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  1. I could've sworn that I saw one video where it was Kenny that got cut down. Regardless I don't really care about it all that much. It's really only a few seconds of each match anyway.
  2. I guess it is hard to gauge regardless since we don't have all the info, but I was just throwing my opinion of him out there. Whether his rep is padded by ass kissing or not I find the rep is well deserved and I'll just consider some of that ass kissing to make up for me not using the like system very often.
  3. Well some of us have also been around long enough to talk to him, get to know him a little bit and genuinely think he's good people and a more than fair moderator. He deserves that rep in my opinion.
  4. This is what I was about to say too. The all Vanessa teams were too easy. All you had to do was watch the cars because she couldn't repair the phone without missing a skill check. Then when she does try to repair a car you run her stam out and she's done for. Also a good shift could kill any loop slicker than shit.
  5. That's true as well. So even though she has a larger pool her stamina will regen at a much slower rate. I don't see her being as bad at launch.
  6. And I ate Vanessas for breakfast during the beta. So I think it depends if you have a Jason that knows what they are doing or not.
  7. They will not be unlimited. Edit: Also Vanessa is now unlock. That said though Vanessa was really easy to handle. Sure she could run fast but she couldn't repair a ripped piece of paper and you just had to run her out of stamina.
  8. It did work actually, but push to talk while on the controller was just holding the movement stick in any direction.
  9. Don't know, don't know and no, but you can find some around the map.
  10. There are a lot actually and most new games have controller support.
  11. I recommend a 360 controller because I've never had any issues with them. I've seen friends have issues with some games using a XBox one controller, but I think they work just fine most of time. So it's ultimately up to you.
  12. I've had no issue with the 3rd party one I'm using at all and I've been using it for around 4 years or so now. There's just always a chance that any electronic won't work or break down too quick. I've had official controllers not work or break easily and have had to return them. It's just the risk of tech in general.
  13. 1 cent is trivial enough to just round up to 40 bucks though. When I see something priced at 29.99 I just call it 30 because people thinking it's cheaper is exactly why companies put price points like that. It's to fool your mind into thinking it's less while being only trivially so.
  14. Not to mention that by making Jason as OP as he is makes it very unlikely to be competitive in any way. This is not a competitive game by design.