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  1. Honestly, I feel people did not expect a multi-player based game. They were probably expecting a somewhat story driven game where you are Jason killing nothing but counselors. Honestly, when single player comes out. It will be somewhat just boring if it's just throwing you in there and just killing nothing but counselor cpu's. No story background or nothing. Same thing, over and over again. No online mode in this mode either, cause it's just you. Cause since this game has been a "problem" for people to address different things about this game. I have to say it was a risky move to make this a multi-player game, majority wise after seeing everyones reactions. Also this game is about Jason for the fans, but mainly it's about the counselors as well since you HAVE to play as one for online mode. Cause I feel once single player is out, the online mode is just gonna drop drastically for people who JUST wanna play Jason. An it was said/noted, that you can ONLY play Jason in single player mode. Also even though the Dev's tried to make the message clear that it's not a competition. It feels weird just dying off a lot for some and some just wanna beat the crap out of Jason to win aka survive is winning. So without a doubt people will make a competition out of this no matter what. It's hard I know dealing with negative people, but really everyone is viewing this game from different points. I know for me I could careless if people feel this game is about and to cater to Jason, I just wanted to play in the F13 universe and become a iconic survivor. In slashers I rather relate to survivors more than the killer which most people proudly announce that they don't do cause people love the killer at the end of the day. Honestly all this is weird I haven't even touched the game in weeks to a month now because of feelings clashing with one another. Honestly you will feel salty when you lose a lot at times and your ego is gonna boost when you win a lot. I take this as the world to be, you can't have positivity without negativity, we are human. You can blame some people playing are kids but than what you gonna do when adults act like kids, lol. This world is crazy enough.
  2. Oh my god... my heart is beating fast and my hands are shaking as I'm typing this. I'm so livid but so happy and proud of my self. At first the match started out as any other game, people making jokes and goofing around. I usually take my surviving really seriously, and I love being Chad in his pink polo and green jacket around his neck with his pink loafer dress shoes on, lol. I felt like it started like fate, when I grabbed the keys and everything just went down hill. My screen name is LovelyŠÉ¶Tyler. I played how I played of course, not really going by the trail and crossing through the forest areas of each map, I feel easier not to get detected. I start with a map always cause of my map perk, I saw a lot of people huddled together in one cabin not to far from packanack lodge. Like maybe 6, so almost everyone. An all hell breaks loose and Jason starts to break down the doors and people are running and distracting him. I bounce to the lodge STRAIGHT AWAY. These people weren't really afraid of him, their plan seemed to FIGHT HIM and not in the way where you can kill Jason just using MELEE ATTACKS. I was livid as soon as they bring Jason's ass to the big lodge like OH MY GOD! An they were still just fighting him but I gotta say through this whole match not many of them died when I was doing what I had to do to escape. One of the GOOD repairers fixed the phone through the heat of the mess, I'm yelling to ppl on mic, "we need to find the phone!". "Someone who is a good repairer fix the phone while I'm standing here near the phone!". I did that multiple times, EVERYONE was at the lodge running from Jason, it was a MESS! I was next to the phone in one of the upstair rooms, I try to check and see whats wrong. People are being slaughtered. Some are breaking free with the help of others from Jasons tight ass grip he has. Someone did repair the phone and I was calling the police but it was taking to DAMN LONG and Jason cut the phone before I even got done. I ran out of the room with the phone and came back in from seeing Jason putting a trap in front of the phone. Through all this I had the battery with me, and the keys...guess what was beside the phone when I turned the camera? GAS!!! So I planned my own escape, I believe it was the 4 seater I fixed. I ended up FIXING THE WHOLE DAMN CAR while people ran around! I didn't feel like they were distracting Jason for me as a plan to help me I think they had their OWN agenda in this match. As the last person was getting killed near me in the lodge, I started the engine and booked it. I forgot to look at my map like I always do to get a quick reference on where the exits would be and which one is closer to take. From the lodge where I drove the car I felt like I should of took a right but I took a left and went down this long road ahead of me. My hands are shaking my heart is pounding, but me wanting to SURVIVE is very strong within me. I felt like, "The shit these people put me through!" and saying I am surviving! Jason appeared in front of me from the left I took a sharp right around him in the narrow road hoping I won't hit this tree and I crossed into the tunnel, leading me to survive and be the last person who could escape. The Jason was the one with the spear so I'm guessing part 8, people were saying, he wasn't a good Jason. So did the guy think so too. Really!? He is hell of good to kill all you and have one person live. Better take that credit. Besides that, I went off on everyone on mic showing my lividness and shouting at them, telling them how I had a purpose and how I tried everything to survive. How I wanted to work together to call the police as plan a to fixing the car that was MY personal plan for plan b! I know this is a game but for others it's like a real experience. I think I know how the character feels from the friday the 13th movies who survived. I wanted to share this and see what people think and get out of my story. I know some people feel super focused and goal oriented on surviving just like me and not just goof around. This was all in quick play again, so anyone can act how they want, so just don't catch an attitude when I leave your ass in the dust in certain matches you wanna goof around in and think you can be a troll and JUST survive, haha. Doesn't work like that really.
