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  1. Stumbled upon this while looking up my personal fanart I did on these forums some time ago, love your style. He really is a handsome counselor, hehe. ;-)
  2. I have been watching some Friday the 13th game-play video's just now. An I guess I got irritated by the last two people or one person standing. I hate how a lot of players just give up and somehow they don't think straight when there are barely any players to distract Jason for you, that's when you lock into SURVIVAL MODE. I also used that to my advantage sometimes(other counselors as distractions for Jason), I played the beta as well. I know for sure I'm not gonna run to another counselor I see just to get Jason off my tail. That case would be for if I feel like the cabin may hold something I may very well need. I know people had short time with the beta, and really wanted to fuck around here or there, but I hope with ALL THE TIME we can now spend on the game coming up real soon this week. I just hope players who are close to the last people standing get in the mode of "fighting" till the very end. If it's looking for other car parts or boat parts or getting the phone working all on your own. I rather see people die with a fight then "wimper" in a fetal position really. I know this game isn't meant to be competitive but this game DOES put you in your mindset to survive and do EVERYTHING in your power to do so. Has anyone else noticed that they feel the same way? You can leave a post or vent about what you didn't like what counselor players were doing in the beta, that led up to a player dieing or no one surviving or to an almost complete fuck over for the counselors.
  3. When I played, mostly outside. People lost most of their Damn stamina trying to out run Jason, haha. It's more safer and strategic to dodge and roll Jason inside, it buys you time when he is breaking down the doors to BOUNCE to the next cabin next door, closer to safety. Of course you gotta try and run for it when he is distracted, hopefully. If you just wanna stay inside by then, then your dead but again people juke Jason and go outside and get killed. After seeing videos I can't count HOW MANY TIMES people got killed outside lol. Also for movies, MAINLY outside, either getting stabbed, sliced and diced outside or thrown outside, haha. Cause really when you think about it, it's like those scary stories about a stranger in the woods is gonna getcha, so better be home before dark, lol. My personal opinion though. :-)
  4. I have these personally, I brought these 2-3 days before the beta ended, It came in the mail when the beta ended. I couldn't try them out on the game. They work well though, tried it on discord, second life, in personal videos with OBS. The quality of voice is really good and handy. I brought mine around Christmas time for $30 something bucks, it's $44 now. I say take it or leave it, these were the cheapest I could find. An they are gaming headset, so meant FOR gaming haha. They may come in different colors, just look for this model or look through the headset line that the company has behind this headset. Link to where you can buy them, where I also got them, newegg. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104840 Hopefully this helped you with your search and to anyone else as well, hehe. ;-) Also make sure your computer has a headset and mic slot for the plugs that are with the headset.
  5. Perks of being a computer user, video-games are designed on PC so it would make sense. I'm a pc user, not trying to be harsh or anything but giving my thought of whats been confirmed(or has not yet).
  6. Yeah I understand your reply. I just thought about DbD(dead by daylight) now haha. It's like their selection is to where everyone is happy with what they can pick on their own free will. On the other hand I think this feature is what plays a KEY role in being a real balanced type of game, from what they are going for. Cause I know a lot of people on that game did/may do still complain about trying to find matches online. It's so HARD to take things like this in, and go with the flow with it. Like the whole, you don't like veggies when you are a kid but you gotta eat them to be healthy and in due time you will grow to like them one day, Lol.
  7. From playing the beta, it seemed like servers where clumped together in one. You can get people from around the world to play with. I remembered I played with a Japanese female player. Didn't speak English she had the high soft voice on mic and a stereotypical "hehe" type giggle/laugh thing going on(plus her username was typed in Japanese). Who knows with them trying to make the game into a Official final gaming product for the masses it should have particular servers probably. For people wondering why this may be a concern? So you can communicate and make possibly NEW friends with people within the game. It's no fun when you are on mic and not everyone can speak English really well or just NON at all.
