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  1. Sometimes bad luck just happens. Not every Jason goes to the phone or the car first. It's possible one of the power boxes was up there and he was going to shut down the power first perhaps to try to stop the call to Tommy. I've died really early in matches and I've been the last to die or the only one to escape as well. It's just the luck of the draw.
  2. The soundtrack is more about fulfilling orders for them from kickstarter/backerkit, so still pretty important to those that put the money out for it.
  3. I don't think depth has anything to with it since DbD has zero depth of it's own. I think it really boils down to that DbD allows the survivors to be in control more than F13. In F13 you can die instantly while in DbD you have to be hooked 3 times before you can die and as long as your team just rushes the hook you'll be off in no time. My point is that I think people don't want a challenge in their games anymore and all they want is easy wins every game and that's what DbD is providing. You can call it competitive if you want, but I disagree as that would mean both sides are on level ground and that isn't the case. One gives the killer the power as it should be in a horror game while the other gives all the power to survivors and makes the killer a joke.
  4. I'm not saying fights never happened at the arcades. Only that they were more rare and people didn't treat each other like garbage most of the time like they seem to from the safety of their computer chair. Exactly.
  5. I'm with you. There's a fine line between some friendly shit talk and straight up bad manners and bad sportsmanship. It seems that a lot of people like to push it too far simply because you can't punch them. Back in the day when arcades were how you played multiplayer people didn't treat each other the way they do online for the simple fact that it would net you an ass kicking. Being online provides assholes too much safety and they run with it.
  6. I agree. Though I do think Gun has come a whole lot closer to releasing everything they said would be there. I actually enjoyed No Man's Sky, but I'm not one that buys into over hype and I understand that even with some AAA games things get cut and anything a dev says before release is not written in stone and subject to change without notice. I think the issue comes from the idea that what they say before hand is a "promise" and that isn't the case. It's a design idea that they would like to have in the game, but maybe they couldn't get stuff in in time due to the work it would take or whatever random reason that can pop up in development. A lot of gamers these days are just over entitled and impatient. They think games can just be shit out in a couple of weeks because they're too used to the shitty casual shovelware they see on FB and their mobile devices, which could be developed in a week, but any good game takes time and they just can't see past their noses and like to throw the word "liars" around because shit didn't go their way.
  7. This alone tells me you weren't around then. The fact of the matter is that at that time a lot of games came out completely broken and the real kick in the nuts is that they stayed that way. I played a lot of games back then that weren't possible to finish due to game breaking bugs and random glitches that meant you had to start over and hope that you didn't get the same bug and some were just broken. It didn't matter what you did. Get over yourself and give these guys time.
  8. Nobody will be banned for the first time using a glitch because they can happen by accident, but it is obvious when you are abusing it. That is exactly as it should be. I really hate it when people defend glitchers. It isn't any different than hacking. You are using a bug to give yourself an advantage and you have a choice in whether or not you use it. If you accidentally find a glitch it's your responsibility to report and never use it again.
  9. I'd argue that if the Jason player plays smart it is hard. As Jason use combat stance and block and don't ever try to grab someone while they have friend there. I've only had my mask knocked off a handful of times and only once did a group try to kill me and I shut them down. That said I'm not arguing that it should be easier, but I am saying that you have to fuck up hard as Jason to be killed.
  10. The same can be said for every Jason with the possible exception of Part 7. I've seen every Jason get 7-8 kills in matches consistently. Savini Jason is no different.
  11. That will be coming with SP. It will be a challenge mode that they said will be similar to Hitman and an SP version of the MP.
  12. The funny thing is that I really liked him in the beta, but it seems that once everything was in and some balance changes were made he became just too hard to use effectively. I do plan to try him some more, even though my first few attempts have been more than a little frustrating.
  13. It's a boring way to die, but it is a perfectly legit way to kill. I think there's too much complaining about how people kill you. I mean we have people incessantly moaning about shift grab (and grab kills in general) which really isn't that hard to avoid if you aren't an idiot and then you have those complaining about just being hacked down. People just need to stop bitching and play the game.
  14. Yeah the excuses for glitching are ridiculous. It's like somehow their weak excuse has themselves fooled into thinking that it isn't still cheating. I personally see abusing glitches in the same category as hacking. You know it's wrong, but you do it anyway and if this was my game I would ban the fuck out glitchers with extreme prejudice the same as hackers. I love companies that have a zero tolerance policy toward cheaters. These types of people are why avoid most MP only games and with F13 being one of my exceptions I don't want to see it trashed by assholes that just can't learn to fucking play.
  15. Nah. The trolls are everywhere. I played GTA online on the 360 and it was nothing but trolls. The fact is the internet and online games bring them out in droves. Just play any survival game or any game that allows open PvP at all times and you find them. I haven't noticed less on any platform. In fact I would even say the only thing console communities have that's better in this department over PC is fewer hackers.