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  1. R9 390. How I love thee, let me count the frames.
  2. Fun fact, the dust they threw into the fire on that show was non dairy creamer. According to the crew its petroleum based and burns like a motherfucker.
  3. No one wanted to see me be a camper, Im like a 6`6 Lachoppa Ain't no way I'm having a stealth score over 2. Kind of wish Cheech Marin would of bought in so we could see him as the stoner character.. that would be ACTUALLY amazing.
  4. That's nothing... those cheep ass DBD cosmetics they give out occasionally can go for 100$ (daddy jake and Dweird) and they are medium quality remodels. If this game gets big and they stick to their word of not giving any more out, expect to add another 0 to that 60.
  5. Love that movie. Also love how in the 80s that was considered amazing graphics for some kind of crazy high tech gene analytics device. I so wish some times I could drag some scientist from the 70s/80s here and give them future shock.
  6. IDK I've been in the discord since the BETA and I've never had any trouble in there. If they are banning folks on their personal twitters I'm assuming the folks they are banning are assholes and they don't want them there.. its their personal account they can do whatever they want. If they are banning dissenting opinions on the F13 official twitter that's a bit more shady, but its twitter its not really for debateing in the first place its more for announcements. If they started to ban folks on the reddit or forums with dissenting opinions id be right pissed the fuck off, but seeing as how you chuckle heads are still around I think we are in the clear on some kind of Orwellian criticism police bullshit. XD
  7. That's generally how I feel, if Jason ends up in a situation where killing him is too easy its going to get nuked to hell by the developers in a patch. One of the perks of a focused multiplayer game is vigorous balancing to stop abusive behavior.. at lest if the dev's are doing it right. Worst case scenario, someone finds out an exploitative way to frag Jason and it gets nerfed 2 days later. During the beta we saw groups of survivors try and gang up and beat Jason, only to get annihilated by his melee cleave. Basically the only way a bunch of campers ganging up on you would work is if the Jason was a retard and kept trying to grab in that situation. Jason also appears to be immune to weapon collision while stunned, so just waling on him is super ineffectual. The I'm almost 100% sure the meta will ultimately devolve into survivors trying to get out of camp via the phone 90% of the time. The phone is just an incredibly convenient way to escape... all tho, with Jason's new beartrap toys that's easier said than done if he keeps trapping the phone box. XD The term Meta, is actually quite relevant to the conversation of Jason's stats. A Meta refers to the optimal and expected strategy to play an online multiplayer game. For example if one Jason seems to be a little bit better than the others.. the meta will say play who you want as the small difference wont mater much. HOWEVER if a Jason is a LOT better than the others.. he would become the meta Jason and you would see EVERYONE playing him. That KIND of happened in the beta with J3, his superior combat stats and running made him a decent bit better than J2 and J7. And Vanessa was HYPER meta during the first 3 quarters of the beta, she was generally considered the only viable camper. Discussing what may or may not end up as a meta strategy for a game is relevant to making sure that the game is over all balanced enough that you can play and do whatever you want. So let them talk about what they think is meta, if the devs are looking it gives them so ideas for potentially troublesome things to double check. And that can only lead to a better game.
  8. LMAO no THAT was a typo your totally right. Exercise is what I meant.. I just now got the joke XD Its 6 am and I didn't sleep cut me some slack
  9. Its true, look up Tai Chi classes here in the states. Its basically a fancy way of saying meditation classes... >.> Its just what folks are used to seeing here. In Asia its TOTALLY a different beast. But here its been kind of bastardized.
  10. Tai Chi is a super traditionalist form of martial art. folks are used to seeing it done slowly for meditation and exorcise, but when sped up its pretty good at kicking ass. The problem with a fight like this is that modern mixed martial arts is exactally that... mixed. Its crafted from different martial arts to make it more effective at the type of scenario we are seeing right now. Its built to smash other fighters into the dirt in an arena setting. They often use boxing and Judo as bases for their style, so they are good at getting close, landing blows and getting you on the ground. On the ground Tai Chi doesn't stand much of a chance. If you want to get into something to deal with mixed martial arts you have to pull out something like Lethwei or another martial art that's original focus isn't on beating your opponent but killing them. Most sports fighting MMA styles aren't trained to deal with opponents who instead of punching you are willing to dig an elbow into your skull.
  11. LOL I missed that one. Nice memes kid.
  12. I was using that as a general example of things folks use to defend preordering... Did someone actually say that on steam? o.O
  13. Honestly I think preordering is one of the shittiest practices to become the industry standard.. Im kind of glad this game doesn't incentivize it. I don't mind backing a game, in a sense its basically like investing. But preordering is just a way to bolster a games sales numbers before the reviews hit in case the game flops. It minimizes the damage of failure and lets companies get away with publishing garbage with impunity. Preordering is why so many big developers can make shitty cash grab sequels with no real value and not go out of business. Things like saying, oh its gonna run out and you wont have a copy! Are basically pointless now that we live in the steam/amazon age. Preordering should go the way of the dinosaurs and die.
  14. I forgot to make one... >.> Better late than never right?
  15. Maybe hes into the rough stuff... "Ooo Choke me Jason break my neck! Harder daddy!" I think I know what i'm going to do now when Jasons kill me in game...