  8. I still prefer to be counselor like...ALL THE TIME! Lol. I still don't like the random feature, I don't hate it. I would let someone have a break from being Jason. If you want the role then take it, like in the private matches in the beta. Guys and Gals I would private match with didn't care or wanted to be Jason but force me to be Jason! Why!? I express I love being a counselor. People trying to make me not think hard about it, "it's just a game" sometimes a pile of crap when you say that saying to me, hehe. It's like you lied through your teeth, cause I was like if they try an force me to be Jason when they can be him with no problem, I'm leaving the private match lobby and heading to public matches. In public I didn't care cause you have no control (to choose whoever). Also I'm still possibly thinking they may have tweaked this feature a bit. If not it's whatever but still, if they have that whole pick your preference for the randomizing button than I'm more then up for it! In my heart and mind I still prefer a blunt and straight forward, black and white selection between Jason and the Counselors. Hell though, when I randomly do get Jason I go ham on the Jasons that are counselors now who killed me during our last game haha! I know this game isn't meant to be competitive but it takes you there to cuss here and there when you wanna play out your role how you want to, aka surviving/being the final person standing.
  9. Omg! I can't wait for the video-game to come out. So this damn drama can end. I'm really waiting to play this video game too. They announced the international full release date already, and we are within the month. Coming real close right about now. Everyone can't get everything that they want. Either you paid for it or not, if nothing else was said then stop your assumptions, please! I know some people are looking to vent but look and see you have some people that may agree but a few more people that has the developers backs who disagree with the Op of this thread. I really don't care, life sucks at times, people do what they can. The simple thing right now is not to worry about other people. The main thing IF streamers were or are but I say were cause I haven't seen the creators tweet anything about this. If they were giving out early access to backers just cause they got the blueprints off the ground that would be a whole lot of sense made. If they also gave it to streamers it's just a marketing ploy by my own assumptions from what OTHER companies do. To get more people to buy the game if people still think this game is a dud if they are fan or not AFTER the release of the game. I HOPE EVERYONE regains their sanity when everyone can finally play the DAMN video-game. The teasing and sneak peeks are pretty much just about over and we have 2 weeks from now. I say worry about life and other things till then. Peace and love, to all of you, especially the crazies. Lol.
  10. Well I wouldn't think that lol. You see they don't delete tweets like this off their twitter and instead have a witty come-back lol. P.s. - Loving that you are a Jenny Myers friend from your signature! Lol.
  11. That for sure looks like Higgins Havens barn from the beta. Unless there were different places in the movies with barns. Actually it's funny I never considered that what if they did stages of the same place but a little bit modernized, revisiting the same stage like they do in the movies in a different year. Heck, this isn't something not to big but I "guess" it's cool to spot whats there and what is not there. I for one can't wait to see the stage they gave us sneak peak too and the third stage, I forgot if there was a 4th one.
  12. OMFG!! SO HAPPY!! Lol. I'm glad they did this, and to my 3 favorite male counselors! The Jock, Edgy Guy, and Preppy Guy! I was getting my own amusement out of Chad (preppy guy) with those "certain" angles from before, but I'm glad it's more emphasized. Just like the females. ;-)
  13. (About heel comments) Lol, I believe they should be able to add heels but heck I just wanna wear a mini skirt on one of my girl counselors, prefer Jenny! I'm gay so I'm not gonna be fond of upskirt shots just the pretty-ness of it all lol. I feel they shouldn't do extra stumbles with heels and I don't think gun media has to time to fiddle around with that. Cause mainly if you fuck up on stamina and your fear THAT'S YOUR god damn fault!! lol. While my girl be looking pretty running away lol.
  14. Oh wow did not know that. Now people can be sure that they are putting forth the effort to make different clothes meshes! Lol. This is making me re-call the second killing video that gun media put out, I'm in love with pink and feel like I'ma be maining Jenny and Chad a lot lmao. Just cause of that lol.
  15. I feel they can just suggest nudity in the beginning cutscenes before each round. It was stated in each round there will be fully animated before cutscenes(of f13 cliche moments). Could show a girl counselor taking a shower and blocking the parts you don't wanna show but still show enough skin for the imagination, like in horror movies that don't wanna show full nudity. I feel the whole nudity topic fits within the cutscene world and not the clothing pack world. I wouldn't mind bikini and speedo like outfits for summer wear that someone suggested for men and women lol. I saw in earlier months people didn't want goofy content but like for real? We use these goofy memes on the f13 the game twitter, I feel that's asking for goofy but yet kick ass clothing content here and there. Also I don't care so much about nudity on my end, cause mainly this is targeted towards the female body and I'm a gay male, but I know the "traditions" of slashers to somewhat put my comment in on this. I just like refreshers to make sure we know whats in the game or not based off past statements to just cross off as "okay that's not happening anymore" and "okay now this is happening though" lol.