that people are angry that THEY weren't the ones to kill Jason as if it fucking matters or like it's the end of the world because they didn't get the chance to do it themsleves. It's also petty that you rank my importance or value based on likes I recieve, like BoB isn't getting the same thing. Why the hell do you think they put a limit on likes? Certainly wasn't because people were liking every single comment I put out, huh? And, for the record, this forum calls the Discord cancerous but holy shit, I prefer the Discord right now to the shitstorm you people brewing here. So I'm done with this oblivious community on this forum. At least the Discord is sensible and doesn't go into hysteria whenever Gun does something they don't like.
  6. Gun Media: *breaths* Same ten regulars: *resentful blaming* And people wonder why I don't take this place seriously.
  7. It won't be easy; streamers I've watched done it in a controlled setting. They literally said, "Hey Jason let me kill you," which won't nearly be as easy. Hell, I just watched "Worlds First" person to kill Jason, and the Jason let him kill him. Which I think was really silly and hardly worthy of recognizable accomplishment.
  8. Sorry I'm not blinded by emotional hysteria like 90% of this forum is right now.
  9. The conversation was over as soon as this thread was made. You call THIS a conversation? Seriously? This is a bunch of people crowding together so they can whine about THEM not being the ones to kill Jason because "m-muh Backerkit" So no, I don't think I'm the one who should be leaving.
  10. He was killed maybe a few times in controlled settings in matches with mostly full parties. Clam the fuck down.
  11. Doom and gloom, your lives are over, the whole game is ruined!
  12. Ah so it's personal resentment, not actual criticism. And no they didn't lie. They never said anything.
  13. "It doesn't matter if we avoided being spoiled because we were spoiled" ? The whole idea is personal accountability not whether or not you were spoiled.
  14. "It's not my fault I got spoiled online while the game that's being hyped up is being played by streamers and content creators, it's someone else's fault!" Whose fault is it? Gun's? Maybe they can share some blame; they could have made it restricted under NDA but that didn't happen. Content creators? They share some blame. But you can't paint that brush over them just yet. They WANT to show people things. They are easily avoidable. Internet trolls? Sure. They're assholes. But dont sit there and pretend like you couldn't take precautions, like many people would and HAVE, especially on Discord. Many decided to avoid anything F13th related or avoided the Internet all together. It's as though you people never been on the Internet before. Of course there will be spoilers, everywhere. What did you think was gonna happen? So sit down, don't go on a rant at me just because I'm being level headed about the situation. Be disappointed but don't pretend like you didn't do all you could to avoid spoilers. If that were the case you wouldn't be here right now until the game launches. Again, it's as though you people don't know what the Internet is like with these sorts of things. Not ridiculous to suggest that maybe you could have tried a little harder to avoid spoilers.
  15. And what did you expect from launch? I don't even know the steps and I've been watching videos and streams all day. And even then knowing how to do it doesn't change anything especially when people have been theorizing and showing leaked images on it in this very forum. Gun could probably have made the NDA better and said don't talk about killing Jason. Don't attempt it. They didnt. If you somehow feel betrayed by that sorry, not much you can do. But you knew streams and youtubers were up to this stuff, if you came across spoilers I can't help but think that there is very little blame on anyone besides yourself, if you can't avoid streaming services or videos for a day or so.
  16. Hey a creepy crazy Christian redneck community with heretical doctrine! Haven't seen that in a game befo-
  17. Doesn't surprise me in the least, especially when it was just introduced a week or so ago.
  18. How is it such a surprise that people have figured it out within one night? It would have been the exact same thing launch day. I'm tellin you all, you're making much ado about nothing.
  19. No. Making business decisions and making money for the game to benefit from is greedy and evil.
  20. Harambe save us...
  21. Now to prepare for post launch! If all goes well hopefully I'll play some tonight. But I have graduation tomorrow.
  22. I have one important question; Why do you care so much about it? It's not like Cod where they are getting access to the coolest and most OP weapons. It mostly comes down to cosmetics, which has zero effect on your experience. Any issues is derived solely by resentment. No sembelence of logic. So what, Streamers get to keep things they play for, yknow, like the game is supposed to be. And the more fair option would be to reset every one to zero and be forced to play with a Part 3 Jason until people start leveling up? No, we get variety if they are allowed to keep the things they play for. It literally has no effect except a positive one on your gaming experience. Your only contention would have to be motivated by pure resentment and jealousy, which seems to be the justification for any resentment against streamers. They get the zebra striped shirt for Tiffany earlier and actually had to play for it. Who cares? I can't believe how dramatic you people are making this.
  23. I'm not. You asked why Backers don't get Early Access as well. I gave you an answer; you don't qualify, or you didn't take the opportunity if you were gonna stream it. This is a claim you cannot prove, thus it has no relevance.
  24. At the time, sure. But there are still people who want to see full game coverage before going in. This helps them do that, especially with the launch so close. If this were, like, a month in advance I'd be in agreement that it's a bit dirty and kinda weird to do it like that. But we have, what, a max of two days before we worry about it.
  25. >I'm not a streamer. Case closed. I'm not arguing for arguing sake. I'm arguing that your criticisms are invalid. There is a purpose behind this; it's to say you're wrong. I've given you a reason on why they don't just give it to those who backed it; you already have your rewards. You have nothing to give them in return, so you wait like everyone else. There would be no point in building hype when only 50% of the people can build it.