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  1. press right mouse button without letting go of middle mouse button.
  2. The thing about the Xbox One and PS4, even PS4 Pro, is they are modified AMD laptop CPUs. Their compute power is abismal even compared to an Intel i3. Physics are what CPUs calculate. The GPU calculates the 3D files, textures, really just the "visual" parts of the game. Unreal Engine 4 has some very CPU-hungry physics calculations. It is my guess that the bargain bin laptop CPUs that are in the modern consoles simply cannot run the additional physics. I stand corrected.
  3. I'd like to see this in text form so I can "ctrl f" through it.
  4. Fall asleep and your wait will be shorter.
  5. I don't want ONLY female counselors to be able to stun Jason for the win condition. Male counselors need something they can do too. This makes it so that only female counselors are worth playing because only they can wear the sweater. I know, let's say MEN can find a hair cutting/shaving kit(clippers, razors) and shave themselves bald with some eye shadow to look like Jason, how Tommy did in Part IV. Then they can stun Jason for the win condition in their own way. You'd need to be in a bathroom with a sink, mirror, outlet, etc to do it. I don't want people to ONLY be able to kill Jason inside his shack because that means Jason players will just trap it and avoid entering it when they know counselors are trying to kill him in it. If this method is the only method at launch, I'm ok with it, but there needs to be more ways to kill Jason in the future. We need the rock drowning from part 6, toxic waste barrel from part 8, hanging and stuff like that. Even new methods, like do the stun to get him on his knees and then hit him with an axe or something to make him fall in his empty grave and bury him.
  6. The dude had 9 hours. 9... hours... At least one of which would have been editing the footage for the video. He had at best 8 hours of game play. It's obvious he just sh*ts out "reviews" and footage to make a buck on ad revenue.
  7. They only appeared during Sense in the Beta. In the pre-Alpha footage, it would appear like it does now. I kind of prefer sound blips only appearing during Sense like in the Beta. It required Jason to really hunt people down. If they change it I think the sound blips should appear half as much, or less, outside of sense, and in Sense they appear frequently.
  8. I'm loving this Christine crossover.
  9. The person killed in the intro should have been whichever counselor no one was playing as.
  10. People with far more free time than me were able to grind to level 20 in the Beta, or whatever the max was, it was around there. That was within about 4 days. So if 4-5 days of grinding gets to level 20, it would take 18-22.5 days of solid grinding to get to level 90.
  11. I think the Harpoon Gun should be an environmental pick-up item, and maybe it could be used by counselors as well if they can find it. How it would work is that it would take priority over throwing knives in Jason's inventory. He would hang it on his belt or on or across his shoulder if it had a shoulder strap, and whenever Jason used the "throwing knife button" the harpoon gun would be used first. If there's a way to switch between the two with a button combination that is convenient, then do that instead. It would do high damage, anyone at full health would be left limping when shot by it. Anyone at less than 80% health dies instantly. Headshots(if that is possible in the engine) are instant kill.
  12. Highway to the danger slut I'll take you Ridin' into the danger slut I didn't realize they needed to add up to 35. Good point. Your version is good too.
  13. I don't think it matters if you were a backer and didn't get your key until now; you still have 3 whole days to pe-load. I got my key while I was at work. It was a great coming home present.
  14. @CreepingDeath I think Megan from Jason Lives is more similar to, say, Robin from Part VII. Megan was into the bad-boy type that Tommy appeared to be, and Robin was into the stoner guy. They both are risk-takers and like "risky" types of men. Hmm, new trope? Risky Girl?
  15. Xbox 360 or Xbox one controller. I prefer the XBone controller because I like its features, and it has a superior D-Pad.