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  1. (eats popcorn)
  2. Stalk looks REALLY strong in the streams I'm flipping through. The ability to mask your shift ability is kinda broken XD.
  3. The thing is, streamers are inherently pretty selfish, if they don't think a game will hold the interest of their audience they wont bother backing it up. And you can be damn sure they will throw the game under the bus. The game wont be any LESS fun than it was in beta, so if you enjoyed the beta content you will enjoy the live. And the fixes have won over some folks who talked shit about the beta due to bugs. For example a streamer named 72hrs was MASSIVELY critical of F13 in beta (He called it pretty bad). But he seems to be far more amused with the finished product do to bugs and exploit fixes. Honestly from everything I've seen, if you enjoyed the beta you will enjoy the live version. As its basically a fixed up and rebalanced version of the beta.
  4. Depends on what streamer your watching, some say its shit others have been playing and having fun non stop since it opened. Most of the streamers are enjoying it, even a few who were super critical of the beta. Their are still bugs and such but FAR less than the beta.
  5. It honestly turned out almost exactally as I pictured. Its like a souped up version of the beta. It still has bugs, but a lot less than beta. Jason is stronger than he was in beta, but so are the campers. The lack of intros is kind of meh, but the different tracks for different Jasons is great! The perk system seems grindy, but at the same time it also looks like fun and a lot less MIN/MAX than other games. Honestly I don't have many complaints about it other than things like the Jason getting stuck bug still occasionally happening. The clipping and jumpy animations could use some fixing, and they need to do something about Jason getting chain stunned. I still REALLY wanna play it.
  6. Some one give Ben a medal, I've seen A LOT of NDA breaking and keep seeing that F13 account show up and law down the law. I wonder if the devs are happy or sad that folks are so hyped for their damn game that they are willing to do logic jump ropes to justify streaming/posting videos early. Anyway, props to Ben (Assuming all those were you) you got put through your paces this morning. (Waited till 9 to post this so the NDA breakers get no lookups)
  7. countdown

    Uh oh, looks like Lirik made a boo boo.. huh.. that's actually kind of an interesting question for any game developers or folks who are in the know, does an NDA cover the fact that your under a NDA and when it lifts? Not a huge reveal either way, most of us knew it would be coming soon due to all the streamers who were on the game all day today. (Have some folks on my friends list who where IN GAME.)
  8. Civil arguments and debates about things are fine.. more than fine, actually I really enjoy them. The problem is that a lot of folks on the internet skip that civil part as SOON as someone challenges their position and goes strait to attack mode. I frequent a lot of forums and reddits and the intimidate response to offering descent or another opinion is for you to get shitposted/downvoted to oblivion. Just the other day I ran into a man who said F13 was going to bomb and that everyone hyped for it would feel really silly soon enough... all I did is ask him for reasons and examples as to why he thought it would bomb and he went postal on me. Its pretty crazy how fanatical folks can be... any contrast in opinion and WHAM your public enemy number one. As for this thread, its basically run its course, streams are coming out tomorrow at 9 A.M. Honestly I'm so bored at this point, I'm actually looking forward to at least watching to see the changes.
  9. Its certainly possible... but as an online game it was only a matter of time anyway. As soon as the data was public this was bound to happen. The thing about killing Jason is that even if you know how, its probibly going to be REALLY hard to do organically. I'm assuming its going to probibly have some RNG elements to even being able to attempt it in the first place. (Probably a required item to start the process hidden in the camp) I have a feeling that killing Jason is going to be one of those things that everyone wants to see once, but after that its going to be too much of a pain in the ass to try in do via normal game play. Escaping will probibly be infinitely more obtainable. If the devs where REALLY smart they would of made the process pseudo random. Have multiple ways to do it, but you don't know the requirements until you find them out in that specific match. That would be REALLY cool.
  10. Well like it or not a bunch Streamers I have on me friends list are in game right now. Between me and my friends theirs about 7 folks between our lists playing the game at the moment. Honestly... I kinda wanna watch them so the time til Friday passes faster!
  11. countdown

    Ive been giving a zero fucks farewell salute to DBD. Blowing all my addons, face camping, Being a giant dick, Using all my moris.. just generally burning the fucking game to the ground. I even made a Jason build with my Myers to walk around actually killing all the survivors. But alas, its just not the same... hurry the fuck up Friday!
  12. The fuck it this unholy abomination?! It looks like someone jacked your game assets and made the worlds tackiest murder simulator. May want to look into this and make sure they aren't charging for this shitstorm... I cant tell as 90% of it is in Spanish.
  13. Lucky for me, I already have a bunch of friends who purchased the game. Premades = No squeakers! Also the fact that I play around midnight. I tend to get ruskis and folks from Asia more than kids. At least when your playing with foreigners and they scream at you.. its funny as hell XD
  14. ... Because your on a forum and said something that I wanted to respond to? Its kind of what we do on a forum. :| Well I cant stop you from doing what you don't want to, or cant do. Just know its probibly going to be quite a bit more boring if you play that way. Its a very socially inclined game. Theirs always something else to bitch about.. even now <3
  15. We Have Another One Ladies And Gentlemen.. I Repeat, We Have Another One. Code Red.
  16. If that's how it is, console sounds awful... If you didn't play the PC Beta that's literally the antithesis of what you want, The proximity voice literally MAKES this game. On top of that the lobby system runs persistent server groups, so its not very intuitive to leave and find a new server every time you die. If its like the beta you LOOSE all your xp if you leave early... so that makes it even worse. The game is built to have everyone stay and play the game while talking to each other. Essentially after a few rounds you tend to get to know some of the folks your playing with, and thats one of the more unique things about this game. If you play it the way its intended its VERY entertaining.
  17. countdown

    If I may have a rebuttal...
  18. ?

    Sandbagging of course. How else do you kill someone for those sweet sweet car keys?
  19. ?

    The windows start closed, it makes sense logically. No one in the camp would KNOW a killer is coming. So why would the windows be open? None of those windows have bug nets on them, keep that shit closed! If a fly gets in my room i'm gonna kick somebodies ass... From a game play perspective it provides a setup time to make houses secure. You have to open the windows and barricade the doors. It prevents survivors from automatically having a barricaded house without prep time or risk, you have to set that shit up in advance. And from Jasons perspective it has the potential to harm campers who are unprepared and forced to dive through a window. It also acts as a barricade that injured survivors have to deal with to get to some semblance of safety. I was actually quite happy with the way cabins have to be set up to properly work as a Juke shack against Jason.
  20. Alan Wake, a pretty good horror game is on sale for about tree fiddy for the next few days. Than it will never be sold again due to expiring music licenses. This deal is ON STEAM, Its normally around 35$ so its a pretty good deal. And a pretty good way to kill some time before F13. ;D
  21. While I hate MANY things about DBD They did Myers pretty well in that game. He can currently be played as an almost silent killer, with the way I have him built with that games perks I can get within about 6ft of a survivor before the heartbeat kicks in. Its pretty fucking spooky, I've made some guys who have played that game for 1000+ hours shit bricks with him. With that said I think I wouldn't want Myers in this game.. it would basically be a different model with the same ability's. I'm not like adamantly opposed to it or anything, just seems like a bad fit when we already have Jason. Jason and Myers are REALLY similar in their methods, the only real difference being that Myers uses more subtlety and Jason enjoys the Brute Force method more.
  22. It would be kind of fun if you didn't always get Tommy Jarvis. Some times you got a dud, and Crazy Ralph comes riding in on his bicycle (He has like 1 of every stat HA!).