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  1. Well in general console versions do better. The fact is that PC gaming is very niche, while I'd say roughly 80% of households own a console. It's easier for the masses since there's no tinkering and possible troubleshooting. They just have to plug it in and play. PC on the other hand is for the enthusiast. It would be nice if you could see console numbers, but we're more likely to see Jesus before we can see how many people are playing on consoles.
  2. I highly doubt their intentions are "to break everything else" and aside from that their definition falls under "as soon as possible" whether you like it or not. These things take time and if you can't handle that then perhaps you need to choose a new hobby. Even AAA devs can and do take months with patches and adding DLC, so get over it.
  3. The "issue" (for the lack of a better word) is that people are getting better at playing the game now. So you either step up your game as Jason or do what you're doing and switch to counselor preference. I'm not sure what you expect them to do about your inability to get better as Jason. I'm not going to bullshit you and say "I get full wipes everytime" because that simply isn't true, but I have the understanding I was just outplayed by people who know what they're doing.
  4. It's not the only thing he has at his disposal. He also has max stats and if you aren't completely inept you can run Jason around as well if not better than any counselor. He doesn't need a buff any more than any other counselor does. Jason is already at a bit of a disadvantage against good players as is, so I don't see a need to give Tommy a knife.
  5. So let me get this straight. Because he was playing to not just let you kill him that's somehow bad? Why don't you as a counselor just stand there and take your death like a man? Sounds like you're just salty that he out played you enough that you didn't get the kill. The few times I have had my mask knocked off I didn't just roll over and give them the kill. That's just stupid.
  6. When I play Jason I will generally trap first and then hunt, but if I catch someone while doing that I won't show mercy. I don't care if it's 10 seconds in. If you get killed that early then you need to hide or get better at juking.
  7. "All these stupid things attached to it?" You just have to push one button instead of combat stance, attack, combat stance. As for the topic, I couldn't care less. I don't agree that it slows you down any more than the above method, but if they revert it then that's fine too. The only issue I've had since this new patch is that sometimes my throwing knives won't go through an open window and instead breaks the window while not hitting the counselor.
  8. I see. Well I can do that just fine with a controller, but I have taken to trying to do damage before going for the grab. It makes it a little more fun for me, because I feel it's too easy to get the shift grab and ends the game too quickly. Obviously it'll depend on what you're used to, but as someone who's pretty comfortable with both methods I can say a controller works just as well.
  9. Ok my connection screwed that up and the moment's passed.
  10. It was meant as a general statement. The only part directed specifically to you was that I don't buy into the "words hurt" mentality. The rest was a statement to those using their hang ups as an excuse to not talk and by extension screw over their team. I don't care wether you agree or not. Only soft people are hurt by words from people who mean nothing to them.
  11. I've never bought into the whole "words hurt" mentality. It's soft thinking. The fact is words only have as much power as you give them. That said I don't much like talking to random strangers in general either, but if you're unwilling to even leave your comfort zone, then why play a game where communication with your team is almost essential? What if you die with keys? Since you can't even handle saying "I have the keys and I'm about to die." You've now just screwed the rest of the team. Look I get that people have issues, but maybe you should play games that cater to your problems instead of screwing everyone else over due to your hang ups. Edit: For a little background, I've been diagnosed anti-social, narcissistic, schizoid personality. So yeah I got issues too.
  12. I disagree. There's nothing in this game that requires the pinpoint accuracy of a mouse. I play the game just fine with a controller and in fact feel it's the superior control method in this case for the simple reason I don't like that jog is on a button and selecting and using items is a lot easier on a controller. Keyboard and mouse I feel is really only truly better in Shooters and RTS. For most other genres, a controller works great and allows you to just kick back on your couch and play.
  13. Try reinstalling EAC. It looks like it may have been corrupted.
  14. I figured as much, but I have actually seen people somewhat complain about this very thing and just saw a chance to throw my two cents out in case any of them come here.
  15. I don't see this as an issue at all. Sure it's not realistic that the maps lack bugs, but at the same time I don't feel it detracts from the game at all. I'm too busy trying to survive to give two shits about whether my character reacts to or if I see insects.