  3. This sounds so dramatic like a "real life" event. I believe from the get-go the developers allowed people to have treasons. I already knew when you could hit someone from the beta videos and early access streams/videos as well. The developers even bluntly show this is possible and okay when they showed a clip that you can run over a counselor. I followed this game and barely thought this would happen. It is true and fine since it's in the games mechanics for them to kill you as another counselor. I would say fight back leave them in the dust to survive the best you can. If you are just fed up, leave the game and search for a new one. Not everyone is gonna be like this on every quick-play match. You don't really get anything taken away from you than not getting points for the match you worked hard to escape. Also I would give them what for through the mic, a verbal talking down too. You can go back and forth and the only thing you can do is mute them and them doing the same back. There have been thousands of possibly straight men saying, f%ggot to Jason it's crazy lol. I'm a gay men myself, I wouldn't think the dev's would do anything cause they are just words and they do give you an option to mute. They can hear what you say but not the other way around.
  4. I have more light to shine on, seeing your level and it progressing. Just now I just saw my level at the end of a game, I was a lvl 15 but now I know I'm a 17. Still doesn't show anywhere else besides the results screen, after each game/match.
  5. I really want the progress to be fixed too. I wish they can just release the cp and xp patch fix right now. Everything else is fine on my side. Getting matches and logging in is easy for me (pc player).
  6. To each their own really, you can level up in private matches with people who want to work together by going by stats. An picking the best out of the best an using perks to double whats already there. In public lobby I pick whoever I prefer and use perks to help me a slight bit along the way. Nothing anyone says in a lobby will change that. This reminded me yesterday how this "guy" came in a public lobby with his party STATING,"we only kill Jason so please leave if you won't be apart of this". Boy! If you don't make your own private match with your friends and try going at each other REAL hard to get that compensation.
  7. They said it is part of the database failure problem. They did say, your progress won't be in vain. I know for me my stuff loads up after a while of waiting or going in an out from the menu screen to see my level and cp. It is not doing that anymore as of now, I'm lvl 0 and cp or perks are no where to be found except for the ones I been assigned to one of my few counselors. So when all this gets fixed, it should catch up. I hope.
  8. They need to let everyone select their counselor ahead of time, in the customize option. Let you prefer the counselor you want before going into a match. The perks you set in customize will always be there before you go into a lobby if that is your MAIN concern.
  9. I agree on communication, I been lately put into lobby areas where there are nothing but russian and asian native speakers. NO spec of english, I wish there was a work around for that, the only thing is private matches. An Of course I would leave a lobby area an try an find a room of American/english speakers just lighting up the room with mic chat. What I like/love in my honest opinion.
  10. The game somehow becomes a little less fun, honest opinion. When you can't level up to unlock the counselors you may REALLY want. Or change out the skins you REALLY want for the counselors or Jason. I really want that and the perk buying system to get in check, people say it's a database type problem. I'm not sure since I don't know to much technical terms when it comes to launching a multiplayer type of videogames. I honestly would wanna wait until level progression gets in gear again.
  11. Also if you mean, why aren't you still level 12 from the beta? That is because it was testing and also cause they would want to make it fair. Give everyone a fair shot and a fresh start, so thats why they made everyone a Level 0 at launch.
  12. Yeah the rolling perk thing, JUST started to happen to me once I did the update and finally got my counselor clothing dlc.
  13. Hello, my name is LovelyTyler. I'm always looking for some matches to play in. I prefer playing as a counselor and I do have a mic for voice chat. I'm pretty much always on all night, like a night owl. An I'm 23 years old, and love friday the 13th movies. My Profile Page : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198194497198/
  14. It's SO weird how anyone else is even playing the game, especially streamers and youtubers. You would think ppl would get booted out here and there for everyone and a small chance of coming in an than getting booted again.
  15. I want MORE different Jason kills. Cause people said you had to use Tommy. Let us use the counselors to kill Jason in new animations besides a restricted character base. I hope there are more, I do feel like I got something spoiled to me before launch. I just want this damn game to come out, so we don't have to be watching these youtubers and streamers and other press pass people to keel us all over. Almost like they own the game and they can only play the game. After the release, watching F13 on youtube and streamers will be less relevant unless you wanna watch through someone else's perspective. Just through.