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  1. Agreed. The only "animation canceling" there should be is canceling an attack to do a "feint" or "fake out" move and no more.
  2. I don't know what to tell you. Just look at each and every audio setting in the game and on your computer and just keep playing around with it until you fix it.
  3. You are wrong regarding the knife cancel and the "abduction." They are not and should not be considered legitimate techniques. Enjoy these while you can because they won't last.
  4. Ok I found it. I have seen one other video of that with other people. Can you provide any more clips? I want to send these to Illfonic's twitter.
  5. I don't know what's wrong on my end because it starts at the beginning of the video. Please just tell me where to look. Thank you.
  6. Timecode please. It's six hours long....
  7. Is the "abduction" thing where Jason shifts while grabbing in order to take the counselor away from others? In that case that is an exploit, no two ways about it. If there are multiple counselors in a group then Jason should be melee attacking and not flying through the woods with people attached to him like Ash in the opening of Evil Dead 2. Can you or someone provide me a clip of the abduction "technique?" I'm going to get some official word on that too.
  8. Try increasing the gain on your microphone in your audio driver's settings. That's usually the problem.
  9. You sound like an angry ex. From kindergarten. Calm down. Maybe they haven't spoken on social media because they are preparing for one big announcement at SDCC.
  10. Tiffany's overall look is based on Tina the flirty twin from part 4 but those booty shorts are lifted off of the booty chick from part 2 lol.
  11. Tiffany is as skinny as the girl from Part 2 with the booty shorts but with a bigger booty, thus why I put her in the pear shaped category.
  12. Yes I understand there are CERTAIN things that could or maybe even should be actual legitimate mechanics. I think you are leaning slightly too much towards having bugs become actual gameplay mechanics, but a good deal of things you say are valid in my opinion.
  13. This isn't the same as a fighting game, it's a survival horror game with some combat mechanics. It's not the same as canceling an attack to fake out the enemy or something like that. If Jason falls to the ground he should have to take the time to stand up, period. I'm going to record myself doing this and the other things in your OP and I bet most of them will get patched out. Why the hell should Jason essentially teleport from laying down to standing up? The point of the game is to emulate slasher horror tropes. It is not a slasher horror trope to do all the bugs as part of actual gameplay.
  14. There's a big difference between Street Fighter's happenstance combo system and Jason transitioning from laying flat to standing up with a knife in his hand in the blink of an eye.
  15. Your post inferred you either did not want Jason to be able to cancel a knockdown animation or at least have a cost for doing it right? So you were saying that once the E mash thing is over, Jason can stand up immediately by toggling the knife? Well why wouldn't we just remove the ability to use the knife until Jason has finished standing up? There seems to be an odd fascination among some circles to use glitches as part of legitimate gameplay.