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  1. We don't take what Savini or anyone else except Gun Media says to heart. Savini may have wanted the idea but scrapped it. It's concept art bro.
  2. It might simply be perspective. Ya never know.
  3. True, his skin tone does remind me of The Trapper, with a leathery or rough look. Don't mind that at all though; Dead By Daylight has pretty cool Killers, I can give the game that.
  4. I have a feeling people will be pissed no matter what they do at this point: *releases April* "Oh yeah you BARELY made the deadline lol" *releases in May* "You guys are money hounding liars" They're really in a no win situation.
  5. I commend Bears for pointing that out to me.
  6. This isn't the first time you three have also targeted others on the forum for personal reasons. "You dismiss my opinions" Nobody on this forum attacks other users as much as you three have for the silliest reasons.
  7. A Gay Line you say?
  8. Confirmation by Wes on Discord: "Each Jason will have unique music"
  9. That's a shame. Really wanted to have the spear and pitchfork even though they're really just placeholders. Maybe one day they can make them more unique so that the other Jasons can have it. I hope it's the latter. That'd be the perfect uniqueness to music we need.
  10. New Savini skin looks way better than I imagined it would. Glad I hopped on board. And I hope the original pitchfork is in the game too. Also; LOVING the new music.
  11. And we've had news since then.
  12. ​Waiting for a release date be like:
  13. I wouldn't complain if there was ONE way to defeat Jason as Tommy Jarvis. However, I hardly believe it is the ONLY way.