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  1. I agree with the OP. Once you've clicked that Ready button you should not be allowed to unready yourself. This could also be solved by allowing players to make their counselor and Jason choices BEFORE entering a lobby. Unfortunately, it only remembers the last ones that were used. Since we can choose the perks for each character before we enter we should also be able to lock in the other choices as well.
  2. Hello, Geoff. Is your middle name "Danger" by chance? Welcome to the forums! What platform do you play on? I'm 8bitbobby on steam. I mostly play the repair characters (especially Deborah) but have been giving Tiffany a chance of late. It's fun sometimes just to play the part of a runner and bring parts to the objectives and then hightail it out of there and let someone else deal with disarming traps and repairing. Cheers!
  3. Wow! There is more crying and tears in this forum than a chick flick marathon. I get it people don't like to wait for things. The last thing I wish to do is step up on my soapbox with cane in hand and give you one of those tire, old: "In my day" speeches, but geez people at the end of the day its just a game. Is this game perfect? No. Despite its flaws though I've had about 200 hours of fun playing it. For my initial investment of say $50-$60 that's about .30cents/hour it has cost me. Pretty cheap entertainment. I mean in my day you could make a phone call for that but I'm pretty sure the operator would still cut you off long before 200 hours. Discussion is great if it is for problem-solving and building community but when it is used to tear down people it just wastes everyone's time. The people posting the same complaints (across multiple threads) is almost as much of a drain as spectating Tommy spawn into the game just to see him hide under the first bed he comes to and wait out the other 13 minutes of the match. People who are upset with the delays are putting the Devs in a damned if they do and damned if they don't loop because nobody liked the radio silence and some are still feeling burned when they give us a visual roadmap to follow on our journey to DLC. I apologize if I am speaking out of turn and it's not fair of me to comment on the experience of console users but on PC though the road has been bumpy and fraught with dangers it hasn't been without excitement. I've made some good friends along the way and I look forward to what the future has in store. I implore those of you who are upset with the wait to find something else to distract your time. Perhaps you should pick up the NES version of the game to learn what true frustration is. I am confident that this team will right the ship and we will reach our destination in due course. The proverbial laundry list of Jason models and locales will be ticked off accordingly and most, if not all, will be satisfied by the time all of the new content drops. Sorry for the ramblings of this old man as well as my terrible puns. I'll show myself out now.
  4. I'm confident that if Single Player can provide a proper respite for weary players the game will soldier on. The biggest problem with this game is that frustrations with toxic people in lobbies, players who are still glitching/exploiting/body-blocking traps, and the regular issues with game mechanics leads many (including myself) to seek out another game to play in order to cool down. Single player mode would allow us to not only hone our skills as Jason (without the peanut gallery chiming in at how bad we are) it would also provide another avenue for us to still enjoy the game and this franchise without getting burned out or leaving the game for another. The DLC will certainly add some layers to this game but it, unfortunately, won't make toxic players non-toxic. Single Player will be a welcome distraction. I agree with dandop1984 that the timing of the Physical release on Friday the 13th and Halloween just around the corner will bring a lot of new players to the table. Shake the snowglobe (so to speak).
  5. I love the bonus points idea, but one issue I see arising is that when Jason stops the car everyone piles out, some melee ensues and often times someone else jumps in the driver's seat. Who gets the bonus points then? Still the original driver? Or the one who eventually escapes with the passengers? Perhaps the person who originally starts the car deserves the bonus points even if someone else eventually drives it off the map? On the other hand (and I use myself as an example) I am trash at driving and so I encourage someone else to drive most of the time when/if Jason stops the car while I'm driving. PerhapsI should forfeit my bonus XP for passing the buck? Great idea either way Ghost Rider. It would be interesting to see and it might cut down on people leaving with the 4 seater otherwise empty (and the other set of keys in their pocket).
  6. I think mixing it up should be part of your strategy while playing Jason. Certainly, if there are two counselors together and both have weapons then going for a grab kill on one is likely to end up with you on your @$$ or stunned. If you go for a grab kill (and the other counselor bolts) the animation for the grab kill seems to take too long at times. This is where the chop kill is quick and effective and leaving you free to pursue the fleeing counselor much quicker (and in most cases before they can leave your sense range). If people in a lobby expect you to chop kill sometimes it is nice to throw them off by grabbing at them when they don't expect it (especially after they telegraph a machete slash at you and miss). If I play as a non-running Jason I have to rely sometimes on a few chops to level the playing field (especially with the marathoners). I can't hit the broadside of a barn with my throwing knives (as yet) so I will rely on mixing up my tactic based on the collective of campers I am squared off against. This argument is very similar to the one about people who complain about having to spectate the "hiders". If my character has max stealth and zero strength I'm likely going to cozy up in a wardrobe or tent and ride out the rest of the match rather than go toe to toe with the J-man regardless of whether he is the chop-chop or grabby hands variety. Survival or Kill 'em All (at any cost) is the name of the game so just enjoy it however you play it!
  7. Hey, fellow campers! Looking for some easy XP? I suck at playing Jason and I'm terrible at playing counselors, but despite my shortcomings, I have a blast being terrible at this game. If anyone would like to make quick work of me as Jason or survive the night if I'm playing him then please add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/8bitbobby/ I do have a mic and play mostly at night (Pacific time zone). Cheers and hope to see you in the cabins!
  8. Are pre-load keys still being sent out to backers? I haven't received an email as of yet. Just curious. Thanks in advance and I can not wait to fall in love with the "Baddest Superstition of them All!". Kudos to the creators and teams of Gun Media and Illfonic for bringing this vision to life for all us fans. Bring on the "death curse".
  9. Just thought I'd poke in here and say a quick hello before everyone's attention is focused away from forums and onto the gameplay action. My name is Bob and I hail from British Columbia, Canada. Very excited for this game toe see the light! 8bitbobby is my handle on most social media so if you wanna hit me up on there feel free. Hope to see you in-game (and surviving). Cheers everyone!
  10. Hi gang! Does anyone know how long approximately it takes to receive the steam code to download virtual cabin after doing a pre-order? Does doing a pre-order for the game at the same time affect getting the VC (as it says card will not be charged until closer to the release of the game)? Sorry if this has been covered previously. Just wondering if I will receive a code by email to use on my steam account. Thanks in advance for the input.